31 Raddest Short Undercut Bob Haircuts for Women with Thick Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A short undercut bob is a modern, edgy haircut with shaved sides and nape. It’s timeless and never gets old. If you want to change your image from a soft, delicate woman to a cool, pretty rockstar, go for this hairstyle.

This short haircut makes a stylish option for ladies with thick tresses to get rid of the extra bulk. A stylist from South Carolina, Chris Maddox, approves of this idea. He says, “It’s for reducing the thickness underneath and helping the top lay closer to the head shape.”

A short bob undercut like this is useful in framing the face, but some women feel it emphasizes the wrong area of their face. When the hair is short, it’s very important to have the bob length settle in the most flattering areas of the face. Maddox explains, “A bit too short or long, and it can completely change the look for the worse.”

When it comes to his recommended hair product for an undercut bob haircut, Maddox says there can’t only be one. “All recommendations depend on the desired outcome and texture of the hair. My go-to line is Hairstory, though,” he shares.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of popular short undercut bob hairstyle and haircut ideas.


#1: Short Bobs with Undercut Hairstyle

Chop your long hair into a short bob with an undercut hairstyle that radiates chic and bold vibes. This short bob with undercut looks like a modern, feminine haircut with a touch of edginess. Parting it on one side creates a lift on the roots, preventing the locks from appearing flat.

#2: Edgy Neck-Length Blonde Bob

If you have very thick hair but want a bob cut, styling can seem like a hassle if you get a short bob with undercut hairstyle. So try an undercut on both sides and back. This will allow your bob to lay more precisely and give a more sharp angle. Because you won’t have excess hair, styling is cut in half. Wear your hair curled or straightened.

Short Shaved Undercut Bob
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#3: Short Shaved Undercut Bob

No wonder short-shaved undercut bob styles can steal the spotlight! Fine-haired women can make this chop their best friend. Paired with a side part, this shaved bob style gives hair maximum volume. The result creates a fuller-looking edge!

Short layered undercut bob for women over 60
Instagram @drea.doeshair

#4: Short Layered Undercut Bob for Women Over 60

A short layered undercut bob cut for women over 60 takes away bulk to help the hair lay flat and be styled more easily. Short layers will give your hair body through the crown. If you keep the length around the jawline, you can barely tell there’s an undercut. You must cut your hair every 4-6 weeks to maintain this undercut short bob. The undercut layers will bulk out if you go too long in between.

#5: Undercut Layered Bob for Women Over 50

An undercut layered bob for women over 50 allows for volume, fullness, and easy maintenance. A layered bob haircut is perfect for ladies with thin hair to create a fuller look and add extra texture.

#6: Super Short Undercut Bob with Stacked Back

A super short undercut bob offers a sultry vibe with it. Think back to Victoria Beckham with a heart-shaped face and tiny bob. This cut hugs the jawline to show off your facial features. Short bobbed hair with an undercut on one side can either be shown off by tucking your hair behind your ear or untucking it. Versatile enough for the professional and those who like to play with their style. It can be worn straight or wavy.

#7: Undercut Bob for Fine Hair

An undercut bob for fine hair can still be achieved. You may think a bob haircut with an undercut that takes away a lot of weight is the last thing you’d want to do for fine hair. Pair it with a classic bob with a blunt cut to keep the weight in check. Part heavier on one side for fullness, and do the undercut on the finer side of your hair.

#8: Disconnected Bob with an Undercut

A disconnected bob with an undercut is the smart choice for heightening your hair. Undercutting the side of the hairline strongly impacts your appearance, emphasizing the height of the side parting. The disconnection in this medium-length bob with an undercut gives impactful volume while maintaining the length throughout the jawline.

Blonde bob with a hidden undercut
Instagram @hiuskissoulu

#9: Blonde Bob with a Hidden Undercut

A blonde bob with a hidden undercut is an edgy choice for a short cut. A beige blonde base for depth added with light blonde highlights is a gorgeous color for pink skin tones. If you fancy a bob with a short undercut, ask your stylist to shave the front section of your ear. That way, you can tuck your hair behind your ear to show it off or pull the hair over to completely conceal it.

#10: Undercut Shaggy Bob

An undercut shaggy bob looks spectacular on a square-shaped face. This is achieved by rounding out the hairline edges and softening the fringe. Another way to do it is by focusing on layers in the back and the length around the face. Shorter layers in the crown are perfect to give volume to a flat, sleek hair type.

#11: Undercut Layered Bob for Women Over 50

An undercut layered bob for women over 50 is well-suited for those looking forward to updating their regular bob. Cutting an undercut in the temple area is very liberating. Defy your age and make a statement by trying out this cut. Maintenance-wise, you will need a trim every 3-4 weeks to keep this short hairstyle looking its best.

#12: Undercut Bob for Short Fine Hair

The undercut bob for short, fine hair works to the fullest extent. This cut allows the hair to have a rounded shape. It offers root volume, which looks natural. It becomes edgier when painted with an icy blonde shade, too.

#13: Short Undercut A-Line Bob

Looking at this short undercut A-line bob, the first impression it makes is daring. The way the undercut peeks is such a gorgeous tease. This textured short bob with undercut back may work on any hair type, but straight hair works the best.

Very Short Undercut Bob Cut
Instagram @tonyross_salon

#14: Very Short Undercut Bob with Shaved Nape

This very short undercut bob is the image of high fashion. It’s neat, blunt, sleek, edgy, and unique—these aspects make it eye-catching. It even grows out very pretty. For dark tresses, this bobbed haircut with under-shave would be great to mist a shine spray for more radiance.

#15: Undercut Bob for Short Thin Hair

The undercut bob for short, thin hair does a great job of giving the tresses a bolder, full-bodied style. The shaved side is the part that makes it edgier than a usual bob. This undercut-enhanced short bob is an easy-to-style chop for women with sleek hair.

Ear-Length Undercut Bob
Instagram @nextreme.you

#16: Ear-Length Undercut Bob with Bangs

Classic! This ear-length undercut bob with bangs has a low-key vintage vibe. It was hailed from the old Hollywood setting that fine ladies are sure to love. A short undercut bob with bangs haircut works best on straight, thin locks.

#17: Undercut Pixie Bob with Side Fringe for Short Hair

This undercut pixie bob for short hair is a gem! Cool and classy—this haircut gives any lady a more confident impression. This short bob and undercut combo features shorter layers at the back to reinforce volume and body.

#18: Short Undercut Bob for Older Women

Yep—a short undercut bob for older women exists, and it looks incredible! Seniors are naturally edgy and sophisticated. So, they are one of the best types of people who can pull off such a short bob style with undercut. It works on thin tresses as the shaved cut creates a soft movement. Hide gray hair with a light pink hue to bring it all together.

#19: Chin-Length Red Undercut Bob

Who’s obsessed with this cute chin-length undercut bob? Any girl with a high-fashion taste will approve of this. This bob with an undercut nape area has a subtle, shaved part. It shows off the straight and flawless edge of the cut. The vibrant copper hair color is a plus, too!

Cropped Undercut Bob for Women
Instagram @jocilouhair

#20: Cropped Undercut Bob for Women

A cropped undercut bob for women does a few great things to hair. It removes excess bulk, so dense tresses may appear thinner than usual. This type of short bobbed hairstyle with a shave underneath is also a way to boost body and volume. Classy ladies—either younger or older—can have what it takes to pull it off.

#21: Short Curly Undercut Bob

This short, curly undercut bob is a more modern and edgier take on a typical curly bob hairstyle. It looks adorable, vivid, and feisty. The shaved cut is what takes away extra bulk from a thick density.

#22: Short Undercut Stacked Bob

This is a short undercut stacked bob cut at the nape of the neck. It was created by hairstylist Milena Pui of West Sussex, UK.

Pui believes this short bob with an undercut trim is perfect for ladies who love a cropped cut. “Wavy, naturally curly hair and straight hair will work with this style,” she notes.

She explains, “Having the undercut takes half of the styling away, which is perfect for ladies who don’t like to take too long getting ready. To suit different face shapes, the front of the hair can vary in length. There’s also a choice between the side or middle part and an option of having bangs.”

Short Stacked Undercut Bob
Instagram @sm_lawless

#23: Short Stacked Wavy Undercut Bob with Design

This short-stacked undercut bob was intended to take on a classic and traditional cut. Only an edgy and modern twist was added.

Ask for the bob itself to be cut very short to ensure the visibility of the undercut. The undercut was buzzed with clippers using a zero guard to starkly contrast the top. Though undercuts require regular upkeep, the top grows out evenly. And bobs with undercuts don’t require haircuts as often as other shorter styles.

Given the nature of a bob with undercut design like this, it can be worn by several face shapes. However, it compliments an oval face the best. It’s the best style for women with thick hair, as the undercut fade reduces the weight drastically. If your hair is extremely thin, this hairstyle isn’t recommended.

Wash your hair with R&Co Atlantis, followed by a quick towel dry. For a wispy/natural look – Apply R&Co HiDive Moisturizer and blow dry or air dry. For a slicked-back look & dash, Apply R&Co Motorcycle Gel and brush your hair back.

#24: Inverted Undercut Bob for Short Thick Hair

This is an undercut bob for short, thick hair that makes it thinner than its usual density. Who else is obsessed? When parted on one side, it shows off the appearance of an asymmetrical cut. The finish looks edgy and sophisticated at the same time.

#25: Short Undercut Bob with Shaved Side

This short undercut bob with a shaved side is bold. It’s perfect for ladies with a pretty strong impression. Give it a messy style, making an ideal haircut for fine tresses. It brings out volume and roundness around the head.

#26: Short Undercut Asymmetrical Bob

This short undercut asymmetrical bob is straight-up fire! It displays boldness and boosts confidence. There’s a neat asymmetrical line that makes the entire style super edgy. It looks more stunning when parted to one side, creating an illusion of a long side fringe.

Jaw-Length Undercut Bob
Instagram @talknheads

#27: Jaw-Length Undercut Bob

This is a jaw-length undercut bob for thick hair. The shaved side is what gets rid of the excess bulk. It softens the texture and reduces the density. In case hair needs more volume, part it to one side.

Short Asymmetrical Undercut Bob
Instagram @nikitenko_elen

#28: Short Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

Opt for a short asymmetrical undercut bob to pull off a sophisticated, edgy hairstyle. This short bob complemented with an undercut is for fine locks that need a rounder, full-bodied shape. For added movement, ask for a few shorter layers in the back.

#29: Short Undercut Bob Hair for Women

This short undercut bob hair for women is on the aggressive side. “Short bob undercuts remove bulk and thickness,” says hairstylist Chris Maddox of Greenville, SC.

“The undercut should be kept up with, so the short bob design looks crisp,” he notes. “When the undercut grows out, it takes away from the cool factor of the style.”

#30: Short Undercut Pixie Bob Haircut

This short undercut pixie bob haircut is an inverted pixie cut with length in the front. There’s an asymmetrical undercut with a peek-a-boo moment on the left side. The undercut scoops down under the occipital bone to build weight in the back. This very short bob with undercut also shows a lot of facial features. The inverted right side’s angle adds a nice cheekbone-defining moment.  Avoid this cut if your hair is on the lower-density side. It needs a lot of hair to support the graduated shape.

#31: Asymmetrical Bob with a Shaved Side

An asymmetrical bob with a shaved side is a playful way to show off your adventurous style and edgy personality. The strong a-line shape and undercut are best for women with thick hair because they reduce the bulkiness from the sides and back, creating a versatile, easy-to-style look for day or night.