24 Stylish Ways to Wear a Stacked Bob with Layers

Stacked bobs with layers

A stacked bob with layers offers a short voluminous hairstyle for women of any age. The layers are shorter in the back and longer in the front to create a rounded and fuller shape.

Aveda ambassador Melissa Schmidt is a master stylist and salon mentor from Riverview, FL. According to her, this cut benefits women with thicker hair the most.

“A layered, stacked bob gives more volume and separation to hair that the traditional stack can’t give. Removing bulk allows the bob to have personality and style,” says Schmidt.

On the other hand, Schmidt doesn’t recommend this chop for ladies with thin, fine locks. Lesser layers and volume are what they would need.

Stacked layered bobs are not easy to create and take a lot of practice of precision. Make sure you achieve the look you desire by finding the right stylist who does such layered haircuts. You can ask the stylist for pictures of the stacked bobs they’ve done themselves.

A skilled hairdresser knows not to keep more of the layers in the back. “Focusing these layers behind the ears and over-directing them to the back crown will maintain the layers while keeping the focus layers near the stack,” Schmidt states.

Whether you want more volume or take out bulk from your locks, a stacked bob with layers haircut is for you! Find the hottest and trendiest stacked bob with layers hairstyle ideas from this updated photo gallery.

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Fringed and Stacked Textured Bob with Layers
Instagram @jamielovehair

#1: Fringed and Textured Bob

Very Short Stacked Bob with Layers for Older Women
Instagram @mercesiris

#2: Very Short Stacked Bob for Older Women

Older women should consider a very short stacked bob. A stacked bob is classic and gives your hair a bit of an edge. A short crop cut is easy to maintain but does require some time styling with a round brush. Wear your hair with some layers on the top to give more lift and volume right at the crown.

#3: Stacked and Inverted Layered Bob

A stacked and inverted layered bob is the perfect cut to show off your volume on top while keeping some length in the front. The stacked cut at the back will show off your beautiful layers. You can backcomb your hairstyle to really show your volume!

Dark Maroon Stacked Layered Bob
Instagram @alisonallvess

#4: Dark Maroon Layered Bob

#5: Brunette Stacked Layered Lob

A brunette stacked layered lob is a good option for women with thick or thin hair that want to add volume. The layering is done to create a round shape at the back of the head. The cut should be somewhat easy to style by using a blow dryer and a flat brush, pushing the hair against the curve of the head to create natural volume.

#6: High Stacked Bob with Layers

A high stacked bob with layers is the perfect cut to achieve maximum volume. A very short stacked bob with layers cropped close to the neckline, creates a full rounded shape in the crown. Enhance your short stacked bob cut with creamy blonde highlights.

Layered Bob Haircut for Thick Hair
Instagram @rhandy_art

#7: Layered Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

A layered bob haircut for thick hair is a great cut to reduce weight, minimizing styling time. Incorporating a stacked layered bob for thick hair allows more bulk to be taken out near the neckline, where hair can be quite heavy. Blow-dry with IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Blowout Balm for a silky keratin-like finish.

Short Stacked Bob with Swoopy Layers
Instagram @rhandy_art

#8: Short Stacked Bob with Swoopy Layers

Go for a short stacked bob with swoopy layers for a fun bob full of bounce. A stacked bob with swoopy layers and bangs brings a youthful feel to an otherwise traditional bob haircut. Define the layers with a soft balayage in a cool chocolate tone.

#9: Two-Toned Stacked Haircut

Try a two-toned stacked haircut if you’re looking for an interesting cut to make your color pop. A stacked bob with long layers is a voluminous angular cut that shows off unique color placements, due to cropping the back and leaving length in front. Ask your stylist if a platinum and magenta color combo is the way to go for your layered hairstyle!

Stacked Angled Bob with Shorter Layers
Instagram @iam.bobcut

#10: Stacked Angled Bob with Shorter Layers

Try a stacked angled bob with shorter layers if you’re looking to remove weight and add texture. A stacked bob with short layers can be styled sleek and straight or tousled with loose waves for a playful vibe. Complete the short bob haircut with a mocha brunette color sprinkled with sun-kissed bronze balayage.

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#11: Choppy Layers on a Stacked Bob

Incorporate some choppy layers on a stacked bob cut for a youthful yet polished look. A stacked bob with choppy layers is a universally flattering style that can be worn by women in their 20s through 60s. Style your bob hairstyle with a 1.25 inch flat iron for a looser wave, and finish with VERB Volume Dry Texture Spray for an effortlessly undone style.

#12: Stacked Bob and Wavy Layers

If you’re looking for options for stacked haircuts for thick hair, then consider a stacked bob with wavy layers. Leaving the length at the collarbone and incorporating layers will allow room for curling, as well as reducing bulk. When styling a long stacked bob with layers, always blow dry the underside for a neatly tucked perimeter.

Tousled Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers
Instagram @foreverbobbed

#13: Tousled Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers

Try a tousled stacked bob with wispy layers to give your fine tresses a boost. Low graduation creates more length in the crown area, allowing for versatile styling options. A choppy tousled bob hairstyle looks great blow-dried with a round brush or add a few beach waves to enhance the wispy layers.

#14: Neck-Length Bob Cut with Graduation

Go for a neck-length bob cut with graduation if you are looking to make fine hair appear thicker. A stacked bob haircut with layers is a sure-fire way to create more volume in the crown while thickening your perimeter. Ask your stylist for an icy ash tone to make your blonde pop.

Jaw-Length Angled Bob with Layers
Instagram @foreverbobbed

#15: Jaw-Length Angled Bob with Layers

Go for a beautiful jaw-length angled bob with layers to accentuate your cheekbones and neckline. A short stacked pixie bob is a seamless transition to shorter hair but leaves length around the face and volume in the crown. Finish this cut with Living proof, full dry volume & texture spray.

#16: Layered Stacked Bob with Textured Bangs

If you’re thinking of a big change, try a layered stacked bob with bangs that are textured. Maximizing the layers and texture in a short stacked bob with bangs haircut is key to creating movement and piecyness. Consult with your stylist on a vivid fiery red color to compliment your crop.

Highlighted Layers on a Stacked Lob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#17: Highlighted Layers on a Stacked Lob

Think outside the box with pink highlighted layers on a stacked bob. A wavy stacked bob with blended layering offers an edgy yet sophisticated vibe. Make sure to be prepared for regular 4-6 week color touch-ups to keep your pink hair looking vibrant.

Long Graduated Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @atosastyles

#18: Long Graduated Bob with Side Bangs

Try a long graduated bob with side bangs if you have fine hair, and are looking for a voluminous yet structured cut. A stacked haircut with bangs is extremely versatile and complements most face shapes and hair textures. Blow-dry your fringe in a directional manner from left to right to create a sweeping effect.

A-line Cut with Choppy Ends on Thin Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#19: A-Line Cut with Choppy Ends on Thin Hair

short a-line bob cut with choppy ends on thin hair is a stunning short haircut that is edgy yet playful. When considering short stacked bob haircuts for thin hair, always remember they require regular trims to keep the cut neatly shaped. Consider adding a rich chocolate color with dimensional highlights for a wow factor.

Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#20: Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights

Try a stacked bob hairstyle with blonde highlights for a classy yet edgy cut. Rounded shapes help build volume, especially when cut in a stacked inverted bob style. Ask your stylist for icy golden highlights to complement your modern bob.

#21: Angled Bob Cut with Feathered Layers

If you’re thinking of a shorter cut with a ton of movement, then try an angled bob cut with feathered layers. A feathered stacked bob hairstyle has the right amount of texture while still maintaining a structured neckline. Schedule regular trims every 4-6 weeks to keep your cut in tip-top shape.

Short Inverted Bob on Copper Hair
Instagram @foreverbobbed

#22: Short Inverted Bob on Copper Hair

A short inverted stacked bob on copper hair is the perfect style for fine straight hair. Texturizing a sleek straight inverted bob will add movement and create wispiness around the neck. Ask your stylist for a shiny copper gloss to enhance the color of your short hairstyle.

#23: Stacked Layered Bob for Fine Hair

Try a stacked layered bob for fine hair if you’re looking to volumize your locks. Low graduation on a medium-length stacked layered bob helps bulk up skimpy ends and adds volume in the crown. Consult with your stylist on a multidimensional blonding service to suit your skin tone.

#24: Short Stacked Cut with Messy Waves

A short stacked cut with messy waves is a fashionable style that looks incredible on women over 50. The best way to style a voluminous bob with stacked layers is to blow dry with a round brush to achieve maximum volume. Then, add a few waves to the front and top layers with a curling iron for a tousled look. Ask your stylist for grey blending highlights and lowlights to mimic the natural salt and pepper effect.

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