28 Most Popular Stacked Bob with Bangs for a Trendy Makeover Haircut

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A stacked bob with bangs is a shorter bob with graduated layers at the back to create volume. It’s a short haircut that suits different fringe types to match any face shape. Unlike a layered bob, a stacked bob has more volume in the back and is cut at a sharper angle.

Mona Lee Wilson, a hairstylist from New Mexico, says the best thing about a bob that’s stacked is you can distribute the weight and length to fit most face shapes.

Wilson suggests visiting the salon every 4-5 weeks. “The minute a precision haircut grows out, it’s unflattering. Maintain the style by getting it frequently cut to your face shape, including the bangs.”

For styling, sea salt spray and a smoothing balm are great choices, depending on the hair texture. Sea salt spray is for fine to medium hair types. It adds a boost to the roots and thickens up the strands on the ends. A smoothing balm is for medium or thicker hair types. It helps control frizz, adds shine, and gives a sleek finish.

To ensure a stacked bob haircut can work for you, ask your stylist these questions:

  • Do I have the hair type to support this style?
  • What type of maintenance should I expect, especially for the fringe?
  • What types of products and stylers should I invest in?

So before your next haircut appointment, check out these pictures of the best stacked bob with bangs hairstyle and haircut ideas.

Wavy stacked bob with bangs
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#1: Wavy Stacked Bob with Bangs

A wavy stacked bob with bangs has low layers. The fringe complements the bob, creating softness around the face.

Stacked bob with fringe for older women with thin hair

#2 Stacked Bob for Older Women with Thin Hair

A stacked bob for older women with thin hair is the perfect combination of clean lines and longer layers that make your hair appear thicker. Try a volumizing spray to maximize your locks. A stacked bob and bangs require a precision cut, so you’ll need a trim every 4-5 weeks.

#3: Very Short Stacked Bob Style

A short stacked bob style paired with a long bang can be a stylish way to embrace short hair. Ask for an A-line style with a bit of beveling at the nape. This way, you can stay on the modern side. The best way to style a stacked haircut with bangs is to have a small to medium flat iron. I prefer a 1-inch. The T3 SinglePass StyleMax Professional 1″ is my favorite for achieving a polished look.

Graduated Stacked Bob with a Fringe for older ladies with thin hair
Instagram @pinkconchas

#4: Graduated Stacked Bob with a Fringe

Give this stacked bob a try at your next hair appointment. This is the one if you need a cut that basically styles itself. The shape of the cut makes it easy to fall into place. The only drawback is that these stacked bob haircuts with bangs require more salon visits to keep the shape.

Blonde Super Short Stacked Bob with Bangs
Instagram @jojo.larae

#5: Blonde Super-Short Stacked Bob

For inspiration, here’s a haircut with an extreme, dimensional blonde hair color.

Short Curly Stacked Bob with Bangs
Instagram @faithincurls

#6: Short Curly Stacked Bob

Whether it’s natural or produced by heat, this neck-length curly stacked bob has a lively feel since the curls are defined and bouncy on short hair. Choose a shade of golden brown to make sure layers in your curly hair pop out even more!

Stacked bob with fringe for older women with thin hair
Instagram @hairbykay02

#7: Stacked Bob with Bangs for Older Women with Fine Hair

Consider a stacked bob with bangs and fine hair. This cut maintains length in the layers to make the hair appear thicker. The stacked back adds volume and style to the crown area. Adding bangs is also a great choice to soften the face.

Cute Red Stacked A-line Bob with Bangs
Instagram @sachiestyle

#8: Cute Red Stacked A-line Bob with Bangs

Here’s a cute hairstyle that suits women of all ages! This stacked a-line bob with bangs looks shiny and luxurious with red highlights. It’s a chop with a sharp line grazing the neck. Use a flat iron to recreate these bangs on a stacked bob hairstyle.

Medium-Length Stacked Bob Cut with Bangs
Instagram @jemhair

#9: Medium-Length Stacked Bob Cut with Bangs

A medium-length stacked bob cut with bangs is more exciting with a shade of blonde on a black base color. Opt for bob hairstyles if you have thick tresses to highlight the layers.

#10: Stacked Lob with Bangs

Who loves a good long bob? Try this collarbone-length stacked lob with bangs hairstyle if you do! This chop is sure to boost the depth and fullness of your black, thick tresses.

Stacked Bob with Feathered Bangs
Instagram @_stefdoeshair_

#11: Stacked Bob with Feathered Bangs

Transform your thick, ash blonde locks with a stacked bob with feathered bangs. Boost your natural wavy texture by using a mousse or sea salt spray.

Stacked Bob with Fringe
Instagram @gloriabila

#12: Stacked Bob with Fringe

A stacked bob with a fringe is classy, edgy, and, above all, eye-catching! Maintain its sleek finish by keeping the length of your thin, fine hair at your jawline. A mahogany brown shade flatters a fair-skin complexion.

Messy Long Stacked Bob with Bangs
Instagram @chelsea_cuts

#13: Messy Long Stacked Bob with Bangs

Keep your appearance stunning by wearing a messy hairstyle! This is a long stacked bob, which goes well with a warm-toned ash blonde. To jazz up this shoulder-length cut, add voluminous waves to it, but leave the fringe straight.

#14: Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

Isn’t this bob with side bangs so pretty? It’ll look great on natural straight locks if matched with a honey-blonde tone. Make the hair color last by using a purple shampoo designated for color-treated hair.

Stacked Pixie Bob with Bangs
Instagram @jenleete

#15: Stacked Pixie Bob with Bangs

Got straight and fine tresses? Don’t miss the chance to pull off this stacked pixie bob with bangs and a soft undercut. Want to have a glossy finish? Use a spritz of a shine spray on your blonde hair.

Choppy Stacked Bob with Full Bangs
Instagram @astacia_hair

#16: Choppy Stacked Bob with Full Bangs

A choppy stacked bob with full bangs is one of those stacked bob with bangs hairstyles that looks great with beach waves and textured ends.

#17: Jaw-Length Stacked Bob with Blunt Bangs

Offering a distinctive style, this is a jaw-length stacked bob with blunt bangs. Add layers to the back to showcase the fullness of your hair. A bob haircut, stacked with bangs, is a perfect choice for concealing a big forehead. When styling at home, use a mist of a dry texture spray for an all-day hold.

#18: Stacked for Wavy Hair

Stacked bob with bangs for wavy hair looks great on women who need an extra layer of hair texture and dimension. Remember to apply hair products that contain thermal protection to avoid damaged hair.

#19: Stacked Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Here’s a gorgeous stacked shaggy bob with bangs, versatile for any of your occasions. With enough texture, this stacked bob with a fringe will match your casual outfits, but with classy waves, you’ll be ready for a formal event.

Stacked Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @brileywow

#20: Back View of a Stacked Bob with Long Bangs

Check out the back view of this trend! Liven up your stacked bob with long bangs for a softer-looking haircut and style. Add streaks of caramel brown babylights to your dark tresses for a dimensional look.

Stacked Angled Bob with Bangs
Instagram @_bbc0le

#21: Brown Stacked Angled Bob with Bangs

A stacked angled bob looks fantastic with beach waves. Use hair spray or mousse for extra hold in this neck-grazing cut. For a fuller-looking style, add a chestnut brown shade.

#22: Stacked Bob with Wispy Bangs

If you have fine, smooth locks, opt for a stacked bob with wispy bangs. This stacked bob with bangs cut doesn’t go beyond the jaw, so it will leave your neck exposed. Add soft curls to your chocolate brown hair, and use serum or shine spray to give it a glossy finish.

#23: Stacked Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Consider a short wispy stacked bob with side-swept bangs to boost volume. It’s a neck-grazing chop that has subtle layers to bring out texture to your ends.

Stacked Bob with Bangs and Layers
Instagram @bangsnbraids

#24: Stacked Balayage Bob with Layers and Bangs

Stacked bob with bangs cuts are versatile in the fact that they can be worn straight or wavy and will also go into a low ponytail. I’d definitely recommend a dimensional color to show off the shape, add depth, and create texture within the haircut.

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#25: Stacked Inverted Bob with Choppy Bangs

Beautiful honey hues were added to give warmth and dimension to this simple cut. We love how this stacked inverted bob with bangs has a youthful, playful look.

#26: Chin-Length with an Undercut

Try a stacked haircut with a chin-length angled pixie and an undercut. It’s an easy style that allows you to wear it many ways – straight, curly, natural, tucked behind the ear, or framing the face.

#27: Short Stacked Bob Haircut with Bangs

Opt for a precision-cut stacked bob with a piece-y fringe. This shorter style gives extremely fine hair the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. The added bangs also contribute to a fuller look and enhance facial features.

#28: Short Straight Hair with Soft Stacked Layers

Short, straight hair with soft, stacked layers will change your image. A bob with a straight edge is trending, so try to avoid the ends turning under. You’ll want a haircut that is modern looking, so use an extra large round brush to achieve a less rounded finish. Other than that, a stacked cut is neat and easy to accomplish.