A Super Sleek Ponytail Tutorial: The Blake Lively Version

There’s something undeniably sexy about super sleek ponytails. They’re polished, professional and look ultra-chic, too. Blake Lively rocked her very own sleek, skinny ponytail to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, which inspired us to find out how we too can get the look. Whether you’re planning on hitting a high-profile event or just looking for a new way to freshen up that ponytail, check out this advice from TK stylist on how to get this look.

 Get Blake’s Sleek ‘n Sexy Look:

blake lively hair

1. Start by blow drying hair super straight. For a very slicked-back ponytail, the hair needs to be dried with no volume.

2. Apply Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Gel, which is a strong hold gel with high shine. Apply at the root area and into the length of your hair a little.

3. Start combing your hair back with the wide area of a regular comb. As you are combing your hair, you may notice bumps coming up; apply more Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Gel if you are unable to smooth out the top.

4. Once you have directed your hair back, switch comb sides to the narrow teeth and comb back the hair to where you would like the pony to sit.  If you want to use a finishing brush at this point, go ahead.

5. Lift your chin to the sky and comb up the nape area. This allows for a tight nape area – the worst thing to see on a slick pony is a baggy nape region.

6. Using a length of elastic with hooks or pins on each end is the best way to secure this type of pony. When you try to use a tie, you tend to loose tension. You can place the pin or hook and wrap the elastic around the pony. You can find specially-made elastics or make one yourself with a tie and two pins.

7. Run a straight iron through the lengths for added sleekness and finish with hairspray.

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