29 Cute Neck-Length Blunt Bob Cuts

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A neck-length blunt bob is a variant of a short haircut with the ends cut in a straight line. In contrast to traditional styles, modern versions sometimes have wispy or invisible layers for added texture and body.

Phoenix-based hairdresser Vanessa Yvonne Jenners gushes over neck-length blunt bobs for their ease of maintenance, versatility, and chicness. These look best the less you do to them, according to her.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Don’t over-style a neck-length blunt bob. Air dry is even better. When it doubt, just tuck it behind your ears!
  • It can be too short to put into a ponytail, which is a bummer for someone who loves such an updo.
  • Bring in pictures at the consultation with models who have neck lengths close to or identical to your own.

The added volume and healthy sheen this bob style provides are two of its greatest benefits. If this is what you’re looking for, check out these images of the most beautiful neck-length blunt bobs that various hairstylists have to offer.

Neck-Length Soft Blunt A-Line Bob Cut
Instagram @yukistylist

#1: Soft Blunt A-Line Cut

Try the high-fashion shape of a soft blunt A-line cut. Your stylist needs to point cut into the perimeter to get this lovely look. This technique softens the shape and keeps the line. We use this technique not for layering, but for making a haircut that is modern, light, and airy. An a-line back cut makes your neck look longer and gives the cut a more dramatic look. A soft bob is a popular option because it works with most face shapes beautifully.

Soft Blunt Cut with a Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Soft Blunt Cut with a Middle Part

When deciding on your next bob haircut, ask a stylist who can assess your facial features and style to find the right fit. A blunt bob with a hard edge suits a narrow jawline. This cut also adds fullness to fine hair. To soften a sharp haircut, your stylist can blend textured layers into the cut, enhancing volume on the sides.

Neck-Length Soft Bluntly Cut Bob
Instagram @yukistylist

#3: Soft Bluntly Cut Bob

With a bob cut bluntly at the middle of the neck, fine hair will take on a full and attractive shape. To give your style a modern finish with added texture, consider adding layers cut with scissors or a razor to the crown and sides of your hair. Doing this will keep your hair’s full shape while creating a slight disconnection between the textured layers laying on top, adding an overall softness to the hair.

Neck-Length Low-Maintenance Classic Blunt Bob
Instagram @olgakursitis

#4: Low-Maintenance Classic Neck-Length Blunt Bob

Ideas for a low-maintenance haircut live within the family of bobbed hair. The best way to wear the classic blunt bob is blown smooth. That way it will show off the symmetry and style of the haircut.

#5: Face-Framing Blunt Bob Cut on Short Hair

You’ll love the shape of a face-framing neck-length blunt bob cut on short hair. For ladies searching for a new cut that will make your hair look fantastic, search no further. A blunt neck-length bob gets rid of all those frizzy ends. It transforms your hair into a shiny modern shape. Have your stylist cut your long bang at about nose length. It will give you a magical face frame that pairs great with the blunt cut.

Orange-Toned Neck-Length Blunt Bob
Instagram @jorgearnx

#6: Orange-Toned Blunt Bob

This neck-length blunt bob is infused with warm, orange tones that add a vibrant touch to the overall look. The clean and precise cut of the bob creates a sharp and modern appearance, while the length allows for versatility in styling. This style works well for those who want a bold and eye-catching haircut without compromising simplicity. The orange tones can complement various hair colors, adding warmth and dimension to both light and dark shades.

#7: Neck-Length Sleek Box Bob

A box bob, sitting on a square straight baseline, provides full thickness to your hair. This style is perfect, especially for fine hair. You should avoid layers to maintain the blunt shape. Length-wise, styles from lip to collar will work. However, for best results, consider the limitations of your nape hairline. Balancing these factors will make your hair sit best.

Neck-Length Softly Blunt Cut Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#8: Softly Blunt Cut Bob

If you plan to get a blunt bob cut, discuss with your stylist about the density of your hair, its wave/curl pattern, and your understanding of hair styling. Although a blunt bob cut is a classic style, it can appear differently on various people based on individual hair characteristics.

Soft Layered Blunt Bubble Bob Cut for Neck-Length Short Hair
Instagram @ananas_base

#9: Soft Layered Bubble Bob Neck-Length

A layered neck-length bob works with many face shapes. Parting your hair correctly is key to pulling it off. A deep part will work best for a bubble bob on heart, pear, and inverted triangle shapes. The deep part adds fullness to the fringe area. This adds length to the face shape and creates an elongating effect.

Barbie Blonde with Neck-Length Boyfriend Blunt Bob Cut
Instagram @mane.societe

#10: Barbie Blonde with Boyfriend Bob Cut

A blunt boyfriend bob cut that is neck-length suits oval, diamond, and longer face shapes. A bold, on-trend Barbie blonde color brings boldness to the style, which can complement a chic, sophisticated, and edgy woman.

Neck-Length Choppy Bob with a Blunt Perimeter
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#11: Choppy Neck-Length Bob with a Blunt Perimeter

A neck-length blunt bob cut and uneven layers can look like a single-length cut with a distinct edge. This style gives hair a thick and dense appearance. This style is excellent for those wanting a fuss-free hairstyle.

Neck-Length Soft and Blunt Modern Bob
Instagram @yukistylist

#12: Soft and Blunt Modern Bob

A soft and blunt modern bob cut at neck-length, is a versatile and fresh hairstyle offering a contemporary look. Clean and crisp lines define this bob, creating a sleek and polished look at the nape of the neck. The soft and blunt cut of this modern bob suits various hair types, and face shapes well. The bob’s length up to the neck helps maintain the haircut’s style without affecting its overall shape.

#13: Blunt Bob with a Balayage

This blunt cut at neck-length, enhanced with balayage, is a chic and versatile hairstyle perfect for a refreshing change of look. The bob creates a sleek and polished appearance. The balayage technique on short hair adds dimension and depth, seamlessly blending lighter pieces. This style suits a wide range of face shapes and hair types, making it a popular choice for many women.

Neck-Length Soft and Airy Blunt Bob for girls with straight hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#14: Soft and Airy Blunt Bob

A soft and airy blunt bob is the best style for neck-length hair. If you like short haircuts or bobs in general, try this style for a trendy yet timeless look.

Neck-Length Playful Bob Cut with Long Wispy Fringe for straight hair textures
Instagram @creatively.cut

#15: Playful Bob Cut with Long Wispy Fringe

Try a playful neck-length blunt bob cut with a long wispy fringe if you have straight hair texture and want to switch things up. This cut is ideal for women looking to enhance their facial features. This is because the length frames the face perfectly, while the fringe adds a touch of softness.

Neck-Length Modern & Soft Blunt Cut Bob for women with straight hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#16: Modern & Soft Blunt Cut Bob

Are you ready for an amazing new look? A neck-length blunt bob will give you that perfect modern and soft style. This look may be flattering to those with straight hair, as it brings out its natural luster and sheen. Ask for subtle layering at the ends to keep the cut looking fresh.

Short Neck-Length Brunette Blunt Cut Bob
Instagram @olgakursitis

#17: Brunette Blunt Neck-Length Bob

For a sultry look, a neck-length blunt cut makes a strong statement. This full-body style makes the wearer’s hair seem dense and well-sculpted. A solid brunette or natural-toned hair color pairs well with this chic style.

Short Neck-Length Blunt Bob with Dark-Rooted Blonde Balayage
Instagram @olgakursitis

#18: Neck-Length Bob with Dark-Rooted Blonde Balayage

Dark-rooted blonde balayage is a style that looks very chic.

Neck-Length Soft Wavy Blunt Bob Cut on Fine Hair
Instagram @hayleybenhair

#19: Soft Wavy Blunt Bob Cut on Fine Hair

A face-framing neck-length style pairs well on girls with fine hair, as it adds movement around the face. Soft wavy blunt bob haircuts are common styles for a low-maintenance routine.

Neck-Length Short Straight Blunt Cut Bob with Babylights
Instagram @tamarahaircare

#20: Short Straight Blunt Cut with Babylights

You have lots of options to make your fine hair seem fuller and denser. Neck-length straight blunt cuts give the overall structure a strong base with added weight. Highlighting with babylights provides minimal dimension.

Micro Fringe on Short Neck-Length Strawberry Blonde Blunt Bob Hair
Instagram @stylista.evelyn

#21: Micro Fringe on Short Strawberry Blonde Hair

A neck-length bobbed haircut can be multi-faceted from hair color to bangs. Strawberry blonde hair, for example, is a great canvas to showcase the haircut. Micro bangs give it dimension, too.

Blunt Straight Neck-Length Bob Cut on Thin Hair
Instagram @kerstinpielage

#22: Neck-Length Straight Bob on Thin Hair

Enjoy the clean lines of a straight neck-length cut. If you are searching for a sleek neck-length hairstyle that is simple and elegant, this is the one. The blunt lines of this shape are a perfect choice to make the most of fine hair. Keep in mind there is no layering. It’s important to have your part in the correct place when you’re getting your cut. If you want to move your part around, a bit of layering is recommended to avoid overhang.

Neck-Length Black Bobbed Blunt Hair with Bangs
Instagram @jimmie_lambic

#23: Neck-length Blunt Bob with Bangs

Skin complexion can influence color, while face shapes can influence a haircut. A neck-length blunt bob for example, is ideal for an oblong or heart-shaped face. Personalize this style on you, and try a black bobbed blunt cut with bangs.

#24: Vanilla Blonde Bob for Thick Hair

For women with greying hair, a vanilla blonde allows you to wear a hair color that hides well with the new growth. This lessens the frequency of salon visits. Color refreshes can be combined with haircut maintenance as well. Bob haircuts on thick hair show a full and youthful overall canvas.

#25: Sleek Blunt Bob for Straight Hair

Above-the-shoulder haircuts have become very popular. They can range from as short as a neck-length french bob to a mid-length blunt bob. Sleek straight hair helps to showcase the silhouette of the haircut. But it can be versatile for wavy and curly texture as well.

#26: Neck-Length Slight Inverted Bob with Blunt Ends

Go for a clean cut with a neck-length, slightly inverted bob with blunt ends. Your hair will look denser with blunt ends and will give your hair a more youthful appearance. Bobs are low maintenance and easy to style, just wash and go.

Neck-Length Blunt Medium Bob on Copper Hair
Instagram @renaissancehair.and.beauty

#27: Blunt Medium Bob on Copper Hair

Go for a trendy style with a medium neck-length blunt bob on copper hair. A copper bob gives the ultimate glass hair vibes that look super shiny and smooth. Bobs are easily maintained and styled and are always on trend.

Soft Messy Neck-Length Blunt Bob with Warm Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hair_by_jinna

#28: Soft Messy Bob with Warm Blonde Highlights

The key to lived-in styles is color and texture and those seem effortless on your hair. The neck-length messy bob with warm blonde highlights is a hairdo to try. Especially if you want a laid-back, maintained style that has style versatility.

Neck-Length Copper Blunt Bob with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @leobuenohair

#29: Copper Bob with a Deep Side Part

Y2K styles are coming back in a big way. Neck-length blunt cuts can be tailored to you using deep side parts or layers. Each will give the style some movement. When paired together, this look can be ultra trendy and the new IT style.