Rule the World With This Beyonce-Inspired Grecian Bun

Of all the amazing Beyonce hairstyles that are out there for us to be inspired by, this Grecian-inspired updo definitely sorts its way to the top of the list! “To recreate Beyonce’s plaited bun, make sure your hair is blown out straight to start,” says Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands Hair Care.

Salas says it will be easier to replicate if your foundation is free of texture and smoothed out completely. Plus, the blow drying process brings an advantage. Brushing back as you dry is the same motion you will need to style hair in the first step! Before drying, it is key to make a product cocktail; reach for a shine serum like White Sands Orchids Oil paired with a heat protectant like White Sands UnderCover Styling Spray. This duo will minimize frizz, offer thermal guards, and create a mirror-like shine. Just follow Salas’ how-to on recreating this look on your own!

Beyonce Grecian Bun

Steal One of Our Fav Beyonce Hairstyles in 6 Easy Steps:

1. To begin, sleek hair back into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic tie. Once in place, use a rat tail comb to smooth out any visible bumps.

2. Now that hair is up, pull out a one to two-inch section from the ponytail (depending on your length and thickness) and leave it to the side. The large section leftover will be used to make the bun.

3. Taking a bun maker, pull hair through the hole and slide up to the base, spreading tresses over and around to cover it. Secure with bobby pins.

4. The remaining one to two-inch section will be used to create the braid. Here you can do a loose, three-strand version. Opt for a clear rubber band to secure at the ends.

5. Carefully wrap this around the bun, using bobby pins to hold in place.

6. To finish and capture any flyaways, mist a shine enhancing hairspray like White Sands Infinity.


Beyonce’s bun is quite large and requires a lot of hair to work with. A clip-in ponytail extension is an easy way to add in more volume to achieve the same fullness if you have less hair to with with.

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