Steal Emma Stone Hair: Get Emma’s Simple and Sleek Hairstyle

Emma Stone hair

We love the classic long layered bob on Emma Stone. In fact, she’s one of our favorite role models for sexy pale girls (like us!).

Emma Stone hair

We especially  love Emma’s signature fabulous cut — it works perfectly with her finer textured hair.  For her day-to-day style, a simple blow dry will suffice. Yet, the long layers are versatile enough to be curled for a softer evening look. They can also be dressed up for an elegant red carpet style.

What do you think of Emma’s simple style?

“Emma’s simple, straight style is classic and timeless. Depending how you dress it up with makeup and wardrobe, you can go from chic and classy to edgy and daring!” says got2b celeb stylist, Larry Sims.

Why does it work for her?

The bangs accentuate her eyes really well. The way they are cut right at the brow bring out the almond shape of her eyes.

“Emma is not afraid to change it up. Her new sleek hair looks fresh but not fussy, polished but soft and modern,” says Alberto VO5 Hair Expert Chris Lospalluto.

What styling tools do you need to achieve this look?

A great flat iron is necessary as well as a flat iron spray; it will give you a sweet finish while also protecting the hair. Sims recommends got2b Guardian Angel Flat Iron Spray, which protects hair from 425 degrees of thermal heat.

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