23 Cute Textured Bob with Bangs You Have to See

Textured bobs with bangs

A textured bob with bangs is a short-length haircut with jagged layers and an undone style. Whether you’re quite a bookworm or the next big influencer, this chop suggests you are anything but basic!

Barrie Sykes is a hairstylist based in San Diego, CA. Below, you’ll find some of her best advice.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Choose a hairstyle that reflects who you are. Mostly, you need confidence for this type of style.
  • One drawback is you can’t just throw up your short hair into a cute messy bun.
  • Go through a lengthy consultation to know more.
  • Discuss what length will complement your face shape. Heart shape face looks great with a shaggy lob. For a square face, you may want to soften the angles by adding a few textured pieces on the edges of the bangs.
  • Ask for at-home styling tips and products, so you can achieve your desired look day to day.
  • Maintenance means coming in every 8-10 weeks with bang trims in between.

For some fresh ideas, have a look at these pictures of trendy textured bobs with bangs.

Blonde Textured Bob with Side Bangs

Blonde Textured Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @koaffyr.se

As a hairstylist, I would recommend a medium textured bob with bangs for a client that has wavy hair. Especially if they want to wear natural. A shorter length will enhance the hair’s movement giving it a fuller shape. A side parting will create a look of volume, meaning a side fringe can be added for softness. Don’t over-dry your hair as this can cause fizz. I recommend using a texture or curl-enhancing product on wet hair.

Punk-Inspired Choppy Bob

Punk-Inspired Choppy Textured Bob with Bangs
Instagram @zakhar.zhumakhanov

This choppy textured bob with bangs is perfect for women looking to add a punk-inspired twist to their hairstyle. The choppy layers create a dynamic and edgy look, adding movement and volume to the hair. The bangs add a bold statement, framing the face and enhancing facial features. This style works best for those with straight or slightly wavy hair, as the choppy layers and bangs will add texture and dimension to the hair.

Wavy Bob with Textured Bangs

A wavy bob with textured bangs is perfect for anyone looking to add more body to their hairstyle. This shaggy cut will make hair look thicker and fuller despite its shorter length.

Textured with Curtain Fringe

Textured Bob with Curtain Fringe for girls with short hair
Instagram @yukistylist

This bob with a textured fringe is a great choice for women with short hair for a chic and versatile look. The stylish and flattering hairstyle merges a layered bob with a curtain fringe. The texturized layers add movement and body, while the curtain fringe frames the face beautifully. This haircut suits various face shapes and hair textures, allowing for easy customization to suit individual preferences. To style, start with damp hair and apply a lightweight volumizing mousse to build texture and volume. Use a round brush and direct the heat to your hair ends inwards while blow-drying for a soft and polished finish.

Trendy Textured Bob with Curtain Bangs

Do you prefer shorter hairstyles? Try a fashionable textured bob haircut with curtain bangs! This style is beautiful with any bangs, but it’s best to avoid blunt or short bangs if you have thick or coarse hair. Instead, stick with curtain bangs. Having curtain bangs makes it easier to manage hair growth and trims.

Champagne Blonde Textured Bob

Champagne Blonde Textured Bob with Fringe
Instagram @kultura_moscow

Having trouble deciding on a new style for your blonde hair? Consider getting it cut! Many of my clients with blonde hair want a new look but still want to keep their hair bright. I often suggest a champagne blonde textured bob.

Heavily Textured Bob with Straight Fringe

Heavily Textured Bob with Straight Fringe for ladies with oval faces
Instagram @nataliarok

A textured bob with a straight fringe is a great hairstyle for women who opt for an easy-to-maintain look. This cut works best on thick hair, adding movement and dimension without making it look bulky. The fringe frames the face beautifully. The choppy layers create a playful and youthful vibe. Avoid using a heavy styling pro that will weigh down the layers and texture.

Textured and Tousled Platinum Bob

Textured and Tousled Platinum Bob with Bangs for girls with a messy style
Instagram @rachelwstylist

For those seeking a low-maintenance new cut, a platinum bob with bangs could be the perfect fit. This look creates a natural, effortless style that requires little upkeep. Ask for a platinum color that is modern and fresh. You will see the textured layers in the cut will add depth and movement.

Textured Above-the-Shoulder Bob with Fringe

Textured Above-the-Shoulder Bob with Fringe for women with dark hair
Instagram @yukistylist

You can achieve an above-the-shoulder bob with textured layers and striking fringe. It will accentuate your dark hair. The layers will add movement and volume to your hair, while the fringe will give you a chic look. This look best works for women with straight or slightly wavy hair who want to show off facial features. To style, try blow-drying your hair. If you use a round brush, it will give a smooth finish.

Middle Part Short Hair with Natural Curls

Textured Middle Part Short Bobbed Hair with Natural Curls
Instagram @beautyconamor

A curly bob is a great way to wear your natural hair and add layers to enhance the movement and give a fuller shape. I would highly recommend not over-drying your locks as this can cause fizz. Use an anti-fizz curl cream. This will work wonders to give bounce and definition.

Mini Stacked Bob with Feathered Bangs

Textured Mini Stacked Bob with Feathered Bangs
Instagram @teryn.tucker.hair

Thin hair has more style range than ever before. A mini stacked bob with feathered bangs is crafted with an inverted shape to build up weight. And it will create movement at the crown. A textured bob with curtain bangs gives your hair an airy bounce. It can be styled with a texture spray or styling wax. This haircut and style work best for medium to thin density and wavy texture.

Short Face-Framing Shag with Mini Choppy Bangs

Short Face-Framing Textured Shag Bob with Mini Choppy Bangs
Instagram @torrie.hart.hair

A short face-framing shag cut with a mini choppy bang is a fun, flirty look to have. A shaggy bob is a great style option for any woman who has to deal with natural texture. It will give you a nice rounded shape and is easy to style and maintain.

Messy French Bob Cut with Layers

Textured Messy French Bob Cut with Layers and Bangs
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

A layered bob style worn naturally tousled looks great on women with petite features. The layers will create movement and texture giving your style a slightly bulky feel. Ask for the sides to skim your jaw and a full layered fringe to frame your face. Try a sea salt spray to give your ends that lived-in feel.

Blonde Balayage on Layered Bob with Bangs

Blonde Balayage on a Textured Layered Bob with Bangs
Instagram @megmolloyhair

Hair color can help to accent or camouflage your face shape. At your next salon visit, ask about a blonde balayage that can compliment your features. Shorter styles like a layered bob can be worn tousled and messy. But when worn with bangs, it helps ground the style to look polished. When paired together as color and cut, the style comes together for a modern yet lived-in style.

Shaggy Bob with Micro Bangs and Big Waves

Try a shaggy bob with micro bangs styled with big waves. Textured bobs with bangs are a great statement look. When you have thick hair, wearing your hair short gives you a full look and will really highlight your curls. Having a fringe when you have textured hair will give you a round shape. It’s flattering on young to middle-aged women.

Light Copper on a Textured Bob

Light Copper on a Textured Choppy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @karliedare

A chin-length textured bob with bangs is so on trend. Ask for a shape that is slightly shorter at the back and drops slightly at the front. Ask your stylist to add some long layers to create volume. Consider keeping some long bangs to give a softer feel like a choppy bob. A light copper blonde works well to warm your complexion, while also brightening it.

Brunette Wavy Bob with Short-Arched Bangs

Brunette Textured Wavy Bob with Short Arched Bangs
Instagram @hairbyolives

Give your fine hair a boost, and ask for a shoulder-length textured bob with bangs. The length will thicken your hair while a surface layer with create volume. Soft, face-framing bangs give bangs an on-trend feel. I recommend using a dry texture spray once styled to complete a lived-in, raw look.

Jaw-Length Wispy Bob and Bangs for Older Women

A modern short textured bob with bangs works very well for older women. Because it lifts the face and creates thickness. A short bob with crown layers gives volume and a soft wispy face frame is flattering for all.

Wispy Long Bangs on a Razor Cut Bob

Wispy Long Bangs on a Razor Cut Textured Bob
Instagram @teryn.tucker.hair

Frame your face with a chin-length bob and a soft wispy longer fringe. This works wonders if your hair is on the finer side as it helps to give the illusion of thicker hair. The fringe will give versatility. Dry your hair with a round brush to give body.

Natural Texture on a Rooted Blonde Bob

Natural Texture on a Rooted Blonde Bob with Bangs
Instagram @samkanehair

If you have hair with a natural wavy or curly texture, then enhance the movement by going for a long bob. Ask for longer layers to stack the shape without losing thickness. And a full feathered fringe helps to create softness. As the hair is worn with more volume, a lived-in root gives a grittier feel when the ends are lighter.

French Curly Bob with a Fringe

Textured French Curly Bob with a Fringe
Instagram @theistbcn

Soft and feminine, a French bob with fringe gives a relaxed, undone feel. Ask for jaw-skimming sides and eyebrow-length bangs to give a cute look. A great take on the French bob if you have petite features. Apply a volume spray and use a diffuser to dry to keep an undone feel.

Textured Short Bob with Razored Layers and Baby Bangs

If you want a jaw-length bob cut but need to hide your longer forehead, try asking for a short textured fringe. Because you’ll have your hairline cut with a razor, it will lay closer to your head. This is especially good for thick hair. It will give your forehead a smaller appearance. Your edgy cut can be styled messy or classic.

Blunt Inverted Bob with Textured Ends

If you’re wanting a trendy cut the best on offer is a textured a-line bob with bangs. Shorter lengths worn with textured ends created by layers and combing out a wave, give a lived-in look. If you want something a bit different, ask for a blunt full fringe to give a contrast to the softer length.

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