21 Greatest Ways to Get a Stacked Bob with Fine Hair for Max Volume

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A stacked bob for fine hair is a short-length cut with graduated layers at the back. Its biggest benefit is the added volume that creates an illusion of thicker hair!

Winnipeg-based stylist Samantha Malczewski suggests considering your face shape before getting the chop. Make sure to consult your trusted hairdresser regarding this.

“You can have the most beautiful and well-executed bob haircut for fine hair. But if it doesn’t suit your face shape, it’s not the best choice of style,” Malczewski points out.

Maintenance is possibly the drawback of wearing short bobbed hair.

Malczewski states, “With this chop, the hairline at the nape is a huge contributing factor. And to keep a clean and sharp finish at the neckline, regular appointments are necessary,”

Some women are fighting with a strong growth pattern at the nape. Instead of doing so, resolve the problem by shaving that area. Let the stacked bob fall over the top.

Do the wrap blow-dry technique using a large paddle brush when styling. “The wrap blow-dry method allows the hair to take the head’s natural shape. It also helps the hair fall with added volume at the root,” says Malczewski.

Before your next salon visit, check out this gallery. Photos here show the most inspiring ideas to wear a stacked bob for fine hair!


#1: Voluminous Copper Stacked Bob

Your fine hair will look amazing with a voluminous copper stacked bob. A stacked bob is one of the best haircuts for fine hair because all the layers will give your crown much-needed body and volume. I always tell my clients, that if you are not good with styling, this haircut may not be for you. You will definitely need to know how to blow dry with a round brush to get your hair to sit correctly.

#2: Stacked Bob with Textured Ends

Do you have fine to normal hair texture? A stacked bob with textured ends is a chic and versatile haircut that will work great for your hair type. Stacked layers at the back of the head help to create volume. While the textured ends give the hairstyle movement and body. This cut works best for those who want to add more dimension and shape to their hair without compromising its thickness.

#3: Natural-Looking Graduated Stacked Bob

When you’re between a bob or growing your hair longer, it’s best to find a stylist that can deliver results. Depending on your preferences, a variation can be created. Or, a style can set the tone of your personal mark. Creating said style with your features and density will take things into account. For example, keep it long around your face so it elongates your features. Whereas layering provides body and movement while holding a polished style. You could do some digging to find inspiration before your next salon visit.

Blonde Long Bob for Fine-Haired Women
Instagram @beto_fariaa

#4: Blonde Long Bob

A blonde long bob is ideal for women who want to add body to their tresses while keeping length in the front. By creating a strong a-line perimeter and complementing it with slight graduation, you can create a very sleek and smooth beveled effect with your style, making it an easy haircut to style daily. A stacked long bob is more forgiving than a short bob when it comes to daily styling because it doesn’t fall right at the nape or curl out at the nape as easily.

#5: Soft Stacked Bob Cut for Straight Hair

If you are looking for volume and sharp lines, this is the style for you! My advice is to do a low graduation to create the layers so it’s a soft look and not too drastic. It’s better if you cut this style for fine hair as the grow-out will be a lot less troublesome than on thick hair.

#6: Side-Parted Short Wedge Haircut

A side-parted short wedge haircut is a great way to build texture and body to limp hair. By adding a deep side part, it’s easy to create a tousled bob style simply by adding some soft beachy waves and some texture spray or volume powder. A tousled style is great for both simple everyday lived-in hairstyles for finer hair and also big glam wave hairstyles for the finest hair.

Straight Stacked Bob on Fine Hair
Instagram @silveiralaudy

#7: Straight Stacked Bob on Fine Hair

A straight stacked bob on fine hair is a great way to create the illusion of thick hair while keeping the fragile fine hair healthy and thick feeling. Short stacked bob haircuts for thin hair create volume by removing weight from the strand, allowing each strand to bounce up. To add even more volume to fine hair, try using a micro crimper on the first 1-2 inches from the root. Using a micro crimper is less damaging and more long-lasting than backcombing or putting lots of product in.

#8: Medium-Length Wavy Bob

A medium-length wavy bob is a staple haircut for those who want a natural, lived-in style that can be polished up for special events. A medium-length bob adds volume while keeping more length than a typical graduated bob. Medium-length bobs also allow for more variety in styling options as there is more hair to work with.

Shoulder-Length Bob with a Middle Part for Thin Fine Hair
Instagram @varda_stilist

#9: Shoulder-Length Bob with a Middle Part

A shoulder-length bob with a middle part is a great way for girls who want to create a more elongated face shape. Adding a middle part creates a vertical line down the center of the face which causes the illusion of a longer slimmer face. A shoulder-length bob can be customized for any face shape, however, a middle part is not suggested for face shapes that are already quite long, such as a rectangle face shape.

#10: Wavy Layered Bob with Graduation

Try a wavy layered bob with graduation when you want to keep the nape short while still having a lot of movement and texture near the face. A stacked layered bob for fine hair is an excellent choice for women who want a short style that will make their hair look thicker and healthier than it actually is. Graduation around the nape creates an elongated effect on the back of the neck, which can give the illusion of a longer, slimmer neck.

Shaggy Bob with Shorter Layers for Finer Hair
Instagram @shadiarezk

#11: Shaggy Bob with Shorter Layers

A shaggy bob with shorter layers is a great haircut for ladies who love a more messy or textured look. A neck-length bob hairstyle for fine hair can be easily styled and is quite low-maintenance as well. By adding shorter layers, it becomes easier to make the hair bigger with texture rather than relying on the hair strand alone to bounce up and hold volume.

Short Inverted Bob for Women with Fine Hair
Instagram @tamireshaircut

#12: Short Inverted Bob

A short stacked inverted bob is a classic look for all ages and face shapes. When you want to add the illusion of having thicker hair, try an inverted stacked bob for fine hair. When a haircut is short or graduated at the nape, it creates fullness and thickness, however it can become hard to style when too grown out, so make sure to keep up with trimming maintenance.

Stacked Haircut with Soft Waves for Finer Hair
Instagram @unikcoiffeur

#13: Stacked Haircut with Soft Waves

A stacked haircut with soft waves is the perfect beachy haircut to rock a naturally lived-in hairstyle. Bobbed hair with loose waves is effortless while still looking classy. Adding texture when styling a bob is a great way to maximize volume and really make the haircut stand out.

#14: Jaw-Length Bob for Women Over 60

Try out a jaw-length bob for women over 60 who want to keep some length around the face but reduce the amount of care and maintenance needed to keep the hair looking tidy. A short bob with a fringe is a great way to compliment facial features while drawing attention away from any fine lines or wrinkles.

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Stacked Textured Bob on Thin Hair
Instagram @trinnie_hair

#15: Textured Bob on Thin Hair

A textured bob on thin hair is all about getting volume and movement to naturally occur. A straight bob hairstyle for fine hair is a great way to add density and keep hair looking thick and healthy. When considering a bob haircut, think about how much daily styling you are willing to do as this stacked cut does need a bit more effort than just putting it in a ponytail or messy bun.

Chin-Length Bob with an Undercut for Fine-Haired Ladies
Instagram @hair.by.lii

#16: Chin-Length Bob with an Undercut

A chin-length bob with an undercut is a great way to make your hairdo easier to style daily. By adding undercuts to stacked bobs you take away the struggle of trying to style those pesky short hairs at the nape. Adding an undercut also makes this simple haircut a bit more edgy and dynamic.

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Sleek A-Line Bob Cut for Ladies with Fine Hair
Instagram @beto_fariaa

#17: Sleek A-Line Bob Cut

Try a sleek a-line bob cut for a classic and elegant short hairstyle. A stacked a-line bob for fine hair can be worn smooth, sleek, elegant, natural, textured, and lived-in. A versatile cut like an a-line bob can suit almost any face shape and hair texture. Fine hair can go flat throughout the day with wet or heavy products so make sure to use styling products specifically for your hair type.

#18: Graduated Bob for Straight Hair

A graduated bob for straight hair is a perfect way to try out a low-maintenance haircut that will add volume to the crown area, while still looking sleek and elegant. A short stacked bob for fine hair is a great option to make hair look and feel thicker and healthier. By graduating the layering slightly near the nape, a beautiful bevel effect is created naturally, helping this cut look polished and sleek naturally.

Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @visiohiushuone

#19: Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers

Try a pixie bob with stacked layers when you want to add more texture and volume to limp hair. Stacked hairstyles for thin hair utilize short lengths to help remove the weight of the hair, allowing it to bounce up and add more body naturally. Avoid using heavy or wet hair styling products as they will weigh down fine hair and cause the style to go limp.

Angled Stacked Bob with Side Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @silveiralaudy

#20: Angled Bob with Side Bangs

An angled bob with side bangs is perfect for adding fullness to fine hair. A stacked bob with bangs for fine hair involves different layering than the same cut for thick hair. When cutting fine hair, it’s important to add texture little by little so that the density of the hair is maintained. Too much texturizing with fine hair can cause the stacked hairstyle to collapse and look stringy. For volume in everyday styling, consider a volume powder at the root in the crown area to add some extra fullness and help your style last all day.

Stacked Choppy Bob with Short Bangs for Finer Hair
Instagram @satojeni

#21: Stacked Choppy Bob with Short Bangs

Try a stacked choppy bob with short bangs when you want an edgy twist on a classic inverted bob. A choppy stacked bob for fine hair involves more texture and layering than other styles. Choppy layering is less about perfection and symmetry and more about movement and flow, so this is a great haircut for a razoring technique. Make sure not to over texturize fine hair as it can cause the style to collapse or look hollow.

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