4 Steps to Blake Lively’s Luscious Sun-Kissed Beachy Waves

You know who has perfected the “Yes, I naturally have just-hit-the-beach-always-sexy-hair”? Blake Lively. She looks effortless, she looks cool. And let’s be honest, we’re downright jealous! After all, a day at the beach for us looks a little more like a frizz catastrophe and a lot less like bedhead sexy.

That’s why we made it our M.O. to find out exactly how to recreate those sexy, tousled locks. Lively makes the daytime hairstyle look chic at the “Turbo” Premiere in New York City. A lesson to all of us that perhaps we’re only a sequined skirt away from a great, Red Carpet look.

“With boho-chic fashion continuing to trend for the foreseeable future, loose, almost unkempt, tousled hair offers a modern take on the 1960’s ‘summer of love’ hippie-esque looks.” says Ben Ko, Assistant Creative Director for Sassoon Salon. We spoke with him for these step-by-step tips on how to recreate Lively’s beach-worthy waves.

 Get Beachy Blake Lively Hair:

blake lively hair

1. Start with clean, wet hair. Apply Sebastian Thickefy Foam to the roots and a quarter-sized amount of Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Styling Treatment throughout the middle and ends of hair.

2. Using a large paddle brush, blow dry the hair by directing the air flow against the grain of the hair growth to achieve root lift and a slightly tousled feel.

3. After drying, lightly mist hair with Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection and Shimmer Complex. Then, using a one-inch flat iron and beginning around the mid section of your hair, apply a light ribbon curl to the ends. You’ll want to start near the face and apply the curl with a twist of your wrist.

4. Finish by loosening the curls.  Start by emulsifying a few drops of Sebastian Professional FLAUNT Liquid Gloss in your hands and finger combing through your hair. Set with Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Hair Spray.

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