25 Cute & Easy Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Mid-Long Golden Blonde Loose Dutch Braid
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#1: Golden Blonde Loose Braid

A golden blonde loose braid is a pretty style that fits both casual and special occasions.

Formal Bridal Updo with Big Dutch Braid
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#2: Formal Bridal Dutch Braid Updo

This formal bridal Dutch braid gives a romantic and effortless feel to your updo. First, dry hair is styled into a Dutch braid. Then, it’s wrapped around the head and secured with rubber bands, hair pins, and a flexible hold hairspray. Your wedding stylist can easily create this style. It gives a stunning, relaxed feel to any event.

Straight Back Dutch Braids with Low Bun and Undercut
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#3: Straight Back Braids with Undercut

If you want to pull your hair back and away from your face, consider the hairstyle called Straight Back Braids with Undercut. This style is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also protective. It keeps the hair secure and prevents it from friction and tangling. To create this style, your hair will be sectioned first and then braided with gel or wax. This buffering results in secure braids lasting up to 2 weeks with proper care. To preserve your braids, consider using a silk hair cover when you sleep.

#4: Maroon Red Classic Dutch Braids

Enhance your classic Dutch braids by adding some maroon red. This maroon red truly pops when mixed with a darker color in a sleek, defined braid. You can create extra sleekness by using a smoothing wax in this style.

#5: Dutch Thick Braids on Long Hair

Dutch thick braids on long hair might be the best braids option for this length. Not only are they easy to maintain, they are much quicker to style than other more intricate braided looks.

#6: Double Dutch Braided Bun

Ensure your hair stays polished by doing double Dutch braids, finished with a braided bun. Pin the ends of your braids to make sure they stay neat and organized all day. Did you know that the Dutch method of hair braiding is a traditional style from South African immigrants in the Netherlands? Thus, a touch of hair history for you.

#7: Two-Toned Double Braids

Two colors bring twice as much style. Hair with two tones, like those inspired by Harley Quinn or Cruella, looks stunning in double Dutch braids. The color contrast is noticeable in the smooth sections and firm braids.

Double Dutch Braided Low Knot
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#8: Double Braided Low Knot

A double braided low knot is a versatile style that suits both day and night, work and play. This is a super cute, yet intricate hairstyle that lets you mix braids with your updo easily.

Mid-Length 2 Dutch Braids for Girls
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#9: Mid-Length 2 Dutch Braids

Try these mid-length 2 Dutch braids as an easy style to complete at home. The braids are slightly different from French braids and can be worn for one day or several days with proper care and the right products.

#10: Feed-In Dutch Braid Style

A feed-in Dutch braid style is a beautiful, sleek, braided style for everyone. Whether you have long hair or not, extensions can easily add length. Like short hair? These braids also look stunning on short crops.

#11: Golden Brown Cornrow Dutch Braids

The golden brown hue makes cornrow Dutch braids look stunning. In lighter hues, the intricate and expertly parted braids stand out.

#12: Medium 4 Dutch Braids

These 4 medium-sized Dutch braids use the style of a plait to create a complex updo. A Dutch plait suits all hair types, offering a more textured appearance than the smoother style of a typical French braid.

Sleek Center-Parted Dutch Braids
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#13: Sleek Center-Parted Dutch Braids

If you want to stand out, consider sleek center-parted braids. A reverse Dutch braid garners attention and admiration due to its elevated appearance.

#14: Crown Braid with Wavy Pony

If you’re looking for a half-up, half-down style, look at the crown braid with wavy curls. Your hair will have waves throughout its length. The braid will start at your hairline and go around your crown. Finally, you will secure it all in a low ponytail for a relaxed but classy look. This style suits those with long hair. But you can add extensions to pull off the look.

Blonde Jumbo Dutch Braids Updo
Instagram @braids_n_waves

#15: Blonde Jumbo Dutch Braids Updo

Here is a hairstyle known as the blonde jumbo Dutch braids updo. The updo is a type of hairstyle that differs from a French Braid. This braid sits atop the hair, creating a 3D look. With some practice and tutorial watching, you can achieve this style at home.

#16: Low Dutch Braid Bun with Face Frame

If you’re considering updo ideas but don’t like curls, try the low braid bun with a face frame. A thick braid will style your hair beautifully. The face-framing strands add elegance to this look. Once you have two Dutch braids, use bobby pins to hold the style for your entire event.

Easy Dutch Braid Crown
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#17: Easy Dutch Braid Crown

If you want a hairstyle for your days with unwashed hair, this easy braid crown style suits you. Dutch-style braids are a technique that forms a braid sitting on the outer side, giving a bohemian look. The braid crown style is ideal if you need ideas to style or maintain unwashed hair on your wash days.

Dutch Braided Short Hair
Instagram @hairbypattie

#18: Dutch Braided Short Hair

Dutch braided short hair is a fun and easy way to incorporate a style that’s a bit more creative than a bun or traditional ponytail. The Dutch braiding method styles your hair away from your face effectively. Dress up the braid style by leaving a few tendrils of hair around your face and loosely curling them.

#19: Dutch Braids with Low Pigtails

Try these Dutch braids with low pigtails for a fun, festival-inspired style. Adding braids can enhance any traditional pigtail or ponytail. To do a braid, just invert your usual French braid technique. The braid has a unique texture, making it ideal for special occasions.

Golden Brown Messy Low Bun with Dutch Braids
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#20: Messy Low Bun with Dutch Braids

Check out this simple messy low bun with Dutch braids. In this style, dry hair is pre-curled and then pinned into an updo. A braid is added for extra appeal and depth. If you want a simple hairstyle for your next event, try this style.

Long-Length Side Dutch Braid
Instagram @made.by.babs

#21: Long-Length Side Dutch Braid

Are you seeking a simple style to wear when leaving the house? Consider the Dutch form of braiding. The braid style differs slightly from the traditional French braid. In the braid, strands cross underneath the previous ones, not up and over. This technique makes the braid appear to float on top of the hair.

#22: Viking-Style Double Dutch Braids

The Dutch braiding technique is beautifully showcased by these Viking-style double braids. Braids offer far more possibilities than just the standard pair of braids.

Single Dutch Braid into Low Pony
Instagram @made.by.babs

#23: Single Dutch Braid into Low Pony

If you want a simple hairstyle for a casual outing, consider the single Dutch braid that turns into a low ponytail. This hairstyle is ideal for a low-key outing or a sports event. It features a braid that feeds into a low ponytail and is secured with a rubber band. All face shapes and textures suit braided styles. You can easily learn them with practice and by watching online tutorials.

#24: Double Braid Updo with Cuffs

A double-braid updo with cuffs is a sleek, easy hairstyle incorporating accessories. Adding gold cuffs around the face in this style makes a huge impact, even without many additions.

#25: Super Tight Black Dutch Braids

If you’re always on the go, super tight black braids are an ideal hairstyle. Dutch braids are a lasting hairstyle choice, great for those with an active lifestyle or those who prefer to keep their hair out of their face.

Have you been eyeing those lovely Dutch braids but unsure if they’re right for your hair? Fear not! Claire, a seasoned hair stylist with a flair for braids, says, “As long as the hair has been prepped correctly it does not matter what hair type you have.”

Meet The Expert

Claire Kent
Claire Kent
Claire is a braid educator with over 20 years of experience.
You can find Claire at her own studio in London, UK.

Dutch Braids for Different Hair Types

Dutch braids are not picky. Whether your hair is thin, thick, curly, or straight, you can rock a braid with the right prep work. Claire points out that these braids “tend to last longer on thin hair.” But here’s a hot tip for everyone: use product, braid tight, and your style will stay fresh for days!

Knowing Your Braids: Dutch vs. French

Are you mixing up your braids? Claire sheds light on this: “Dutch braids appear as though they have been ‘stuck on’ to the head.” Unlike French braids that lie flat, Dutch ones add bold, 3D style. Plus, they are tougher and great for active days. Claire reveals they’re a hit with her clients, especially “before going on holidays, competing in gymnastics and dance competitions.”

Braids for Short Hair? Yes, You Can!

Short locks can still play the braid game. Claire’s advice? Go for more braids or end them at the ear. Short hair shines with half up half down styles, little pigtails, or trendy cornrows. Want to tame stubborn ends? “Finish at the nape of the neck,” Claire suggests. And for the final touch: “spray with hair spray and lightly comb the hair towards the braid stitches.”

Style Like a Pro: Tips and Products for Dutch Braids

Clean and tangle-free is your starting line for braiding. If you’re aiming for double Dutch braids, Claire has a “hack for how to do this easily” on her TikTok page. Keep those flyaways at bay with edge control before you start. During braiding, detangling sprays are your best friend. All of Claire’s favorite products can be found on her TikTok shop and Amazon storefront. Want a laid-back look? “Pancake the braid” by tugging the edges for a fuller braid.

Pictures of the Most Beautiful Dutch Braid Hairstyles