22 No-Fuss, Yet Stylish Short Bob Haircuts for Women Over 70

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The ideal short bob haircuts for women over 70 are easy-styling and low-maintenance. The length ranges from ear to neck, and the short cut may feature layers and bangs.

Women’s hair tends to become finer and thinner as they get older. Fortunately, short haircuts create an illusion of a coarser density. Illinois-based stylist and salon owner Beth Nuccio explains the magic behind this.

“These short bobs create a thicker perimeter. Cut the hair to one length falling at or around the neckline, so it looks fuller,” says Nuccio.

Face shape, neck length, and jawline—pay extra attention to these areas as short-length cuts highlight them. If these are your best features, go for a bob cut ASAP!

Short hair requires more styling than most women think. Nuccio states, “Bobs are too short for a ponytail or bun. And depending on your texture, the strands can get quite poofy without any product or heat tool.”

Ask your stylist if you have the ideal face shape and hair texture to pull off your preferred cut. As for the maintenance, they may advise you to get a trim every 4-6 weeks to keep the cut’s volume and shape.

A fresh, bold haircut will give you enough confidence every day. Check out this inspiring photo gallery for our collection of trendy short bob haircuts for women over 70!

Soft Gray Bob with Wispy Bangs for Ladies 70 and Up
Instagram @thecolorist.ch

#1: Soft Gray Bob with Wispy Bangs

For women over 70, try a soft gray bob with wispy bangs. Look sleek and polished with a chin-length bob. Wispy bangs give a playful touch and are an alternative to heavy straight-across bangs. Use a purple shampoo at home to keep yellow tones away. Show off your natural white color and shine with confidence.

#2: Razor Cut Gray French Bob

Want to feel more playful and youthful? Maybe this razor-cut gray French bob is for you. A helpful way to avoid coloring your hair while having a younger presence is to get a trendy haircut. Don’t forget to ask your stylist for tips on hydrating your grey hair for the best results. You’ll want to activate those curls and bring more shine to your life!

Adorable Bob with See-Through Bangs for Women Past 70
Instagram @anitaerdmann.bridalstylist

#3: Adorable Bob with See-Through Bangs

I recommend getting an adorable bob with see-through bangs for a no-fuss yet stylish look. If you have aging hair, I have found that this cut works particularly well and adds volume to thinning locks. It’s suitable for women of all ages. But it is flattering on mature ladies who want the latest trends in short haircuts. To get extra movement, use Kérastase Mousse Bouffante Plumping Foam before blow drying.

#4: Cute Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

Try a short bob with bangs, and you’ll take 10 years off your appearance. Shorter hair makes your hair look thicker and perks up facial features. Choosing a wispy bang is a great way to hide unwanted lines on the forehead. A short bob will compliment most facial features and is easy to style.

#5: Jaw-Length Bob with Blonde Balayage

A jaw-length bob with blonde balayage is a sophisticated and updated look. Keeping up with the easy styling of a bob with a balayage that will grow out seamlessly. Styling will include blow-drying with a flat brush and finishing with a round brush for added volume. Trimming is best every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the shape of the cut.

#6: Short Layered Bob for Thick Hair

A short layered bob for thick hair must be cut to work with the hair texture to prevent the haircut from taking over the entire face. Bobbed hair often increases in volume, so extremely thick hair can be more challenging to style, but when cut properly, thick hair can be the perfect foundation for an amazing short hairstyle.

Chin-Length Bob Haircut with Full Bangs for Women Seventy and Over
Instagram @hairbymagdad

#7: Chin-Length Bob Haircut with Full Bangs

Try a chin-length bob haircut with full bangs when you want to boldly frame facial features and draw the eyes into the face. Short cuts lend themselves to more angular faces because the lines of the haircut can be customized to compliment strong facial features. Facial features can be softened using texture and face-framing to work with any face shape.

#8: Tousled Pixie Bob with Choppy Layers

A tousled pixie bob with choppy layers is perfect for 70-year-olds who want to avoid the maintenance of long hair. Tousled layers create easy movement and natural texture, which makes a pixie bob extremely easy to style for older women.

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#9: Side-Parted Bob on Older Women with Glasses

A side-parted bob on older women with glasses is a perfect short style to compliment women in their 70s. As women age, their hair can become more difficult to style and maintain. So a short haircut keeps it easy to maintain while helping the hair have natural volume.

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#10: Textured Shaggy Bob on Grey Hair

A textured shaggy bob on grey hair builds natural dimension and texture. If you’re a grandma who wants to look 10 years younger while still embracing the salt and pepper coloring that comes with age, a shaggy bob is a great place to start. To add even more movement and texture, try a loose wave or curly style.

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#11: Short A-Line Bob for Senior Citizens

Try a short a-line bob for senior citizens who want volume at the crown while keeping their haircut low-maintenance and easy to style. Short bob hairstyles for women over 70 will have lighter layering to create more lift at the crown. The technique of layering to create light, fluffy volume is also called feathering. Feathered layers can be customized for any face shape or hair texture.

Low-Maintenance Inverted Bob for Ladies Seventy and Over
Instagram @sheargenius82

#12: Low-Maintenance Inverted Bob

A low-maintenance inverted bob is a staple choice for women who want to hide wrinkles and bring a youthful vibrance to their facial features. An inverted bob is a classic cut that always stays in style. This haircut works for women at any age or stage of life.

Short Razor Cut Bob for Curly Hair for Women Over 70
Instagram @felix.lynn

#13: Razor Cut Bob for Curly Hair

A razor-cut bob on curly hair is a perfect way to achieve a lived-in and effortless style. Using a razor to cut a short haircut creates a raw texture and movement that works with your curl pattern. Make sure when cutting the perimeter of the haircut to cut it dry and where it naturally lays. Curly hair has a mind, and you must cut with the curl pattern to avoid daily styling headaches. Use a curl cream on damp hair, then diffuse for big bouncy curls.

Jaw-Length Bob on White Hair for Ladies 70 and Over
Instagram @linhhairartist

#14: Jaw-Length Bob on White Hair

A jaw-length bob on white hair gives mature women a dynamic and bold vibrancy. White hair is bold but still, a soft way to frame facial features. The contrast of white hair with eye color can make the eyes look even brighter, but white hair can wash some skin tones out, like olive skin or skin with yellow undertones.

#15: Graduated Bob for Thin Hair

Try a graduated bob for thin hair when you want to add the illusion of thickness and density. A graduated bob complements any face shape in ladies over seventy and can be customized for any hair type and maintenance routine.

Blonde Stacked Bob with Bangs for Ladies in Their 70s
Instagram @hairby_caseyw

#16: Blonde Stacked Bob with Bangs

A blonde stacked bob with bangs brings out the brightness in facial features and eyes. Adding a fringe to a short cut creates a high point for face-framing to start. A fringe can help accentuate or diminish facial features depending on the desired effect.

Neck-Length Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Women in Their 70s
Instagram @meritandco

#17: Neck-Length Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Try out a neck-length wavy bob hairstyle when you want to freshen up your haircut and add some drama. Wavy hair works especially well for ladies over 70 because the waves create the hairstyle. Wavy hair can be much easier to style than pin-straight hair simply because the natural texture will add movement and volume.

#18: Short Feathered Bob for Thinning Hair

Try a short feathered bob for thinning hair to add the illusion of thickness and density to your head of hair. As women mature, the hair strand becomes finer and limper, so short bobs for women over 70 use layering and short lengths to create the illusion of thicker and more voluminous hair. A short bob is a classic haircut that can complement hair at any age or stage.

#19: Bob with Face-Framing Layers on Straight Hair

A short bob with face-framing layers on straight hair is a classic short hairstyle that keeps growing increasingly popular. It’s important to add face-framing layers with straight hair to keep movement and guide the eye to your facial features.

Bob Cut with Long Side Bangs for Fine Haired Ladies Over 70
Instagram @mrnewton_salon

#20: Bob Cut with Long Side Bangs for Fine Hair

Try a bob cut with long side bangs for fine hair if you want to let your hair bounce back to life. Short bob haircuts for women over 70 will often include graduation at the nape to allow for easier upkeep and styling. Adding long side bangs to a bob can create a perfect frame for any face shape.

Ear-Length French Bob for a 70-Year-Old Woman
Instagram @oliveforhair

#21: Ear-Length French Bob

An ear-length French bob is becoming an extremely popular haircut with women over seventy. This simple and timeless short haircut allows for quick styling and easy maintenance. By creating soft layering at ear length, you can achieve a buildable volume that is natural and easy to work with.

#22: Sleek Angled Bob Cut

A sleek and angled bob cut is a dramatic and edgy haircut that remains age-appropriate. A bob style haircut is elegant, classic, and timeless. Adding angular features can create lines and can correct any face shape.