Punk it Up Julianne Hough Style: A 7-Step Hair Tutorial

Julianne Hough is definitely no punk in real life, but how rad is the edgy updo the actress chose for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” premiere? “I love that this updo has a vibe that’s almost rocker-chic,” says talented NYC-based hairstylist Stefanie Fisher. “It allows the wearer to have a bit of a rebellious side at an occasion where she may not be able to fully express it.”

Ideally, this ‘do works best on short to mid-length hair, however, Stefanie has also included ways for women with long locks to achieve it as well!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Get This Rockin’ Julianne Hough Hair Look in 7 Simple Steps:

Julianne Hough hair

Step 1: Start by towel drying your hair. Add a light mist of Unite Beach Spray. “This product can cause your hair to become immobile if overused, so spray sparingly, especially on fine hair, and build as needed,” warns Stefanie. Use your blow dryer to rough dry your hair upside down with your finger tips, separating the ends to create a more textured look.

Step 2: Use your clips to section your hair into four quadrants:

  1. The width of your hairline to the back of your crown.
  2. The back of your left ear to your front hairline.
  3. The back of your right ear to your front hairline.
  4. The leftover mohawk section in the back.

Step 3: Starting with section 4 (the mohawk section), use your three small plastic rubber bands to create three small ponytails. With your teasing tail brush, backcomb each ponytail at the base three to five times, depending on the length and width. “It’s ok if these are frayed; you want that unfinished look,” says Stefanie. “If your hair is on the longer side, try adding a messy braid in each ponytail before teasing to decrease the length.”

Step 4: Move on to sections 2 and 3. Grab your Catwalk Work-It Spray and tail brush again. Working from the back of your head forward, start taking finger-width sections of hair in a light “crisscross” pattern back to the ponytails you’ve just created. Find a sturdy spot in the structure and place a bobby pin to secure, leaving the tail of the hair strand to hang in the direction of your ponytails. “Take your time on this and pull tightly,” advises Stefanie. “Don’t overload the bobby pin with too much hair. Use your hairspray to smooth down each piece closer to the head to create Julianne’s sleek profile.”

Step 5: Now time for section 1. According to Stefanie, this is probably the most important section because you’re going to tie everything together. Start from the back of the section, moving forward, and take out a ½-inch to 1-inch subsection (depending on your hair’s density) and clip the rest of the hair back together. Spray Unite 7Seconds Refresher at your root area for added lift. Then, use your tail brush to backcomb the subsection three to five times, depending on your hair’s density and desired height. “It’s okay to start teasing too high, as you can always comb it softer,” says Stefanie. Continue this through the entire section, leaving out the last inch of fringe.

Step 6: “Your hair should be a big ball of tease at this point,” notes Stefanie. Don’t worry though; it’s ok. Use the brush part of your tail brush to lightly smooth down the sides and top. Be careful not to take out all of your work though! By now, the ends should be overlapping your ponytails. Use extra bobby pins and hairspray to secure any loose ends to mold into the style.

Step 7: Last but not least, grab the last inch of fringe you left out in section 1. Very lightly backcomb it a couple times at the base. Then, using the brush part of your comb, smooth it back into the style and spray with your hairspray for light hold. “If you find it’s too stiff of a look, take the tail of your brush and soften the tease in the front pieces,” suggests Stefanie. Finish off with a light application of Pureology Glossing Mist to all of the ends and voila! You’re ready for an awards show!

Based in NYC? To book a hair appointment with Stefanie, email her at Stefanieraefisher@gmail.com.

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