22 Stunning Long Bobs Women Over 60 Can Pull Off

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Angled Lob for Ladies 60 and Over
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#1: Angled Lob

If you are searching for a cool new cut, an angled lob cut is where it’s at. You’ll love the sleek lines and shorter back that give this shape a modern edge. Cutting your hair shorter will make your hair look so much healthier. Minimal layers make your blow dry simple with a smoothing serum and a round brush. You’ll want to avoid blowing your new shape rounded under. Instead, try holding the ends more straight when drying for a more trendy finish.

Messy Lob with Fringe for 60-Year-Old Ladies
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#2: Messy Lob with Fringe

The messy lob with fringe is a low-maintenance haircut. It is versatile and flattering for ladies in their 60s with aging hair. This hairstyle has tousled and relaxed waves for texture and movement. The focus of this look is the fringe. It’s cut to make the face soft and well-framed. The lob’s length keeps the curls big to look young. Use mousse or a texture spray for easy styling that lasts all day.

#3: Gorgeous Long Bob with Pink Dip Dye

A gorgeous long bob with pink dip dye is a fun and daring way to add pigment if you have blonde locks. Often times we want a bit of change with our hair, and dip dye can be a great option to cure boredom. Staying in soft pastel tones or light hues can also make it easier to return to your blonde hair afterward. To create this bubblegum pink, I love the Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS Pastels Pretty in Pink.

#4: Stylish Lob for Straight Hair

Smooth texture has its place in the hair community. And, it will give you density and a polished canvas. A stylish lob for straight hair feels put together and modern. I suggest styling aids like smoothing irons, blow out creams and heat protectants. These will act as a beginners styling kit.

#5: Edgy Messy Lob for Wavy Hair

An edgy messy lob for wavy hair is a low-maintenance style. The messy long bob cut gives the illusion that you spent hours styling when in reality the cut is great for air-drying or diffusing. Dress it up a bit more by adding a few bigger curls around the face and top of the head. This style works well for any face shape.

Soft Straight Shaggy Bob with Wispy Bangs for a 60 Year Old Woman
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#6: Soft Straight Shaggy Bob with Wispy Bangs

A soft, straight long shaggy bob with wispy bangs is a nod to the 70’s shag, but a more updated version. Haircuts for ladies over 60 should be layered to the face shape and textured to add softness. The wispy bangs are a great way to accentuate the eyes and help shape the face to appear more youthful.

#7: Long A-Line Bob with a Face Frame

Go for a long a-line bob with a face frame. If you are sixty years old, this long bob haircut is a modern bob cut to add a soft amount of wispy layering to the hair.

#8: Layered Lob for Thin Hair

A layered lob adds fullness to thin hair! The blunt perimeter at the bottom of the cut creates an illusion of more density, which is what anyone with thin hair is trying to do. The layering is a soft texture that helps keep the majority of thickness at the ends, but helps add movement and body when this layered bob haircut is styled!

#9: Long Round Bob for Fine Hair

Going for a long round bob haircut will help create a very flattering silhouette for fine hair. Bobbed hair with rounded layers is great when bouncy, beveled movement is what you want with your cut. Make sure to maintain that collarbone length for a true lob look!

Shoulder-Length Bob with Subtle Layers for Sixty Year Olds
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#10: Shoulder-Length Bob with Subtle Layers

A great medium option would be a shoulder-length bob with some subtle layers! Long bobs are a good option that is age-appropriate but still fun when adding some light face-framing and layering. Ask your hairstylists for recommendations on layer lengths and what would be most flattering for your face shape.

#11: Long Blunt Bob with a Fringe for Straight Hair

A long, blunt bob with a fringe is great for straight hair. Straight hair does well with a structured, blunt shorter cut as it gives more volume. The fringe can be wispier for a more effortless look, or blunter for a more striking look. The blunt bob is easy to style for women over sixty. Just use a blow dryer and a large vented brush to add more volume. You can use a large round brush at the top of the head and the bangs.

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#12: Textured Lob with Soft Curls

A textured lob with soft curls is a cut that’s always in style. While the trendier way to style this would be to leave the ends straight, 60-year-olds and up would want to curl all the way to the ends to create a more professional, polished look. If you’re not a fan of the curling iron, hot rollers are a great option that will add even more volume than curling iron.

Low-Maintenance Long Angled Bob for a Woman Over 60
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#13: Low-Maintenance Long Angled Bob

A long angled bob will create a very dramatic look while still staying low-maintenance! If you’re a grandma in her 60s busy chasing around her grandkids, the minimal layering allows this lob haircut to be quick and easy.

Choppy Lob Style for a Lady Over Sixty
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#14: Choppy Lob Style

A choppy lob style is trendy for every age, and is one of the trending cuts that work very well for mature women. The choppy lob can be styled straight for a more professional look. Style this lob with waves for a more fun, edgy going-out look. When curling, leave the last inch to two inches straight to keep it looking more trendy.

Wavy Lob on Older Women Past 60 with Glasses
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#15: Wavy Lob on Older Women Past 60 with Glasses

A wavy lob looks great on older women with glasses. Lobs are a great cut for women over sixty wanting to stay on-trend. The waves look effortless and natural and can be achieved by diffusing your natural wave or adding in waves with an iron or hot rollers. Ask for shorter bangs or opt for no bangs with the wavy lob if you wear glasses.

#16: Long Inverted Bob for Round Face Shapes

A long inverted bob works great for round face shapes! Seniors tend to want to have shorter hair, but if you’re wanting something more trendy a lob cut is a great option! An inverted lob is cut on an angle which makes it less bulky and shorter in the back and longer in the front to frame the face. This lob haircut looks its best straight to show off the precision of the cut but can be waved as well.

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Long Curly Bob for Women Past 60 with Square Faces
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#17: Long Curly Bob for Square Faces

A long curly bob for women over sixty with square faces is an ideal lob cut. Rounded layers on a long bob haircut will create a look of softness to the prominent structure of a square face shape. If you have a great curl pattern, that will also add softness to your overall shoulder-length hairstyle!

Long Graduated Bob with Feathered Layers for a Woman Over Sixty
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#18: Long Graduated Bob with Feathered Layers

A long graduated bob with feathered layers is a great bob style for women sixty and over. This lob hairstyle is taken up a notch by adding layering around the face to add more movement. Your stylist can accentuate your favorite features with layering, showing off your cheekbones, bringing your eyes out, and even adding a nice shape to the face overall.

Long and Sleek Concave Bob Cut for Ladies Past 60 Years Old
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#19: Long and Sleek Concave Bob Cut

A long and sleek concave bob cut is cut in a way that the hair will naturally curve under. A concave bob is a great hairstyle for women over 60 as it’s easy to style and always looks polished. Let your stylist know you’d like your ends up curve under rather than straight or curved outwards. The concave bob works best cut just above the shoulders.

Long Asymmetrical Bob for Women Over Sixty with Thick Hair
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#20: Long Asymmetrical Bob for Thick Hair

This long bob hairstyle is a nice way to get rid of heavy bulk on thick hair! A sophisticated edge is achieved with a long asymmetrical bob for thick hair. The hair can be tucked to create even more contrasting, or even lengths depending on which side is tucked.

#21: Mid-Length Stacked Bob

A mid-length stacked bob is a great shape for hair with a medium-to-thick density. This medium-length haircut will be filled with layers to add volume but can be easily tamed with a flat iron or round brush to smooth and bevel.

Wash-and-wear Silver Bob with Bangs for 60 Year Olds
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#22: Wash-And-Wear Silver Bob with Bangs

Easy maintenance will come with a wash-and-wear silver bob with bangs. A very small amount of graduating layers at the bottom of this long bob style keeps the shape fun without adding any unnecessary styling time to your routine. Popping in a short bang is also a fun additional element to the mid-length hairstyle.

A long bob for women over 60 is a flattering medium-length haircut that sits anywhere near the shoulders. With its length, you get the fullness of a short cut and versatility to various styles like long hair.

Lori Garcia, a stylist from Kemah, TX, shares a piece of advice if you’re considering a lob cut.

“Make sure you have enough hair density for this chop. Long bobs are wonderful for ladies with medium to thick hair,” she states.

If you have thinning hair, you may prefer a shorter bob for more volume. Garcia warns that “a longer length could only make your fine tresses appear lifeless.”

What’s great about a bob is it can be customized depending on what you need. You can opt for textured layers that add movement or blunt edges that create fullness.

Before you decide on what chop to get, consult your hairdresser for styling options. Ask how to achieve certain hairstyles and what tools and products you must use. “Creating a plan based on your hair type ensures a successful end result,” Garcia points out.

Plunge into this hair trend that promises a youthful style. Here are inspiring photos of the most popular ways to rock a long bob for women over 60.