24 Best Short Straight Bob Haircuts for a Sleek Look

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short straight bobs are sleek haircuts that fall anywhere between ears and neck. Its beauty is so effortless and versatile, which modern women love the most!

“It can work for the every lady,” Rhoda Bolles points out, a hairstylist in Stroudsburg, PA. “It’s a very classic cut and can be worn both straight and curly.”

For ladies with natural textured locks, consider this cut with some layers. These prohibit a triangular shape, wherein the top looks flat while the bottom is voluminous.

For a thicker mane, thinning it out would allow the cut to lay properly. An undercut is an excellent addition, too.

A straight bob can be a high-maintenance cut, depending upon your natural hair texture and pattern. “Certain hair types will require slight adjusting. It may be adding in some layers or texture or choosing a specific length of the cut,” Bolles explains.

Opt for the length that’s going to complement your face shape and accent your features. You can get your stylist’s suggestions about this. The right one can make you look and feel your best.

Check out these photos of the trendiest short straight bobs and plan your next salon visit!

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#1: Stunning Soft Blonde Bob with Bangs

Craving a look that screams femme fatale? A soft blonde bob with bangs is one of the most stunning styles out there, and you will want to gather some photos of inspiration for your next salon visit. Blondes come in all shades and bobs in all shapes, so partnering with a salon professional to help fit you for this custom look will give you the best outcome towards owning this style.
Blonde refreshes call for a 4-6 week salon attendance where you will walk out of the chair feeling like a bombshell every time!

#2: Neck-Length Straight Bob with Bangs

A neck-length straight bob with bangs is a timeless haircut perfect for women with short hair. Besides being low-maintenance, this haircut is also flattering. It frames the face and adds body to thin or flat hair. It’s helpful to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to style this cut. This way you can also enhance the hair’s natural texture. After blow-drying, apply a hair serum to add shine and smooth out any frizz or flyaways.

Short Feminine Side-Parted Straight Bob for ladies in their 20s
Instagram @marykurhair

#3: Feminine Side-Parted Straight Bob

The short feminine side-parted bob is an ideal choice for ladies in their 20s who want a sleek style. This modern cut helps to create volume at the crown while avoiding bulkiness on the sides. This makes it helpful for women with rounder face shapes as it creates structure without sacrificing movement. It’s never been easier to rock this look. Part your hair to one side using a tail comb and blow dry with a round brush. Finishing off with some light serum or mousse.

#4: Chic Dark Brown One-Length Bob

You can never go wrong with an all-natural tone, like a dark brown. When in doubt, make it chic. For a low-maintenance style, I suggest a one-length bob. It’s a haircut that will make a powerful statement.

#5: Sleek Bob with Ombre

Look glamorous with a sleek bob with ombré. A short-length bob that is blunt on the bottom will make your fine hair look fuller and denser. Use a flat iron to get super smooth sleek ends. Use a heat protector to keep damage to a minimum.

Short Sleek Grey Asymmetrical Bob for Straight Hair
Instagram @katia_hairart

#6: Sleek Grey Asymmetrical Bob

Try a sleek grey asymmetrical bob-length haircut when wanting to change things up. If you have aging hair and what to embrace your natural texture, try having a trendy haircut. Having a blunt haircut will give the illusion of fullness. This look is best if you want a lower maintenance style.

#7: Gorgeous Soft Silver Bob

If you have straight hair, you might want to try a gorgeous soft silver bob. Wearing a short, blunt crop and light, airy color at the same time can make straight hair stand out and shine.

Beautiful Light Brown Short Bob with Bangs for Straight Hair
Instagram @bakki_house

#8: Beautiful Light Brown Bob with Bangs

Look good without trying with a beautiful light brown bob with bangs. A short bob looks great on straight-haired gals and is easily maintained. Make sure the length is right above shoulders or right below to avoid an award length. Run a flat iron over the end to get a sleek finish.

#9: Simple Short Blunt Cut

I often get asked by clients if there is a haircut that helps hair to look fuller. My suggestion is always a blunt cut. This will allow all of the weight from your hair to be at the bottom and appear fuller. This cut looks great styled smooth, too.

#10: Short Bob for Straight Hair

Consider a short bob for straight hair. The finest and straightest hair looks chic and elevated when cut into an interesting shape. Bobs are timeless and require minimal styling on straighter hair. Finish with a flat iron for a glassy and super sleek look.

#11: Classic Short Concave Bob

A short concave bob on straight hair is an A-line cut that has a very fashion-forward appearance. Avoid excessive layering for a sharp perimeter line. Tailor the steepness of the angle to your liking but remember to keep everything above the shoulders for maximum impact.

#12: Asymmetrical Bob with Long Side-Swept Bangs

Long side-swept bangs are a great way to spice up an asymmetrical bob. Keeping the bangs at ear-length will allow you to go longer in between trims and give you more options when it comes to styling your hair straight.

Chic Straight Bob with an Ombre
Instagram @hairzoneaalst

#13: Chic Bob with an Ombre

With a striking bluntness and a soft melt, this chic bob with an ombre is the perfect balance! A short, blunt shape is a timeless silhouette for bob cuts, and when added with this soft cinnamon copper ombre, helps create seamless movement in straight hair. This bob is best suited for face shapes needing more balance with a small or weak chin.

Naturally Straight Bob for African-American Women
Instagram @b.lynnartistry

#14: Naturally Straight Bob for African-American Women

A naturally straight bob is a popular choice for African-American women that like a sleek style. If you’re wanting a haircut that is timeless and quick to style, check out short bobs for straight hair. As always, make sure you’re using a heat protectant spray before using any kind of heat on your hair.

#15: Angled Bob for Straighter Hair

Consider an angled bob if you have straighter hair. A blunt line adds weight to the ends, keeping the hair from looking stringy. Don’t forget to finish with a shine serum to smooth any flyaways.

#16: One-Length Short Straight Bob

One-length short straight bobs are very trendy right now. These short styles offer a 90’s retro vibe, that is very current. Style with a center part, for a youthful effortless look.

#17: Jaw-Length Straight Bob

A jaw-length straight bob works perfectly on a variety of hair types. A very blunt cut adds fullness to fine hair, but this shape can also be texturized for softness on dense hair. Short haircuts are typically very low maintenance, but if you have a more challenging texture this bob might require more styling time than a longer length. Consider your texture and talk to your stylist about this beautiful style option.

Short Graduated Bob Hairstyle for Straight Hair
Instagram @rambutbob

#18: Short Graduated Bob Hairstyle

For a classic and timeless look, consider a short, graduated bob hairstyle for your straight hair. This cut adds volume to any hair type. The stacked back creates fullness and a slightly layered crown can provide even more lift if desired. Style with a volumizing root spray and a round brush for a polished and chic finish.

#19: Straight Short Bobbed Hair

Straight short, bobbed hair never goes out of style. If you are considering a short hairstyle, a bob is a chic and versatile choice. The styling required is minimal, making this cut perfect for the girl on the go.

Dark Brown Straight Bob Haircut
Instagram @yukistylist

#20: Dark Brown Straight Bob

A dark brown straight bob haircut is striking. The color is rich, and the bob style is elegant and glamorous. If your hair is fine this blunt cut is perfect for giving the illusion of fullness as well. This style can be customized to your face shape and hair texture, so ask your stylist what would work for you.

Neck-Length Bob with Bangs
Instagram @beauty_bylee_

#21: Neck-Length Bob with Bangs

If you are considering going shorter, try a neck-length bob with bangs. Bob haircuts are stylish and timeless. Personalize your cut with a fringe tailored specifically for your face shape and hair texture.

Short Straight Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @hair.helga

#22: Short Straight Bob for Round Faces

A short straight bob for round faces works best if you keep the length slightly longer than chin-length for a soft jawline. Keeping the length a little longer elongates the face. Style with a flat iron to lean out the shape even more.

Straight Short Bob with Middle Part
Instagram @naileddr

#23: Short Bob with Middle Part

For a very modern and trendy style wear a short bob with a middle part. Straight, short hairstyles are very in right now. A sleek French bob worn chin-length, or slightly above, is a fresh and youthful cut suitable for a variety of face shapes and hair textures.

#24: Sleek Bob for Short Hair

Consider a sleek bob for short hair. Straight bob hairstyles are having a moment. Wear this cut super blunt with a heavy fringe for a dramatic and edgy look.

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