41 Sharpest Straight Lob Haircut Ideas for That Ultra Sleek Look

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A straight lob haircut is a mid-length chop that creates a sleek, polished hairstyle. This cut is a longer and more modern version of a classic bob.

Claudia Rodrigues is a salon owner and stylist from South Africa. One of her favorite straight styles is a long bob, and here’s why!

“A lob cut is versatile to style and flatters all face shapes so that any lady could pull it off. It frames the face well and looks great in many ways,” says Rodrigues.

Remember that it’s a commitment to wearing a lob cut. It needs frequent trims to keep in shape. Styling is necessary, mainly if you have a textured hair type while trying to achieve a straighter lob style.

The only drawback about the long bob haircut for straight hair is that you can’t put it in an updo. “As much as it’s versatile to style down, putting it up in a ponytail or bun is not easy. Especially on those days when your hair is due for a wash,” Rodrigues explains.

If your lifestyle requires you to wear an updo, like when working out, then this cut isn’t a great option.

Communication is vital, so don’t be afraid to consult your stylist about your preferred cut. Make sure you ask for tips on styling and maintaining it.

Here are the most inspiring images of the trendiest straight lob haircut and hairstyle ideas for you to try. Take your pick!

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#1: Smooth and Rounded

A smooth and rounded lob is perfect for any hair texture, especially straight. If you can use a round brush, a smooth style can be achievable on curly or thick hair. Ask your stylist for one of the best and most classic bob haircuts – a straight lob.

Rooty Platinum Slob Long Bob Cut for girls with straight hair
Instagram @muratlkilic

#2: Rooty Platinum Slob Cut

Consider a rooty platinum slob cut if you have a round face or fine to medium hair. Slobs pair well with round face shapes because their length and straightness create the illusion of length in the face. You can try for a center part to emphasize a curtain effect that also slims the face. When going light, always use products to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Using a shampoo like Olaplex No. 4P Blonde Enhancing Toning Shampoo will keep your hair healthy. It also helps to tone out any yellow in the hair, which creates a beautiful blonde shade.

Straight Lob Center-Parted Slob Hairstyle for girls in their 20s
Instagram @studio_mostton

#3: Straight Center-Parted Slob Hairstyle

The straight center-parted slob hairstyle is a timeless and elegant choice. It can be both chic and casual. When you visit your stylist, ask about getting a slob haircut with a precise center part to achieve the desired look. This hairstyle helps frame your face and create a balanced appearance. Use a heat protectant spray and a flat iron to maintain the straight, sleek finish. Both can be beneficial. Ask your stylist about a suitable styling product that can help add shine and control frizz.

Brunette Slob Straight Lob Haircut for ladies in their 30s
Instagram @studio_mostton

#4: Brunette Slob Haircut

This brunette slob hairstyle is a great option for fine hair. Try to use a color-enhancing shampoo at home to keep your new brunette locks looking perfect.

Straight Lob with Chocolate Balayage for women with thick short hair
Instagram @pamela_cabelos

#5: Straight Lob with Chocolate Balayage

Try this straight lob with chocolate balayage for extra rich dimension. When you talk to your stylist, talk to them about the correct chocolate shade for your skin tone. Ask about an at-home maintenance regime to ensure your color lasts as long as possible.

#6: Shoulder-Grazing Ice Blonde Lob

An ice-blonde lob is perfect for the woman looking for short hair with enough length around the face. A lob is one of the best ways to enjoy shorter hair without the fear of going too short. Ask your stylist to incorporate soft surface layering if your hair tends to be thicker.

Dark Chocolate Lob with a Center Part for Straight Hair for women with shoulder-length hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#7: Dark Chocolate Lob with a Center Part

Ask for a dark chocolate lob with a center part. If your hair is medium density and lays straight, get an under-beveled bob. This will allow your hair to curve under with minimal effort. Fewer layers around the square jawline will soften the face shape.

Sleek and Sexy Lob Cut for Straight Hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#8: Sleek and Sexy Lob Cut

Give your straight hair a sharp, ultra-sleek look with a stylish lob cut. If you try this look, it’s best for fine to medium-textured hair and most face shapes. To maintain its sleek shape, blow dry your strands straight after washing. Then, use a flat brush to smooth your hair. Finally, finish off the look by spraying some hairspray over your locks for extra hold. Invest in quality products like Virtue Labs Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner set. You can ensure maximum shine and health!

Soft Long Bob for Older Women with Straight Hair
Instagram @koaffyr.se

#9: Soft Long Bob for Older Women with Straight Hair

Older women with straight hair should consider a soft long bob. Aging hair can be a challenge with issues like thinning and frizziness from the gray. A one-length bob cut will definitely make your hair look thicker. And, blow-drying your cut smooth will help remove frizz. It will be best for you to use a metal barrel medium-sized round brush and a smoothing cream like Olaplex #6. Your hair will be silky and beautiful.

Deeply Side-Parted Straight Lob Cut
Instagram @erikahferreira

#10: Deeply Side-Parted Straight Lob Cut

If you want to add something to your hair, try the deeply side-parted straight lob cut. This ultra-sleek look will work best on those with naturally straight or wavy hair. It’s the perfect way to get the most out of your long bob haircut. Make sure you explain exactly what you want when visiting your hairstylist. That way, they can give you this stunning look. To keep it looking its best, use a straightening iron for extra definition. Finish off with some light-hold hairspray. Try Redken Triple Take 32 Hairspray for shine and stay power!

#11: Layered Lob Cut for Fine Hair

If you wear your hair long, but your ends have seen better days, you may want to try this layered lob cut for fine hair. Going a bit shorter is often the best solution to make your ends feel thicker and healthier! Ask your stylist for their preferred volume shampoo and conditioner set. Each will give you the best results at home.

Modern Soft Bob for Straight Hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#12: Modern Soft Bob for Straight Hair

You should consider a modern soft bob if you have straight hair. One of the best cuts out there, a bob compliments most facial shapes and can be very versatile. If you can rock a middle part, try it and it can change your style dramatically. You can blow dry your bob straight, then add curls with a 1-inch iron and finger through for a modern tousled finish.

#13: Vivid Red Layered Lob

Try a vivid red layered long bob if you want to enhance your look. Dyeing your hair in bright vivid colors can really showcase your haircut. You should know that vivid colors are a high-maintenance color, best if you can visit the salon regularly. This haircut is also best for a woman who has thicker hair and has a round shape face. The length of the lob will elongate your face shape.

White Blond Straight Lob with a Dark Money Piece
Instagram @beautybruja.il

#14: White Blonde Lob with a Dark Money Piece

Going all-white blonde has a couple of factors that may work for or against your complexion. A lob length that focuses brightness around your face can widen your look. However, creating balance with a dark money piece is an option if you’re going to modernize your style.

#15: Neck-Length Bob with Blonde Balayage

Rock a neck-length bob with a blonde balayage and feel more beautiful. Taking your hair up in length will make it so healthy and shiny, and you’ll look more professional. If you want to make fewer trips to the salon, a balayage is the way to go. A balayage is more natural so your roots grow out better with less pick-ups needed. Keep in mind your blonde balayage is hand painted so it can be pricey but well worth it.

Polished Straight Brunette Lob
Instagram @__adrianonunes

#16: Polished Brunette Lob

Consider doing a brunette lob if you’re wanting a sleek, and easy to take care of style. Talk to your hairstylist about inverting your lob to give more shape and style. Doing an inverted cut means the back will be a little shorter, and angles down, leaving the front longer. Using a flat iron is a great way to give your hair that polished look.

Modern Straight Long Bob
Instagram @williammleite

#17: Modern Straight Long Bob Hairstyle

Try a super trendy straight lob hairstyle combined with a beautiful brunette color. Hairstyles for straight hair are so versatile that any woman can wear them no matter her skin tone or face shape.

#18: Glossy Long Angled Bob

A glossy long angled bob is classy and sophisticated. The sharp angle in the front adds an edge to this cut. Add a shine or gloss treatment to your next salon visit for a glass-like reflection.

#19: Shoulder-Length Bob with a Face Frame

A shoulder-length bob with a face frame looks stylish down or partially pulled back. Having a face frame adds flair to a blunt straight haircut and can soften the features of a square face shape.

#20: Choppy Lob with Long Bangs

A choppy lob with long bangs is a perfect haircut for women wanting a short, edgy hairstyle. If you have an oval face, you’ll love how a long bang will accentuate your cheekbones. A choppy straight lob haircut won’t be high-maintenance, so expect to need a trim only once every three months.

Sleek Blunt Cut with Subtle Layers
Instagram @ramieliyaho

#21: Sleek Blunt Cut with Subtle Layers

Sleek blunt cuts with subtle layers are a stylish choice for anyone that loves versatility when styling their hair. A straight lob haircut with layers can also look amazing with curls or soft waves.

Asymmetrical Lob with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @kudzaidzvanga

#22: Asymmetrical Lob with a Deep Side Part

An asymmetrical lob with a deep side part is a classy straight hairstyle that has been worn for many years. Adding asymmetry to straight lob cuts will make your haircut require more frequent trims, but it’s worth it for the glamour it adds to the straightest hair.

#23: Medium-Length Bob with Wispy Bangs

Medium-length bobs with wispy bangs are flattering on young girls and older women alike. Straight lob styles are a popular choice because of their low-maintenance reputation and their ability to compliment many different face shapes.

#24: Face-Framing Long Bob

A face-framing long bob hairstyle for straight hair will generally lay right below chin level. This medium lob haircut is quick to style and won’t require a lot of upkeep appointments, making it ideal for busy women.

Sleek Lob Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @hair.helga

#25: Sleek Lob Cut for Fine Hair

A sleek lob cut for straight hair will make fine hair appear thicker. When consulting your stylist about a lob haircut for straight fine hair, ask for a blunt cut for maximum fullness on the ends.

#26: Side-Parted Long Bob

A side-parted long bob style for straight hair will give more volume at the top of the head than a middle part. Side parting is a popular choice for many different haircuts and is a quick way to give your hair some lift.

Voluminous Long Bobbed Hair
Instagram @romeufelipe

#27: Voluminous Long Bobbed Hair

Voluminous long bobbed hair doesn’t always require a lot of product. If you have straight bobbed hair and want to rock your natural hair texture, a light hold mousse might be all you need to reduce frizz and hold your style all day.

#28: Long Inverted Bob with Heavy Bangs

A long inverted bob with heavy bangs will help conceal fine forehead lines on mature women. Long bob hairstyles can be styled many different ways, and adding a slight curl under on the ends is one of the most popular for good reason. It’s simple and gives a lifted appearance to the straight lob hairstyle.

Long Shaggy Bob with Textured Bangs
Instagram @drethings

#29: Long Shaggy Bob with Textured Bangs

Long shaggy bobs with textured bangs look amazing on women with naturally straight or wavy hair. To style a shaggy lob hairstyle, try a sea salt spray to give extra texture and enhance the messy style.

#30: Lob Cut with Side Bangs

A lob cut with side bangs is a great option for anyone wanting a practical haircut with some face-framing. One way to get a smooth style on a straight lob haircut with bangs is to flat iron after using Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Iron Smoother Defrizzing Leave In spray. This will not only smooth and soften your hair, but it will protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron also.

Straight Long Bob with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @cindyearlcovic

#31: Straight Long Bob with Blunt Bangs

A straight long bob hairstyle with blunt bangs gives structure to round faces. When looking for inspiration pictures of a straight long bob haircut with blunt bangs, keep in mind your face shape may be different from the person in the pictures.

Long Blunt Bob
Instagram @jesslucyquinn

#32: Long Blunt Bob

Long blunt bobs are universally flattering. Fine hair or thick hair, young or aged, a straight blunt lob haircut is a classic that will never go out of style.

Lob Cut with Long Curtain Bangs
Instagram @reyhairstylist

#33: Lob Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs on a lob cut for straight hair are a fun way to add some face-framing to a long bob. If you’re considering a straight lob haircut with curtain bangs, you’ll want to invest in a round brush. It’s the best and easiest way to style your new curtain bangs.

Related: See other ways to wear curtain bangs on straight hair.

Money Pieces on a Center-Parted Lob
Instagram @rojbeauty1

#34: Money Pieces on a Center-Parted Lob

Money pieces on a center-parted lob make for a bright contrast of color, especially on dark hair. When looking for a straight lob haircut for a round face, remember that adding a money piece on the longest strands of hair around your face will give the illusion of a longer face.

#35: Messy Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs with a messy lob is a haircut that looks put-together yet effortless. If you have trouble getting the “natural texture” look, consider trying IGK Hair Beach Club Volume Texture spray on your dry, finished style. This will give your hair the grip it needs to get the messy look on your lob.

#36: Long Bob with Short Bangs

Short bangs on a long bob are an edgy addition to a classic haircut. Straight long bobs can be for women of any age, but adding a short bang will give a young vibe to the straight lob style.

Neck-Length Lob for Thick Hair
Instagram @3myl33

#37: Neck-Length Lob for Thick Hair

Neck-length lobs look amazing on thick hair. One plus about this haircut is that it’s a very low-maintenance hairstyle. Styling is quick and easy, and you can go many weeks in between haircuts while still looking fresh.

#38: Long A-line Bob

Long a-line bobs are a haircut that is shorter in the back and longer around the face. To get a sharp-looking long angled bob, ask your stylist for a blunt cut. This will keep the ends thick and give an overall sleek appearance.

Two-Toned Lob with a Middle Part
Instagram @anthony.j.hair

#39: Two-Toned Lob with a Middle Part

Two-toned lobs with a middle part are for the most daring women. While straight lob hairstyles are a classic look, adding a two-toned color will spice it up and make you stand out. Add a hair oil on the mids and ends to compliment the color and sleek haircut and give a beautiful shine.

#40: Lob Haircut with Textured Ends

Textured ends on a lob haircut give a soft appearance to the hair. Soft layers show up the best on thick hair. Women with a straight layered lob haircut that have thin hair won’t be able to see soft layers as well because the fine layered strands will blend into the rest of the hair.

#41: Collarbone-Length Blonde Bob

A collarbone-length blonde bob is a great hairstyle for women with round faces. Having straight lobs that hit at the collarbone will give the illusion of a longer, slimmer face.

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