Blake Lively Hairstyles: Digging Blake’s Messy Ponytail Look!

Funny how the messy pony was once known as a quick fix for a bad hair day and now they are now anything but sloppy! You see them all over red carpets and runways and the look can make anything from your jeans to romper look extra hot.

Even better,  it’s still an incredibly easy hairstyle to master. Remember, unwashed hair will give you that needed texture and further hold, so be sure to keep your locks dirty but clean by investing in some quality dry shampoo.

“This is a fun, casual and very versatile look.  You can wear it on the runway (as Blake did for the opening of The Croods), for a fun night on the town, or even to the office,” says Kendall Ong of Mane Attraction Salon in Phoenix, Arizona.

blake lively hairstyle

Get Blake’s Look:

1. Towel- blot excess moisture from your hair. To keep hair from breaking, use a Tangle Teezer to gently brush out any snarls or knots. ($16)

2. Apply a liberal amount of Bumble and bumble’s Full Form Mousse from roots to ends. It is always best to apply small amounts more frequently to get even distribution. ($29)

3. Rough dry with your hands until your hair is 50% dry, says Ong. For added fullness bend over and dry it upside down, using your hands dry the sides up and away from your face and the nape up and towards the crown. For the top and crown, use a large round brush for maximum volume. Be sure to really lift at the roots.

4. Emulsify an almond-size amount of Bumble and bumble’s Contour Crème in your palms. Using your fingertips, work the product through your hair to create a touseled feel and separation. ($27)

5. Loosely brush your hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Take a small section of hair from the ponytail, wind it around the elastic and pin the ends. To give the ponytail ‘lived in’ look like Blake’s, gently run your fingertips through your hair, lifting at the base of the crown.

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