Celebrity Hair How-To: Get Tori Spelling’s Simple Twist

Motherhood looked absolutely fabulous on bombshell blonde Tori Spelling recently at the 29th Annual Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  But what stood out to us more than her blonde bob and trendy feather extensions?  We LOVED the simple side twist she added to her red carpet hairstyle to give her look a little something extra.  The great thing is that this twist is super easy to do and is one of the few styling tips we can recommend for almost every hair length, type and texture.

Get this pretty and simple look super fast with these six easy steps!

  1. Part all or at least the front section of your hair to one side.
  2.  Take a two-inch section from the front of the head.
  3. Begin to twist the section of hair away from your face. Keep twisting through the entire length of the section of hair.
  4. Take two bobby pins and crisscross them to pin the twisted section of hair just beyond the back of your ear, about mid-way up the side of the head.
  5. Hide the crisscrossed bobby pins with a larger section of hair.
  6. Use your favorite volumizing product to give your hair a little volume at the crown and voila!  You have a fabulous red carpet look for a day at the office or a night on the town.

Styling Tip: Use a tiny amount of your favorite pomade and smooth through the two-inch section of hair before twisting so the twist stays smooth and holds better.

What do you think?  Will you rock the Tori Spelling Twist?