18 Marvelous Medium-Length Layered Bobs for Women Over 60

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Medium layered bobs for women over 60 are shoulder to neck-length cuts, structured with tons of texture and volume. These guarantee youthful, flexible hairstyles to match older ladies’ personalities.

Hairstylist Pauli Kunnari of Finland uses his skills in creating flattering bob cuts. He confirms the chop’s versatility, pointing out how it can adjust to any hair type and face shape. What’s vital is choosing the ideal length and shape.

“With thick hair, you can texturize it and play around with the shape. With fine hair, it’s essential to cut precise and less visible layers,” Kunnari explains.

Bobs look refined on women in their 60s. These serve as a mini facelift, drawing the facial features upward.

“If you prefer low maintenance, ask for a cut that enhances the natural shape of your hair. If willing to put in more work, the sky is the limit,” Kunnari notes.

Kunnari also shares a few styling tips. He suggests “distributing the volume evenly throughout the hair. And, don’t use a very small blow-drying brush as it makes the ends too matronly.”

Featured here are some inspiring images of the most popular medium layered bob haircuts for women over 60. Check them out!


#1: Wavy Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Try a wavy layered bob with side bangs for a new look this season. The layered bob style is perfect for 60-year-old ladies with wavy hair. Ask your stylist if they think this cut would work for you and your lifestyle.

#2: Face-Framing Medium Bob on Grey Hair

Have you tried a face-framing medium bob on grey hair this year? One of the most flattering styles this season is medium layered bob cuts for women over 60. A bob cut works well with all hair textures, but especially fine straight hair.

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Medium Bob with Feathered Layers on White Hair

#3 Medium Bob with Feathered Layers on White Hair

Sport this radiant medium bob with feathered layers, a rejuvenating choice for women over 60. Ideal for fine, straight hair, this cut creates an illusion of thickness, enhancing your hair’s natural silver sheen. It’s a manageable length for daily styling, but the layers require some skill to blow-dry to perfection—worth it for the elegant turn of volume they lend to your look. Consult with your stylist on blow-dry techniques to maintain that salon-fresh sophistication every day.

Layered A-Line Haircut with Waves
Instagram @hair_by_rae.m

#4: Layered A-Line Haircut with Waves

A layered a-line haircut with waves is a great style to try if you want something easy but stylish. 60-year-old women will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after trying a stacked cut and it won’t take much work to style. Try spraying Redken Wave Ahead all over your waves and tousle for a messy yet modern shoulder-length style.

#5: Mid-Length Razored Bob on Older Ladies

An extremely flattering style is a mid-length razored bob on older ladies. A medium layered bob for women over 60 will have you feeling stylish and young again. Ask your stylist for a tutorial on how to create these effortless waves in your shoulder-length hairstyle.

#6: Angled Bob with Layers and Bangs

An angled bob with layers and fringe can take a little extra work in the morning but the results are worth it. 60-year-olds can benefit from this look great, making them look youthful and stylish. This medium haircut works with all hair types but is especially flattering on thick hair.

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#7: Wispy Layers on a Graduated Bob Cut

Wispy layers on a graduated bob cut make this style soft and flattering. Bob haircuts work extremely well with thin hair, making the hair look fuller and thicker. Try using a dime-sized dollop of Redken Aerate all over before styling to help pump up the volume even more.

Medium Curly Bob for Women Over 60
Instagram @frazeecurls

#8: Medium Curly Bob for Women Over 60

Try a medium curly bob for women over 60 if you want to look 10 years younger. Styling curly hair can seem overwhelming until you ask your stylist to show you how it’s done. Try Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream to help define your curls within your new layered bob hairstyle for medium-length hair.

Shoulder-Length Bob with Textured Ends
Instagram @aaronpaulstyle

#9: Shoulder-Length Bob with Textured Ends

Try a shoulder-length bob with textured ends for an edgy, classic look. This is one of the most flattering medium bobs for over 60. A layered cut has movement which makes the style look effortless.

Mid-Length Graduated Cut with Subtle Layers
Instagram @dicadecabelobr

#10: Mid-Length Graduated Cut with Subtle Layers

A mid-length graduated cut with subtle layers could be the perfect move for you this season. Medium layered bob hairstyles for ladies over 60 will never go out of style and this one is a classic that you can’t go wrong with. Ask your stylist if they think this style would work for your hair type.

#11: Low-Maintenance Layered Bob for Silver Hair

Try a low-maintenance layered bob for silver hair if you don’t have much time to style your hair in the morning. Medium layered bob styles for women over 60 are timeless and flattering. Try applying a small amount of Redken Guts at your root area before blowdrying for extra volume.

Neck-Length Bob with Stacked Layers
Instagram @dawndaleyhair

#12: Neck-Length Bob with Stacked Layers

A neck-length bob with stacked layers is a great style if you’re willing to spend some time styling it in the morning. Layered hair softens the features and creates movement in the hair to make it look soft and seamless. If you’re sick of looking like a grandma, try a new stacked bob hairstyle.

Soft Tousled Medium Bob for 60-Year-Old Women
Instagram @ashadoeshair

#13: Soft Tousled Medium Bob for 60-Year-Old Women

Try a soft tousled medium bob for 60-year-old women for something new this season. Medium layered bobs for women over 60 are flattering and help to soften your features. The layered style is perfect for you if you’re looking for something low-maintenance.

Round Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @teresacleite

#14: Round Bob with Side Bangs

Have you considered trying a round bob with side bangs? Opt for medium layered hair styles for women over 60 work for a low-maintenance look that frames the face beautifully. A layered bob style can work with all hair textures.

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#15: Medium Layered Bob with Peek-A-Boo Highlights

A medium layered bob with peek-a-boo highlights is so much fun. This medium hairstyle paired with the subtle highlights would look amazing on any sixty-year-old woman.

#16: Mid-Length Layered Cut with Beach Waves

Try a mid-length layered cut with beach waves for a timeless, low-maintenance look. Ladies over sixty and layered haircuts go hand in hand because of the softness that the layers create. Ask your stylist to give you a tutorial on how to create these beautiful beach waves.

#17: Thick Bob Cut with Choppy Layers

A thick bob cut with choppy layers is a great option for 60-year-old women who have thick hair. This layered bob style is the perfect way for mature women to get their sass back. Ask your stylist if they think this look would work with your hair and face shape.

#18: Shoulder-Length Layered Blowout Style

The shoulder-length layered blowout style is all about creating movement and style. With its layers, this hairstyle adds dimension and texture to your hair. This allows it to flow and move with ease. The blowout technique gives your hair a sleek and polished look. The shoulder-length length is versatile, offering various styling options to suit your preference. This style can be easily achieved if you want to wear it straight, curled, or with added volume.