This is How You Can Copy Jessica Alba’s Red Carpet Waves

If there’s any celebrity that truly knows how to rock the red carpet, it’s Jessica Alba. And her dress, makeup and hairstyle perfectly came together with this look seen at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. It’s a classic interpretation of the finger wave and pin curl look, which is an oh-so glamorous hairstyle that doesn’t look stuffy. Stylist Steven Lightfoot, technical director of education and product development for Peter Coppola Keratin Concept, showed us not one but TWO ways we can get this star-studded look at home! Ladies, let’s get glam!

Red Carpet Waves: A Jessica Alba Hair Tutorial

Red Carpet Waves: A Jessica Alba Hair Tutorial

1. Most stylists and home user can accomplish this look easily with a large curling wand. Using the tail end of a fine toothed comb, make a deep side part and part hair in one-inch sections horizontally. Wrap hair around the wand starting from the bottom and working up to the part.

2. Make sure the hair is wrapped in the same direction in each section. Remove the wand and clip or pin the wave into place. Continue until all hair has been curled and clipped into place.

3. After the curls have been heated, clipped and then cooled, remove the clips. Give each curl a tug from the end and it will release into a beautiful wave.

4. If the curl was set properly, you can then brush the hair with a boar bristle brush. Smooth and sweep the hair around the shoulder into this elegant look. Spray to hold.

Want to try this look the traditional way, without using a curling wand? Here is what Lightfoot recommends:

The traditional way to get this hairstyle is the finger wave. You’ll want to start with wet hair and finger wave directly on the head. Make sure to use a curl cream. Lightfoot says the traditional method is his favorite because it keeps the client’s hair from being exposed to high heat, although it will take longer to get the look. Make sure the hair is curled, pin curled and then dries in this position before releasing.

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