26 Stacked Inverted Bob Haircuts for Stylish, Edgy Girls

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
The cutest short stacked bob hairstyle
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#1: The Cutest Short Stacked Bob

Shorter layers at the back, longer ones at the front—here’s the cutest stacked bob for short hair that you’ll love to try! With your natural root volume, it’ll give your fine tresses a flawless curve and shape. To boost its eye-catching aspect, choose a dark ash blonde hue as your hair color.

Straight Red Stacked Inverted Bob
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#2: Straight Red Inverted Angled Bob

The straight red stacked inverted bob is a trendy haircut. This haircut has a stacked back for volume and movement. The cut’s inverted shape adds a sleek, modern touch. Straight hair texture brings out the cut’s clean lines and sharp angles. It’s ideal for those who want a chic and polished style. Ask for a vibrant red color to add personality. Adjust the red to match any skin tone. To keep this look, book regular hair trims. Trims will keep the shape and sharp lines.

#3: Stacked and Inverted Auburn Bob

Try this stacked and inverted bob for an easy, edgy haircut. Adding a beautiful auburn color can give your haircut extra fun! The only drawback is that reds can fade quickly and might require more regular visits to the salon.

#4: Very Dark Stacked Bob

Go for a classic style with a very dark stacked bob. If your hair is thick, having weight removed at the nape and crown will help remove heaviness. It will also make styling easier. The A-line shape adds length around your face and will give the illusion of a slimmer appearance.

#5: Golden Blonde and Stacked with Inversion

I suggest trying this golden blonde style with inversion stacking. It’s trendy and ideal for someone wanting a new look. The back layers add volume and make the hair move well. The inversion technique gives a neat, polished look. This haircut suits women with medium to thick hair. It enhances natural texture and adds body to the hair. The golden blonde color makes the hair look warm and vibrant like it has been kissed by the sun. To style this cut, apply volumizing mousse to damp hair for lift. Dry with a round brush for shape and smooth feel.

Sleek Vanilla Blonde Stacked Inverted Bob Cut
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#6: Sleek Vanilla Blonde Inverted Bob Cut

A classic ladies’ style like a sleek vanilla blonde inverted bob cut has been around for a long time. I recommend this style for ladies with a round face, as the long fringe gives the illusion of a longer face. This also suits those with finer hair, as it will sit well. If your hair is thicker, you can remove weight by thinning it or having an undercut to make the bob sit a lot sleeker. If you can, I would run the straighteners through it to smooth it out and wear your hair more confidently.

Neck-Length Blonde Inverted Stacked Bob
Instagram @nacirsomera

#7: Neck-Length Blonde Stacked Bob

A neck-length stacked bob is a classic cut that women love. The shorter length at the back and longer in the front gives this cut and edgy vibe. Round brush your blonde hair for some beautiful volume!

Jet Black Inverted Stacked Bob Style
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#8: Shoulder-Length Jet Black Inverted Bob Style

If you can pull off ultra-smooth hair, an inverted stacked bob is the best way to show off your silhouette. It elevates the bob and adds a touch of sharpness to a polished style.

Sleek Red-Brown Stacked Inverted Bob Style
Instagram @hiushehku

#9: Sleek Red-Brown Inverted Bob Style

Try a sleek red-brown inverted bob style with a rich, warm color and a classic style. The key to creating the volume in the back is to cut layers and add texture. This helps you to be able to style your hair with the most volume possible!

Long Stacked Inverted Bob
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#10: Long Stacked Inverted Bob

This long, stacked inverted bob is ideal for women with thick hair. It features a long neck hairline, and it’s cute, sassy, and easy to style. Make sure you have a flat iron and at least an extra 20 minutes to smooth it out. Maintain this look by returning for a clean-up every 6-8 weeks. Have fun with the messy style! Amp up your straight hair by throwing some curls here and there.

#11: Platinum Blonde Inverted Stacked Bob

Try a platinum blonde inverted cut to take your existing bob to the next level. If your hair is falling flat and not giving you the volume you’re looking for, ask your stylist for a stacked inverted bob at your next appointment.

Auburn inverted stacked bob cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#12: Auburn Inverted Stacked Bob Cut

An auburn inverted stacked bob cut is a sophisticated choice. A stack is beautiful in and of itself, but when auburn is added to the mixture, this combination will turn heads. A low stack hugs the nape nicely without needing too many layers. Add some coppery highlights to the auburn base color for a gorgeous dimensional red that matches the edginess of an inverted, stacked bob.

#13: Platinum Stacked Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Platinum stacked bob with side-swept bangs is sweet and quite picturesque. A blunt, sleek perimeter with texture throughout the interior creates softness while keeping the sleekness of a classic bob.

#14: Medium-Length Stacked Inverted Bob

Featuring a medium-length stacked inverted bob, which fits your chic fashion taste! Match this chop with a shadow-rooted and dimensional blonde shade for such a divine edge. Remember to ask your colorist for money pieces to add brightness around your face.

stacked inverted bob for thin hair
Instagram @brandisasha

#15: Inverted and Stacked for Thin Hair

Featuring the best shoulder-length bob that’s inverted and stacked for thin hair! Curl the strands, especially the layers at the back, to create a full-bodied finish. If you have a natural ash blonde color, consider adding warm blonde highlights to give this stacked style more shine.

#16: Stacked Funky Inverted Bob

Are you a huge fan of avant-garde haircuts? If yes, try out this stacked funky inverted bob inspired by the 60’s trends. This disconnected chop features short bangs and dramatic longer strands on both sides. When styling unique stack-inverted bobs like this, remember to add texture at the top of your hair and secure it with a dry texture spray.

stacked inverted bob with bangs hairstyle

#17: Stacked Inverted Bob with Bangs

If you’re growing out a pixie cut and looking for a transitional haircut that doesn’t look awkward, consider this short stacked inverted bob with bangs. The stacked layers add natural-looking volume and movement that you’ll love. To achieve rich-looking locks, try adding a golden brown shade to your dark base.

Stacked Inverted Bob with an Undercut at the Nape
Instagram @hannaloveshair

#18: Stacked Inverted Bob with an Undercut at the Nape

This stacked inverted bob with an undercut at the nape is super feminine. It’s light and textured but also high in volume and multidimensional-looking. Color supports the cut because highlights increase the effect of layers. I love this stacked bob hairstyle’s looseness, soft lines, and beautiful, natural-looking auburn color.

The most important thing is visiting your hairdresser regularly so the inverted stacked bob haircut stays in shape. This haircut fits even thick hair because of the chopped ends but keeps the volume on top. The length of the bob frames every face shape beautifully.

Wavy Inverted Bob
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#19: Wavy Inverted Bob Haircut

For instant satisfaction, try this wavy inverted bob. The stacked layers help the ash-blonde shade pop, especially when the longest strands sit above the shoulder. When you can’t decide on a short or long chop, this invert-stacked bob for wavy hair gives you options.

#20: Perfect for Blonde Fine Hair

One of the pros of a neat stacked and inverted bob is to uplift the fullness of your locks. So, here’s one stacked inverted cut where the length stops at the neckline and is perfect for women with fine hair. For older women with grey hair, you can blend them in with softer blonde babylights.

#21: Dark Layered Stacked Inverted Bob

Here’s another layered bob to ginger up your dark locks! With enough texture, this chic layered stacked inverted bob will add more volume to your mane. Aside from the fact that neck-length stacked cuts are trendy, the back view of this photo shows you how they make your hair look fuller than ever.

#22: Edgy Stacked A-Line Bob

Little to no effort is required when styling this edgy, chin-length stacked A-line bob. This is the angled bob that will benefit you if you have sleek-looking, fine hair. To keep this soft and silky, apply moisturizer to your tresses.

#23: High Stacked Inverted Bob

This high stacked inverted bob is an absolute show-stopper! This stack-inverted bob is perfect for women with thick hair. Add shorter layers at the back to lighten it up and create more movement. Ask your stylist for a subtle dimension by leaving blonde pieces on your dark base.

#24: Graduated Textured Bob for Thick Hair

Does your dense hair need to lessen its weight and length? This is a good thing because this is the ideal textured bob for women with thick hair. Adding layers to inverted stacked bobs will boost your locks’ volume and shape. Flaunt a dimensional beige blonde to complement your fair or pale skin tone.

#25: Jaw-Length Choppy Style

You can keep a sleek and stylish bob with textured ends to balance it! If this is the exact cut you’re looking for, consider the choppy style. If you have smooth hair, adding a dark chocolate tone and pops of balayage highlights would blend beautifully on this inverted bob. This jaw-length stacked hairstyle is great if you still want some hair to play with and aren’t ready to cut your hair short yet. This stacked haircut is great for women who want a style that’s easy to do. Because the hair is so short at the back, you only need to worry about styling the front and top sections!

I recommend this cut to women with a round face shape because it will remove the bulk of the hair off your neck, making your face appear slimmer. This cut also looks great on an oval face shape, too. This cut is great for fine to normal hair with thin to medium thicknesses. If the hair is too coarse or thick, the cut could appear bulky/ heavy, making it harder to style.

Stacked for Curly Hair
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#26: Stacked for Curly Hair

This is a stunning example of an inverted graduated bob for curly hair. It was kept modern by slightly squaring off the front line. The graduation in the back adds lift and volume to the waves, creating a beautiful shape.

Most people think natural curls can just be scrunched and air-dried. To create a modern or updated style for stacked inverted bobs,  use creams or lotions like Oribe’s Curl Control Silkening Cream, Curls by Definition, or Kerastase Oleo Curl Cream to bring out and enhance the natural curl pattern.

Fingerstyle by creating twists around the face and diffusing using the Y.S. Park Silver Titanium Diffuser. As with any cut with a length above the shoulders, proper maintenance to reshape should occur every 4-6 weeks.

Whether you’re young or old or have a thin or thick hair type, one thing most of us have in common is we want hair that’s beautiful. That’s all. And that’s where the latest hair trend comes in. Stacked inverted bob cuts are long towards the front and have stacked layers at the back. It’s ideal for boosting volume while getting rid of extra bulk.

To help you decide which bob to go for, stylist Carissa Blanchard from Virginia shares some pro tips.

“My number one rule is to commit to returning to the salon every 6-8 weeks for a trim,” says Blanchard. “The stacked inverted bob haircut is very high-maintenance, and it can get very heavy in the front if you let it grow out too long.”

To determine if your current cut can turn into a long or short stacked bob, consider the length of your hair in the front. “If your haircut is short in the front and long in the back, I would grow the front out first,” explains Blanchard. “I’ll make sure it at least touches the shoulders for a strong angle of the bob cut,” she adds.

When it comes to styling, Blanchard chooses the R+Co Continental Glossing Wax. “It’s great for giving a sleek look or adding texture and movement when the hair is dry.”

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular images of stacked inverted bob cuts!