New Hair Trend Alert: The Wolf Cut Bob and 25 Killer Ways to Get It

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Modern Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

This wolf cut gets its modern look by combining several haircut styles into one. By bringing forward the fringe and side framing parts, you can transform a classic shoulder-length bob into a wolf cut. Tucking the hair behind the ear gives your hairstyle a touch of style and highlights the pieces framing your face. If you untuck the hair from behind your ears, your hairstyle will return to a more classic bob shape.

Short Pink Shagged Wolf Bob with Waves and Bangs
Instagram @papsulis

#2: Pink Shagged Bob with Waves and Bangs

People often like to wear their natural hair texture in shaggy bobs. The hair has layers throughout, with shorter layers at the crown. These features give the style a wolf-cut vibe. Curtain bangs that graze the eyebrows will accentuate the facial features and enhance this style.

#3: Soft Layered Wolf Style for Thin Hair

A soft, layered wolf style is ideal for thin hair. Thin hair can benefit from more movement without losing too much of its fullness. A wolf cut with more length provides a frame to the face and jaw and includes a textured nape. Styling the hair’s framing to lean towards the front and creating a curtain style at the back will bring out the distinctive appeal of the wolf cut.

Neck-Grazing Layered Wolf Bob Cut Mullet
Instagram @anki.hairmakeup

#4: Layered Wolf Cut Mullet

If you’re a fan of grunge, the layered wolf-cut mullet hairstyle is something you should try. It’s a simple hairstyle, yet so perfectly textured and disheveled. It resonates much with the 90s.

#5: Very Short Wolf Cut with Graduated Layers

When you request a wolf cut, it will contain many soft layers that either swept back nicely or flip out around your face. The wolf cut is a blend of a pixie and a mullet, as seen in this photo. You can ask for a longer or shorter version based on your hair texture and face shape. The wolf cut will give volume to the crown area of your head, while the hair on the sides and back tends to be more tapered.

#6: Shoulder-Length Wolf Shag with Choppy Bangs

Together, choppy bangs and a shoulder-length shag, often called a wolf shag become an appealing haircut. The best thing about a shag is that it can work on any face shape. Plus, a shoulder-length shag is good for fine hair textures. With shaggy layers of a shorter length, your hair can get the body it needs. These layers add volume to the top part and frame your eyes and cheekbones with classic shaggy petals. These style features emphasize facial features and give a youthful look.

#7: Swoopy Flicked Layers on Short Hair

A swoopy-flicked layering can add more style to short hair. Implementing wolf cuts on your short hair creates a lot of flips, adds texture, and gives volume through the crown and sides. Medium to fine hair textures work well with a cut that is short and layered. To increase texture, ask the stylist to use techniques such as point cutting and razoring. Texture sheets can also be used. These methods soften the hair ends and give a light, feathery feel.

Mini Wolf Bob Cut with Flipped Ends and Bangs
Instagram @kwoohair

#8: Mini Wolf Cut with Flipped Ends

We recommend trying a short, shaggy wolf cut if you have a convex face profile. A fuller bang can help balance a convex face profile. Additionally, shaggy flipped layers at the neck compliment convex facial lines. Considering both front and side facial features is key while creating a personalized style.

Mid-Length Razored Wolf Bob Haircut with Parted Bangs
Instagram @uglynpr0ud

#9: Mid-Length Razored Haircut with Parted Bangs

A razored haircut with parted bangs works well on all hair types. This mid-length style is cute. To get a layered and shaggy look, ask for many layers. Razor cutting gives your hair texture and a casual look. The bang, the cut’s main focus, should be brushed outward for a modern look. Tousle your hair while blow-drying the rest of your wavy or straight locks.

#10: Wolf Bob with Red Underlights

You can show off some texture and a flip in your hair with a bobbed wolf cut featuring red underlights around your face and the hair’s perimeter. Coloring your hair can help to show off a cut. However, with thicker dark hair, adding some contrasting color is often necessary to show the texture and movement.

#11: Short Wolf Cut Bob on Fine Hair

It can be challenging to find the right cut for fine, finger-textured hair. However, a short wolf-cut bob might be a good option. This style creates layers and texture, adding movement and shape to fine hair. It’s ideal for those who want to reduce density and achieve a flowy look. For a bolder look, consider adding textured micro bangs. These would frame your face more dramatically.

Cold Perm and Bangs on Neck-length Wolf Bob Cut
Instagram @imoko_jisu

#12: Cold Perm and Bangs on Wolf Bob Cut

You can apply a cold perm and add bangs to your wolf bob cut. If you’re looking to add volume at your crown and want lots of layers throughout, a short wolf cut would be a great style. Enhance your wolf cut with a cold perm. A classic perm doesn’t require heat. Depending on the curl size you want, you can choose to use bigger or smaller perm rods. They work great on straight hair and can make styling as easy as washing, applying the product, and going.

Round Shaggy Wolf Cropped Bob Cut
Instagram @a_h_salon

#13: Round Shaggy Cropped Cut

Women, try a rounded, shaggy, short haircut for a retro-chic look. This version of the trendy wolf cut bob is inspired by nostalgia but has a modern, refined touch.

Rounded Curly Shag Wolf Bob Cut with Off-Center Part
Instagram @andyhair_style

#14: Rounded Curly Shag Cut

A rounded curly shag cut, popular for curly or wavy hair, lives up to its hype. The layers of a shag cut enable curls to flow down, resulting in greater volume. This cut works for various face shapes and hair textures. Ask your stylist to show you how to style it based on your needs.

#15: Tapered Baby Wolf Haircut

Want a stylish and trendy look? Try this tapered baby wolf haircut! This cut blends a sleek, flattering look and a free, textured style! It’s a stunning combination of two popular trends.

#16: Short Curly Cut with Micro Bangs

A short, curly cut and micro bangs suit people with naturally curly or wavy hair. The shape of a short, curly cut caters to textured hair. It helps in letting the hair grow without turning into a dreaded ‘bell shape.’

Tousled Wolf Lob with Short Shaggy Textured Layers
Instagram @fade_hair_

#17: Tousled Lob with Short Textured Layers

Oval, triangular, and heart-shaped faces will suit a tousled lob with short textured layers. The choppy squared layers of this haircut complement the sharp features of these faces, providing a balanced look.

#18: Vintage Bob for Curled Thick Hair

Vintage styles are trending! This vintage bob cut for curled, thick hair is the perfect example. With a short and sassy wolf cut bob, you can forget about long wash days and hours of detangling.

#19: Soft Mullet Shaggy Pixie

A soft shaggy pixie bob haircut can entirely transform thin, straight hair. The soft curve of the short fringe, coupled with flips that touch the nape, can make the hair appear thicker and add a classic retro look.

Grey Wolf Bob Cut with Short Bangs for Older Women
Instagram @hairbyhinote

#20: Grey Wolf Bob with Short Bangs

This bob haircut styled with short bangs shows that the trend of the ‘wolf cut’ suits all ages. No matter what your age is, this hairstyle can give thin, lifeless hair a voluminous, tousle effect.

#21: Choppy Long Bob with Straight Bangs

If you need a thick, mid-length hairstyle, you should consider a choppy long bob with straight bangs. A voluminous bob like the wolf bob is good for those with thin to middle-thick hair who want more life in their style.

Soft Wavy Wolf Bob Style for Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#22: Soft Wavy Wolf Haircut

This soft, wavy wolf haircut is a toned-down version of the trend. It’s perfect for those who want softer layers instead of choppy ones. Even with its smoother texture, this haircut maintains the volume and movement typical of a wolf cut.

#23: Textured Wolf Bob with Middle Part

The wolf cut won’t go away anytime soon, and this short take on the trend is a great way to upgrade your existing wolf crop. A textured wolf bob with a middle part is an excellent choice for anyone who likes the trendy crop, but is looking for a shorter style.

Short Wolf Bob Hair with Mini Bangs

#24: Short Wolf Hair with Mini Bangs

A short wolf hair style with mini bangs is a great pick to highlight strong facial features and captivating eyes. This style frames the face and is suitable for women with wavy or naturally textured hair.

#25: Jagged Wolf Cut with Face-Framing Bangs

Try this fun, jagged wolf cut with bangs that frame the face! Choose this look if you want a fun, flirty, layered hairstyle!

The wolf cut bob, a blend of edge and grace, is making waves in hair trends. Nadya Eastmond, a seasoned stylist, sheds light on how this cut works for various hair types and shapes. Her insights promise to guide you in rocking this style with flair.

Meet The Expert

Nadya Eastmond
Nadya Eastmond
Nadya is a stylist & educator with over 15 years of experience.
You can find Nadya at Gerber Salon in Keyport, NJ

Hair Types and the Wolf Cut

“Almost anyone could rock a wolf cut bob,” Eastmond assures. She points out that while effort is key, those with medium density hair find it easiest. Straight to wavy textures blend seamlessly with this cut.

Face Shape Considerations

Eastmond breaks the mold on face shape rules. “Wear it with confidence,” she advises, highlighting the wolf cut’s face-framing ability. This style suits all, drawing attention to your facial features boldly.

Styling Tips and Product Picks

For styling, Eastmond advises getting friendly with a diffuser and using your hands for a natural look. She suggests a curling iron for added definition. Her top product picks include Hairstory Hair Balm and R&Co Pomade Mousse for texture, plus Oribe Dry Texture Spray and R&Co Badlands Paste for volume. These tips and products cater to all lifestyles, from the working professional to the busy mom.

Photos of the Most Stylish Wolf Cut Bobs