25 Fun Ways to Get “Bubble” Braids Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Elegantly crafted mid-length bubble braid, versatile for both casual and formal looks, ideal for maintaining a polished style.

#1 Mid-Length Bubble Braid Elegance

This mid-length bubble braid brings elegance to any outfit. The bubbles are evenly spaced, adding a touch of formality to a down-to-earth style. It’s versatile enough for both casual and fancy events but remember, if your hair is layered, some ends might poke through. Keep a light hold spray handy to maintain that neat, polished look.

Unique two-to-one bubble braids transformation adding depth and charm, a perfect evening hairstyle for layered hair.

#2 Two-to-One Bubble Braids Transformation

Combining two bubble braids into one is a clever twist that adds depth to your hairstyle. It’s a charming look for an evening out and works well with hair that has some layers. Though it’s visually appealing, the merger point can be a bit tricky to maintain, so you might need extra pins or a touch-up to keep it pristine.

Stylish bubble braids perfect for an active lifestyle, offering a chic and secure hairstyle for medium to long hair.

#3 Volleyball Chic Bubble Braids

These chic bubble braids are just the thing for the active fashionista, keeping your hair secure during a volleyball match or a run. This style’s great for medium to long hair and adds an element of sophistication to your sporty look. Just note, the sleekness might require some hairspray or gel to keep everything in place when you’re on the move.

Sleek and bold jumbo bubble braids creating a striking statement, suitable for thick hair and special events.

#4 Jumbo Bubble Braids Statement

Make a bold statement with these jumbo bubble braids! This style is a showstopper, especially on dark, thick hair. The sleekness of the top contrasts with the volume of the bubbles, ideal for an oval face. It’s a style that holds well, but it can be a bit heavy, so it’s best for shorter periods or special occasions rather than all-day wear.

A colorful 90s-inspired bubble braid hairstyle with bright scrunchies, ideal for textured hair and a playful look.

#5 90s Bubble Braids Comeback

This vibrant bubble braid look is a total throwback to the 90s, and it’s all about fun and color. The scrunchies add a pop that’s perfect for thick, textured hair, giving life to the style. It’s an easy way to add some pep to your look, though the bright colors might not fly in a formal setting. Keep your hair moisturized to maintain the look’s bounce and vibrancy!

A playful bubble braid with a zigzag part, creating a geometric and voluminous effect for thinner hair textures.

#6 Zigzag Part for Bubble Braids

The zigzag part adds a fun, geometric twist to the classic bubble braid. This style can give the illusion of fuller hair, ideal for those with thinner textures. It’s a playful choice for any casual outing but might need some touch-up if you’re heading out for a long day since the zigzag can lose its definition with movement.

Long straight hair with ribbon-enhanced bubble braids, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch to the hairstyle.

#7 Ribbon-Enhanced Bubble Braids

Elevate your bubble braids with a ribbon! It’s a classic style with a sweet twist, adding elegance to long, straight hair. The ribbon provides a touch of sophistication, making it perfect for special occasions. Just ensure the ribbon is secured at each bubble to prevent slippage, which can be a downside if you’re moving around a lot.

Medium-length hair styled into a bubble braid, offering a chic and simple alternative to a traditional ponytail.

#8 Medium Hair Bubble Braid Beauty

For those with medium-length hair, this bubble braid is beauty made easy. The style adds visual interest and is a chic alternative to a simple ponytail. It works well with most hair textures and is a cinch to touch up on the go. Just note, if you have layers, you might see some strands poking out, so have a few extra pins on hand.

Youthful high bubble braid for a voluminous Y2K-inspired hairdo, great for adding lift to fine to medium hair.

#9 Youthful Y2K Bubble Braids

Channeling the Y2K aesthetic, this high bubble braid is youthful and fresh. The bubbles add a voluminous effect, making this style fabulous for those with fine to medium hair looking for a lift. It’s easier to create on hair with a bit of texture, and while it’s playful and fun, keep in mind it might require some restyling if your hair is super soft or silky.

A sleek ponytail with evenly spaced bubble braids for an effortlessly stylish look, ideal for straight, long hair.

#10 Effortless Bubble Braids

This ponytail with bubble braids strikes the perfect balance between effortlessness and style. It’s a great pick for straight, long hair, adding playful volume to a classic pony. It’s low maintenance, but using a smoothing product can prevent flyaways for a sleeker finish. While it’s simple, it might not suit very active plans, as the bubbles could loosen up over time.

Trendy bubble braids paired with face-framing bangs, creating a playful and stylish hairstyle for any occasion.

#11 Bubble Braids with Bangs

Combining bubble braids with bangs offers a playful yet chic look that’s versatile for most hair types. The bangs frame the face, while the braids add an element of fun to the mix. It’s a sweet style for anyone, but particularly flattering for longer faces as it adds width. Just remember, maintaining the bangs’ shape can be high-maintenance alongside the braids.

Romantic and soft bubble braids suitable for a relaxed yet stylish occasion, best on wavy hair.

#12 Charming Bubble Braids

These charming bubble braids are all about softness and romance, perfect for a date night or a casual brunch. They work best on hair with a bit of a wave to keep the bubbles looking full and tousled. While they’re easy to create, they might need a touch-up, especially if you’re planning on a day out in the breeze.

A stylish updo featuring sleek bubble braids, a perfect blend of elegance and modern texture for fine to medium hair.

#13 Elegant Updo with Bubble Braids

This elegant updo with bubble braids is a sophisticated choice for fine to medium hair. The smooth top contrasts beautifully with the textured bubbles, offering a style that’s both refined and contemporary. It’s perfect for those with diamond or heart-shaped faces, highlighting cheekbones and the jawline. Keep a few extra pins handy, as this style may need reinforcement throughout an eventful evening.

Toddler with adorable and practical bubble braids, ideal for an active day of play and gentle on fine hair.

#14 Adorable Toddler Bubble Braids

Here’s a style that’s just too cute! These bubble braids are perfect for your little one’s playdates or picture day. They’re practical, keeping hair out of the face, and the loose ties are gentle on delicate hair. For fine toddler hair, use soft elastics to avoid breakage. Just be ready for some re-styling post-naptime!

A woman with long layered hair in a half-up, half-down bubble braid, radiating elegance and volume.

#15 Half-Up Half-Down Bubble Braid Elegance

This half-up, half-down bubble braid is elegance personified. It’s stunning on long, layered hair, giving volume and a touch of drama. Ideal for an oval face, the style elongates the profile. Keep in mind, if your hair is on the finer side, you might need some teasing to achieve this fullness. Perfect for those semi-formal events where you want to impress without going full updo.

Functional and fashionable sporty bubble braids suitable for active days and adding a fun twist to long hair.

#16 Sporty Bubble Braids for Softball

These sporty bubble braids are just the ticket for active lifestyles and girls who play softball. They keep long hair out of the face and bounce with your every move. While they’re adorable and functional, keep in mind that if you’ve got super silky hair, you might need extra-strong hold elastics to keep those bubbles in place.

Charming bubble buns hairstyle for a playful and stylish updo perfect for medium-length hair.

#17 Transforming Bubbles into Buns

Double the fun with these bubble buns! They’re a spunky option for medium-length hair and a hit for those after a playful, yet chic look. These buns are all about balance, so they’re great for heart-shaped faces. Just a heads up, they might not be the best for very fine hair as they require a bit of volume to hold the shape.

A casual and quick bubble braid hairstyle suited for everyday charm and ease.

#18 Quick and Cute Bubble Braid Hairstyle

Looking for something adorable and easy? This bubble braid’s your answer. It’s simple enough to whip up in minutes and works wonders on hair that’s a bit unruly. While it’s a charming style, remember that it may require a touch-up throughout the day to keep it looking fresh. A spritz of hairspray should do the trick!

Sleek and smooth bubble braids ponytail offering a polished and versatile look for straight hair.

#19 Bubble Braids Ponytail Perfection

This sleek bubble braid ponytail is pure perfection for straight-haired gals. It’s a gorgeous go-to for a formal vibe that’s still fun. The trick here is smoothness, so using a serum will keep flyaways at bay. This style can be dressed up or down, but it’s not the most durable for high-activity days—best saved for events where you won’t be dancing the night away.

Woman with long straight hair featuring a Retro 80s bubble braids updo, combining playfulness with elegance.

#20 Retro 80s Bubble Braids Revival

Channeling the 80s, this bubble braid updo is a fabulous blend of retro and modern. It’s a breeze to style on straight, long hair and is a unique choice for anyone wanting a playful yet polished look. The spacing between bubbles adds length, making it a solid pick for round or square face shapes. A quick tip: Keep elastics tight to maintain the structure, though too tight may lead to hair stress.

Colorful kids-friendly bubble braids on natural hair, combining playful charm with practicality for an active day ahead.

#21 Kids-Friendly Bubble Braids

Adorable and practical, these kids-friendly bubble braids are both playful and perfect for managing your little one’s natural hair. The style is secure and can withstand a child’s active day, while also being gentle on tender scalps. A bonus – they’re quick to do on busy mornings! However, these braids may need redoing more often to keep them looking neat.

Complex six-strand bubble braid providing texture and volume for an intricate and stunning hairstyle.

#22 Six-Strand Bubble Braids

Ideal for medium to long hair, this six-strand bubble braid offers a creative and intricate take on the braid trend. It’s a showstopper that adds texture and volume, ideal for those with fine hair wanting to amp up their style. Patience is key when creating this detailed look, and while stunning, it’s a style that might require a bit more maintenance to keep those strands perfectly in place.

Elegant bubble braids on 4C hair type, presenting a protective style that adds length and showcases natural texture.

#23 Chic 4C Hair Bubble Braids

These bubble braids exude chicness and are a fantastic option for showcasing the beauty of 4C hair. The braids add elongation, perfect for those looking for a style that gives the appearance of length without compromising hair health. It’s a protective style that also allows your personal flair to shine through. However, this intricate look does require time to style, so it’s best planned for special occasions.

Bubble Braids with Natural Hair Flair

#24 Bubble Braids with Natural Hair Flair

Here’s a playful twist on classic braids, perfect for those with dense, coily hair looking to make a statement. The bubble braids add dimension and the illusion of length to natural hair, creating an eye-catching silhouette. They require some dexterity to achieve but are worth the effort for their striking look. Just keep in mind, to maintain this style, nightly wrapping to prevent frizz is key.

A woman with thick 4C hair styled into voluminous 70s-inspired bubble braids, showcasing a playful and chic aesthetic.

#25 70s-Inspired Bubble Braids

This ‘do throws it back to the 70s with a modern twist. We’re seeing luscious, natural hair crafted into bubble braids, giving a playful yet chic look. The model’s thick, 4C hair type is ideal for this style, ensuring voluminous bubbles that hold shape beautifully. While this hairstyle is a stunner, it can be time-consuming to create and may require some patience and practice to perfect the technique. It’s fabulous for texture display, but remember, you’ll need the density to make it work!

When aiming for a quick yet glamorous look, bubble braids are your go-to solution. Known for their ease and versatility, these playful plaits can transform your style without demanding hours of effort. What often goes unnoticed is their ability to protect your strands from heat damage while still delivering a chic, voluminous look.

Perfect for any occasion, bubble braids can be dressed up or down, and with the right technique, they can even hide those less-than-perfect hair days. To get the most out of this hairstyle, consider using silk scrunchies to reduce hair breakage and maintain the health of your locks. Ready to boost your hairstyle game with these eye-catching yet straightforward braids?