35 Modern and Youthful Short Bob Haircuts For Women Over 50

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short bob haircuts for women over 50 range from ear to neck length, creating chic and timeless styles. Jay Yeung is a hair artist from Hong Kong who shares his notions and tips on this look.

“The biggest benefit of a bob is it can improve women’s sense of style, plus it makes them look and feel young,” says Yeung. And because most women keep their hair long, cutting it short will make you appear unique.

Yeung suggests that when choosing a cut, choose one that matches your hair color. It’ll add more movement and dimension to a bob cut. “A light-colored bob, for instance, will give you a visually young and fresh feeling,” he adds.

Are you planning to change your everyday look? Here is the photo collection of the trendy short bob haircuts for women over 50!

Short Sharply Angled Bob for 50-year-old Women with Thin Hair
Instagram @albenasth

#1: Sharply Angled Bob for Thin Hair

Use a sharply angled bob style if you have thin hair. For a bob on thin hair, my suggestion is to ensure fullness by having a blunt perimeter. A sharp angle in your bob cut can add a bold and confident style. Your style is enhanced by integrating a bold shake with the blunt perimeter, resulting in a beautiful cut.

#2: Sleek Asymmetrical Bob

A sleek asymmetrical bob is such an easy haircut to style. Use a round brush when blow-drying to add volume. Then use a flat iron over any areas needing extra smoothing. You can’t go wrong with short, sleek, modern bob hairstyles for over 50. It’s great for all hair types.

#3: Short Blonde Bob with Flicked-Out Ends

Sometimes, hair can start to thin out a bit as you age into your 50s. This thinning can affect finer and thinned hair textures, accompanied by changes as we age. Combat the thinning and finer texture of hair by using a blunt perimeter, which gives maximum fullness, and add graduated layers for more fullness in the layers.

#4: Brushed Back Smooth Short Bob

If you are older, avoid hiding under your hair since it can make you look tired. Instead, try wearing your hair a bit shorter and smoother. Keep hair away from your face for a fresher look.

#5: Asymmetric and Side Parted Blonde Bob

If you’re seeking a modern style for your maturing hair, consider an asymmetric bob. This style, when worn with a deep side part, can look edgy but still polished. To add a little more flair, tuck the shorter side of your cut behind the ear. Maintain a long fringe area for a distinct look on each side.

Short Feathered Bob with Silver Balayage for Ladies Aged 50
Instagram @romeufelipe

#6: Feathered Bob with Silver Balayage

If you are over 50 and desire an attractive and classy look, think about a feathered bob with silver balayage. Your hair will have more depth with blonde balayage streaks and this enhances your entire look. Adding curls to your style increases the volume of your hair. This look will definitely turn heads!

#7: Short Jaw-Length Blonde Bob

If you want to look younger, consider a short, jaw-length, blonde bob. As we age, shorter hair perks up sagging features, providing an optical facelift. A bob-length style can give you a fashionable look. Blonde highlights can soften your complexion and help cover grey hair. Request long layers and a tapered nape. Then, use a medium round brush to blow dry for the best effect.

#8: Jaw-Length Bob with Crown Volume

A jaw-length bob with crown volume can give you a stylish, youthful appearance, mainly for women over 50. This haircut strikes the right note between elegance and a modern vibe. The length of this bob hits just at the jawline framing the face attractively. The volume at the crown, a key feature of the style, boosts the overall look impressively, offering a hint of sophistication. The ample volume provided at the crown makes a balanced and proportionate look possible for those having thin, fine hair. Regular dusting trims are necessary for maintaining this haircut and keeping the ends crisp and neat.

#9: Short and Stylish with Graduation

A short, stylish bob with graduation is a versatile hairstyle. It can freshen up your look while maintaining a sophisticated appeal, making it an excellent choice for ladies aged 50. This haircut boasts shorter layers at the back and longer layers towards the front. The layering pattern adds a flattering shape, boosts volume at the crown, and frames the face. The graduated bob suits women with medium to thick hair best. It helps to remove excess weight from the hair while adding movement to the style. A light hair spray might be useful to keep the style intact all day.

Short A-Line Bob with Balayage for Ladies Aged 50
Instagram @nacirsomera

#10: Short A-Line Bob with Balayage

Consider a short A-Line bob haircut enhanced with a balayage. To achieve a fuller look in a bob for over 50, opt for a slight graduation. This gives a rounded full shape. Adding dimensional balayage offers texture, and if you are beginning to notice greys, it helps to blend them in.

#11: Bleached Blonde Bob with Choppy Layers

Rock a fresh and stylish short bleached blonde bob with choppy layers to add a modern and youthful vibe to your look. This haircut is perfect for women aged 50 and above who want to embrace a fun and trendy hairstyle while maintaining a charming image. The choppy layers create texture and movement, adding volume and dimension to the hair. This versatile cut can be styled in various ways, from sleek and polished to tousled and effortless. Remember to start with clean, dry hair for styling and then apply a styling product, like texturizing spray or mousse, to make layers stand out.

#12: Face-Framing Jet-Black Bob with Choppy Fringe

If you want a bold everyday look, I suggest a face-framing bob with a choppy fringe. The dark color of the bob accents its sharp straight edges. Try using a shine spray to enhance the look of your hairstyle.

#13: Blunt Jaw-Length Blonde Bob

This blunt jaw-length bob is a stylish and youthful choice for women aged fifty and above. This bob’s clean lines and uniform length create a sleek and polished look. The blunt ends give the haircut a modern edge, while the jaw length adds a flattering frame to the face. To style, you could blow-dry with a round brush for a smooth finish or use a straightening iron for a sleeker look.

Short Sweet Golden Bob for Ladies Aged 50
Instagram @tikadi_tb

#14: Sweet Golden Bob

I highly recommend this golden color for your bob if you prefer a more natural blonde tone! The overall tone gives a soft and reflective look. Ask for the best heat-protectant products at home to style your hair. I also recommend a good flat iron to keep it smooth and chic.

#15: Blended Highlights on a Short Bob

This short bob hair style with blended highlights is a great go-to! It’s for women looking for a color and cut that’s easy to maintain and style. The blend of the highlights will help make you grow soft and diffused. Having the back of the cut shaped this way will ease unwanted bulk and give you a chic and feminine look. My recommendation would be to talk with your stylist beforehand. It’s the only way to ensure your texture will work with this look.

Short Bob with a Hint of Violet for Women in their 50s with aging hair
Instagram @jcamphair

#16: Short Bob with a Hint of Violet

For women in their 50s with aging hair, a short bob with a hint of violet can be a great option. It will let you achieve a youthful and trendy look. The bob will add volume to thinning hair, and the hint of violet will excite the style. The bob’s length should align with the jawline. This style will flatter any face shape. Adding layers will help give the texture and movement of your locks.

#17: Triangle-Shaped Short Bob

A triangle-shaped short bob is a great option for ladies over 50 who want a stylish cut. The cut has longer layers at the front, while the back is shorter and tapered, forming a triangle shape. The tousled texture adds dimension and creates a fun, playful look. This cut is perfect for those who spend less time styling. To style, apply a volumizing mousse or sea salt spray to damp hair, scrunch, and air dry or diffuse for added texture. With the right styling, this cut flatters all face shapes and can make you feel like a brand-new woman.

Wispy Fringe on a Short Bob for a Lady Over 50
Instagram @parrucchieri.insolito

#18: Wispy Fringe on a Short Bob

Are you looking to upgrade your traditional bob? A wispy fringe on a short bob may be your perfect style. Bangs can be a great way to give style to your aging hair. Wear your hair with sleekness to give it a sophisticated look.

Tousled Short Bob Cut for Ladies 50 and Over
Instagram @laur.patt.hair

#19: Tousled Short Bob Cut

One of the best ways to enjoy a short cut is to switch up the styles, for example, from a smooth to a tousled bob. Get comfortable with a variety of tools to expand your styling range. This style can be achieved with a 1″-1 1/2″ curling wand or iron wrapping in an alternating direction. Once the style has cooled down, you can rake through the curls for lived-in wear.

#20: Auburn Bob with Short Layers and Bangs

An auburn bob with short layers and bangs is a fabulous style choice. Your aging hair will thank you for the transforming layers that get rid of frizzy ends. You’ll look younger with a cute bang, camouflaging wrinkles on your forehead. An auburn color will accent a messy bob shape perfectly.

#21: Long A-Line Bob on Straight Hair

If your style is glam, you must add a long a-line bob on straight hair to your aesthetic. This classic short bob hairstyle will make any woman feel like Donatella Versace, as it’s so fabulous!

#22: Short Layered Bob with Wispy Bangs

A simple style, a short-layered bob with wispy bangs, is a timeless choice! A layered bob for older ladies in their 50s with a fringe helps conceal your age and adds a youthful touch to your look.

#23: Wash-and-Wear Grey Bob with Bangs

If you are a wash-and-wear woman, you may love this grey bob with bangs! The pioneer of the short bob style, a round bob typically consists of aggressive graduated layers or undercuts to maintain that tight silhouette, which cuts down on your style time, making it a good option for busy women.

#24: Blunt Bob Cut with Full Bangs for Older Ladies

For older ladies that don’t have or have lost their hair thickness, a blunt bob cut with full bangs is a great way to trick the eyes for fuller-looking hair! Short bob cuts for older women on the thinner side, a blunt cut with bangs will keep the hair falling to the same length, aiding in the look of density.

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#25: Long Inverted Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

Try a long inverted bob with bangs for thin hair if your hair needs a little pick-me-up. A long inverted bob is a great variation of a layered bob for women over 50 with thin hair because the layering helps add volume which gives the illusion of more density. Keeping length in the front lets you easily create a frame to compliment any face shape.

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#26: Chin-Length Bob Cut with Short Side Bangs

A classic go-to is a chin-length bob cut with short side bangs. A suitable option for anyone with a petite face or jawline, a short bob with a fringe for older ladies will add balance to the lower half of the face, while the fringe helps conceal fine lines.

#27: Ear-Length Pixie Bob with Tapered Nape

If you’re transitioning to shorter cuts or need an in-between option when growing, an ear-length pixie bob with a tapered nape is a staple. This layered bob for older women to the next level by adding the edge of a tapered back for a trendy, short hairstyle.

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#28: Neck-Length Angled Bob with Choppy Ends

For ladies with fine hair that want a lot of movement, a neck-length angled bob with choppy ends is what you need! A short bob cut on fine hair can easily compress and lack texture, and adding those razored-out layers break up the shape and aid in texture and body.

Soft Shaggy Bob with Layers for 50-Year-Olds with Thick Hair
Instagram @felix.lynn

#29: Soft Shaggy Bob with Layers for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, having a soft shaggy bob with layers is a great way to add shape and definition to your style! Short bob hairstyles for women over 50 can still be fun and trendy while still age-appropriate. The bouncy layers help maintain the thickness of the hair by not making this cut look too bulbous.

#30: Short Curly Bob for Round Faces

If you are a woman with a round face, a short, curly bob may be an option for you! A round face shape tends to lack prominent facial structure, and curly bobs for women over 50 will build more definition and shape to help balance your features.

#31: Jaw-Length Graduated Bob

A classic style is a jaw-length graduated bob. Bobbed hair is always in style when it comes to short cuts, and depending on your texture will result in its unique shape! This length flatters petite face frames the most, but the angle to the front length can help balance out all face shapes.

90s French Bob with a Fringe for Women Over Fifty
Instagram @lanagillman

#32: 90s French Bob with a Fringe

A 90s French bob with a fringe creates the perfect face frame for women over 50. A common concern with older women is limp or lifeless hair, so a short bob with bangs for older ladies is a great go-to for youthful bounce and shape. A fringe can also be a great way to frame and accentuate any face shape.

Asymmetrical Bob for Older Women Past 50 with Glasses
Instagram @salonintempore

#33: Asymmetrical Bob for Older Women with Glasses

An asymmetrical bob is ideal for older women with glasses who want a fun hairdo to accentuate any face shape. Short haircuts are great for women over 50 because they are easy to maintain and style no matter what stage the hair is at health-wise.

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Short Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs for Ladies Over 50
Instagram @sinemyhair_pro

#34: Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs

Keeping your shape fun and youthful is easily pulled off with a wavy bob with straight bangs! Short bob haircuts with bangs for older ladies are the solution to concealing fine lines or wrinkles without going to your local med spa.

Low-Maintenance Short Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers for 50-Year-Olds
Instagram @atosastyles

#35: Low-Maintenance Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers

A low-maintenance stacked bob with wispy layers creates movement and texture. The texture is important with short bobs for women over 50 because it can become limp as the hair ages. Volume powder is a great way to add long-lasting volume.