33 Cute Bob With Side Bangs You’ll Want to Try in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A bob with side bangs is a women’s short hairstyle styled with layered bangs that go down towards the side of the face. For those with goals to achieve a dramatic girl-next-door look, this is the perfect time to welcome short locks with a side fringe!

Celebrity it-girls Emily Ratajkowski, Khloe Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, and Karlie Kloss hugely approve having a bob haircut with side bangs! It’s super chic, mysterious, and has an overall delicate and romantic feel – just a few reasons why this bob style is approved by celebrities.

Amazingly flattering to all face shapes, side bangs that sweep away from your face can add a bit of contrast and highlight your eyes and cheekbones. Plus, when paired with texture such as beach waves, these bangs blend seamlessly for that enhanced carefree image.

The versatility is just plain awesome. As these layers grow, you don’t have to worry about an awkward grow-out phase because they’ll go easily into the rest of your hair.

Kansas City hairstylist Madalyn Myers has done the wonders of a side fringe on all bob lengths and textures – curls, waves, and even blunt straight hair. Long or short, these side pieces do well in softening and complementing most modern hairstyles while adding movement to your tresses.

Gift yourself a spotlight-ready update with this bombshell bob. Check out the hottest bobs with side bangs right here!

Graduated bobs with long side bangs
Instagram @alisonallvess

#1: Graduated Bob

As short as it may seem, long strands are the star of these side bangs on a graduated bob. A lengthier trim can lessen frizz, resulting in face-framing, fabulous hair!

#2: Very Short Round Bob with Fringe

Opt for a very short, round bob paired with a fringe. A rounded bob suits almost any face shape. When paired with a side-swept bang, it blends into the overall shape, making the short bob a face-framing haircut. The length of the side bang can be adjusted depending on the face shape. Nevertheless, the bang can always be swept to blend into the bob.

Super Short Bobbed Hair with Side-Swept Fringe
Instagram @we_are_kinhair

#3: Super Short Hair with Side-Swept Fringe

A soft-textured crop can result in an easily maintained style. A deep side part that sweeps over can create a beautiful shape around the face for individuals with a wider forehead. It can also be blended into a mini bob or pixie cut. This style suits finer hair textures well and can facilitate your home-styling routine with a quick blow dry, a flat brush, and some hairspray.

#4: Mini French Bob with Side Soft Bangs

The French Bob fits all face shapes. Choose the length based on how long the hair will be when dry and how you want to shape your face. A soft side bang adds a relaxed feel to the haircut and frames eyes and glasses just right without overwhelming the face.

#5: Blonde Chin-Length Bob with Fringe

A blonde chin-length bob with a fringe can look stylish. Blonde highlights can beautifully accent the long layers and the side fringe. You can layer the fringe a bit to achieve an airy texture. The cut can be blow-dried with a soft mousse and a round brush. A chin-length bob is perfect for round face shapes, with a little added lift in the front.

#6: Voluminous Bob with Airy Side Bangs

Add some volume to your bob hairstyle with lightweight side bangs. Ask your stylist to cut a long curtain fringe around your eye level, ensuring it blends with your layered hair. This will allow you to create a softer look with more volume at the front. The other parts of your hairstyle should have layers of medium length. To style, blow dry the hair using Pureology’s Instant Levitation Mist and a round brush, and lift your hair roots at the side bang.

Short Pixie Bob with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @messy_tresses

#7: Pixie Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A pixie bob with side-swept bangs is a fashionable, French-inspired style that is widely admired. This pixie bob cut looks good with both baby bangs and side bangs. The side bangs add a soft touch that enhances this short haircut.

Chin-Length Blowout Bob with Voluminous Side Bangs
Instagram @vikachekahair

#8: Blowout Bob with Voluminous Bangs

A blowout bob with voluminous bangs is the most popular hairstyle right now. The structure and dynamics of this hairstyle remind us of a 90s supermodel look, while its side bangs match the recently popular fringe style.

#9: Neck-Length Angled Haircut with Side Fringe

Enhance your style with a neck-length angled haircut complemented by a side fringe. The short back and long front style will give your hair a modern edge. Include longer layers throughout your hair to highlight the side sweep fringe. Opting for a neck-length style can also help trim split ends, contributing to a healthier appearance. You can complete your blowout quickly using a medium/large round brush and soft mousse.

Neck-Grazing Side Part Wavy Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @sueinseattle.hair

#10: Side Part Wavy Bob with Bangs

A side-part wavy bob always looks gorgeous when paired with side bangs. Side bangs mix well with bob cuts, lob cuts, and shorter bob styles.

#11: Side Bangs on a Cute Short Bob Cut

Think about getting a bob cut with uplifted side bangs. For a light, airy look, ask your stylist for many textured layers. If your hair is wavy, using a flat iron after blow-drying could help create a neatly segmented effect. I suggest using a texture paste to make the ends look casually ruffled.

#12: Choppy Ends on a Bob with Side Bangs

The choppy ends on a bob with side bangs help give this hairstyle a modern, dynamic look. Such choppy ends add texture and movement, creating an effortlessly cool vibe. This style is best for women who want to add edginess to their everyday style and are keen on a stylish change. The side bangs frame the face beautifully, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. For styling this cut, a lightweight texturizing spray is best for enhancing the choppy ends and defining the hair. You can also use a flat iron or curling wand to create loose waves for a softer look.

#13: Sweeping Fringe on a Blonde Bob

One of the best ways to add bangs to your bob is with sweeping bangs. This looks especially flattering on round, pear, and long-face shapes. Bangs add fullness and asymmetry to your hairstyle. They create a beautiful cut that is simple to style with a round brush.

#14: Textured Bob with Short Side Bangs

Consider a short, textured bob with short side bangs. It’s for the progressive woman who wants sassy, fun, and stunning hair. This cut is trendy and has a great foundation for a balayage to achieve a beachy look. In the summer, these short bangs and cut are easy to style.

This cut looks good on anyone. Of course, there are different textures, but you shouldn’t have any fear! With the right texturizing technique, this cut is suitable for most curl patterns. This haircut allows options in the bang/fringe area.

#15: Short Bob

A short bob paired with side bangs is indeed flexible and can adjust to your easy-going lifestyle. Manageable and great on the eyes, the only thing to watch out for is keeping everything in place when your grow-outs happen.

#16: Sleek Bob with Fringe for Older Women

When cutting a sleek bob with fringe for older women, I like to study the shape of the face and ask my clients what they like most about their features. Decide if you can draw out the eyes with a side fringe or if a side fringe would be too heavy and cover too much of the eye area. One of the most important things is to make sure you are comfortable with the stylist you choose. Ask as many questions as you’d like and even ask to see their previous work on older women.

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White Side-Parted Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @amshairgallery

#17: White Side-Parted Bob for Thin Hair

A white side-parted bob is a sophisticated style for thin, aging hair. We love a side part to add volume and style. If you can blow dry with a round brush you will get immense volume and a style that lasts. It may be tiresome to have to use a round brush, but it is worth the effort, as it can last a few days to a week with dry shampoo. White hair can really show off a bob cut beautifully.

Bob with Side Fringe for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @lauraestetica.uy

#18: Bob with Side Fringe for Ladies Over 60

Consider a bob if you’re a lady over 60. Did you know that a chin-length bob can make you look taller if you have a short neck? A shorter style will elongate your neck and camouflage sagging features. Aging hair tends to be weak at the temple areas, so add a side fringe to hide it. Fine-hair ladies will benefit from a bob with long layers making your hair appear thicker.

#19: Side-Parted Bob for Round Faces

Ladies with round faces, you should try a side-parted bob. If you want to get the most out of your strands, bring the length up. Not only is shorter hair easier to manage, but it will also make your hair healthier and thicker looking. The side part and the draping bang divide your facial features off-center and is very slimming.

#20: Chic Bob with Slight Graduation

A bob with slight graduation is perfect for women with thinner hair. The slight graduation of the bob will give you the added fullness that you want. After your blowout use a shine serum to give your hair that glossy finish!

#21: Neck-Length Bob with Side Bangs and Layers

Long layers arranged in such sweeping motion creates a more dynamic look for this messy bob cut with side bangs. The caramel highlights are much more showcased in this feathered, messy style.

#22: Textured Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

While some are wary that having your thick hair cut into a bob would make all those strands appear all frayed, adding layers will lighten it up. Tapered layers can help in keeping everything in place while the side bang is there to offer its face-framing abilities.

Angled bob with side bangs
Instagram @deniisu

#23: Angled Bob

The angular bob cut inclined towards the face can either flatter your features or make them look overly expressed, resulting in a less charming look. Side-swept feathered bangs are here to balance out the motion of the cut, bringing the whole look together.

#24: Sew In Bob

Slay the sew-in bob with side bangs by finding the right cut, texture, and color of the weave that best matches your hair. The side bangs come in handy as this arrangement can cover up the detailed edges of sew-in that you’re wearing.

#25: The Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

The way the side bangs on this bob haircut cover a part of your face suggests mystery and a stern aura. This, accompanied by an elegantly highlighted lob, is the look that would go very well with middle-aged ladies.

#26: Inverted Bob

Made famous by the punk rocks, an inverted bob with side bangs brings life to your hair by boosting volume and body. The side bangs add a nice touch of delicate framing to your face.

medium bob with side swept bangs
Instagram @nixalina

#27: Medium Bob

This medium bob with side bangs is for everyone to try. Silky, straight hair shows off the glorious choco color of your mane, with some bangs to give you that youthful glow.

#28: A-Line Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

An excellent drape that flatters your face, those side bangs on this bob haircut are a phenomenal addition to your geometrical cut! A shorter back trim provides excellent leverage for more bounce and a dynamic look that makes your features pop out more.

#29: Shoulder Length Bob with Side Part and Bangs

A shoulder-length bob with bangs swept to the side would make a beautiful curtain that flatters your face. With locks falling just at the shoulders, this elegant look is achieved that is also manageable and youthful.

#30: Long Bob with Long Side Bangs

A much-sophisticated long bob with long side bangs is what your ginger hair needs to have that shape that can give you a lively appearance. Delicate curls on this long bob with long bangs add weight to the whole style.

#31: Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Opt for the posh and trendiest feel of the short bob with side-swept bangs. The outline is just around the chin. Ask your stylist a very precise bob on a 45° angle for volume. Then, I texturized the cut by doing the back-combing cutting technique.

#32: Mid-Length Bob

A soft layered bob haircut with side bangs with a subtle ombre looks amazing. This is a style and color that grows out nicely and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

#33: Blunt Bob with Thick Side Bangs

Go for a classic, blunt one-length bob with side bangs. This blunt bob cut requires styling a round brush smooth or flat-ironed look. All hair types can rock this look, depending on whether the client wants to style it daily. It’s a 6-week maintenance cut and bangs every 3 weeks. A sleek bob with side bangs gives instant youthfulness.