Must-Have Hairdo: Reese Witherspoon’s Flirty Red Carpet Waves

Celebrity stylist David Groshen is all about Reese’s flirty red carpet waves! Reese’s middle-of-the-back length with a front angle starting at the chin really enhances her natural waves and creates movement throughout the style. Long progressive layers create more movement.

Reese Witherspoon hairstyles

For straight hair you, will first need to add volume and waves. Here’s how!

The Formula 

Add two tablespoons of sea salt (buy it at your grocery store) to 16 ounces of warm water. Add one ounce of medium gel (like David Groshen medium gel) and mix together until the salt is completely dissolved. Pour this into a spray bottle.

The Technique

With towel dried hair (dry but damp enough to absorb your spray), generously spray the mix on your hair. Massage your hair to ensure an even distribution, then scrunch and dry your hair until it is just slightly damp.

The Curl

There are two easy curling techniques from here:

The Pin Curl Technique

1. Taking 1.5-inch square sections of damp sprayed hair, loosely twist and wrap the section around three fingers to form a big pin curl and secure with a hair pin at the base. Allow to dry (you can use a diffuser to hasten this step).

2. Remove each pin, scrunch and diffuse for stunning waves.

3. Once your gorgeous waves are dry, flip your hair upside down and respray your mix from over 18″ away with one blast per side. Re-crunch your hair while upside down using a diffuser.

4. Don’t be afraid to use a curling iron to enhance a few of your waves if needed!

The Curling Iron Technique

1. Use a diffuser and hair dryer at its softest setting to scrunch your hair completely dry.

2. Next, gently pin your hair up, leaving out the bottom two inches of hair.

3. Use a 1.5-inch round iron to curl two inch square sections. Start in the middle of each length, twist the iron down toward the base and feed the remaining hair as you twist.

4. Drop out two inches of hair at a time and repeat this technique all over. As you get to the front of your head, work with the natural waves you created while diffusing.

5. When you are done ironing, turn your head upside down and rub the roots of your hair. This will create volume at the base and release the waves even more. If necessary, mist your hands with your beach wave formula and flip and run your hands through your roots again. Don’t be afraid to reuse the iron to enhance the wave pattern where needed.

6. Use David Groshen Hair Polish to add shine and definition to your fabulous, Reese Witherspoon-inspired waves!

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