It’s Mind-Blowing How Easy This Beyonce Hair Tutorial Is

To mirror Beyoncé’s sleek side pony, Loxa Beauty professional stylist, Sherice Zammitt says, is easy to accomplish. This style works for any formal event, or a day in the office or a casual night out. You can even add your own twist by incorporating a braid to tie in this season’s trend!

The Low Side Pony: A Beyonce Hair Tutorial

The Low Side Pony: A Beyonce Hair Tutorial

1. Begin with freshly shampooed hair, provided by Joico Daily Care Treatment Shampoo and Daily Care Conditioner. Textured hair thirsts for moisture, and Joico’s shampoo and conditioner delivers the appropriate amount of moisture without weighing the hair down.

2. Before blow drying, prep the hair with styling gel and a smoothing serum. This is going to give you sleek and smooth hair to work with. Blow dry this into the hair using a concentrate on the end of your dryer. This directs the air flow in a downward motion to ensure the hair is smooth with very little flyaways.

3. Before flat ironing, use a little more smoothing serum for heat protection. When using the flat iron (like this great one from CHI), you’ll actually curl the hair because to create these smooth curls with body. The curve of these irons make the curling much easier and more effective.

4. After the hair is curled, use a teasing comb to slightly tease the top of your head for more body. A teasing comb like the Cricket Ultra Smooth Dressing Comb won’t damage the hair and creates texture that is easy to brush out later.

5. Once the shape is created, create your side ponytail. Take a small section from underneath the pony and wrap it around the base and around the elastic. Bobby pin the hair in place, making sure to hide the pin by directing it under the hair. Brush out your curl, but try not to straighten this section out too much as it is a large part of this style. Once you’ve created the shape you like, spray with Joico Power Spray and secure it in place with a bobby pin, pushing the pin in the opposite direction (towards your face), which will hide the pin from sight.

6. Finish your ponytail by combing out your curls to create waves and spray with the Power Spray. Now you have Beyonce’s classic and timeless look!

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