11 Hot Celebrity Hairstyles We Want to Copy

Want to be a celebrity? Ok, well how about just look like one? Browse these amazing star-inspired celebrity hairstyles to find the perfect match for you and your hair. Whether you have locks down to the middle of your back or a short pixie cut, you’re sure to be paired with a glamorous actress, songstress or rock star.

The Blake Lively Braid

This cool fishtail braid has been around for years but has been a hot trend with all the celebs recently. Blake Lively really made this hairstyle popular with a messy mermaid like look. This is a super cute braid that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Blake Lively Inspired Fishtail Braid Celebrity Hairstyles

How to Style:

1. A fishtail braid is created with two strands of hair instead of three.

2. Keep wrapping small pieces of outside hair towards the center of the two strands to create that wrap around, bone-like look. Practicing on someone else first helps.

Recommended Products:

Before you braid your hair, spray some Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Hair Spray throughout. Brush through with a paddle brush to break it up and then braid. Adding just a little bit of flexible hold spray will help keep the braid a little neater and less likely to frizz. Don’t use a strong hold hairspray or your hair will be too sticky to work with.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

The fun thing about braids is that anyone can wear them. No matter what your face shape or hair type, you just need to make sure your hair is long enough to braid. Girls with short hair will have to rock a different style.


Wear this braid down the center or towards the side. It even looks cute if you wear it slightly messy.

The Jessica Simpson

Long blonde locks that are super healthy, shiny and wavy will turn you into a celebrity in no time. This Jessica Simpson-inspired style has long wavy tendrils with medium to long layers cut throughout for shape and body.

Jessica Simpson Long Wavy Blonde Celebrity Hairstyle Look

How to Style:

1. Begin your styling by having your hair completely dry and then part hair to one side.

2. Section up the top half of your hair and start curling the dropped down section. Use a 1 ½” sized curling iron for big bouncy curls that you can easily break up into waves.

3. Drop down the top and finish curling. Make sure you curl the front pieces away from the face for that swept back effect.

4. Follow up with your favorite hairspray or shine spray.

Recommended Products:

Who doesn’t love healthy, shiny looking hair? Before curling, use a hairspray like Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist. It adds an incredible mirror-like effect and also helps eliminate frizz. Perfect!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Long hair that is thick and full with straight to wavy texture are perfect clients to try this hairstyle. Square or oval shaped faces will look great with this look.


Blonde hair gets weakened and damaged quicker due to lighteners and bleach. Make sure you help restore the protein it’s lacking back into the hair shaft for strong and shiny locks.

The Emma Watson

Pixie hair cuts are all over the place with major celebs. This daring and extreme style is given a modern and feminine twist. Soft fringe and wispy textures helps keep the look girly and flirty.

Emma Watson Inspired Light Brown Pixie Hairstyle

How to Style:

You’ll love having short hair to style. So easy!

1. Apply some of your favorite products to towel dried hair.

2. Use your fingers to piece hair into place and let it air dry or blow dry if you need to.

Recommended Products:

You’ll definitely want to add some texture to this cute crop. Try a wax or a pomade to piece out the layers and the bangs. Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Wax Works is a great one to try. It has high shine, great definition and allows your to spike up your hair or chunk it together.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

If you have stick straight hair, this haircut is not for you. Slightly wavy hair is perfect on girls with round or heart shaped faces.


While short hair is easier to style daily, it does require more maintenance and upkeep trips to the salon. Hair grows about ½” a month and that makes a huge difference on short haircuts. So make sure you’re willing to take on a few more trips to the salon to keep it up.

The Snooki

We all know the gal from the Jersey Shore that make this “poof” famous. Create your own take on the teased hairstyle for a crazy night out on the town. Whether you’re from the east coast or the west, you’re sure to have fun with this super sweet hairstyle.

Snooki Inspired Teased Celebrity Hairstyle for Long Brunette Hair

How to Style:

1. Flat iron your bangs to the side to tame.

2. Curl or straighten the rest of your hair depending on your mood.

3. Grab a top section of hair and start teasing the roots. The more you tease, the more height you will create.

4. Spray your teased style, smooth it back and secure with some pins.

Recommended Products:

For this look you’ll want a strong hold hairspray. Try a classic can of Loreal’s Elnett Strong Hold Hairspray. Real celebrities use this amazing product!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Long faces will just be accentuated with this high hair raising style. Round or heart shaped faces would be best. Any hair type can rock the poof.


For a totally non-Snooki look, pull your hair up into a ponytail after finishing steps one through four. You’ll look more like a fun retro Barbie.

The Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian girls are certainly known for their stylish clothes and hairstyles. This slicked up top knot version of a ballerina bun is super hot right now. A fun braided texture takes this particular knot to a whole new level.

Kourtney Kardashian Celebrity Inspired Bun


Kourtney Kardashian Inspired Bun Braided Texture Back View

How to Style:

1. Use a brush to slick hair up into a high ponytail. Secure with a hair elastic.

2. Braid the ponytail and secure with another hair elastic.

3. Wrap the hair around the base and secure with bobby pins.

4. Use a strong hold hairspray to tame any fly-aways.

Recommended Products:

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Stay is an awesome hairspray to use to lock hair into place.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Your hair has to be really long to create this hairstyle, but any type or texture would work. Round or heart shaped faces would look fabulous with this slicked back look.


If your hair is too short to braid and wrap on its own, use hair extensions!

The Niecey Nash

You don’t have to live in Atlanta or be a housewife to try something daring and unique. This platinum blonde hairstyle is a fun version of a long pixie with bangs. The full bangs are swept to the side and are extremely flattering.

Niecey Nash Inspired Blonde Pixie with Flair

How to Style:

1. Use a comb to create a severely deep side part.

2. Use your flat iron to smooth hair and flick back ends.

3. Don’t forget to run your favorite styling products through at the end to add some sassiness.

Recommended Products:

These short hairstyles are super fun and easy to style. Grab your favorite finishing pomade and add some sweet texture. Try Short Sexy Rocked Out Pliable Molding Clay for extreme molding capabilities.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

All face shapes can wear this short hairstyle. Make sure your hair is on the straight to slightly wavy side and also make sure you have tons of it!


Have fun trying on wigs to see if this look is the one for you before you commit.

The Taylor Swift

The sweet, song-writing country princess has helped make mermaid waves trendy. Long curly tendrils are super soft and feminine.

Taylor Swift Inspired Celebrity Hairstyles


Taylor Swift Inspired Celebrity Hairstyle Side

How to Style:

1. Use a curling wand that is about 1” in size to create this wavy style.

2. Put in some product to protect your hair from heat, then grab small sections of hair to wrap around the wand.

3. Once hair is completely curly, spray your hair with some hairspray to lock the curls in place.

Recommended Products:

Using a curling wand can change your life. If you haven’t used one before, consider investing in one. Hot Tools is a reliable brand that manufactures tons of amazing irons and wands. They even have tapered wands to make different sized curls and most of their wands come with a heat glove to wear while curling to protect your hand from the heat.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Small, round or heart shaped faces may get overwhelmed with this voluminous hairstyle. Naturally curly hair that has the right type of curls can totally pull this off. Otherwise, straight to wavy hair can be morphed into the curl with the curling wand.


Practice curling with the wand with small pieces of hair. When you get the hang of it, you can start taking slightly larger pieces to create fun, coiled tendrils.

The Ginnifer Goodwin

This is another fabulous example of a hot celebrity pixie. This super cute crop can be worn sleek and smooth or wild and textured.

Ginnifer Goodwin Inspired Cool Sculpted Celebrity Pixie Hairstyle


Ginnifer Goodwin Inspired Sculpted Celebrity Pixie Side View

How to Style:

Decide if you want to style your hair sleek or messy.

1. Use your fingers to arrange the hair forward and smooth right out of the shower and allow hair to dry.

2. Use your fingers to apply some smoothing cream for a sleek look.

3. If you want to wear it more spiky, run your favorite styling product through at the end and really spike hair up to add some attitude.

Recommended Products:

Privé makes a Grooming Cream product that is excellent for a more smooth and sleek pixie. It adds shine and defines layers slightly. If you want to really rock out your pixie, try their Defining Pomade to spike up hair and leave it sassy.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Heart shaped faces are the classic shape for this pixie haircut. Textured hair that has a little wave is ideal.


Short haircuts are the perfect foundation for showing off cute and sassy earrings. Always consider the whole picture of your look and make the most of head to toe styling and accessorizing.

The Dita Von Teese

Channel your inner pin-up girl with class. Strut your stuff out on the town with this gorgeous curly hairstyle.

Dita Von Teese Celebrity Hairstyles

Dita Von Teese Celebrity Hairstyles - Side View

How to Style:

1. Start with clean dry hair and part deeply to one side.

2. Use about a 1” sized curling iron to create curls on the ends of the hair. Keep the roots smooth and uncurled to create that sleek look.

3. Keep the style really curly or brush them out for a wavier look.

Recommended Products:

A good reliable curling iron is a girl’s best friend. Invest in a good one that will give amazing results every time. The Jilberé Porcelain Series Spring Curling Irons are fabulous and come in a variety of sizes. They also let you adjust the heat which is a huge positive.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Naturally straight to curly haired girls can create this look with their curling irons at home. Try this look if you have a square shaped face to help soften hard lines.


This is another great example of using more than just your hair to create your entire look. Play up the pin-up vibe with vampy makeup and a sexy wardrobe. Be inspired and have fun with your hair!

The Gwen Stefani

Getting bored of everyday ponytails or updos? Rock your hair out with a faux hawk and French braids. The hairstyle may be a little tricky to do on yourself, but if you can pull it off you’ll be the star of the night… rock star that is.

Gwen Stefani Inspired Creative Hairstyle with Side Braids

Gwen Stefani Inspired Creative Hairstyle with Side Braids - Back View

How to Style:

1. Create a wide, center section of hair to be your faux hawk. Twist it and clip it out of the way so you can braid the sides.

2. Braid two tight braids on both sides of the head and secure with small clear elastic bands.

3. Tease your center top section to create the high faux hawk. Twist the bottom of it and secure into a looped ponytail at your neck.

4. Wrap the braids around the twist and secure with pins.

Recommended Products:

You’ll definitely want to get this hairstyle out on the dance floor so be sure to keep in place. Try Global Keratin’s Strong Hold Hairspray to really lock in your faux hawk and keep your braids from having any frizz or fly aways.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Naturally straight to wavy hair can totally pull off this rocker hairstyle. Longer faces look better with bangs, so try this look out if you have a round or heart shaped face.


Wear a button up shirt or a robe while getting ready so you can change without having to mess up your hair.

The Pink

This punked out pixie has lots of edgy twists. The pale, violety color is a huge trend right now and is sure to make you stand out. Super long side bangs on one side are contrasted with an almost shave effect on the other making this pixie totally asymmetrical and totally fun.

The Pink Punked Out Pixie Celebrity Hairstyle

The Pink Punked Out Pixie Asymmetrical Style - Side View

How to Style:

1. Blow dry your hair to the side with a paddle brush.

2. If you need to, go in with a flat iron and smooth hair out, section by section.

3. Use a light, flexible hold hairspray to add some texture.

Recommended Products:

Use a fun texture spray like the one from Privé. It’s a waxy spray that gives slight hold and a light texture. Spray it on your straight strands to add a little grip without adding a tacky or sticky feel.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Square faces may look too severe with this punky hairstyle. Girls with straight to wavy hair will be able to pull this look off.


There are lots of pastel hair chalks that are fun to try out temporarily. They come in a ton of colors and wash out easily.

Think outside the box next time you’re stumped on how to cut or style your hair. Inspiration can be found in many places, so take a cue from the movie screen or the next concert you go to. You may not be making as many millions as the stars, but at least you’ll feel like you do!