23 Flattering Long Bob Haircuts for Women with Full and Round Faces

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The ideal long bob haircuts for ladies with round faces are all bout finding the right length and cut to elongate the face. These chops can break up the roundness of the face and accentuate the best facial features of any woman!

What is a lob haircut? A long bob, or lob, is a variation of a traditional bob haircut trimmed to a longer length to fall over the neck or the shoulders. One thing that can make or break a lob is its length. “If cut in the right range, it would give the hair ample volume for uplifting. It would also elongate a round face shape,” says Charoo Bakshi, a stylist and educator in India.

Bakshi recommends “keeping the front length below the chin.” The hair wouldn’t shrink up and create more width around the cheekbones.

A lob cut benefits fine tresses the most as it adds texture, fullness, and movement. Meanwhile, a curly bob softens wider cheekbones and sharp jawlines.

Rough and frizzy textures are the drawback of this haircut. If cut shorter, the hair demands frequent styling, which is a hassle and very taxing for its structure.

To prepare yourself for your new look, arrange a detailed consultation. Understand the post-care and styling regimes.

“Ask about how frequently your hair needs to be trimmed. Know the recommended products and different ways to style your locks,” Bakshi suggests.

Spice things up by adopting a fresh look. In this inspiring gallery are the best and trendiest long bob haircuts for women with full and round faces!


#1: Uneven Lob with Deep Side Part

If you love fashion and style, an uneven lob with a deep side part might be your haircut. The asymmetrical bob is longer on one side than the other, giving a fashionable edge to any look. A deep part is great for a round face or chubby cheeks because it helps to minimize roundness and creates a slimmer silhouette for the face. An uneven cut is easy to maintain and style, making it perfect for someone who wants a low-maintenance haircut. For a more asymmetrical effect, tuck the shorter side behind your ear. This enhances the contrast between the sides.

Layered lob hairstyle for women with round face shapes adding volume and dimension while framing the face beautifully

#2 Layered Lob

The best thing about a lob for round face shapes is that your stylist can alter the cut to your face shape. Lobs are great for women looking for versatility with their hairstyles because you can style a lob haircut in so many ways. You’ll want to avoid adding shorter layers to your cut if you don’t want the hassle of styling it in the mornings or going for a sleek, straight style.

Slimming Angled Long Bob for Round Face Shapes

#3 Slimming Angled Long Bob

Try a slimming, angled long bob if you’re looking for something to slim and shape your face simultaneously. The dramatic angle on this haircut will enhance your best features, especially those with chubby faces. Lob styles look best when round-brushed while blow-drying. Try styling cream on slightly damp hair before styling to set this look so it stays all day.

Lob with an Undercut for Women with Round Faces and Thick Hair

#4 Lob with an Undercut for Thick Hair

The structure of a long bob creates a shape that elongates the face making rounder faces look much thinner. Go for a lob with an undercut for thick hair. An undercut takes out unwanted bulk and weight from the haircut.

#5: Straight A-Line Long Bob

The stunning sleek style is a perfect bob cut. Elongating the length around your face can make a rounder face look less round.

#6: Graduated Lob with Chunky Highlights

An angled bob for medium to fine hair textures can be a flattering hairstyle. Your stylist can create a fuller look with slight graduation and a beveled cut, allowing your hair to easily turn inward and hold its shape.

Brunette Long Bob with Face-Framing Bangs for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @naturalfake.kassel

#7: Brunette Long Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

Long bob haircuts will make your facial features appear longer, thus creating a balanced shape. Adding soft layers around the face and cheekbones helps reduce the roundness, thus creating a new look. Make sure to keep the face-framing below the cheekbones but above the chin, so your face doesn’t look more rounded out.

#8: Inverted Long Bob

An inverted long bob hairstyle can be cut and customized to your specific face shape and preference. Long bob hairstyles will always stay in style. Use a heat protectant and flat-iron the ends for a more polished finish.

Textured Lob with Wispy Bangs for Round-Shaped Faces
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#9: Textured Lob with Wispy Bangs

textured lob with wispy bangs is great for showcasing your head’s natural features. Typically, a bob cut is not recommended for a round face. However, if done correctly, it can enhance the face’s features.

Razor Cut Shaggy Lob with Feathered Layers and Bangs for Round-Shaped Faces
Instagram @cuts.by.rasa

#10: Razor Cut Shaggy Lob

For the ultimate cool-girl crop, opt for a razor-cut shaggy lob. It’s the easiest way to slim down any facial features you don’t like.

Neck-Length Curly Long Bob Cut on Ladies with Full and Round Faces
Instagram @nieseyshair

#11: Neck-Length Curly Cut

It’s all about the angles! This neck-length curly cut is perfect for those with textured manes who want to rock bobbed hair.

Dark-Rooted Blonde Wavy Lob for Shoulder-Length Hair and Round Faces
Instagram @susanfordhair

#12: Dark-Rooted Blonde Wavy Lob

If you’re looking for a bob haircut, seek styles with face-framing layers, like this dark-rooted blonde wavy lob. These face-flattering layers will help draw attention away from any areas you prefer to downplay, while a slightly longer lob length can also enhance your chin area.

#13: Classic Long Bob with Bangs

Ask for a bob with fringe if you’re looking for a new style to help shape your face. Long bobs look best when styled straight or when round-brushed while blow-drying. Don’t forget to add a shine spray to enhance that luxurious shine and hairspray to set your style.

#14: Lob with Side Bangs

A lob with side bangs works well on women with round faces. This haircut is a good length to help frame the face.

#15: Long Bob with a Center Part

A long bob with a center part can give the illusion of a slimmer face. For women with a wide face, parting down the middle helps frame the face and make it look longer.

#16: Tousled Lob with Curtain Bangs

A tousled lob with curtain bangs helps create face-framing for women who feel their face shape may be too big. A lob cut can also work well because the length isn’t too short but long enough to help contour the face shape.

Asymmetrical long bob with deep side part to slim round faces

#17 Asymmetrical Long Bob

This asymmetrical long bob features a deep side part, perfect for adding dimension and slimming round faces. The longer side cascades just past the chin, while the shorter side is tucked behind the ear, enhancing the contrast. Ideal for medium to thick hair, this cut is low-maintenance and versatile. It’s especially flattering for those with full cheeks, as the asymmetry helps create a more elongated facial appearance. This style offers a modern twist to the classic bob, making it a chic choice for fashion-forward individuals.

#18: Blonde Bob Balayage with Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers on blonde bob balayage are essential if you frequently style your hair wavy or curly. This added shape and texture to your hair will help accentuate all your best features. A lob haircut for round face shapes is almost effortless for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. Just add a little texture spray, and you’re out the door.

#19: Shoulder-Length Longer Bob for Older Women

A shoulder-length longer bob for older women is perfect for a haircut that will always stay in style. Any hairstyle with no layers looks best on straight, sleek hair.

Blunt Cut Lob with Beach Waves for Rounder Face Shapes
Instagram @stylesbysam

#20: Blunt Cut Lob with Beach Waves

A blunt cut lob with beach waves puts a fun twist on the classic blunt lob style. These beach waves add perfect movement and volume for those with straight, fine hair. These haircuts can be styled in so many ways, which makes this haircut so desirable. You can use a curling iron, flat iron, or wand to recreate these beach waves by curling each side of your hair in the same direction (away from your face) and combing through with your fingers after the curls have cooled down. Pick up a sea salt spray while you’re at to help refine those waves and add some texture.

Low-Maintenance Long Bob for a Round Face
Instagram @priscilaharth

#21: Low-Maintenance Long Bob

A low-maintenance long bob cut for girls complements those with high cheekbones and looking to frame their faces. These hairstyles give you a classic, romantic edge to your style. This perfect haircut and style can be worn all day and night.

#22: Long Blunt Bob for Straight Hair

A classic blunt long bob for straight hair is best when resting at the collarbone or barely touching your shoulders. This will create maximum volume and fullness. A lob haircut is the way to go when you want a big change and extra body. It can also be worn straight or wavy and looks stunning throughout the day.

Lob with Long Layers in Front for Ladies with Round Faces
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#23: Middle Part Lob with Long Layers in Front

A lob with long layers in front is best with a messy, tousled style, as it creates endless movement in the hair. If you naturally have lots of curl and volume to your hair, a lob hairstyle with layers is a no-brainer. Even with little-to-no effort, this long bob will draw all eyes on you.