16 Best Stacked Bobs with An Undercut

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A stacked bob with an undercut is a short haircut with a shaved side or nape. The length goes somewhere between the ears and chin. It’s chic, bold, and fun to wear!

This cut has tons of options, according to Sarah Ante, a master stylist and salon owner in San Antonio, TX.

“Whether your hair is straight or has texture, a bob allows you to style it differently as needed,” Ante says. “You can dress it up with waves or curls. You can also straighten it then add in some texture cream to create a more sleek, edgy look.”

An undercut best suits medium to thick hair. It takes a portion of hair away that creates unwanted fullness at the bottom.

Thin hair, on the contrary, wouldn’t contain enough bulk and shape with an undercut.

Finding the most flattering chop is as paramount as finding a skilled hairstylist. Settle on one who’s comfortable cutting short hair and undercut.

If you have curly or coily locks, go to a hairdresser that understands your curl pattern.

The goal here is to create bulk at the back of the head. It’s vital that your stylist also considers your occipital bone to make adjustments in the cut. The proper techniques can carry out a more balanced undercut.

Though a stacked bob can be low-maintenance, it still requires salon visits. “Have it shaped up every 4 to 6 weeks. If your hair grows quickly, shorten your undercut every 3 to 4 weeks,” Ante advises.

Feeling edgy and adventurous? Check out these inspiring photos of the most popular stacked bobs with undercut!


#1: Stacked Undercut Bob with Fringe

If you’re looking to add more body, shape and youthfulness to your hair, try an undercut bob crop with the addition of a fringe and stacked layers in the nape. Adding a fringe can give the illusion of fuller hair, especially if the hairline around the face is thin. Don’t forget to ask for an undercut with stacked layers, as this will help create shape and pump up the body in the crown.

Stacked Inverted Bob that's Shaved Underneath

#2 Stacked Inverted Bob that’s Shaved Underneath

A stacked inverted bob that’s shaved underneath will make styling thick hair a breeze. Bob styles get lots of weight released from underneath so less product and less time is needed to style and manage. Consider this a wash-and-go look by using a styling cream like all Oleplex number six styling cream.

Short Undercut and Stacked Bob with Bangs

#3 Short Undercut and Stacked Bob with Bangs

A short, stacked bob with an undercut and bangs is for those who want a haircut that is unique and artistic. Undercut styles can be cut choppy, layered, or blunt. Almost all variations are edgy and futuristic. Considering adding baby bangs for an anime vibe.

Short Stacked Bob with an Undercut

#4 Short Stacked Bob with an Undercut

A short stacked bob crop with an undercut can be made extra sassy with a sharp angled A-line. Adding dimension to a stacked bob hairstyle with an undercut with balayage or highlights in a color that pops will help the layers appear more defined. Style sleek with a smoothing serum like R n Co. tinsel.

Edgy Stacked Bob with Rounded Fringe and Undercut
Instagram @andravanrecum

#5: Edgy Stacked Bob with Rounded Fringe

A rounded fringe paired with an edgy stacked bob creates a structured haircut. It’s perfect for women who want bold hair. Stacked styles require more frequent trims to keep the haircut looking fresh. If you’re considering a bobbed cut, be sure to ask about how this will look with your face shape. A bob below chin-length can help elongate round face shapes.

Stacked Lob with an Undercut
Instagram @carmy_hair

#6: Stacked Lob with an Undercut

Try a stacked lob with an undercut for a hidden surprise you can choose to show off or hide. Versatility is what undercut haircuts are all about. Thick hair is immediately easier to manage and style. Ask your stylist for a fun design shaved into your undercut or even add a fun pop of color.

#7: Stacked Layered Bob Hairstyle

A stacked layered bob hairstyle is perfect for thick or fine hair and is angled down longer in the front. Bob cuts can be flirty when stacked layers are blow-dried with a round brush to create flips and waves. Try a blow-dry prep spray like royal blowout from Oribe to protect from heat, smooth and add volume.

Bob with Stacked Layers and an Undercut
Instagram @dyingcreations

#8: Bob with Stacked Layers and an Undercut

A bob with stacked layers and an undercut can have varying lengths depending on what suits the face shape and features. Stacked cuts work well with undercuts because it keeps the neck looking clean. A razor cutting technique can be used to soften the perimeter of the cut.

#9: Stacked Bob with Shaved Sides and Back

Consider a stacked bob with the sides and back shaved if you have a side part and love an asymmetrical look. The stacked style is a combination of a pixie and a bob. This cut is great for women that want the fun of a short cut but still have length to play with.

#10: Edgy Undercut Stacked Bob

Consider an edgy undercut stacked bob, which stack can be cut lower to make fine hair look thicker. An undercut helps those with low hairlines for a longer time between appointments. To prep stacked hairstyles, pump up strands by using a thickening cream before heat styling.

#11: Shaved Stacked Bob

A shaved stacked bob allows you to get tons of volume while giving you a longer grow out with lower maintenance. Most keep the clipper guard number around two or three for women to create a buzzed effect without showing too much skin. A razor cutting technique is sure to add an extra edge to stacked bobs with an undercut like this.

#12: Undercut Bob That’s Stacked

A stacked bob with an undercut is great for those with thick hair to help the bob to be less bulky. Bob haircuts that are stacked in the back can be tailored higher or lower depending on what you’re looking for. This kind of bob is graduated because the way it’s built up in the back and angled down towards the chin.

Stacked Bob with an Undercut Design
Instagram @rambutbob

#13: Stacked Bob with an Undercut Design

Stacked bobs with a shaved undercut design gives you action at all angles with lots of height at the crown. Shaved designs like this can be funky, dramatic, and fun. Note that this undercut has a maintenance schedule between five and eight weeks to keep it fresh.

Stacked Undercut Bob for Curly Hair
Instagram @alice.pagno

#14: Stacked Undercut Bob for Curly Hair

A head of curly hair can be hard to manage, but trying a bob with an undercut can make your curls bounce. Perfect for thick-density hair, undercut hairstyles can let a load off. Stacking the layers on the nape gives shape and adds height to the crown, perfect for lifeless heavy curls.

Back View of a Stacked Bob with Undercut
Instagram @queue_hair

#15: Back View of a Stacked Bob with Undercut

Be sure to provide your stylist with a photo of the back view when asking for a stacked bob with an undercut. There are so many variations of creating this look, and you can put your personal flair on it! Opt for a pointed hairline instead of the traditional squared hairline to add a cool edgy touch to your stacked haircut.

#16: Undercut Stacked Bob for Older Women

An undercut stacked bob can be perfect for those who consider themselves “older women” and want to add a youthful vibe to their style. The addition of an undercut also means less hair to work with and lower maintenance, which makes this hairstyle easy on the day-to-day. Bobbed hair adds so much shape and fullness, and the undercut just helps to accentuate that shape without spending hours on styling. Avoid going too far up the nape with your undercut if you have finer hair, as this will take away from the density and can leave your hair feeling thin and lifeless.