27 Cutest Short, Choppy Bobs for Fine Hair to Have More Volume

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Choppy short bobs for fine hair are textured cuts that provide movement and volume. These cuts create the perfect tousled styles for fun, modern women!

Stylist Marcy Malin of Phoenix, AZ, approves of this bob cut. “A choppy cut is great to elevate your style while keeping it lived-in and effortless,” she states.

If you like to pull your hair back, you won’t be able to tie it, but a headband is an option.

Malin warns about fine tresses getting too many layers. She says, “You can still get a fun, choppy look without cutting too short of layers. A razor cut is great for this cut.”

Commitment to styling is essential, especially on wash day. Fine hair tends to fall flat easily, so apply products before styling.

You can use a mousse before blow drying, then finish with a dry texture spray to enhance the texture. If air drying, Malin suggests Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray or Don’t Blow It. These can help add body and avoid that “first day, too clean” feeling.

“Make sure you can recreate the new look once you leave the salon. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for the home care routine. Get some styling tips and product recommendations to keep your cut fresh,” Malin advises.

Need a sign to get a new chop? Check out these photos of the hottest and trendiest choppy short bobs for fine hair!


#1: Choppy Bob with Piecey Ends

Combining blunt and textured cuts provides a strong, choppy shape. I suggest a strong, blunt bob at the nape. Then, incorporate textured cuts on the sides and layers. This style works wonderfully on finer, thin hair, looking to keep texture and add fullness.

#2: Wavy Bob with Choppy Layers

If you want fine, choppy bobbed hair with more volume and texture, be aware of the wavy bob with layers and a side part. This hairstyle has been popular for years due to its versatility. It looks great on almost any face shape and can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. The platinum tones in this cut reflect light beautifully. They add a subtle definition without looking too busy. Plus, it’s pretty low-maintenance.

Short and Choppy Fine-Haired Bob
Instagram @marcosyan_boaz

#3: Short and Choppy Fine-Haired Bob

This short and choppy bob is a trendy haircut for women with fine hair. The layers and texture in this style aim to create the illusion of fuller and thicker hair and make it a great choice for those with fine or thin hair who want to add volume and body.

Short Choppy Bronde Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairbyfranki

#4: Choppy Bronde Bob

A short, choppy bob is perfect for making fine hair look fuller. The choppy texture adds movement and doesn’t reduce your hair’s density, which makes it easier to style. Try using a curling wand for a soft, lived-in texture.

Short Chopped Blonde Bob on Finer Locks
Instagram @folksiiri

#5: Chopped Blonde Bob

Try a blonde bob. Make it slightly angled and blunt-chopped for an easy, high-impact haircut for fall. If you have thin hair, this cut might be a good hairstyle. Cutting your hair in a straight line can increase its volume and movement while keeping it thick. Add waves or curls to your hair to help with movement.

Short-Length Beachy Graduated Bob Cut with Choppy Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @mane_at_glamr

#6: Beachy Graduated Bob Cut

Ask your hairdresser for a classic angled bob cut, slightly longer at the back. This cut adds volume at the back of your neck. Add a fringe for framing your face. This style. This style suits fine to medium hair textures well.

Messy Choppy Bob for Short Fine Hair
Instagram @eliconcepthair

#7: Messy Choppy Bob for Short Hair

The choppy bob is trendy and a playful hairstyle. It’s characterized by its textured layers that create a tousled and effortless appearance. This makes it a popular choice among those looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish look. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, it adds a touch of modernity to your overall look.

#8: Short Asymmetrical Choppy Bob Cut

Consider the fun shape of a short asymmetric choppy bob cut. This flirty shape has many elements if you are searching for something different. The stacked back and asymmetrical sides in this hairstyle add a unique vibe that will get compliments. Ask about how much layering is right for your hair texture. If your hair is super fine, you may want less to maintain weight. Either way, a messy bob is easy to style with your hands and a texture paste.

Short Choppy Bob with a Deep Side Part for Fine Hair
Instagram @todchukstudio

#9: Short Edgy Choppy Bob with Deep Side Part

For fine hair, rock a short, choppy bob with a deep side part. This haircut will give fine hair a fuller shape for a thicker appearance. A deep side part will give your root a lift for maximum volume.

Long Choppy Layers on a Short Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#10: Long Choppy Layers on Short Bob

Long, choppy layers on a short bob haircut give a modern vibe. The best part about this hairstyle is that it works for most hair types but especially compliments women with thinner locks. It is always a wonderful hairstyle option because it gives the illusion that your hair is thicker than it is. This hairstyle can be recreated by asking your stylist to use thinning shears or a razor on the ends of your longer layers. This will blend into the hair beautifully, but you’ll still have that airy movement to your hair, which is great for styling bobs for fine hair.

Short Choppy Bob with a Pink Braid in Front for Fine Hair
Instagram @arienne.makeup

#11: Short Bob with a Pink Braid in Front

This short hair bob with a pink braid in front is an eye-catching style. Paired with choppy layers, you’ll have instant texture and volume that is great for fine hair. My best advice? Ask your stylist to show you how to add some soft ways to create a modern and effortless look. If you want to step outside your comfort zone, ask your stylist to add soft pink and blue hues.

Short Choppy Bob with a Subtle Side Part for Fine Hair
Instagram @marcosyan_boaz

#12: Blunt Bob with Subtle Side Part

Varying lengths of a bob have made their way into the scene, but the most requested is a short, choppy bob haircut. The subtle side part oozes a chic yet laid-back feel. If you can manage a hot tool, you can maintain this cut in varying ways. If you want to explore what styling method works for you, a salon professional can help you by walking you through what they would do to style your hair.

Modern Choppy Bob for Fine-Haired Women
Instagram @yukistylist

#13: Modern Choppy Bob

A modern choppy bob is a classic and cute hairstyle that women love! If you want to have volume and fullness, be sure to style your hair with waves. This cut is an effortless and undone look that will take you no time to style in the morning.

#14: Blonde Choppy A-Line Bob

A short, choppy a-line bob is the haircut to get if you have fine hair and you’re trying to find new ways to make your hair look and feel thicker. Keeping the length shorter in the back, usually near the hairline, with longer layers will enhance your hair’s natural body and make your hair appear fuller. Keeping your hair darker underneath with blonde highlights on top will also help. Short-stacked bob haircuts for thin hair are the ultimate go-to haircuts.

#15: Curtain Bangs on Choppy Bobbed Hair

Curtain bangs on choppy bobbed hair is a messy, romantic hairstyle. When your hair is still damp, make sure to brush the front of your hair forward. You can use a round brush to style the curtain bangs away from your face and use products such as hairspray to keep it in place.

#16: Jaw-Length Angled Tousled Bob

A jaw-length tousled bob will look exceptional on most face shapes and provides the opportunity for versatility in hairstyles. Hair can be flipped whichever way, but having a slight side part will give you a little edge to your hairstyle. A  hairstyle for fine hair is a great choice to add volume and versatility to your new hair routine.

#17: Short Choppy Haircut with Beach Waves

Try a short choppy haircut with beach waves if you’re searching for a new modern hairstyle supplied with texture and volume. This cut will always have texture because it’s cut with a razor or point-cutting technique with shears. Recreate these beach waves by curling your hair away from your face. After your curls have cooled and set, comb with a wide-tooth comb and hairspray to set your style.

Choppy Layered Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @jhzara

#18: Choppy Layered Bob Hairstyle

If you have naturally straight hair, consider this hairstyle. Any layered hairstyle can be styled in many ways — messy and lived-in, straight and sleek. Short, choppy haircuts for fine straight hair will help add movement and texture to your hair, which allows a very low-maintenance style if so desired.

#19: Neck-Length Choppy Haircut with a Middle Part

A neck-length choppy haircut with a middle part will frame your face graciously, no matter your face shape. Even on the finest hair, this haircut is effortless, tousled, and voluminous. The key to getting this haircut to look thicker is adding layers face-framing, too! Having the length at a blunt, neck-length bob will let your hair appear thicker than it truly is.

#20: Short Layered Chin-Length Bob with Side Bangs

Try a chin-length bob with side bangs if you’ve been searching for a hairstyle that is both stunning and professional. Choppy layered hair provides ultimate texture, movement, and body to your hair. Recreate this chin-length bob hairstyle for fine hair by curling just the mid-strand of the hair, leaving the ends of your layers straight and flipped out a little. This will give you a more “messy” appearance that still wears well for work.

#21: Choppy Messy Bob Haircut

A choppy, messy bob cut is the perfect haircut to recreate those lived-in vibes. Textured hair is the first thing you must incorporate into your hairstyle to get that messy, lived-in style. It’s best styled with loose waves and a texture spray to finish. You won’t have to touch this hair up or mess it up!

#22: Short Shag with Textured Bangs

Shag hairstyles are back; a beautiful short shag with textured bangs is the hairstyle to try. Shorter lengths at the crown will help give your hair natural volume and texture. Try styling your shag with subtle waves, which will enhance your volume and texture to max level. Choppy short haircuts for fine hair, like a short shag, will give you new confidence you didn’t even know you had.

Voluminous Bob with Choppy Ends
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#23: Voluminous Bob with Choppy Ends

Consider a voluminous bob with choppy ends if you want a fun, modern style without much effort. This style gives your hair a feathered, wispy appearance, and short, choppy bob haircuts for fine hair are to die for. Flip out the ends of your hair with a flat iron, spray your hair with a texture spray, and tousle your hair around with your hands to recreate this hairstyle.

Side-Parted Choppy Inverted Bob
Instagram @willjoneshair

#24: Side-Parted Choppy Inverted Bob

If you have fine hair, try a choppy side-parted inverted bob. Fine choppy hair in a bob gives the illusion that your mane is much fuller than it is and is a classic short hairstyle that you can never go wrong with. Having some longer layers, a shorter length at the neck, and a little longer length in the front makes for the perfect haircut.

Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers
Instagram @hileyhairclub

#25: Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers

Consider a pixie bob with stacked layers if you want jaws to drop next time you go out. A short style that’s both stylish and youthful, this cut packs lots of texture and body, making it the perfect for women over 50.

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#26: Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs for Thin Hair

A wavy bob with wispy bangs is a hairstyle that has the potential of having maximum volume and loads of texture – two keywords to look for if you have finer hair. A short choppy bob with bangs makes this hairstyle fairly easy and quick to achieve. To style, all you need is a curling iron, curl the top layer of your hair in alternating directions (away from the face, toward the face, away from the face, and so on), and finish with a texture spray.

Shaggy Bob Haircut with Short Bangs
Instagram @samkanehair

#27: Razored Shaggy Bob Haircut with Short Bangs

Spruce your short hair by rocking a gorgeous shaggy bob haircut with short bangs. The nice thing about having short textured bangs is that you don’t have to part your hair. It parts itself and gives you plenty of texture and natural volume. Texturizing the ends and layers of your bob by using a razor or point-cutting technique will perfect this hairstyle.