23 Hottest Short, Graduated Bob Haircuts for On-Trend Women

Short graduated bob

A short graduated bob is a haircut with stacked layers at the back and longer strands at the front. It’s a great way to remove length and weight from your thick tresses. It also works for thin locks as a short haircut like this offers fullness and body.

According to California-based stylist Karen Arias, “The key to short hairstyles is suitability. We have to discuss where the bob length would look best on you and work best for your hair texture. The natural hair texture comes to life when ladies go shorter, so you should be prepared for that.”

When styling short graduated hairstyles, consider your willingness to style your hair each day. For ladies with waves or curls, Arias recommends Loux Leave-In Treatment for definition. For straighter hair, she suggests Ichor Serum, perfect for both air and blow-drying.

These products are from her own Monarchy Haircare Line, ideal for wash-and-wear styles. Before getting the chop, Arias says to first ask your stylist these questions:

– Does a bob with graduation suit me?

– Will my hair allow it?

– Do you know how to technically cut hair?

She notes that cutting short hair can be challenging and can go wrong very quickly if your stylist doesn’t understand the technicalities.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of the best short graduated bob haircuts and hairstyles.

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Graduated Bob for Short Hair

graduated bob for women with short hair
Instagram @piatupop

This is a beautiful graduated bob for short hair. It softens the jawline and brings more symmetry to a square face. Chop a few strands in the front to create bangs that can frame the face well.

Short Graduated Bob with Stacked Layers

Short graduated bob with stacked layers
Instagram @icicleshairsalon

A short graduated bob with stacked layers creates a ton of volume on thin and fine hair textures. Ask your stylist to create more stacked layers in the back to add more body and to keep the sides fuller by doing fewer layers. It will give your hair lots of versatility when styling your tresses.

Graduated Bob for Short, Thin Hair

Graduated bob for short thin hair
Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

A graduated bob for short, thin hair makes hair appear fuller and gives it more volume. Graduated layers in a short-length cut help taper in the bottom of the hair towards the nape of the neck, helping the hair lay perfectly. Hair texture is a vital factor when considering a graduated bob. Thicker and curlier hair may be harder to style if the hair is too short in the back. A flat wrap blow-dry and quick smoothing with a flat iron are usually all that is needed to style a graduated bob.

Short Curly Graduated Bob

short curly graduated bob cut
Instagram @kaitsbeautyspace

A short curly graduated bob can appear super cute on older ladies. The movement gives an impression of a very feminine vibe. Add a fringe to graduated bob hairstyles like this for a more youthful touch.

Graduated Bob with an Undercut

graduated bob with an undercut for women
Instagram @rhandy_art

Opt for a trendy graduated bob with an undercut, especially if you have short, thick hair. This chop grants an illusion of a thinner density. The undercut removes extra bulk while the layers still give the hair a flattering shape.

Short Graduated Wavy Bob

short graduated wavy bob for women
Instagram @lilianahairstylist

With a short graduated wavy bob, your hair will look full of life. The jaw-grazing length is ideal for boosting the wavy movement of the locks. When styling short haircuts like this, use texturizing spray or sea salt spray to define the messy texture and wavy hair.

Short Graduated Bob with Layers for Straight Hair

short graduated bob with layers for straight hair
Instagram @hairartbyalbena

Go for a short graduated bob with layers and splashes of balayage. The subtle layers are what give the hair color more dimension and texture. This hair idea works best on ladies with naturally straight hair.

Really Short Graduated Bob

really short graduated bob
Instagram @rhandy_art

A really short graduated bob hairstyle makes a nice rounded shape on the head. It creates a full-bodied finish, boosting the hair’s volume. Graduated bob haircuts like this are sure to balance out an oval face shape.

Cropped Graduated Bob Haircut

short cropped graduated bob
Instagram @sc.stylist_

A cropped graduated bob haircut works better on straight locks. Such a fine texture is what makes this haircut look flawless. It’s also an ideal chop to add volume to thin hair.

Brown Shorter Graduated Bob with Fringe with Dark Pink Highlights

Brown and pink shorter graduated bob with fringe
Instagram @jeida11

A shorter graduated bob with fringe is a timeless hairstyle for women of all ages. This gorgeous bob was cut by hair artist Jeida from Abu Dhabi.

Short graduated bob cuts like this are low-maintenance and easy to style.

“It would be suitable for most face shapes and most suitable for fine hair,” says Jeida. To mimic the edgy but subtle hair color, combine slices of dark pink hues and a global chocolate brown base.

Slightly Graduated Bob for Short Hair

slightly graduated bob for short hair
Instagram @erikvthrane

A benefit of a slightly graduated bob for short hair is that it creates an illusion of thickness. It allows the tresses to appear fuller. This chop can create a sleek or textured style to match whatever vibe you go for.

Short Graduated Layered Bob

short graduated layered bob
Instagram @hairytales.byflintegaard

A short graduated layered bob haircut is a great way to give hair volume and make it seem thicker. To keep the edges crisp, make an effort to go to the salon every four weeks for trims.

Short Back Graduated Bob

short back graduated bob
Instagram @rhandy_art

A short-back graduated bob benefits thick tresses the most. If you have a straight, black mane, this is a nice option as an everyday look. Easy to style and maintain—ladies shouldn’t miss this trend!

Chin-Length Graduated Bob

short chin length graduated bob
Instagram @rhandy_art

A super polished chin-length graduated bob may look simple at first, but it also radiates a sophisticated feel. Women with round face shapes will love wearing chin-length bob haircuts.

Short Graduated Pixie Bob

short graduated pixie bob for women
Instagram @rhandy_art

What makes a short graduated pixie bob astounding is its effortless, natural-looking edge and ability to work with any type of face shape.

Short Graduated Bob Hair

short graduated bob hairstyle
Instagram @laurel_fris

A short graduated bob hair style looks weightless and bouncy as a result! This graduated chop creates a round, bulky shape placed at the back area of the head. If your locks have a fine thickness, adopt this haircut. You’ll be obsessed with its volume and movement.

Short Graduated Angled Bob for Thick Hair

Short Graduated Angled Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @jaderose_hairstylist_nuskin

Try a graduated shorter bob for thick hair by adding stacked layers at the back to take out more volume. It’s a chic way to lessen the bulkiness of a dense mane. A short, angled bob like this looks more dazzling with a shiny finish.

Short Graduated Choppy Bob

short graduated choppy bob
Instagram @donna_kaoshair

A choppy short graduated bob cut has an edgier style. This graduated and choppy technique helps to thin out the ends to avoid a flat-looking bob.

Hairstylist Donna Westfall of Keighley, UK says, “any hair type can suit a bob because they’re easy to maintain and style.”

Ear-Length Graduated Bob

Try a classic Sassoon ear-length, short graduated bob haircut. This one was created by hairstylist Michelle Harrison of Victoria, BC.

“This short graduated hairstyle is a precision cut that is perfect for thick, straight hair,” says Harrison. “The volume sits at the occipital bone and the perimeter follows the jawline. Plus, the length at the front has a bevel at the bottom around the nape.”

It’s a very low-maintenance cut. Harrison recommends you finish it with Kerastase Ciment Thermique to protect the hair from the heat of the blowdryer. “Then use a Denman brush to give natural volume at the roots, and smoothness and shine to the ends,” she adds.

Very Short Graduated Bob

very short graduated bob haircut
Instagram @hdhair13

A very short bob that’s graduated never goes out of style. This one was cut by stylist Heather Dunstan of Bristol, UK.

Graduated bobs are an amazing way to add texture and body into any hair type. Short graduated bobs can also get rid of any unwanted weight from the hair. Plus, they give you a gorgeous flattering shape that can be altered to fit any hair type/face shape,” notes Dunstan.

She also recommends you get it cut every 6-8 weeks to manage the shape. Products and styling are your best friend in short graduated haircuts like this.

Dunstan says, “try using a volume mousse or spray and applying these before blowdrying. Use a round brush to get that maximum height and a smoothed shape. Once your bobs completely dry and cool, use any texture powders or sprays. Apply a little to the root area to help keep the volume during the day.”

Short Graduated Bob for Fine Hair

short graduated bob for fine hair
Instagram @halodenbydale

A graduated short bob for fine hair is meant to be cut in a way to add more fullness to your hair. This one was created by stylist Natalie Halonka of the UK. She says, “the short graduated bob cut suits most face shapes, and you can vary the length of the style to accentuate or elongate.”

Use a small amount of Joico Color Therapy Oil & Smoothing Balm to create a smooth sharp finish. Then use a heat retainer brush to create lift, and straightening irons to perfect the ends.

Halonka says regular trims to reshape the back will ensure it’s a style that takes hardly any drying time. When cut well a short bob with graduation will fall into shape with ease.

Modern Short Graduated Blonde Bob

A short graduated blonde bob is a very modern version of the bob. This one was created by stylist Nadia Durrani of Copenhagen, DK. She says, “it can be styled straight, or with beautiful soft curls.”

Durrani says that hair texture is very important. “Looking at the hair texture, you can choose a classic bob, short bob with graduation, or bob with layers,” she explains. “The bob does not need much maintenance. But of course like every cut, the more time you put into styling, the more flattering it gets. Make sure to come for a 6-8 weeks trim.”

Short Layered Graduated Bob

Short Layered Graduated Bob
Instagram @amydoesthework

Consider trying a short layered graduated bob hairstyle for a grown-up style. Hairstylist Amy Boyington of St. Pittsfield, MA says, “it builds or enhances head shape, flatters faces, and opens the neckline.”

The styling of this short graduated haircut is versatile. Boyington states, “smooth, beach waves or a vintage swoop can express the possibilities of this bob.”