24 Short, Stacked Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas to Spice Up Your Style

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A popular, short stacked inverted bob has short layers in the back that continue to get long in the front. It’s a trendy look for women of all ages desiring an edgy yet feminine appeal.

Whether with straight or textured locks—a bob cut is a perfect canvas for various hairstyles. It’s customizable to suit a round, oval, or square face shape. Moving the partition from the center to the side can create a subtle yet visible change to your look.

Michelle Summers-Davies, a Matrix Artist ambassador from Wales, UK, shares her expert view on this cut. “Hair texture, hairline, and face shape are factors to consider in getting this cut,” she says. “It’s vital to ask your stylist about the suitability of this cut with your features and lifestyle.”

She continues, “The bob haircut is a classic piece that is popular for all ages. Styling this versatile cut means changing it from an inverted to a boxy, chin-length bob or lob.”

It’s imperative to know that for short inverted stacked haircuts, the sides must carry the same angle as the back. “This way, it’s easier to avoid producing a heavy baseline. It’s also vital for layers to be texturized and not too blunt to add movement and takeaway extra bulk,” she adds.

A drawback to this cut relates to women with curly or frizzy hair wanting pin-straight hair. “This situation calls for more styling to achieve the desired look,” she explains. “Having skills in hairstyling while using good styling tools will solve this drawback.”

Check out these photos of inspiring short stacked inverted bob hairstyles. Then, share your top 5 picks with your hairstylist!

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Short Inverted Stacked All-Over Blonde Bob
Instagram @kisasackadin

#1: Stacked All-Over Blonde

A stacked all-over blonde is a classic look that is easy and you will love! Round brushing your hair is a great way to give yourself the best volume. Don’t forget the hairspray to lock in your look.

Beautiful Short Stacked Inverted Bob with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @nacirsomera

#2: Beautiful Short Bob with Blonde Highlights

A short bob with blonde highlights exudes class and style. An inverted bob has to be layered correctly to show off the highlights. The highlights on the top and sides should be lighter than the nape of the neck to keep it from looking choppy. Styling with a blow dryer and round brush to enhance volume, finish with glossing hairspray.

Short Stacked Inverted Bob with Blonde Contrast
Instagram @pamela_cabelos

#3: Stacked Inverted Bob with Blonde Contrast

Try a stacked inverted bob with blonde contrast to put an edge to your style. A stacked bob is one of the most popular ways to minimize weight and increase movement. With this haircut, your hair will grow out nicely and will be easy to style.

#4: Stacked Inverted Chin-Length Haircut

Choose a stacked inverted chin-length bob haircut if you have thin hair. A shorter length is best to give tresses a full-bodied finish. Since hair like this looks great with texture, why not try some blazing red highlights? The result will be epic, for sure.

#5: Dramatic Stacking of Wispy Layers

A dramatic stacked bob with wispy layers creates an illusion of volume and texture. The stacking of layers creates a style that thin, fine tresses can enjoy. For a finishing touch, style the hair with a lot of texture. That will accentuate the layers of the chop.

#6: Inverted Bob for Short Wavy Hair

Opt for a chop that’s inverted for wavy hair to gain more body and structure. It’s ideal for tresses with fine to medium density. It features a sexy, angular perimeter that’s perfect for most face shapes. This inverted haircut is such a gem!

#7: Stacked Bob Cut for Curly Hair

Consider a short stacked bob cut if you have curly hair. To achieve that bouncy-looking shape, go for a dry-cutting technique. This technique creates an accurate result after the haircut. Such a graduated, stacked haircut may require a trim every 6-8 weeks.

#8: Stacked and Shaggy Hair

Stacked and shaggy hair makes a short-length cut carefree. It seems so natural, especially with waves to enhance the texture. This short stacked shaggy inverted bob will require styling each day. So, keep your styling tools handy.

edgy neck-length inverted bob that's stacked
Instagram @ktenion

#9: Edgy Nape-Length Inverted Bob

A short and edgy inverted bob with added crown layers that are stacked looks great with a lot of texture. The finish creates a tousled, undone style that’s sure to catch attention. What makes this stacked nape-length bob awesome is the ease of manipulating and styling it.

stacked inverted bob cut for short thin hair
Instagram @livnavedaloca

#10: Inverted Bob Cut for Short Thin Hair

This inverted bob for short, thin hair has stacked layers in the back to create a bulkier shape. It makes an ideal match to take the attention away from the symmetry of a round face shape. It looks classic and older ladies can pull it off the best.

#11: Neck-Length Stacked Inverted Cut

A neck-length cut on a straight, inverted angled bob is a sassy spin on a classic hair trend. Its sharp perimeter keeps it looking edgy. What’s great about it is it works on both thin and thick density.

Stacked Angled Bob Ideal for Thick Hair
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#12: Stacked Angled Bob Ideal for Thick Hair

Ideal for thick hair, this short stacked inverted bob removes weight and length. Internal layers help the tresses become weightless. The length grazes the neck to keep the fullness of the locks. Iron the ends when styling and achieve a more polished edge.

#13: Stacked Short Bob for Older Women

The stacked layers in this short bob are for older women who want to look young and beautiful every day! It offers a rounded shape, so thin tresses can appear bulkier and more voluminous. Go and chop a few strands at the front to create side bangs. The fringe carries out an additional movement, for sure.

#14: Ear-Length Inversion

An ear-length inversion is a bob with a stacked nape haircut that features shorter strands at the back and longer ones at the front. A short bob cut can be edgy with lots of texture. But when on straight and fine locks, the finish offers a softer style.

#15: Funky Stacked Cut

This is a funky stacked cut, and it’s fun to wear and exhibits a trendsetting style. Short hairstyles go well with a textured finish to show off the layers. This funky stacked bob haircut for short hair isn’t complete without the splashes of blue. They complement a cool-toned ash blonde hue.

#16: Messy Inverted Long Bob

Get a fresh messy long bob with slight inversion to pair with a dimensional blonde hue. The waves enhance the texture and movement. This style demands the perfect thickness and texture of hair. It’s for ladies with tresses that have a medium to heavy density.

Messy blunt bob
Instagram @duanydourado

#17: The Short Blunt Bob

The short blunt bob is another haircut that offers versatility. It goes well with a straight or a wavy look. Part it to one side, and it provides a style packed with volume. It will look super cute on ladies with a diamond face shape.

#18: Texturized Stacked Bob with Bangs

Rock a texturized stacked bob with bangs if you’re down to try a tousled, inverted style. This hair idea is a chic choice for women with fine tresses. It has a messy-looking finish that complements the cut’s feathered ends. Now, that’s the texture that thin, straight hair must have!

Jaw-Length Messy Bob Cut
Instagram @howmyhairgrows

#19: Stacked Jaw-Length Bob Haircut with Micro Bangs

A jaw-length stacked bob with micro bangs can be very versatile. It looks so sophisticated when straight and sleek, but texture can offer more than that. An inverted messy hairstyle may give a natural finish, yet it offers an edgier vibe. Are you a lady who loves experimenting with a classic haircut? If so, this stacked inverted bob hairstyle with bangs is for you!

#20: Messy Layered Bob with Soft Brown Highlights

This messy short bob is an inverted and stacked layered bob haircut that has an undone-looking effect. It makes ladies appear so fab without even trying. The style helps achieve greater density and volume for thin tresses. To show off the cut’s shorter layers, add soft brown highlights.

#21: The Angled Choppy Bob on Dark-Rooted Blonde Hair

Ask for a choppy bob that has a sharp-angled stack, and if wavy, shows a style full of texture and movement. It’s a popular pairing for dark-rooted blonde hair. This angled bob is trendy and suits ladies with medium to thicker hair.

#22: Stacked for Fine Hair

This is a short textured stacked bob hairstyle for fine hair, cut and styled by hairstylist Kristina Bennett of Oldsmar, FL.

“Short stacked inverted bobs like this are ideal for most women, even with coarse hair,” Bennett points out.

Low-Maintenance Stacked Jaw-Length Bob with an Undercut
Instagram @hairbydye

#23: Low-Maintenance Stacked Jaw-Length Bob with an Undercut

This gorgeous jaw-length bob is a short textured bob with stacked layers and an undercut in the back. It offers a softer and feminine look to women. Hair artist Olivia Thomson of  Silverwood Heights, SK styled it with loose waves, adding dimension to the beautiful blonde hair color.

According to Thomson, this wavy stacked bob is for thin or fine hair to make it look fuller and healthier.

She adds, “Styling always adds a product to help blow out to add a full look. It’s a good cut for a thin face and a prominent jawline. It’s easy, quick to maintain, and style on the daily basis.”

Very Short Stacked Cut with a Tapered Back
Instagram @lillinloeffler

#24: Very Short Stacked Cut with a Tapered Back

This hairstyle is a very short stacked, inverted bob by Lilli Loeffler, a hairstylist from Whitefish, MT.

Unlike a classic A-line, this cut features a tapered back with stacked layers. The undercut actually helps with the styling as it keeps the weight-line longer to hold that shape of the inverted bob.

To style, Loeffler suggests applying a lightweight volumizing product called anti-gravity from Kevin Murphy.

“This high inverted stacked bob with nape undercut is great for both thick or thin hair. For thin hair, it creates height and volume. With thicker hair, the layering can take the bulk out of it for a smoother look around the face,” Loeffler states.

Oval face shapes are also great with bob hair cuts, but a round face shape would pair nicely with this one.

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