A Sleek and Sexy Beyonce Hairstyle You Want to Steal

To go sleek is a timelessly elegant yet super modern and surprisingly easy style. What’s best is smooth hairstyles can last for days, well after the event or occasion has passed. Note, humidity and wind can be the enemy of this style, so don’t be skimpy on the products. Frizz and puff can turn sleek upside down in a hurry!

Los Angeles celebrity hairstylist Mitch Stone loves this look on Beyonce! He recommends you start out with clean, hydrated hair — dry, fried hair or hair that is over-processed is more likely to have frizz and flyaways. Say goodbye to big bouncy hair for the evening and go smooth and sexy a la Queen Bey!

A Sleek and Sexy Beyonce Hairstyle You Want to Steal

How to Recreate This Sleek and Sexy Beyonce Hairstyle:

1. After shampooing, add a relaxer like Bumble and bumble Straight, and maybe a few drops of Mitch Stone Essentials Lustre Drops, which helps with tangles and brings out great shine.

2. Blow dry when still very wet. This ensures shine and fewer flyaways. I always wet my brush to work on the last few sections that have dried.

3. Use a professional straightening iron from the roots to the ends. This really seals the hair and brings out the most lustre. Be careful not to burn the hair! It is better to go over it a few times than risk scorching it. Also, in tandem, use a brush with the iron to help stretch hair and close the cuticle. This keeps curly or wavy hair flat.

4. Remember to always keep combing at the roots, and continue to flatten with your hand until the hair has completely cooled. This sets the hair very straight and very stylishly.

5. Finish with a lightweight hairspray, nothing too stiff or heavy, like the Mitch Stone Essentials Session Spray.

6. A few drops of a good quality hair serum provides the finishing touch, adding a layer of lovely shine and quelling any pesky flyaways.

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