Loving Carrie Underwood’s Elegant Half Updo? Snag the Look Here!

If you thought half up hairdos were only for cheerleaders, think again! Carrie Underwood’s modern take on the age-old style is every bit as beautiful off the red carpet as it is on. Try it out for a fancy event, or heck, even rock it on a first date. Either way, you’re bound to turn a whole bunch of heads.

So why exactly does this style work so great on Carrie? “Beginning the curls at the cheekbone gives her a more youthful appearance,” explains renowned hair stylist, Umberto  Savone of UMBERTO Beverly Hills. Here, he reveals his top tips for achieving the look yourself.

Carrie Underwood hair

Step 1: First, apply Umberto Beverly Hills Blow Dry Lotion to wet hair.

Step 2: Turn your head upside down to dry, lifting hair at the root with Umberto Beverly Hills Banana Brush, as you go. This will help ensure long-lasting lift and body.

Step 3: When your hair is 3/4 dry, switch to a round brush like the Conair Mega Ceramic Round Brush for smoothness at the crown. Start deep with the round brush, bringing your hair forward at the bang, rolling the brush and hair under and to the side.

Step 4: Now, keeping the brush in your hair, let your bangs cool fully before releasing. This will allow you to get the wave in the bang to the side. Let it set and do not touch, as oils from the hands will cause hair to frizz. This also loosens the shape that you have created.

Step 5: Next, lightly mist your hair with L’Oreal Paris Elnett Strong Hold Hairspray before using Umberto Beverly Hills ICU 10 Styling Iron. Spray will help your curls form better, sans the frizz.

Step 6: Point and roll your iron down, always starting the curls away from your face. Alternate curls going in opposite directions for a natural look. Let cool, and again, do not manipulate. Use a wide tooth comb to place hair as needed.

Step 7: Pin a small section from one side of the head, sweeping hair low and back, securing with a bobby pin (ribbed-side down to avoid slippage). Repeat on the other side.

Step 8: Finally, finish off your look with a fab shine spray or a very light hold hairspray, and you’re all set!

If you loved recreating this Carrie Underwood hair look, then you’ll love rocking her Grecian twist, too.