21 Very Short Bob Haircuts for a Chic and Bold Look

Very short bob haircuts

A very short bob is a haircut that’s in-between a pixie and a regular bob. One could even say it’s like an extra long pixie.

I caught up with celebrity stylist Nick Stenson, a Matrix ambassador and a Senior VP for Ulta, to see what kind of advice he has for this daring cut.

First, Stenson totally recommends this cut if you’re wanting “a bold change that simplifies your routine and makes you feel empowered and stunning.”

If you check both of those boxes, then lets talk about the drawbacks for this cut.

Stenson says going shorter might require you to re-learn or embrace a new styling routine. “Shorter cuts are often less time consuming and just come with reduced options for changing it up,” he adds.

When getting a cut this short, Stenson says consultation is key. “The shorter the hair, the more consideration has to be made. This will state what compliments the person, their face shape, and their lifestyle.”

If the experience of getting a super short chop is new to you, going to a professional hairstylist with experience cutting very short haircuts is a must. Stenson recommends you see photos of their work first. “Seeing their work and feeling inspired with it, it will give you confidence as you give them permission to give you that new awesome bob!” he adds.

If you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas for a very short bob, then you’re in the right place. Swipe through these amazing pictures of very short bob haircuts and hairstyles!

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Exceptionally Short Blunt Bob on Wavy Hair

An exceptionally short blunt bob cut
Instagram @jhair_stylist

An exceptionally short blunt bob for a wavy hair texture is styled with a side part for extra height and volume. To style very short bobs, you can also use a curling iron to achieve a curlier definition. This blunt combover bob looks fierce when matched with the right makeup.

Shattered Angled Bob with Undercut

Shattered Angled Bob with Undercut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

A shattered angled bob with undercut is a fashionable short style. Choppier layers give that spiky look that is more playful and an edgy modern twist of the classic stacked bob.

Short Choppy Bob with Flipped Ends

Short Choppy Bob with Flipped Ends
Instagram @studio_betinha_leao

A short choppy bob with flipped ends gives off a fun, carefree feel. Having a choppy cut paired with a bob is a creative way to show off fun colors and lots of dimensions. For the maximum lifespan of this style, round brushing the ends out first and then using a bigger barrel curling iron to lock your flipped ends in place is recommended. Flipped ends give movement to a bob, which is a fun alternative to a traditional straight-edged bob.

Short Bob with Swoopy Bangs

Short Bob with Swoopy Bangs
Instagram @bondarenochka16

Try a short bob with swoopy bangs if you have fine hair in need of body. A swoopy bang is also beneficial to those with a large forehead or with fine lines and wrinkles to give some coverage.

Chin-Length Bob for Curly Hair

Chin-Length Bob for Curly Hair
Instagram @love.your.hair.byelise

A chin-length bob for curly hair is a great idea for all ages and textures. Curly hair can be thick or thin, which is why a chin-length bob can be convenient for those looking for a quick way to remove weight to add volume or cut off minutes during styling time. Simply add a curl creme for more control or a few sprays from a sea salt spray to make the most of your curls in a chin-length bob.

Messy Short Bob with Razored Layers

Messy Short Bob with Razored Layers
Instagram @mtbstyles

Consider a messy short bob with razored layers if you have thick or straight hair to help soften the ends and add some movement. Messy short bobs are also a great option for women looking for an easy-to-manage style. Simply wash, dry, and spray with your favorite texture spray.

Shaggy Pixie Bob

Shaggy Pixie Bob
Instagram @eleven10leatheranddesigns

Go for a shaggy pixie bob if you are looking for a soft look to compliment a round or square face shape. Softened layers help give an undone look, and add volume and height at the crown, which helps to elongate the face.

Acutely Short Choppy Bob for Dark Thin Hair

Acutely short choppy bob for thin hair
Instagram @hirohair

Here’s an acutely short choppy bob for dark thin hair that suits women with round face shapes. Rock this haircut if you want to frame your face. This works best on a straight mane the most.

Extra Short Blunt Bob

Extra short blunt bob haircut
Instagram @glamgirlgabi

Rock this extra short blunt bob cut with textured ends to make your locks look healthy and fuller. Parted in the middle—this haircut appears classier with a blonde money piece. Ladies with a heart or diamond face shape can benefit from such a center-parted short bob cut. The result is chic and sweet!

Super Short Inverted Bob

Super short inverted bob
Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

Amp up a super short inverted bob, also known as a concave bob, by styling it with a lot of texture. Its tousled finish is what makes it carefree and effortless-looking. Women with straight locks are sure to love this very short bob haircut.

Very Short Textured Bob for Fine Hair

A very short textured bob for fine hair
Instagram @teagancousins.hair

A long bob may be fun to wear but a very short textured bob for black fine hair is perfect for a fresher style! Add a little texture to the back area to spice it up a bit.

Wearing this chin-length messy bob haircut is a nice way to feel the breeze on your neck. Another thing to love about this bob for very short hair is that it grows out gracefully.

An Especially Short Bob with Back View

An especially short bob with back view
Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

Pair an especially short bob with a back view and look flawlessly wonderful! Extra short hairstyles like this are beautiful from any angle. It appears flattering when worn by older women with thick hair. Jazz it up with a blonde hue and look more sophisticated than ever!

Pretty Short Asymmetrical Bob

Pretty short asymmetrical bob cut
Instagram @baldmothertucker

Look unique with this pretty short asymmetrical bob. Bob haircuts like this work great on thick tresses. It features layers to lessen the bulk and weight of the hair. What makes it outstanding is the uneven chop around the face.

Low-Maintenance Very Short Stacked Bob

A cute very short stacked bob cut
Instagram @studiolissbeautyhair

A cute, very short stacked bob can be a go-to look for ladies with dark, straight locks. It’s a stunning haircut that has shorter layers in the back, giving hair volume.

This stacked feathered bob only demands minimal manipulation. Bob hairstyles like this are easy to style and grow out so pretty.

The Short Pixie Bob

The short pixie bob haircut
Instagram @henniegebhardt

This is the sign to chop your long hair and turn it into a sleek short pixie bob. It never fails to help ladies carry out an alluring, confident vibe.

The best thing about this short pixie cut is its versatility. It looks chic in both sleek and textured styles. Women with oval face shapes can wear shorter hair better.

Extra Short Rounded Bob

Extra short rounded bob haircut
Instagram @studiolissbeautyhair

Notice how this extra short rounded bob can benefit thin, fine hair. It offers a flawless rounded shape in the back area to match the wispy bangs that add softness to the entire look. Level up the hair color by painting subtle blonde highlights. This bob haircut is guaranteed to look funky and unique!

Really Short Layered Bob

A really short layered bob haircut
Instagram @cabelosfhabioribeiro

A really short layered bob is great depending on the hair’s natural body and texture. As long as the tresses have a soft wavy texture and a stacked nape, this haircut will appear stunning and effortless. Very short bob hairstyles with shorter layers at the back can carry out a bulky shape, making them ideal for ladies with fine locks!

Very Short One-Length Bob

A very short one length bob hairstyle
Instagram @alex.paixaooficial

Another very short one-length bob that’s considered on-trend! It never hurts to go back to what’s classic. This short haircut is an all-time favorite, which suits most women. Plus, bob haircuts for very short hair make a cute go-to look for those who have a busy lifestyle.

Extremely Short Bob

Extremely short bob haircut
Instagram @wellleite_hairstudio

Get an extremely short bob and achieve a dramatic change. What’s cute about this very short hairstyle is it seems effortless and natural. The placement of layers is on point, creating a flattering bulky shape. This very short bob cut is an optimum choice for ladies with fine hair but with lots of density.

Very Short Bob with Bangs

Very short bob with bangs hairstyle
Instagram @melissatimp

This is a very short bob with bangs is a modern take on the 60’s mod style. A structured bob in which the angle and the length emphasize the cheekbones. A truly classic style that can make finer, straight hair look fuller, and fuller hair look sleeker.

The beauty of the graduated bob is that it can be adapted in length and angle to work on most face shapes. Keep in mind you would need to come every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape of very short hairstyles.

If your hair is finer and you want volume, apply Aveda Phomollient and Volumising tonic to damp hair. Dry like normal, then finish the bob style with a round brush on top to add volume. Finally, add some of Aveda’s Dry Shampoo to add texture and light hold.

Supremely Short Blonde Bob for Straight Hair

This blonde bob short cut with blunt bangs is an iconic Sassoon cut, according to Freiji.

“Bob hairstyles for very short hair look beautiful on many different hair textures. Also, determining the length and shape of the cut is important to your face shape. This is low-maintenance but still edgy and stylish,” Freiji notes.

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