32 Classic Short Bob Haircuts for Ladies Over 60 Who Want a Youthful Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Short Stacked Bob

Short-length stacked bobs are a great choice to elongate your neck or appear taller. Ask your stylist to graduate your nape and leave the layers longer for a perfect shape. Thick-hair ladies will want to apply a smoothing serum to wet hair and blow-dry straight. Thinner hair will require a volume enhancer, and try a volume shampoo. Short bob haircuts for older women are stylish and can perk up any appearance.

Youthful Inverted Bob for Ladies 60 and Over

#2 Youthful Inverted Bob

A youthful inverted bob is just the cut you need to reinvent yourself. Bob styles are sleek and blunt and create a real head-turner shape. Women in their sixties should try this style; you’ll feel fabulous.

Pink Short Bob with Fringe for Ladies Over Sixty
Instagram @jesswanghair

#3: Pink Short Bob with Fringe

The pink short bob with fringe is a trendy and youthful hairstyle perfect for ladies over sixty. This chic and modern cut features a short length that falls just above the shoulders, creating a clean and polished look. The addition of a fringe adds softness and frames the face beautifully, making it a flattering option for mature women. The pop of pink adds a playful and fresh touch, adding an element of fun to the overall look. This hairstyle works well for all hair types and textures and can be easily styled with a volumizing mousse to add body and dimension.

#4: Piecey Blonde Side-Parted Hairstyle

This short, textured blonde hairstyle with a side part is ideal for women in their 60s aiming for a chic, sophisticated look. The side part adds a touch of grace, and the playful textured layers give a youthful, modern feel. This style suits hair that is showing signs of aging. To style, apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair, focusing on the roots for extra lift. Blow-dry your hair with a round brush, directing the hair away from your face to achieve a sleek and polished look. Finish off with a light hairspray to hold the style in place.

#5: Visible Layers on a Short Copper Bob

Are you looking to spice up your hairstyle in your golden years? Consider visible layers on a short copper bob, as it’s a perfect choice. The advantage of this sleek look is that it offers a polished appearance. The layers provide dimension to the hair, giving it the perfect balance. This cut works best for ladies with straight or slightly wavy hair. To style, use a volumizing spray at the roots and blow-dry with a round brush for a smooth finish. Use a spray and run your fingers through your hair to create a tousled look for added texture.

#6: Light Brown Swing Bob

When you are in your 60s, the last thing you want is to feel outdated. Try a swing bob with some longer lengths through the temple area. When your aging hair feels dull, try a glossing treatment. Add sweeping bangs that lift away from the face for an uplifting effect. Spray with hairspray to lock it in place.

#7: Jaw-Length Silver Bob with Bottleneck Bangs

A jaw-length silver short bob with bottleneck bangs is a great hairstyle for ladies over 60. It’s modern and stylish yet still age-appropriate. Ask your stylist to do some texturizing to your hair. This will give you volume and movement. Adding bottleneck bangs is beneficial for camouflaging any wrinkles. Plus, they create softness around your face.

Short Tapered Bob Cut for Ladies 60 and Over
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#8: Short Tapered Bob Cut

A graduated shape builds weight in your hair, giving it that rounded shape. It’s perfect for finer hair to give the illusion of thickness. Drying with a round brush will help the shape to fill correctly. Make sure to ask for the hairline to remain natural. This means not cutting above the natural line to maintain softness.

#9: Classic Bob with Layers

Hair grows naturally out of shape, so remember to maintain your aging hair. It can be a classic bob with layers or other styles that suit your features. Your stylist can create feathered layers using a razor. Or, texturize it with thinning shears. If you’re in it for the fun, this short hair fitting can be versatile.

#10: Younger-Looking Pixie Bob

A younger-looking pixie bob is sleek and timeless. Remember to make appointments every 4 weeks to maintain a pixie. Keep in mind hair texture, density, and neckline when considering a pixie cut.

Chic Bob Hairstyle for Ladies Over 60
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#11: Chic Bob Hairstyle

Timeless yet modern, a chic bob hairstyle is an age-defying haircut for anyone who wants elegance and ease in their daily styling routine. The cheekbone-grazing length and full fringe, paired with a splash of high contrast color, make this modish bob haircut stand out among the crowd. Easily customizable to suit every face shape and hair density, bobs are the perfect style for women looking for something fashionable and low-maintenance.

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Salt-and-Pepper Bob for Coarse Hair for a Woman in her 60s
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#12: Salt-and-Pepper Bob for Coarse Hair

A salt-and-pepper bob for coarse hair is best when kept slightly longer, between chin and shoulder length. A bob cut for sixty-year-olds is simple and low-maintenance. With naturally curly hair, a curl cream is essential to create a simple and easy style.

#13: Feathered Bob with Wispy Bangs

A feathered bob with wispy bangs gives tons of movement in volume to a regular bob. Bob cuts are an excellent choice for a woman in her 60s, as they create youthfulness, and the bob is always timeless.

#14: Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

An edgy asymmetrical bob is extra sassy for a woman 60 and over. Depending on hair texture, some short styles require styling daily to create the right style. Consider this when deciding which type of short haircut works best for you and your lifestyle.

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Extra Short French Bob for women over 60 with Glasses
Instagram @0uzelous

#15: Extra Short French Bob with Glasses

An extra short French bob with glasses works best for longer, oval-shaped faces. When wearing glasses with a short haircut, avoid cutting the bangs to where they hit right at the glasses. Keep the cut slightly above or below the frames of the glasses to avoid interference with the hair.

Classic Bob with Fringe for Women Passed Sixty
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#16: Chin-Length Classic Bob with Fringe

A classic short bob with a fringe is the perfect short hairstyle for older women. A sleek, rounded, short hairstyle with soft stacking and facial fringe creates the classic bob. Maintenance for a short style is every 5 weeks.

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#17: Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers

A shaggy bob with choppy layers works wonders for women with larger foreheads, as the fringe helps to cover it. Short bob hairstyles, especially a shag, work well for women with naturally textured hair as they can do minimal styling to create the look.

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#18: Rounded Bob

A short, rounded bob that sits right at the chin is a great length to look 10 years younger. Rounding a bob out rather than having a more blunt cut creates a softness within the cut and gives off nice movement.

Short Bob Crop for Women Over Sixty
Instagram @noomelie

#19: Short Bob Crop

A short bob crop works great for women with extra thick hair. A bob hairstyle with tons of stacking in the back makes for lots of volume at the crown of the head. Keeping an angle in the hair still keeps the illusion of longer hair in the front while keeping the hair off the nape of the neck.

#20: Face-Framing Layered Bob Cut

A face-framing layered short bob cut is the perfect way to portray youthfulness in a cut. Adding soft layers and allowing the hair to fall toward the face helps to slenderize a wider, more rounded facial shape.

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#21: Very Short Pixie Bob

A very short pixie bob is a smart and classic style choice. The longer layers keep your hair looking thicker and make for a fairly mistake-proof finish. Blow dry straight with a medium round brush, and don’t forget to add a product for volume to your wet hair. Bob hairstyles must be shaped every 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

#22: Short Angled Bob Haircut

Try a short angled bob hair cut and enjoy a modern new shape. Ask your stylist to stack up the back, and you’ll add an interesting dimension to your bob. Short cuts are easy to blow dry with a round brush, giving you a sharper image. A woman in her sixties with a round face shape can rock this cut. An angled bob needs to be trimmed about every 5-6 weeks.

Curly Bob for Thick Hair and Women Past 60
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#23: Curly Bob for Thick Hair

Consider a curly bob for thick hair and perk up your ringlets. Longer hair can drag down your waves. Why not bring up the length and add a bit of layer for a more complementary shape and a younger-looking you? Make sure you add some curl amplifier to keep your hair looking healthy and combat frizz. Bob haircuts on curly hair are a fabulous choice for all face shapes.

#24: A-Line Bob Cut

A short A-line bob cut is like a normal bob on steroids. The short to long shape cuts look trendy. A-lines also make the neck appear longer and more graceful. This one-length style looks best on rounder face shapes unless your hair is curly and adds width to your cut. A bob style is fairly low-maintenance and should be shaped every 6 weeks.

#25: Short Layered Bob

A short layered bob hair style is a super versatile hairstyle. Ladies with narrow face shapes will want to sweep the hair away from your face, and women with round face shapes can bring the hair forward. This shape can be blow-dried and left straight or curled with an iron. Update your style and make your 60-year-old self look younger. Don’t hesitate. This style looks great on everyone.

#26: Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A bob with side-swept bangs creates a stunning look with the draping front pushed off to the side. Add shaggy layers to achieve a wispy look and a tousled finish. If you have a bit of body in your hair, this style can be air-dried for a simple finish. Don’t worry; straight-haired ladies can add messy curls with an iron. I recommend creating a not-too-perfect curl with short haircuts for a quick and stylish finish.

Grey Bob for Fine Hair for Ladies in Their 60s
Instagram @matt4freddies

#27: Grey Bob for Fine Hair

A grey bob for fine hair is an excellent choice for women in their 60s who want a sleek and stylish hairstyle. Ask your stylist to leave your hair one length, and you’ll have a wash-and-go shape. A bit of graduation in the nape area is a great idea to add dimension. Grey-haired ladies can also benefit from an anti-yellowing shampoo to keep their hair looking beautiful.

Voluminous Bob for Thinning Hair for Women in Their 60s
Instagram @hair_by_pedro

#28: Voluminous Bob for Thinning Hair

Consider a voluminous bob for thinning hair and plump it up. Longer layers and a sweeping fringe can hide weak areas, especially around the hairline, where most women lose hair as they age. Volumizing products such as the Volume Injection line from Redken can help give you the illusion of thicker hair. Some highlights are recommended for 60-year-olds who want to hide grey and create more body.

Short Bob for Thin Hair for Ladies Past 60
Instagram @wellahairuki

#29: Short Bob for Thin Hair

Choose a short bob for thin hair for its classic and simplistic shape. Shorter hairstyles make thinning hair appear thicker and easier to style. Play around with the part if your hair around the hairline is thinning. Moving the part to the opposite side can help hide hairline imperfections. Blow-dry with a round brush in sections, working upward to achieve the most volume.

#30: Wash-and-Wear Bob with Bangs

Choose a wash-and-wear bob with bangs; you’ll be ready in minutes. Short hairstyles are easier to style than long hair, and add some layering for a lived-in finish that is effortless to achieve. Straight hair or a curly layered bob will work on you. The layers create a perfectly imperfect, messy style, and you don’t have to be a pro to recreate—blow-dry with your hands and some gel, tousling your hair.

#31: Bobbed Hair with Feathery Layers

You’ll want to try bobbed hair with feathery layers as your new soft style. Long layers brushed backward give this shape its beautiful silhouette. To recreate, blow-dry everything under except for the top layer. Blow-dry the top layer with a medium metal barrel round brush backward. Short bobs work well on most hair textures and are a great style choice.

Low-Maintenance Wavy Bob for Women Passed 60
Instagram @babydollhair

#32: Low-Maintenance Wavy Bob

Try a low-maintenance wavy bob, and you’ll be glad you did. Ask your stylist to lob off that length anywhere from the chin to the shoulder, and your hair will look thicker and healthier. You’ll want to ensure the length isn’t any longer than the shoulder, or it will flip out instead of going under. This easy-care short haircut can be air-dried or blown out, but the finish doesn’t have to be perfect. A little messiness adds interest and texture to a trending shape. As an added benefit, a bob must only be trimmed about every 6-7 weeks.

Short bobs for 60-year-old women are all about pairing this classic style with modern cutting techniques to give it a trendy and volume-boosting look.

The versatility of short bobs is wide-ranging. Senior Cutting & Blonding and Extension Specialist Emily Patrick further explains what makes it popular in all age ranges.

“It complements all outfits, and it can go from day to night in minutes,” Cornell mentions. “You can even wear it straight or textured, adding bangs and colors for extra interest. Feel free to use interior layers and slight angles to flatter your features!”

Cornell warns that one’s neck length can make or break the chop. A longer neckline helps shape and create a beautiful silhouette of the hair. Otherwise, a shorter neck length may cause the hair to flip out once it touches the shoulders.

There’s one thing to consider before sporting a bob—your lifestyle.

A short cut like this goes through awkward grow-out periods. Cornell suggests coming in every 6-8 weeks to keep the locks healthy and in shape.

Everyday styling is also a must. “It’s a cut you can’t hide in a pony or a topknot, so it needs freshening up each morning,” Cornell points out.

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