Soft Romantic Waves: A Jessica Alba Hairstyle Tutorial

Jessica Alba hair tutorial

Oftentimes, hairstyles billed as “effortlessly stylish” are anything but effortless. With loads of products and time involved to recreate the look, it’s almost not worth the effort to try and look “effortless”! But these soft romantic waves seen on Jessica Alba while visiting Global’s The Morning Show is exactly what we didn’t know we were looking for: it’s cute, casual and totally easy to recreate. Hello, win!

To get the look, we spoke with celebrity stylist George Gonzalez, owner of George the salon in Chicago, who worked for Oprah and the spa at Harpo for 11 years! He gave us the complete low down on how easy it is to recreate one of our favorite Jessica Alba hairstyles.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles

Get The Look:

1. Start with clean dry hair that’s either blown out straight or has (minimal) natural wave to it. The key with this look is to add the bend with the right hot tools, so your foundation should be smooth and shiny without a lot of texture.

2. Divide the hair into four main sections for better styling control: the top, your sides and nape of the neck. Apply a heat protectant like White Sands UnderCover Styling Spray all over and then use a hair oil like Peter Coppola Argan Oil Polish just at the ends.

3. Since her curl is very loose and bouncy, you will need a 1 1/2-inch curling iron to replicate. For a softer wave, opt for a clipless iron. If you do not have one, simply wrap your hair around the barrel of a regular curling iron instead of using the clamp. Start curling tresses at the nape and work through your hair until you end with the top section.

4. Continue curling until you reach the bang area. Here, use a flat iron to direct and smooth the hair into an angled fringe.

5. Finish the style with a flexible hold hairspray like IT&LY Purity Design Pure Definition Hairspray to ensure movement. Before you know it, your style will have the same touchable look and feel as Jessica’s!

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