Just Say YES to Beyonce’s Messy Updo!

“This messy-chic updo is one of my favorite Beyonce hairstyles and is great for a quick last minute’ do, or for someone who can’t be tamed, but still wants to be elegant,” says Nelson Bray, owner and stylist at Indigo Bliss Hairapy in Florida. Read on for Bray’s step-by-step breakdown of how to create this look!

Beyonce Hairstyles - The Messy Updo Tutorial

Get The Look: Beyonce’s Messy Updo:

1. Start by smoothing the hair back into a low ponytail. The hair can be parted wherever is most comfortable, or it can be brushed straight back without any part at all. “While smoothing the hair into the ponytail, spray it with a light hold or working hairspray like Framesi BY Be Yourself Mist (Light) to tame down any flyaways,” says Bray.

2. Secure the hair with an elastic. “Or, you can use my trick for a simple, no tangle, damage-free option! I use a rubber band and attach two bobby pins to it on opposite sides. I stick one of the bobby pins into the hair between my hand and the scalp and, holding the other bobby pin, I wrap the rubber band around the ponytail until it is tight, then I stick that bobby pin into the hair in between the rubber band and the scalp,” says Bray. (Ideally locking, or criss crossing, the first bobby pin.)

3. Take the ponytail and roll the hair into a loop. Opening up the space between the rubber band and the scalp, take your finger and pull the hair up from the neck and let as much length hang out as desired. Once this is complete, use bobby pins to secure the ponytail from the underside so it doesn’t slide back through.

4. Finish with a hard hold hairspray like Framesi So Stiff Extreme Hold and some spray shine like Bed Head HeadRush. Now you are rocking out with Beyonce’s messy, yet elegant updo!

“When it’s time to deconstruct, if you used my method, all you have to do is pull out the bobby pins and your hair is knot and damage free! This is because the bobby pins are what held the elastic or rubber band in place, so it just unwinds and slides right out,” says Bray.

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