33 Gorgeous Short Bobs for Older Women with Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Trendy short bobs for older women can be cut at the jawline, on or above the ears, or at times paired with bangs. It’s a dainty cut that’s full of grace, offering an elegant flair and rejuvenating women who want to look half their age.

According to Victoria Burkert, a hairdresser from North Lakes, Queensland, short bob haircuts should be tapered longer in the front. She adds, “The texture of this cut is pin-straight and usually styled with a precise part or blunt bangs.”

Burkert points out the added effort and time needed when handling short hairstyles over a certain age. “You have to put extra effort in styling and maintaining this cut,” she says. “With this cut, you also have to face the difficulty of having limited styling options.”

Chopping your hair short keeps your hair healthier as it grows. “Short hair cuts have more volume and less shedding, and they aren’t as weighed down as much as long hair,” she notes.

Before your next salon visit, scroll through our slideshow below and check out these popular photos of short bobs for older women.


#1: Beautiful Coppery Tousled Bob

Warm up with a lovely, tousled copper bob. A tousled bob gives a full, voluminous look without appearing overly styled. Copper hues are beautiful, reflecting light for a dynamic movement and a sense of volume. Discuss with your stylist how to keep your copper color fresh and bright. Consider the time between toner or color appointments. Washing with color-depositing shampoo will keep your hair beautiful. You can use Fire Opal from the Celeb Luxury GemLites range for red copper or Tourmaline for golden copper.

Short Bob for Older Women with Fine Hair

#2 Short Bob for Fine Hair

This short bob for older women with fine hair features a sleek, chin-length cut with soft layers that add volume and movement. The blush blonde color provides warmth and a modern touch, making it an elegant and easy-to-maintain style. Ideal for straight, fine hair, this cut beautifully frames the face, offering a youthful and polished appearance.

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Short French Bob with Bangs
Instagram @jet.trevino

#3: Short French Bob with Bangs

A short French bob with bangs is a perfect wash-and-wear cut that flatters older women. It has seamlessly blended layers that create a voluminous bounce.

Sassy Short Bob with Silver and Ash Blonde Highlights Hairstyle

#4 Sassy Silver Bob with Ash Blonde Accents

This sassy silver bob offers a fresh take on gray hair, accentuated with ash blonde highlights that add a lively twist to the classic bob. Perfect for a straight to wavy hair type, the medium density of the hair is enhanced with soft layers, creating a voluminous yet manageable shape. This cut’s effortless curl under provides a bounce that’s both playful and polished.

Feathery Short Bob with Side Bangs on Older Ladies
Instagram @rhandy_art

#5: Feathery Short Bob with Side Bangs

To alter your current bob’s style, try a feathery look with side bangs. The airy layers of side bangs boost volume, providing a youthful look. Women’s bob haircuts are versatile, suiting many lengths. Choose the best length based on your hair texture and density.

Mature Swing Bob for Older Ladies
Instagram @thiagocoiffeur

#6: Mature Swing Bob

The swing bob lends a nod to the original Sassoon bob, but with more movement. When it comes to cutting your hair into a bob, your stylist will take in to account the thickness and texture of your hair and layering that will suit the shape you desire. Styling will be easy to moderate, it’s best to use a blow dryer and round brush to add lift and shine. Be prepared for many compliments on your new haircut!

80s Vintage Voluminous Layered Short Cut for Blonde Hair
Instagram @mehrart21

#7: Voluminous Layered Short Hair

This 80s-inspired layered short hair is a great option if you’re looking for ultimate texture and volume! This cut would be best on fine hair. I would also recommend a volume mousse and strong hairspray for styling this look!

Grey Blended Short Bob with a Side Part for an Old Lady
Instagram @agape_hair

#8: Grey Blended Short Bob with a Side Part

The grey short bob with a side part is a beautiful and chic hairstyle that will make you feel 10 years younger. All you need is some babylights and lowlights to enhance your natural salt and pepper color. My best advice is to opt for a warm golden toner.

Very Short Bob with Bangs for Older Women
Instagram @chicatanyage

#9: Very Short Bob with Bangs

A very short bob style with bangs is easy to maintain and style. Adding fringe to a short bob is a stylish way to help cover unwanted facial wrinkles.

Chin-Length Bob for Mature Women
Instagram @elsedidmyhair

#10: Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length bob for mature women is an excellent cut to create fullness and give lots of body to the hair. A soft forward sweeping angle helps frame the face and offer more bounce. Short haircuts like a bob do not require much styling maintenance. Trims are done every 5-6 weeks to keep the shape of this cut.

Salt and Pepper Bob for Older Women with Thick Hair
Instagram @hair_by_ae

#11: Salt and Pepper Bob for Thick Hair

A salt and pepper bob for thick hair is perfect for embracing your natural silver hair. A short bob hairstyle will keep your hair looking stylish. If you’re a woman who is always on the move, this haircut is for you. This cut is hassle-free since it’s easy to style and maintain.

#12: Short Tapered Bob for Wavy Hair

A short bob for older ladies is pretty common, but tapering it makes it one of the most youthful haircuts. If you have lots of grey hair and you’re looking for coverage, consider a beautiful dark auburn balayage.

Youthful Short Bob for Curly Hair
Instagram @svetablagosvet

#13: Youthful Short Bob for Curly Hair

A youthful short bob for curly hair is a great way to accentuate natural curly tresses. When considering a short curly bob style, don’t forget to consider a slightly longer length to accommodate the natural bounce of the curls. You do not want it to be cut too short, so ask your stylist for a long bob. A curl cream and a diffuser are must-haves to create the perfect, natural-looking curls.

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#14: Short Bob Cut for Women Over 70

A short bob cut for women over 70 perfectly frames the face and allows you to embrace a youthful appearance. A classy graduated bob lays right along the shoulders while adding fringe, helping diminish a large forehead. Short bob hairstyles work great for any age and essentially any hair type. The length and layering of this cut are customizable for any woman’s hair.

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#15: Short Pixie Bob with Bangs

A short pixie bob with bangs for old ladies is a cut that adds the illusion of thickness and texture to fine, thinning hair. Short, choppy layers create height in the crown of the head. A thickening spray and a root lifting spray give a short pixie cut bob an extra layer of volume.

#16: Inverted Bob + Short Hairstyle

An inverted bob short hairstyle is ideal for women who want to maintain some length towards their face, without hair on their neck. Slight graduation in the nape helps round the cut-out shape, causing the hair to lay gracefully. Before choosing this cut or any short hair styles, consider the shape of your hairline, especially on how your hair grows at the nape area.

#17: Short Layered Bob Haircut

A short layered bob haircut helps lift the hair, giving an extra layer of volume. Short, wispy layers make styling a short hairstyle quick and easy. Four-week cut appointments are mandatory to keep the shape and style of this cut.

#18: Younger-Looking Inverted Bob

A younger-looking inverted bob is sleek and sophisticated while giving a youthful-looking glow. Removing bulk toward the perimeter of the hair helps to make the hair lay down nicer and not create a triangle shape. A sharp, blunt perimeter with subtle stacking in the layers creates a timeless bob profile.

Textured Bob for Older Women with Glasses
Instagram @cosmobylala

#19: Textured Bob for Women with Glasses

A textured bob for older women with glasses accentuates the face and gives spectacles the recognition they deserve. When wearing glasses, it’s vital to get a cut that doesn’t interfere with the lenses and frames in any way. Wispy face-framing layers that are styled and swept-back are the best way to style hair around glasses.

#20: Classic Bob

A classic bob for older ladies gives off a younger appearance and is easy to style and maintain. Layers and side fringe help the hairstyle lay smoothly back and off the face. These hairstyles are versatile and tend to show off and frame the face.

#21: Short Bob with Feathered Layers

A short bob with feathered layers gives the hair added height, movement, and soft texture. Cutting hair with a razor gives piece-y layers that appear wispy and light. A lightweight texture cream is a good investment for a short style. Blow drying the hair with a round brush gives the most lift.

#22: Rounded Bob

A rounded bob gives the perfect shape and profile for a short bob haircut. Short stacked layers throughout the hair create added fullness and lift. A texture spray is a product to use to achieve a tousled, textured look.

#23: Gray Short Bob

A gray short bob is an elegant and age-appropriate style. Graying hair tends to change texture, so opting for a sleek, soft bob will help create volume and dimension on your tresses. When blowdrying, use hair mousse as a styling agent, then use a large round brush to add fullness and volume to your bob.

Grey Graduated Bob Cut
Instagram @lms__hair

#24: Grey Graduated Bob Cut

A grey graduated bob cut is classic and chic. A graduated bob haircut is shorter in the back and longer in the front, adding fullness and texture to your haircut. Consider adding blonde baby light highlights to accentuate the textured cut, add dimension, and illuminate your greying hair.

#25: Angled Bob

An angled bob for mature ladies has a few layers, most often located at the bottom. A short cut can be styled curly or straight, suit many face shapes, and offers easy upkeep.

#26: Bob for Women with Short Hair

A blunt bob for women with short hair consists of minimal to no layers and a precise cut. These haircuts are stylish, offer several styling options, and suit many face shapes and hair textures like straight hair.

#27: Layered Bob for Women Over 50

A layered bob for women over 50 offers easy maintenance and style. For ladies with thin hair, a short bob style with several choppy layers is a good choice. It creates added texture and dimension.

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Short Pixie Bob for Older Women
Instagram @beauty.bydama

#28: Short Pixie Bob

Like a long pixie bob, a short pixie bob has many styling options, and they are all fun to wear. Older ladies who want easy upkeep and a short bob cut should ask for a shorter back with longer face-framing, choppy layers. For an edgier style, have one side shorter than the other.

#29: Stacked Bob

Opt for a stacked bob because it’s a popular haircut that never goes out of style. Short bob cuts have several seamless layers with a shorter back. A stacked bob is suitable for ladies of all ages and all face shapes.

Feathered Bob Cut for Women Over 40
Instagram @kawaimi_

#30: Feathered Bob for Women Over 40

A feathered bob for women over 40 is synonymous with soft, airy layers, but it can be edgy too. A feathered, short haircut is perfect for ladies with thick tresses as all the layers create a beautiful, light feathery style.

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#31: Blonde Bob for Ladies Over 60

A blonde bob for women over 60 is a go-to look for a youthful-looking glow! If you have natural grey tresses that you want to hide, don’t worry, this hairstyle will do you wonders! Blonde hair highlights will blend perfectly with your natural hair. Short bob styles are very trendy and will make you feel younger than ever.

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#32: Flattering Jaw-Length Bob

A flattering jaw-length bob works well for women with more slender face shapes like an oval or heart shape. Slight stacking and soft layers around the face create youthful hairstyles.

Chin-Length Bob Hairstyle for Mature Women
Instagram @elsedidmyhair

#33: Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length bob is an excellent cut to create fullness and give lots of body to the white hair. A soft forward sweeping angle helps frame the face and offer more bounce. Short haircuts like a bob do not require much styling maintenance. Trims are done every 5-6 weeks to keep the shape of this cut.