50 Coolest Middle Part, Blunt Cut Bobs to Try ASAP

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A middle part blunt cut bo is a short to medium haircut, sectioned in the center to frame the face. It flatters most face shapes, creating balance by highlighting or concealing certain features.

Annah Petrauskas, a salon owner in Canada, agrees that the middle part gives women a clean, elegant look. She adds, “With a blunt cut, the simplicity and precision create high impact, proving that less is more.”

At times, hair parted right in the middle draws the eyes to the asymmetry of the face, side to side. Therefore, Petrauskas suggests having the part slightly off-center for a much more flattering finish.

Face shape is the #1 aspect to consider when deciding the best length for a middle-parted bob haircut. “For instance, lengths closer to the chin flatter longer face shapes. Lengths past the chin suit shorter face shapes,” Petrauskas explains.

Always discuss with your stylist your desired bob haircut idea before going for it. Talk about the maintenance, grow-out process, styling routine, and suitability.

“It’s important for you and the stylist to communicate. Agree upon maintenance so that the expectations are aligned,” says Petrauskas.

Learn more about this hair trend. Here are the best middle part blunt cut bob hairstyles for your next inspiration!

Blunt shoulder-length bob with middle part in cool blonde, ideal for adding volume to fine hair and suiting oval faces.

#1 Charming Blonde Makeover

Left: A heart-shaped face finds its match with this chocolate-hued lob; it’s a seamless blend of precision and grace. Right: A crisp, airy blunt bob, touched by sun-kissed blonde, complements oval faces and adds volume to fine strands. The minimalistic cut requires effortless styling, though the lighter shade may need more care to keep the color pristine. Both styles are elegant yet edgy, perfect for modern sophistication without the fuss.

Blunt-Cut Brunette Lob with Middle Part
Instagram @olgakursitis

#2: Blunt-Cut Brunette Lob

If you’re looking for a hairstyle with clean lines and shiny hair, consider a blunt-cut brunette lob. This lob style, cut at one length, creates a smooth shape that shines for a glossy finish. If your hair is naturally straight, a brush will easily create the blowout style. If your hair is wavy, a smoother style will require a serum and a little more effort. A soft blunt bob is a time-tested style that will surely enhance the look of your hair.

Dimensional Soft Blunt Lob with a Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#3: Dimensional Soft Lob

A dimensional long bob is a sleek and sassy hairstyle. If you want a low-maintenance hairstyle change, consider a soft lob. For a soft and sleek look, blow out the lob. You could also curl it with a 1.5&rdquo barrel for a loose, sassy wave.

Chin-Length Blunt Boyfriend Bob with a Middle part
Instagram @mikihair11o1

#4: Blunt Boyfriend Bob

Ask about a blunt boyfriend bob haircut. This haircut style can be styled in ways that can look either feminine or androgynous. If your face is oval, pear, or diamond-shaped, a middle part would fit you well. A middle part will elongate your face shape and create balance. Adding balayage and highlights will give your haircut dimension and an added pop.

Middle Parted and Blunt Cut Bob with Cool Tones
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#5: Middle Parted and Blunt with Cool Tones

Invest in your hairstyle with this centrally parted, blunt-end bob in cool shades. This is a sleek and chic hairstyle that breathes sophistication. This timeless bob cut is marked by a central parting, which creates a symmetrical and well-balanced frame for the face. The blunt ends offer a polished look with clean lines. Cool shades like icy blonde or ashy brunette make this hairstyle even more stunning, adding a modern and edgy feel to the traditional bob. It’s ideal for girls with straight or slightly wavy hair due to its clean and sharp look.

Muted Red Middle Part Blunt Bob
Instagram @muratlkilic

#6: Muted Red Middle Part Blunt Bob

Remember to ask about the muted red middle part blunt bob, as it’s a sophisticated and stylish hairstyle choice for those looking to freshen up their look. The muted red color adds warmth and uniqueness to the hairstyle, making your hair stand out subtly. The middle part gives a trendy and balanced appearance, and the blunt cut brings a clean, polished effect to the overall style. The haircut works well for women who want to achieve a modern, sophisticated look without going too bold. Embrace this versatile style regardless of your hair type or face shape.

#7: Blunt with Hints of Rose Gold

Whether you favor office-friendly fashion tones or are more subtle, this blunt bob with hints of rose gold may appeal for many reasons. The bubblegum pink subtly paired with a beautiful blonde balayage allows for self-expression. The pink will likely fade after a few washes, making this hairstyle risk-free. The blonding and a highlight near your face also ensure you maintain a bright and refreshed look. A hair appointment every 8-10 weeks is necessary for a gloss and trim to maintain the hairstyle. Additionally, you can use a toner to prevent any brassy tones.

Midi Cut Blunt Bob with a Middle Part
Instagram @marclahilla

#8: Midi Cut Blunt Bob

If you crave versatility in your hairstyle, a midi-cut blunt bob is a great choice. This style has extra length than a regular bob, allowing you to wear it up or add curls. Even with these styling options, it retains its core characteristic – the blunt cut.

Very Modern Middle-Parted Blunt Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#9: Very Modern Middle-Parted Bob

The modern center-part bob is stylish for those looking to update their look. This haircut features a clean, straight line that adds a glow to any face shape. The middle part helps to frame the face and creates a balanced and symmetrical look. This haircut works best for women with medium to thick hair. It requires a certain density and weight to achieve the desired blunt effect. Ask about adding layers if you want to help create texture and movement if you have finer hair.

Center-Parted Blunt Cut with No Bangs for girls with fine hair
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#10: Center-Parted Blunt Cut with No Bangs

For those with fine hair looking to switch up their look, a center-parted blunt cut with no bangs is a great option. This cut adds volume and thickness to hair without being too drastic. This look is a versatile and timeless style that works for all ages and is easy to maintain and style daily. To style, start with damp hair and apply a volumizing spray or mousse. Blow-dry hair using a round brush. Finish the look with a texturizing spray to add some definition and hold.

Middle-Parted Blunt Cut with Curtain Fringe and balayage
Instagram @giulianuno

#11: Middle-Parted Blunt Cut with Curtain Fringe

Looking for a chic yet effortless hairstyle that is perfect for any occasion? Consider a middle-parted blunt cut with curtain fringe and balayage. This look is all about clean lines and minimal layers that will help you give your hair a sleek and modern feel. The curtain fringe adds a touch of softness to the blunt cut. This hairstyle works well for those with straight or slightly wavy hair. For styling, blow-dry your hair straight with a round brush. Finish with some texturizing spray for that extra oomph.

Soft Blunt Chic Bob with a Middle Part and for women who don't want bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#12: Soft Blunt Chic Bob

A soft, blunt chic bob is a timeless haircut that’s easy to maintain. This haircut works best for women who don’t want bangs and prefer a sleek and modern look. It can complement any face shape while enhancing natural features. The key to this haircut is maintaining softness by removing weight from the ends. When you style, the best way to start is with dry hair. Use a straightening iron, a round brush, and a hairdryer for a smooth finish. Use a sea salt spray and scrunch hair for added texture, then let it air dry.

Rooted Slob Blunt Cut with a Middle Part for women with blonde hair
Instagram @muratcmenli

#13: Rooted Slob Blunt Cut

Adding a rooted look to a slob, a blunt cut is great for low-maintenance color. However, the slob style will require regular salon visits to maintain the shape of the cut. To get this look, ask for a slightly rooted bob with a blunt cut!

Color melted bob with a center part for women with an above the shoulder blunt cut
Instagram @ahmettunbull

#14: Color Melted Blunt Bob with a Center Part

For women with an above-the-shoulder cut, a bob with a center part offers a chic look. The lower-maintenance style is perfect for those with busy lifestyles. The color melting technique blends two or more colors, giving an effortless look. Women of all ages with any skin tone and hair type can rock this look beautifully. Apply a small amount of shine serum for a polished finish to avoid flyways and create a sleek definition. The best way to switch things up is to swap the center part for a deep side part and tuck one side behind your ear for a touch of glam.

#15: Shoulder-Length Blunt Bob with a Center Part

Of all haircuts for fine hair, the bob with a center part helps maximize your hair’s volume and body. This look creates a strong silhouette. It’s perfect for those who want a classic look that won’t require much maintenance. An experienced stylist would recommend using a round brush when blow drying. It will give your hair a bit more lift and bounce. For styling, add a bit of mousse to your roots and lightly scrunch your ends for extra texture. This helps to give more life to your hair while still maintaining its softness.

Cool Blunt Middle-Part Bob for Long Faces
Instagram @hirohair

#16: Cool Blunt Bob for Long Faces

A cool blunt bob for long faces needs layers in the perfect spots. Pieces that draw the eye left to right will soften a long face that naturally draws the eyes up and down. Try to incorporate a long bang or shorter layers in the front. Adding these things will make you look more balanced.

Cool-Looking Blonde Blunt Lob with a Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#17: Cool-Looking Blonde Blunt Lob

If you want to cut your thick blonde locks, ask for a textured long bob. The texturizing in the cut will shape your hair inward, giving a tapered effect on the ends. This will also keep your ends from bulking out when you want to curl or flat iron your hair. Try leaving your ends straight and only curl the mid-area to get a more beach-wavy style.

Center-Parted Cut for Diamond Face Shapes
Instagram @anhcotran

#18: Center-Parted Cut for Diamond Face Shapes

There is no better match than a center-parted cut for diamond face shapes. If you are trying to minimize the width of your face, parting down the center creates a veil around your face, creating a slimmer silhouette. If you wear your hair with a bit of texture and wave, this is a great option; the way the waves fall with a center part creates a beautiful shape. If you can, use a curl wand to create a wave with straight ends, then use texture spray to hold.

Middle-Parted Honey Brown Lived-In Blunt Bob
Instagram @ido_vital

#19: Honey Brown Lived-In Blunt Bob

Are you looking for a new color to try this season? I suggest trying a honey brown. This color is perfect for ladies with warm undertones. Pair this honey hue with a blunt bob, and you have a sassy and classy new look. Consult your stylist first to see if this color and cut suits your skin tone and face shape! This haircut can be styled in many different ways. Make sure to ask for styling and product tips!

#20: Dark Pink Blunt Bob with Bangs

A dark pink bob is a great color to start a new season! This color is perfect for women with an olive skin tone. The ashiness of this specific pink tone creates a soft yet bold look. These types of fashion colors fade pretty quickly. So be sure to consult your stylist and ask for tips on how to keep the longevity of your color.

Chocolate Face-Framing Blunt Bob with a Middle Part
Instagram @ashleyb.hair

#21: Chocolate Face-Framing Blunt Bob

If you want to chop off many lengths and transform your style, try this chocolate face-framing blunt bob that’s all the rage. A blunt bob will make you look more sophisticated and give your hair more texture, body, and movement. Style your blunt bob with loose waves, then finish with a texture spray for that “lived-in” look.

Lived-In Blonde Middle Part Blunt Cut Bob
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#22: Lived-In Blonde Bob

A lived-in blonde bob is such a popular style. Having a money piece or face-framing highlights helps to brighten and accentuate your face. It’s one of the best ways to make you feel blonde without being all-over light blonde. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to texturize your bob so it doesn’t feel thick and heavy.

Jet Black Blunt Cut Bob with a Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#23: Jet Black Blunt Cut Bob

Look super edgy with a blunt cut bob that’s jet black in color. The advantages of having a bob are its easy maintenance, and you can create a customized cut for your hair type. Conceal your round cheeks with a middle part for a slimmer appearance. If your hair is straight, adding a wave will add movement and volume for the perfect look.

#24: All Over Blonde

Try an all-over blonde to make your color and cut pop. Bright and light, there are many blonde shades that will compliment any skin tone. The bob is trendy and great at keeping dead ends off. Blonde hair can be damaging, so frequent cuts and conditioning treatments should be done.

#25: Bright Blonde Blunt Bob with Darker Roots

A blunt bob with dark roots is a great contrast and makes your blonde tresses look much brighter. Ask your hairstylist for a money piece; a highlight brought up to your root to brighten up the hair around your face and shape it. This will give you that “wow” factor you’re looking for with your dramatic new hair color and hairstyle.

Dimensional Blonde Blunt Cut Bob with a Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#26: Dimensional Blonde Blunt Cut

A dimensional blunt cut is a perfect modern shape. This style can be middle-parted or side-parted for versatility. Be sure to discuss your hair texture and density with your stylist to ensure proper weight removal where it’s needed while still maintaining a blunt edge.

Messy Blunt Bob for Oval Face Shapes
Instagram @yukistylist

#27: Messy Blunt Bob for Oval Face Shapes

Opt for a messy blunt bob for oval face shapes to add fullness to your jawline. Adding subtle waves to a blunt bob hairstyle creates a voluminous silhouette that enhances narrow facial features. Use a dry shampoo between washings to get the most life out of your waves. Ask your stylist if a middle part blunt cut bob will work for you!

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Neck-Length Blunt Cut with a Shadow Root and Middle Part
Instagram @elidel.beauty

#28: Neck-Length Blunt Cut with a Shadow Root

A neck-length blunt bob with a shadow root creates a strong frame and elongates wide or round face shapes. Adding a middle part to a blunt cut works to thin and elongate the face even more, so if you have a long or rectangular face, a side part or some soft layering may prove more beneficial.

#29: Short Blunt Cut on Blonde Hair

Go all out with a short, blunt cut on blonde hair. A sleek middle part on a blunt cut bob for blonde hair is a classy cut with crisp edges that looks fabulous on women of all ages. Add some icy platinum highlights to complete the blunt hairstyle.

Chin-Length Blunt Bobbed Hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#30: Chin-Length Blunt Bobbed Hair

If you’re looking for an incredibly chic middle part haircut, try chin-length blunt bobbed hair. A short blunt cut bob with a middle part looks fantastic on most face shapes. Pair middle part blunt bobs with a rich chocolate brunette hair color.

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#31: Micro Bob Cut for Fine Hair

Try a micro bob cut for fine hair to add more volume. A sleek one-length perimeter with a low beveled crop gives the illusion of thicker tresses. Schedule regular maintenance trims every 4-6 weeks to keep your blunt bob with a middle part shaped.

#32: Blunt A-Line Bob

A blunt a-line bob is a classic haircut with a middle part that looks amazing on women of all ages. Incorporating a middle part on a long blunt cut bob keeps the cut modern and symmetrical, while the a-line shape helps elongate rounder faces. Add some contrasting highlights and lowlights for a dimensional color pop.

Sliced Bob Cut with a Center Part
Instagram @nikcabral

#33: Sliced Bob Cut with a Center Part

Try a sliced bob cut with a center part to bulk up fine stands. Short haircuts with minimal layering and sliced texturizing allow movement while keeping the weight. Blowdry smooth with Living Proof Perfect Day Hair, 5 in 1 Styling Treatment.

#34: Blunt Bob with Soft Waves for Thick Hair

Have you ever wanted to try a blunt bob with soft waves for thick hair but have been too afraid of the outcome? Short bob styles are not just for fine-haired gals. The key to rocking a blunt bob on thicker hair is texturizing and learning the correct style routine to tame your mane. Apply Davines Love Hair Smoother to damp hair, then blow-dry with a flat brush and finish with a few loose waves.

Neck-Length Blunt Bob for Square Faces
Instagram @hair.helga

#35: Neck-Length Blunt Bob for Square Faces

A neck-length blunt bob for square faces is a classic haircut with a flattering silhouette. Short bobs with a blunt style and without face-framing that fall below the chin and above the collarbone help hide the sharp edges of a square jawline. Infuse a few babylights to enhance natural color and add visual hair texture.

#36: Center-Parted Balayage Bob

Try a center-parted balayage bob to thicken fine hair. Bob haircuts that are a-line and one-length offer the illusion of fuller hair due to a solid perimeter. Balayage is a great color technique for shorter hair because the placement is more organic, thus reducing streakiness. Consult with your stylist if a sandy blonde tone would suit your skin tone when getting a blunt haircut.

One-Length Blunt Bob for Heart-Shaped Faces
Instagram @ilhankull

#37: One-Length Blunt Bob for Heart-Shaped Faces

A one-length blunt bob for heart-shaped faces is an all-around flattering haircut. The short cut softly frames the face and falls just below the chin to narrow the jaw. Bobs with a blunt cut and middle part look amazing when styled with loose textured beach waves and finished with a dry texturizer.

Soft Blunt Bob for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @salsalhair

#38: Soft Blunt Bob for Round Face Shapes

If you’re thinking of going shorter but have a fuller face, consider a soft, blunt bob for round face shapes. The slight angle forward elongates the face, while the texturized ends soften the jawline. Ask your stylist how a sprinkle of balayage along the middle part on a shorter blunt cut bob would look.

Textured Bob and a Middle Parting
Instagram @yukistylist

#39: Textured Bob and a Middle Parting

A textured bob and middle parting go hand in hand. The symmetry of a middle part style, along with texturizing, helps soften strong features and balance a round face. Wavy hair looks incredible with texturized ends and can be easily amplified with Amika Un.Done volume and matte texture spray.

Blunt Bob with Long Curtain Bangs
Instagram @hairbybecad

#40: Blunt Bob with Long Curtain Bangs

Go for a blunt bob with long curtain bangs if you’re not afraid to show off your amazing features. A blunt bob with bangs perfectly frames the face while accentuating your eyes and cheekbones. Add loose beachy waves for texture and volume when opting for blunt cut bobs.

#41: Straight Blunt Bob for Black Women

A straight blunt bob for black women is a timeless style that looks great for a casual day at the office or a glammed-up night out. Laid edges in a beautiful swirled pattern look fierce on a blunt cut bob on a black girl. Sleek bobs are a great option for low-maintenance quick weave hairstyles.

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#42: Sleek Blunt Haircut on Thin Hair

A sleek, blunt haircut on thin hair is one of the best middle-part cuts to add weight to limp strands. Blunt hairstyles with a middle part are also great for elongating and slimming short, round faces. Ask your stylist for champagne baby lights with a root shadow for a complete transformation.

Middle-Parted Bob with Textured Waves
Instagram @nikcabral

#43: Middle-Parted Bob with Textured Waves

Go for a middle-parted bob with textured waves for a stylish yet playful vibe. Blunt cut bob hairstyles with a middle part help make everything appear more symmetrical, from your facial features to your makeup and accessories. Style with a 1.25-inch barrel curling iron, starting a few inches off the root and leaving the ends out.

Long Bob with an Off-Center Part
Instagram @hair.helga

#44: Long Bob with an Off-Center Part

Try a long bob with an off-center part for a simple yet versatile option. A medium-length haircut can be worn up or down, sleek or wavy, and incorporating an off-center part lends a hand at hiding cowlicks. Consult with your stylist if a glimmering buttery shade of blonde will compliment your skin tone.

#45: Short Tousled Bob Cut

A short tousled bob cut is an extremely cute haircut if you’re looking for a big chop without the commitment of a pixie. If you have a natural wave, style it with a light curl cream or sea salt spray, like Reference of Sweden Ocean Mist. A chin-length bob needs regular maintenance trims, so be prepared for salon visits every 4-6 weeks.

Wavy Long Blunt Bob
Instagram @jennababani

#46: Wavy Long Blunt Bob

Try a wavy, long, blunt bob for a classic yet stylish cut. Blunt bobs have clean lines that look stunning with loose waves. Ask your stylist if an icy blonde shade is the right color for you.

#47: Straight Blunt Cut with a Middle Part

A straight, blunt cut with a middle part epitomizes sophistication. Bob cuts look great on everyone and exude youthfulness. If you’re growing out of natural grey hair color, try a straight bob haircut for an incredibly complimentary combo.

#48: Jaw-Length Blunt Bob for Older Women

Go bold with a jaw-length blunt bob haircut for older women. A slightly angled, shorter bob slims the jowl area and highlights your most desirable features, such as cheekbones and eyes. If you want to add extra volume to one side or another on extremely fine hair or hide recession, then middle part hairstyles may not be the best choice.

#49: Bob Haircut with Blunt Ends

It’s safe to say a bob haircut with blunt ends is a fan favorite. These bob haircuts with a blunt cut and middle part help thicken fine, straight hair by allowing all the strands to fall to one point, thus creating a fuller weight line. Straight hair looks sleek and stylish, cut in a blunt shape, and will need regular maintenance trims every 4-6 weeks.

Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut
Instagram @juliabrandman

#50: Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut

Try a shoulder-length blunt cut if you want a style change but want to keep the length. A shoulder-length middle part on a blunt cut bob frames the face, creating a perfect balance. Blow-dry and style with a round brush and IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Blowout Balm.