The Long Inverted Bob: 32 Best Ways to Get It Cut and Styled

Long inverted bob haircuts
Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long inverted bob is a shorter haircut in the back and gradually gets longer in the front as it reaches the shoulders or collarbone. This universally flattering bob haircut lets you have length and movement without dealing with the challenges of long or short hair.

If you’re considering long, inverted bob hairstyles, know they are a super versatile cut that suits all textures, all seasons, and, surprisingly, all face shapes. Depending on your desired result, you can customize the angle and the length for a haircut that fits you perfectly.

Also known as inverted lobs, these haircuts can be styled in many incredible ways and infused with different textures. This is why many wear an inverted lob cut, including fashion A-listers Gabrielle Union, Keira Knightley, Sevyn Streeter, and Emily Ratajkowski!

Here are pictures of this year’s most popular long inverted bob haircuts for your next inspiration!

Longer Inverted Bob for Naturally Curly Hair
Instagram @brunnomoreno.r

#1: Longer Inverted Bob for Naturally Curly Hair

Go for a low-maintenance style with a longer inverted bob for naturally curly hair. An inverted bob will save you styling time in the morning and frequent trips to the salon. Using the right products is key to making your morning routine a breeze. Keep your curls hydrated with a leave-in conditioner. Also, a smoothing product for frizz will be helpful to keep your natural curls happy and full of bounce.

#2: Copper Angled Long Bob

A copper-angled bob is a stylish haircut that can turn heads. It has a fashionable appeal. Plus, this haircut is versatile. It keeps your hair long near the face for styling and short at the back of the neck for comfort.

Inverted Layered Grey Lob for Women Over 50

#3: Inverted Layered Grey Lob

An inverted layered grey lob suits those with aging or thin hair. It’s ideal if you enjoy the bob style but wish to keep some length. The extra-long bob lets you show off the body and texture of your hair. At the same time, it provides a more chic and smooth look.

Side Parted Inverted Lob with Fringe for Straight Hair

#4 Side Parted Lob with Fringe for Straight Hair

A long inverted bob cut with fringe is the perfect way to frame your face and draw more attention to your eyes. Long inverted bobs are a great change from long hair, but you don’t want to go short. Having that length in the front is good security for them!

Dark Chocolate Inverted Lob
Instagram @chanel.debico

#5: Dark Chocolate Inverted Lob

An inverted lob in dark chocolate is a perfect hairstyle. It makes your hair shorter at the back and longer at the front. The rich color adds warmth and depth to your look. You can add layers and texture to this hairstyle for added volume. If you prefer, you can wear it blunt for a sleek, elegant vibe. The warm mocha tone of this hairstyle suits most skin tones. It doesn’t appear overly red or gold.

Inverted Lob with Highlights and Lowlights
Instagram @gbhdesign

#6: Inverted Lob with Highlights and Lowlights

The inverted lob with highlights and lowlights is a versatile style that adds a modern twist to the classic lob. This chic and stylish look has shorter layers at the back and longer ones at the front. These create a flattering shape around the face. The inverted shape improves the volume and movement of your hair, making it ideal if you want more bounce and texture. You can add highlights and lowlights to the cut. They will increase the depth, contrast, and dimension of your hair. No matter your hair type, you can tailor the inverted lob to suit your style and look.

Sexy Inverted Lob with Highlights for straight hair
Instagram @nacirsomera

#7: Inverted Lob with Highlights

This is an inverted lob with highlights. If you want longer hair with the style of a bob, a lob is your best choice. A blunt lob can give your thin hair a fuller look. For dark hair, using highlights can amplify its texture and fullness.

Chocolate Sleek Inverted Lob for women with shoulder-length hair
Instagram @rock.sthaar

#8: Chocolate Sleek Inverted Lob

Looking for a haircut that’s easy to maintain while still turning heads? Ask about a chocolate sleek inverted lob – a versatile style that falls just above or at the shoulders. This cut has a long front angle, gradually getting shorter towards the back. This allows for plenty of volume and movement. Perfect for women with straight or wavy hair looking for a chic, low-maintenance cut. To keep it looking sleek, use a hair straightener to create a defined, polished look. Add a touch of hairspray to keep it in place all day long.

#9: Classic Asymmetrical Inverted Lob

An elevated bob is a perfect way to give a longer facial appearance if you have a rounder face. To add more narrowness, ask for a more severe angle or length in the front. Your best bet is to keep your frontal area with little to no layering to close the width of your face. When cutting the hair, thin the ends toward the face. That way, they pivot inward.

Flattering long inverted bob for a Round Face
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#10: Flattering for Round Face Shapes

Long inverted bobs are flattering for round face shapes. Be it a steep angle or slight, leaving more hair in the front will balance and elongate rounder jawlines.

Inverted long bob with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @alisonallvess

#11: Inverted Brown Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Another incredibly flattering haircut is the inverted bob with side-swept bangs. This longer in the front and shorter in the back cut will help slim the face while keeping hair off your neck.

Long stacked inverted bob
Instagram @hairby.chantelle

#12: Long-Stacked Inverted Bob with Balayage

Adding short choppy layers to a stacked, inverted bob that is long adds more movement to your hair. It’s a tremendous long angled bob cut to add honey blonde balayage highlights.

#13: Before and After

A long inverted bob hairstyle is a great way to test the waters with a bob but keep its length intact. A long inverted haircut features shorter lengths at the nape that gradually get longer towards the face. Inverted haircuts are a great way to have short hair but keep length around the face and can work well to lengthen the overall face shape, making it perfect for round or square faces.

Inverted Sliced Lob
Instagram @modernsalon

#14: Inverted Sliced Lob

Try an inverted sliced lob for an impactful and dynamic haircut. Inverted bob haircuts are a fantastic way to have short hair while keeping length around the face. A lob is a longer version of a bob, which caters even more to women who want to test the waters without committing to a big chop.

#15: Collarbone-Length with Layering

Try collarbone-length with layering if you’re looking for something new and different. The length in the front of this cut modernizes it and makes it trendy. Also, because the front is longer, it is easier to put it back when you need it out of your face.

#16: Razor Cut Inverted Lob for Older Women

A razor-cut inverted lob for older women is always an excellent way to go. This cut is stunning and will turn heads wherever you go. Remember that it will take some work to get this sleek look if you have any waves in your hair.

#17: Nice Back View

A nice back view shows how flattering a blonde bob can be. Styling this cut can be challenging if you have a wave in your hair, so talk to your stylist about whether or not this style can work for you. A little Olaplex Bonding Oil can help you get your hair sleek and straight with minimal damage.

A Medium-Length Inverted Bob
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#18: A Medium-Length Bob

A medium-length bob with a long front is highly sleek and classy. It suits round face shapes as it helps to elongate and can be styled in many ways.

The Mid-Length long inverted Bob
Instagram @nacirsomera

#19: The Mid-Length Bob

Try the mid-length, long, inverted bob if you’re tired of split ends. Cutting the hair a bit shorter makes it appear healthier and shiny. This mid-length style gives you soft feminine hair with a sharper shape. You can add a long side bang for more versatility around the face. Mid-length hair quickly dries with a medium to large round brush.

Long inverted bob For Women Over 50
Instagram @nacirsomer

#20: For Women Over 50

Long bobs are a great style choice for women over 50 looking for a new complementary shape. The inverted bob looks great on just about everyone. Ask your stylist for a length above the shoulder so it doesn’t flip up. Minimal layers work best with this cut, allowing you to blow dry smooth or curl for a fun change.

long inverted bob For Women Over 60
Instagram @avasalonaz

#21: For Women Over 60

Women over 60 might consider a shoulder-length style. Bringing the length up can make you look younger and help aging hair look healthier and thicker. Bobs are the perfect choice to perk up sagging facial features. Try blowing out with light oil, such as Oil for All by Redken, for a shiny and beautiful finish.

beach wavy long inverted blonde bob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#22: Beach Wavy Long Inverted Blonde Bob

A fantastic long, wavy, inverted bob cut is steeply angled and subtly stacked in the back to enhance its dramatic A-line shape.

Adding framing or wispy bangs to a wavy lob will break up the line and change the look of long inverted bobs.

The long inverted bob cut is accented with organically placed blonde balayage highlights and tousled waves, keeping the style current and on-trend.

For straight hair textures, wrap hair in sections away from the face loosely around a medium barrel iron. Add texture cream or salt spray for naturally wavy hair and let it air dry.

#23: A Shoulder-Length Inverted Long Bob Style

A very long, inverted bob haircut looks fantastic with a straight, ruby-red hair color. You’ll find these on runways and red carpets.

Inverted long bob styles with a long front instantly give a classic vibe.

Love the look in this picture? See more pictures of long bob cuts.

If given a chance, always opt for a shoulder-length inverted bob.

An inverted bob haircut is simple yet attractive, bringing life and edginess to the modern bob.

An inverted lob haircut is easy to manage and flattering to many face shapes once you find the length that best suits you, whether chin-length, shoulder-length, or collarbone length.

#24: Choppy Long Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

Opt for the ideal choppy long, inverted bob for thin hair. Getting a long reverse bob haircut will increase the structure of your hair. Consider adding highlights on champagne hair for an enhanced style.

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inverted razored long bob for fine hair
Instagram @fullmetaljaxon

#25: Inverted Razored Long Bob for Fine Hair

A textured, long, inverted bob haircut is best for fine hair. Adding soft waves gives depth to the blonde highlights that emphasize the asymmetrical cut and ash-brown colors.

Long Inverted Bob with Bangs and Layers
Instagram @jenna.kojima

#26: Long Inverted Bob with Bangs and Layers

A long inverted bob with bangs and layers will give a more rounded look, which flatters women with a round face.

#27: Angled Inverted Lob with Bangs

An inverted lob with bangs is superb for women with straight hair. Rather than going with a bob with side bangs, try straight, blunt bangs. Stylist Sonya was right to choose blunt bangs in an edgy jet-black color!

Shaggy Long Inverted Bob with Layers
Instagram @glamourbyadri

#28: Shaggy Long Inverted Bob with Layers

A shaggy long, inverted bob with layers works for women who aim to have a simple look. An inverted straight bob is great because it adds depth, dimension, shine, and texture. Struggle with fine hair? An inverted long bob with long layers was cut to keep the fullness while adding pieces of movement throughout using a collaboration of cutting and coloring techniques.

#29: Long Undercut Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

Consider a long, inverted, undercut bob haircut for thick hair. It’s a modern take on the classic bob that always stays in style.

If you have a lot of hair, shaving the hair underneath helps take out the weight.

The key to a perfect long inverted bob for thick hair? Get a consultation to find out how much of an angle you want. This long bob haircut also works on different hair textures and most face shapes depending on where you put the weight line in the front.

Textured Extra Long and Layered Inverted Bob
Instagram @tousledbyfaith

#30: Textured Extra Long and Layered Inverted Bob

Opt for a wavy, long, inverted bob with a stunning textured cut and balayage pieces added throughout. A long layered inverted bob is great for women with fine hair who want to add volume. The textured wavy bob cut itself adds fullness. It’s versatile and looks great straight or curled! If you’re looking for products for a long, inverted bob haircut, I suggest dry texture sprays, volume sprays, and light/medium-hold hairsprays.

long and sleek inverted bob hairstyle
Instagram @debbii_hair

#31: Long and Sleek Inverted bob

For something sleek, try inverted bobs long enough to give you versatility. This look is daring, different, and will turn heads. Apply a few drops of Olaplex Bonding Oil to the ends for a fantastic shine.

blonde long inverted bob for women over 40
Instagram @nacirsomera

#32: Blonde Inverted Bob for Women Over 40

A blonde inverted bob haircut for women over 40 is a classic style for professional women. Height added in the fringe area and a low bevel in the back of the haircut help balance out convex profile face shapes. Blonde highlights over dark hair help bring out the haircut. Try leaving depth underneath to complement the inversion.