The Shattered Bob Is The Haircut to Try in 2024 & Here Are 25 Perfect Examples

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Shattered Wavy Bob with French Bangs

Imagine a hairstyle that pairs a wavy bob, full of lively movement, with chic French bangs. Add more than beauty to your hair by infusing it with a stunning color. This not only lends depth and dimension but, paired with textured ends and cute bangs, creates a standout style. For those with medium to fine hair, this style adds movement and body. It gives texture to the ends without adding bulk. The French bang feature frames your eyes elegantly. It blends well into a side curtain aspect for additional framing. This style works well with many face shapes and hair textures.

#2: Textured Bob Cut with Tousled Style

Achieve a lived-in look by styling a textured bob with a tousled style. A soft, tousled bob has ample movement that complements your hair’s natural texture. A bob haircut requires minimal maintenance and, when styled with texture paste, achieves a pleasing, messy, tousled look.

Bob Cut with Short Blonde Waves with Deep Side Part and Shattered Layers
Instagram @hairby__lizzie

#3: Short Blonde Waves with Deep Side Part

Increase the volume of your short, wavy, blonde hair with a deep side part. You can adjust this part depending on the volume you desire for your hair. Remember: the deeper you make your side part, the more volume your hair will have. Using a dry texture spray will provide your hairstyle with extra hold and definition.

Heavily-Layered Medium Shattered Bob with Subtle Highlights and Light Bangs
Instagram @exotismos

#4: Heavily-Layered Medium Bob with Subtle Highlights

A heavily-layered medium bob with subtle highlights is showstopping. Girls with extra thick hair will benefit from a bob with shattered layers. A razor is a tool to lighten thick hair by removing some weight. If you want to show a lighter side to your hair, try a soft bang cut with a razor. These slight bangs reduce the bulkiness of your hair and unify the style. This hairstyle complements your natural wave with its lightness and shattered ends.

Short Shattered Layers and Beach Waves for a Bob Cut
Instagram @roseandblades_

#5: Short Layers and Beach Waves

A great way to enhance natural wavy hair is with a lovely layered bob. For an extra beachy look, use a textured cut with a razor. This technique shatters the ends, providing movement and natural lift to release the wavy texture. Layers that are shorter at the crown add volume and blend well with a side-swept fringe.

Shoulder-Length Shattered Bob with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @hairby_katya

#6: Shoulder-Length Bob with Curtain Fringe

Applying a blunt perimeter with texture-sliced mid-layers will give finer hair a distinct shape. It will also add body and movement to the slight layer. To complement this, a muted blonde hair color engages winter tones. It provides a golden beige gloss and a rooted look.

#7: Soft Tousled Bob with Face Frame

A longer shattered bob suits women with round faces. Light face framing draws attention to the eyes, softens features, and maintains the face shape. End texturizing gives medium to thick hair the movement to look both soft and full.

#8: Short Blonde Hair with Choppy Ends

The hairstyle is short and blonde with choppy ends. To make a flawless bob cut for medium to thick hairstyles, trim the edges with a sharp razor. This method gives a sharp texture at the ends and creates movement and a piece-like style with some internal layers. Enhance this look by adding waves and alternating the direction of your curls. This prevents them from blending together and instead makes them separate, adding more movement.

Voluminous Side-Swept Textured Shattered Bob Short Hair
Instagram @angelo.baiunco

#9: Voluminous Side-Swept Textured Short Hair

Ask for a voluminous, side-swept, textured, short hairstyle. If long hair is weighing you down, I suggest chopping it into a bob that sits in the middle of your neck. Opt for a shattered bob to remove extra weight and give your hair some lift. I suggest a deep side part to add body to finer textures. This style also nicely suits round and oval face shapes.

Shattered Layered Wavy Bob with Side Bangs for Older Ladies
Instagram @looksbylissa_salon109

#10: Layered Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

This style works well for those with natural curls and those who like to add in curls using styling tools. A textured bob complements these curls by adding movement and body. Incorporating a side bang can provide additional definition to your face. This style is flattering on all face shapes, but particularly on long, round, square, and pear ones.

#11: Chin-Length Bob with Tousled Waves

One can achieve a natural texture look by using a razor to carve waves into a bob. The razor enables the removal of excess hair. This allows the natural lift, bends, and curls in your hair. Use a natural texture spray, such as Hairstory Undress, to add volume and achieve soft, touchable curls.

Shattered Long Bob with Middle Part and Money Piece
Instagram @hairbyjenncren

#12: Shattered Long Bob with Middle Part

This long bob with a middle part has a shattered look. The cut’s great color gets a boost from the shattered texture at the ends. Slicing the ends with a razor, shears, or texturizing gives movement and a pieced-out shape. This style enhances medium fine textures, adding body and reducing weight in one cut.

#13: Wavy Red Lob with Wispy Bangs

A wavy red cut with wispy bangs is a face-framing textured lob. This style sits at the shoulder and is beautiful for those with heart, oval, and long face shapes. You can bring out your natural wave with the textured bob. Frame the face with wispy bangs and side tendrils. To enhance the beachy wave effect in your bob, I suggest using Undressed by Hairstory.

Shattered Wavy Bronde Long Bob
Instagram @cqsalon

#14: Shattered Wavy Bronde Bob

This shattered textured bob is a great option for those who have finer yet dense hair. For a shoulder-length style, maintain a full shape. Texturing the ends can reduce its potential for bulkiness. Razors and texture shears are ideal tools for achieving this style. Pair this haircut with a sunny bronde tone for added depth.

Low-Maintenance Brunette Short Bob with Shattered Ends
Instagram @yewonj_hair

#15: Low-Maintenance Brunette Short Bob

A low-maintenance brunette short bob is a great hairstyle choice. No matter your hair type – wavy or straight – a shattered bob style will make styling simple. Its soft edges allow you to easily smooth and straighten it for a gentle, blurred outline. Alternatively, you could let your hair’s natural waves flow and enhance their texture. Achieving a balanced look with textured ends and some layering is true simplicity.

A-Line Blonde Wavy Shattered Long Bob
Instagram @jamiemc_hair

#16: A-Line Blonde Wavy Bob

Women with fuller, medium to thick hair can pull a shattered bob off easily with a few elements. By layering your hair and removing weight from your style, you reduce the bulkiness a blunt bob might give you. Next, you should add texture to the perimeter and layers of your hair. Try a razor cut for a sliced, piecey finish or texture shears for a softer look. Finally, adding waves to your hair can create texture and movement and lighten the overall load.

Shattered Short Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @styledby_sl

#17: Shattered Short Bob for Thin Hair

Believe it or not, a bob with a short, shattered texture will give your thin hair fuller-looking ends. The bob’s length can add fullness around your face. The textured perimeter also creates movement and fullness with point-cutting and slicking techniques. Create waves using a 1-inch barrel curler. After that, apply Pureology Soft hairspray. This will give your hair a soft, beachy wave style.

#18: Lived-In Bob with Shattered Ends

Bobs, I firmly believe, will always remain trendy. To achieve a soft, lived-in cut, you can add a shattered perimeter. It can be texturized using point cutters, razors, texture shears, or slide cutters. These tools are all effective ways to introduce texture. This style is effortlessly pulled off by finer hair textures. For a little more volume, ask your stylist for crown layers, but without any graduation.

Shattered Choppy Short Bob with Face-Framing Highlights
Instagram @terra_salon

#19: Choppy Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

Enjoy a choppy bob with face-framing highlights. For a stylish look, enhance your grey hair with a sassy shattered bob and an accent strand of grey. Use texturing methods to reduce the bulky weight around your hair’s outline. Make sure you still keep the cut’s form. This will result in a unique piece-y cut. To get a relaxed look, blow dry your hair and create waves with a 1 1/2-inch barrel.

Shattered Layers on Short-Length Classic Bob
Instagram @mshelly444

#20: Shattered Layers on Classic Bob

Enhance and modernize classic shapes by using a combination of razor and scissor cutting. Texturized ends give this shattered bob its name and finishing touches. This style allows for soft movement and lets curls naturally be enhanced or styled with an iron.

#21: Short Messy Angled Bob

When you want a noticeable hairstyle change, include a shattered bob on your list of options. A shattered bob offers a rough and messy look with additional fullness at the hair edges. Use a curling iron and then casually run your fingers through the hair to loosen the waves. To enhance the messy look, spritz with beachy hairspray or salt spray.

Short-Length Dimensional Brown Bob with Shattered Jagged Ends
Instagram @blonde.poetry

#22: Dimensional Brown Bob with Jagged Ends

Go for a dimensional brown bob with jagged ends. A trendy, textured chic bob elevates your style. A razor-cut style results in textured ends, giving a slightly layered look by slicing vertically along the outline. Pair this with a brown-hued balayage to bring beautiful depth to your bob.

#23: Layered Short Hair with Curtain Bangs

Boost your bob cut that has a raw-edged texture with the best fringe that flatters your cheeks. This style will look stunning, especially on a round face shape. With a center part, your face will appear longer. Face-framing layers will create an even and mellow effect.

Neck-Grazing Blunt Blonde Bob with Shattered Textured Ends
Instagram @liz.colors

#24: Blunt Blonde Bob with Textured Ends

A blunt bob with textured ends can be stylish. If you want a full perimeter with textured ends, use a feather razor. This tool helps create the style you want. Your stylist can maintain the blunt cut by using a slight vertical angle. This approach keeps the soft effect of the feather razor. This technique is great for cutting hair. It lets you achieve both blunt and soft textures. Medium to fine hair benefits the most from this cutting technique.

Platinum Layered Bob with Shattered Layers for Short Thick Hair

#25: Platinum Layered Bob for Thick Hair

You should consider adding a chop bob to your mix of chic hairstyles. A shattered bob will give your hair textured ends, creating softness, pieceiness, and movement. It’s worth noting that this cut is the opposite of a precision blunt bob. By texturing the hair in a modern way, you can show off the sliced ends. This method also removes some weight to enhance the shape and lightness of the hair.

Bold, daring, and a touch of edge – the shattered bob haircut has managed to stand the test of time, cementing its status as an iconic style. Carrying an air of sophistication, the shattered bob is more than just a hairstyle. It’s a bold statement, a manifestation of confidence and style in every strand. Haircut expert Alyssa Kooc has graciously shared her wisdom with us. Let’s discover how to best achieve and style this fashionable look, straight from the expert herself.

Meet The Expert

Alyssa Kooc
Alyssa Kooc
Alyssa is a haircutting specialist with more than 11 years of experience.
You can find her at The Wild Side in Knoxville, TN

Hair Type and the Shattered Bob

Kooc says, “Hair density matters a lot!” According to her, length can control any hair type. As it gets shorter, it is more ‘contained.’ Curly hair, for example, tends to stack up and out. On the other hand, fine hair appears softer. In both cases, shattering the bob i.e., adding layers, can help. The caveat? “Cut in the right places. You don’t want to prop up the hair above,” she warns. She adds that fine hair tends to look wispy and thin with layers added. “So, know your hair type. An expert stylist also helps with such cuts.”

Shattered Bob and Face Shapes

A bob can alter or flatter your face shape; it draws attention to it. “Avoid letting your hair settle on the widest part of your face,” advises Kooc. An ideal shattered bob for a square jaw contours your jaw well. Similarly, for round cheeks, shun a round haircut. Kooc urges to reflect on how different styles suited your face earlier.

Styling Tips and Products for Shattered Bob

Kooc values hairstyles that require less effort. Her go-to product? A mousse. “It helps keep the hair’s natural wave intact while avoiding frizz.” She believes in using the head shape as a styling tool, too. “A paddle brush can set your bob right while blowdrying.”

Photos of the Coolest Shattered Bob Haircuts