33 Hottest Ways to Rock a Shaggy Pixie Bob

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A shaggy pixie bob is a short-length cut made with tons of layers for extra texture and volume. These look sassy and sophisticated and can be styled sleek or messy.

California-based stylist and salon owner Britt Hirschberg expresses her approval of this crop. “It’s cute on all genders and hair types, plus it’s easy to style! With a few pinches to the face-frame and a little scrunching, you’re good to go,” she points out.

Shaggy pixie bobs are also perfect for women looking for an effortless style with a more androgynous shape.

What’s very important is to find a stylist that specializes in shorter shags. Hirschberg suggests, “Look at their Instagram portfolios and see whose aesthetic matches yours.”

Even with thicker locks, the right stylist knows how to do the deep weight removal from the roots using a razor. The proper technique will allow the shape to collapse, preventing a giant Q-tip look.

Another tip from Hirschberg is to bring your stylist photos of your desired look, such as the ones you’ll find here.

“Ask your stylist if they think the shaggy cut would look great with your face shape and features. Ask if they have any changes to the cut,” says Hirschberg. Also, get some product recommendations that can help you achieve the style.

Shorter hair can be a little high-maintenance, so be ready for frequent trims. Shaggy bobs and pixies grow out into mullets, which are not for everyone.

Don’t miss out on this trend. Check out these inspiring photos of the most popular shaggy pixie bob haircuts and hairstyles, and take your pick!

Layered Short Pixie Bob
Instagram @kellyhorthair

#1: Layered Short Pixie Bob

The layered short pixie bob has longer face-framing bangs with a short graduated back. A layered pixie cut would be suitable for women with medium to small-shaped faces.

Jaw-Length Shaggy Bixie with Bangs
Instagram @katiepdxhair

#2: Jaw-Length Shaggy Bixie with Bangs

For people with longer faces, try a slightly inverted, shaggy French-style bob. This style will help to shadow the forehead and bring out the eyes. This style’s layered crown will give your look some height. Textured micro curtain bangs will frame your face like petals. To perfect this wash-and-go look, style it with Hairstory Undressed and Balm.

Short Straight Shaggy Bixie with Subtle Highlights
Instagram @haircomesandy

#3: Straight Bixie with Subtle Highlights

Short, shaggy cuts can boost volume in fine hair or add style to mature women’s looks. Experiment with a bold shape for the cut’s outline, maintain longer strands similar to a bob, and integrate soft shag layers to frame the face.

Shagged-Out Bixie Cut
Instagram @hirohair

#4: Shagged-Out Bixie Cut

To avoid a plain, lackluster bob, try a textured pixie cut instead! This hairstyle is the best way to transform your look from untamed to stunning!

Short Razor Cut Shaggy Pixie Bob with Short Fringe
Instagram @bluecollards

#5: Short Razor Cut Shaggy Bob with Fringe

This style is perfect for a naturally wavy cut. A razor clipped into hair allows it to move and wave freely. To achieve a successful razor cut, it’s fundamental to find a stylist who specializes in razor cutting. First, apply my favorite wavy product, Jelly by Cult King, from root to tip for a wash-and-go or diffuse. Then use the Balm by HairStory. These products, Jelly by Cult King and Balm by HairStory, function just like skincare for your hair.

#6: Black Shaggy Pixie with Red Underlights

Consider a cut with red underlights. A razor cut brings out the natural texture in a pixie hairstyle. Show off your edgy style by creating a textured look with the cut. Add a vibrant hue, like a high-contrast red, to make it bolder. The red underlights, highlight your hair, frame your face, and extends to the nape of your neck. These bold color accents draw attention to your features.

Soft Shagged Bixie Cut with Short Fringe
Instagram @dan.cutsyourhair

#7: Soft Bixie Cut with Short Fringe

Consider a soft bixie cut complimented with a short fringe. Bobbed hair can be a variety of styles and suits all facial features when cut correctly. A layered, shaggy bixie that reaches the jawline looks great on people with narrow jawlines and temples. Consider adding a face-framing micro bang for extra style and to prevent your hair from interfering with your glasses.

Shaggy Messy Bixie with Middle Part Bangs
Instagram @feverfewhair

#8: Messy Bixie with Middle Part Bangs

Pixie bob hairstyles can add life to short hair and shape your face effectively. For those with a round face who desire a more defined shape, middle-parted curtain bangs can help create the illusion of length. Adding dimensional layers enhances waves and texture, making the style easy to maintain.

Shaggy Bixie Cut with Razored Layers and Short Bangs
Instagram @hairbyravenc

#9: Bixie Cut with Razored Layers

Your shaggy bob will have face-framing shapes with movement and softness due to a mix of cut styles, lengths, and textures. A bixie cut possesses the length of a chin-length bob and boasts short layers typical of a crown pixie. It could also have a micro bang to amplify pixie face framing. This blend results in a gracefully framed face.

#10: Cropped Bob with Short Curtain Fringe

A short, shaggy pixie bob style can enhance your cheekbones and eyes. Having your hair razor cut can bring out its natural waves and show off its texture. The nape area, following the hairline and creating soft textures around the neck, is as important as your bangs for added femininity.

Two-Toned Short Pixie Bob Shag with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @pinkdagger

#11: Two-Toned Short Pixie Shag

A trendy unisex hairstyle is the two-toned short pixie cut. You can modify this hairstyle with different colors to make it bold or subtle. The back of this hairstyle is very short, which makes it simple to style. The length at the front allows diverse styling.

#12: Tousled Pixie Bob with Bangs

A tousled, shaggy pixie bob with fringe is a messy pixie cut for fine hair. To get this style, ask your hairstylist for a longer pixie cut and advice on how to tousle your hair type best.

Platinum Long Shaggy Pixie Bob with Wispy Fringe
Instagram @sacamedya

#13: Platinum Long Pixie Bob with Wispy Fringe

A platinum long pixie bob with wispy fringe gives a nod to the shaggy looks of the 70s while keeping it modern. Ask for a shaggy pixie bob, and make sure to show photos for inspiration. Your stylist will help walk you through the shaping that will work best for your face shape. For instance, if you have a wider face, your stylist will suggest more face-framing and fringe. Both of these minimize width. Styling will be minimal. You’ll want a volumizing mousse to help hold the style. Then, rough dry with your hands and finish with a little round brushing at the crown. Add in a texture paste or spray for hold.

Pixie Bob with Short Bangs and Messy Layers
Instagram @druhairgram

#14: Pixie Bob with Short Bangs and Messy Layers

A pixie bob with short bangs and messy layers is a shaggy pixie bob haircut. To get this shaggy style, ask your hairstylist for a medium-length pixie cut with a short straight wispy fringe.

Pixie Bowl Cut with Shagged Layers
Instagram @ellienorski

#15: Pixie Bowl Cut with Shagged Layers

A pixie bowl cut with shagged layers is a long shaggy pixie bob. To get this shaggy pixie hairstyle, ask your stylist if this cut would work with your natural hair texture.

#16: Subtle Mullet Cut on Short Hair

A subtle mullet cut on short hair is a fluffy pixie cut. Women who are interested in short haircuts should ask their hairstylist for a textured short cut that would frame their face shape.

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Shaggy Pixie Bob with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @doridoeshair

#17: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Face-Framing Layers

A shaggy pixie bob with face-framing layers is a pixie bob haircut for thick hair. To get this layered hairstyle, ask your hairstylist for a short graduated bob with a heavy wispy face frame.

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#18: Short Pixie Shaggy Mullet

Opt for a short pixie shaggy mullet since it’s an edgy shaggy pixie haircut. This hairstyle would work best on women who have wavy textured hair.

#19: Tapered Shaggy Pixie Bob

A tapered shaggy pixie bob is an inverted and tapered pixie bob. To get this short haircut, ask your hairstylist for a short pixie haircut parted to the side.

Shagged Bixie with Tousled Bangs
Instagram @lizshairshare

#20: Shagged Bixie with Tousled Bangs

A shagged bixie with tousled bangs is really a long pixie cut with bangs. To get this pixie hairstyle, ask your hairstylist, for a long pixie bob with a graduated back.

#21: Curly Pixie Bob with a Fringe

A curly pixie bob with a fringe is a shaggy pixie bob cut that works best on a wavy or curly hair type. Pixies are slightly longer in the front with the back graduated.

Pixie-y Layers and Wispy Bangs on Short Pixie Bob
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#22: Pixie-y Layers and Wispy Bangs on Short Pixie Bob

Pixie-y layers and wispy bangs on a short pixie bob hairstyle is a shaggy pixie cut for thin hair. To get this pixie hairstyle, ask your stylist for a medium-length pixie cut with wispy bangs.

#23: Side-Swept Pixie Shag with Long Bangs

A side-swept pixie shag with long bangs is an asymmetrical long pixie with a deep side parting. To get this pixie bob style, ask your hairstylist for a textured asymmetrical pixie bob.

Wolf Bixie Haircut
Instagram @50buckingham

#24: Wolf Bixie Haircut

A wolf pixie haircut is basically a long shaggy pixie cut. To get this shaggy haircut, ask your hairstylist for a medium-length pixie with short curtain bangs.

#25: Shaggy Bixie with Textured Layers

A shaggy bixie with textured layers is a stacked pixie bob. To get this layered haircut, ask your hairstylist for a short graduated bob with a fringe.

Shaggy Pixie Hair with Micro Bangs
Instagram @kasdoeshair

#26: Shaggy Pixie Hair with Micro Bangs

Shaggy pixie hair with micro bangs is a cute and edgy pixie shag haircut. A wavy hair texture works best with a bixie haircut.

Razored Pixie Mullet with Natural Waves
Instagram @dirtysouthhair

#27: Razored Pixie Mullet with Natural Waves

Consider a razored pixie mullet with natural waves and rock a wavy pixie bob shag with razored layers. To get this pixie haircut, ask your hairstylist for a soft textured pixie with a fringe.

#28: Shaggy Razor Cut for Curly Hair

A shaggy razor cut for curly hair is a short and fun pixie hairstyle. Wavy textures look best with feathered layers and side bangs at this length.

Short Shaggy French Bob
Instagram @dirtysouthhair

#29: Short Shaggy French Bob

A short shaggy French bob is a very feminine short hairstyle. A shaggy pixie bob cut at this length works best on women with thick wavy hair.

#30: Textured Pixie Shag Cut with a Pastel Pink Color

A textured pixie shag cut with a pastel pink color gives a very feminine touch on a shorter hairstyle. Choppy layers on a shaggy pixie bob cut give the perfect amount of texture.

#31: Ear-Length Messy Shag with Curtain Bangs

An ear-length messy shag with curtain bangs is a longer pixie for women who are interested in shorter hairstyles. A shaggy pixie with bangs gives a very soft face frame.

#32: Shaggy Bixie with Textured Bangs for Straight Hair

A shaggy pixie with textured bangs for straight hair is an edgy hairstyle for women who want a low-maintenance, everyday style. A pixie bob haircut with fringe can be simply air-dried with minimal styling products.

Soft Pixie Bob with Shaggy Layers
Instagram @tiffmccoll

#33: Soft Pixie Bob with Shaggy Layers

A soft pixie bob with shaggy layers works best on women who have slightly wavy hair. Layering a shaggy pixie bob with bangs gives a soft touch to the haircut.