Jessica Alba Hair Lesson: Doing Vintage Waves the Right Way

With that deep side part, shiny locks, controlled waves and bright red lip, there’s no disputing Jessica Alba looked vivacious at the 2013 Spike TV Guys Choice Awards. So of course, we just had to get this look! We spoke with stylist, Loredana Farahani of Pini Swissa Salon, who was recently honored by the Improper Bostonian as providing “Boston’s Best Women’s Haircut 2013”, to show us how to recreate this look.

Get This Chic Jessica Alba Hair Look:

Jessica Alba hair

Step 1: Shampoo and condition hair. Make sure to apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair so your hair doesn’t become flat and weighed down by product.

Step 2: Apply Living Proof Full Thickening Cream to towel dried hair to give hair some density.

Step 3: Dry hair upside down with a paddle brush. Make sure your hair is 100% dry so you don’t end up with unwanted frizz or curls.

Step 4: Create a deep side part. Using a 1″ to 2″ barrel curing iron, depending on your hair length (the shorter the hair the smaller the iron you should use), take 2” vertical sections and curl each section in the same direction. Make sure you are curling your hair forward, like Jessica Alba’s. For the front section, your hair should be curled up and forward in order to create some height.

Step 5: Let curls set. Do not run fingers through your curls until the entire head is complete.

Step 6: Use a paddle brush to softly brush your hair. You will likely only need to do this once. Apply a hair serum that isn’t too oily like Living Proof Satin Hair Serum. Make sure to rub it into your hands well before applying. Run fingers through the ends of the hair. At this point, each curl should fit into another, creating one large wave.

Step 7: Tuck one side of hair behind the ear and spray into place with Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray.

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