26 Long Asymmetrical Bob Haircut Ideas That Are Undeniably Flawless

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long asymmetrical bob is a shoulder-length haircut with an uneven perimeter. One side is longer than the other, creating an edgier and more modern style.

Florida-based hair artist Victoria Brothers‘ go-to rule is to commit to the asymmetrical cut because maintenance is one thing that women often get wrong about.

“Consider the outcome you want to maintain in the long run. It’s an extremely trendy haircut, but it’s not for everyone,” she notes. “Consult a stylist, too, and ask whether it suits your face shape and hair type.”

Another aspect to take note of before getting this uneven bob is the products you’ll need to customize it. “My most recommended product is Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line,” says Brothers.

She loves the Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme the most, though. “It’s my go-to because of how nourishing and smoothing it is,” she explains. “It reduces frizz and protects the hair against humidity to maintain the style.”

Now, before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the trendiest long asymmetrical bob haircuts!

Sleek Brunette Asymmetric Lob
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#1: Sleek Brunette Asymmetric Lob

Go for an edgy style with a sleek brunette asymmetrical lob. You can customize this to make it the perfect cut just for you. One of the most unique features of an asymmetrical cut is the unevenness on each side. Whether worn smooth or wavy, a lob is always a trendy choice.

#2: Sleek Asymmetric Lob with Red Highlights

A sleek asymmetric lob with red highlights is stylish and trendy. If you wear your hair long and it needs more shape, this might be a great style for you to try out. I especially love the sleekness of this haircut. To maintain the smooth blowout look, you should invest in a Brazilian Blowout. A Brazilian Blowout Original Smoothing Solution isn’t just for curly hair; it’s a great way to add shine and smoothness to any hair type.

Asymmetric Long Grey Bob for Women Over 60
Instagram @jeicobylanney

#3: Asymmetric Long Grey Bob for Women Over 60

An asymmetric grey lob for women over 60 can be a great choice if you’re looking to change up your style for a fun, youthful look. Ask your stylist about grey blending options if you’re looking to transition from your artificial hair color to a natural grey look.

#4: Extra Long Sleek Blonde Asymmetric Lob

Enjoy the beautiful simplicity of an extra long, sleek, blonde asymmetric lob. Ask for the heavy side of your part to be the longer side. I recommend the cut be done in this way for the best visual balance. You’ll want to avoid over-layering to keep the bottom line strong and remarkable. The sleek surface will be perfect for blonde highlights, and you will shine.

Long Asymmetrical Bob with a Shaved Side
Instagram @hairbyedwin

#5: Long Asymmetrical Bob with a Shaved Side

Long asymmetrical bobs with a shaved side are much edgier with a razor cut technique. Such a technique removes bluntness and softens the hair’s ends. This particular lob haircut works best on thick hair. Besides the asymmetry, it features an undercut that takes away extra bulk and weight from the locks.

Side-Parted Blonde Asymmetric Long Bob
Instagram @pentekfilo

#6: Side-Parted Blonde Asymmetric Long Bob

Try a side-parted blonde asymmetrical long bob if you want a chic and classy hairstyle! If you want to show off the angle in the front, your best bet is to round-brush the front. You’ll need your dryer and a large round brush to define your face-framing length.

#7: Long Inverted Asymmetric Bob

You’ll love the beautiful shape of a long, inverted asymmetric bob. I highly recommend the inverted line hit right above the shoulders. This will give you a clean visual that won’t flip up and deter from your shape. You’ll want to spend time on getting your blowout just right. An extra large round brush will help you get the ends straight, and a flat iron can help you as well.

Blonde Asymmetric Lob with a Side Part
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#8: Blonde Asymmetric Lob with a Side Part

A blonde asymmetric lob with a side part is a gorgeous cut if you’re looking to go short. Be prepared to get a lot of compliments on this look!

#9: Burgundy Long Uneven Bob

A burgundy, long uneven bob is a beautiful classic hairdo. The minimal layering reflects light and creates tremendous shine. Add your personality by keeping one side longer. A smooth bob works well on round or square-faced shapes. Add volume or curls to this style to suit a narrow face.

#10: Asymmetric Lob with Balayage

An asymmetric lob with balayage is the perfect cut to enjoy the summer breeze. A lob with little to no layers that brush the collarbone or below is the perfect length for medium-length hair.

Add a shorter stack in the back for some sass. Create a balayage to the mix for a low-maintenance color option. Add some waves with a curl and finish it off with a light spray like Cult+King “set spray.”

#11: Blunt Lob with an Angled Side

Try a blunt lob with an angled side for a modern twist on the most requested long bob. The long length, which sharply flows through a side parting, adds an edge to your style and looks great paired with straight, sleek hair.

Blonde Asymmetrical Lob
Instagram @beehave.hair

#12: Blonde Asymmetrical Lob

This blonde asymmetrical lob features a polished finish. It was created by hairstylist Megan Giunta of Vancouver, CA.

If you’re a woman with lots of fine or thin hair, Giunta reminds us it’s a low-maintenance color/cut combo. “The bob needs reshaping every few months,” she notes. “For a drastic change without losing much length, opt for this asymmetric long bob hairstyle!”

#13: Asymmetrical Long Bob for Older Women

An asymmetrical long bob for older women can appear super stunning and ultra-chic! It offers a softer and polished face-framing effect that suits a square face shape. With a salt and pepper color, it creates a more natural look.

Asymmetrical Long Bob with an Undercut
Instagram @sabrayna_

#14: Asymmetrical Long Bob with an Undercut

Spice up your long asymmetrical bob by adding an undercut. Ask your stylist to scissor-over-comb or clipper-cut a small section in front of the ear. Designs can be added to the undercut with the clipper, and that can make your hairstyle unique. The hair can be parted to show the undercut or parted on the opposite side to hide it. Bobs with an undercut are a super trendy hairstyle that will make a statement.

Long Asymmetrical Layered Bob
Instagram @ghdhair

#15: Long Asymmetrical Layered Bob

Long asymmetrical layered bobs are better achieved with medium to thick tresses. It creates a more modern finish when styled with soft waves and texture. This chop is for women with a square face shape. Adding layers will soften the sharp jawline.

Asymmetrical Lob for Straight Hair
Instagram @reyhairstylist

#16: Blunt Asymmetrical Lob for Straight Hair

A blunt asymmetrical lob for straight hair textures shows off a flawless perimeter. It appears stunning, neat, and easy to manipulate when styling. The best thing about this chop is that ladies can wear it and part the hair on any side. That’s the trick to make this haircut suitable for any face shape.

#17: Long Wavy Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

A long, wavy asymmetrical bob is perfect for hair that’s too flat and needs volume. To secure the wavy texture, use hairspray for a style that lasts the whole day.

Shoulder-Length Asymmetrical Lob with Bangs
Instagram @brianhickman1

#18: Shoulder-Length Asymmetrical Lob with Bangs

If you want to make a statement, this shoulder-length asymmetrical lob with bangs is your cut. This long bob with bangs style has one side shorter than the other—a head-turner.

#19: Long Asymmetrical Bob with Fringe

A longer asymmetrical bob with fringe is a modern, edgy haircut with one side elongated than the other. Here’s one great example, designed by stylist Rhoda Bolles of Pennsylvania. It’s flattering for ladies who want shorter hair but are afraid to lose some length.

Bolles shares how this cut is achieved. “I used a combination of blunt lines, slight graduation in the back, and over-direction on the longer side. This creates a more dramatic angle on the longer side,” says the stylist.

#20: Textured Long Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

A textured long asymmetrical bob with bangs is best for women with a round face shape and thin locks. The ideal style to match such longer slanted bobs is with a curly one. Thanks to the added curls, the hair looks fuller! Meanwhile, the fringe breaks up the roundness of the face while emphasizing eye color.

#21: Curly Asymmetrical Lob

This curly, asymmetrical lob has a glamour appeal that younger ladies can flaunt! Its wet look is a scene-stealer. Though the perimeter has a subtle angle, it’s even more dramatic with a deep side part. When copying the style, remember to use a shine spray to add lusciousness to the hair.

Long Curly Asymmetrical Bob
Instagram @rodrigovizu

#22: Long Curly Asymmetrical Bob

A good, long, curly, asymmetrical bob gives an illusion of healthy hair that’s full of life. To achieve the style, add a lot of texture to your locks while keeping their piece-y definition. It will look undone but controllable. A sea salt spray is the most recommended product to use with this uneven hairstyle.

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#23: Long Layered Asymmetric Bob

Here’s another long layered asymmetrical bob that offers a rocking, epic hairstyle! This chop has this edgy and powerful impression that independent women can pull off. The length isn’t too long or too short. These longer, uneven bobs are perfect for women who can’t decide what chop to go for.

#24: Messy Asymmetrical Lob for Thick Hair

The best feature of a messy asymmetrical lob for thick hair is it’s easy to jazz up and manipulate. Since the hair has a lot of density, it can go sleek, wavy, textured, or with little braids. The result? Still mesmerizing! Style it with soft barrel curls, and you’ll steal the show!

#25: Long Asymmetrical Bob for Black Girls

The long asymmetrical bob for black girls makes a sassy haircut that’s versatile. It may look marvelous in a sleek style, but it can also rock a wavy look, for sure! For women who think that a one-length cut is basic, consider this extreme hair idea. This dark brown lob can appear very high-fashion, especially when paired with an ombre!

#26: Blonde Asymmetric Bob for Straight Hair

Try a blonde asymmetric bob for straight hair when you want to add effortless texture and volume while also balancing out facial features. Faces are naturally asymmetrical, so a way to diminish that and help balance the facial features out is to have a lob asymmetrical haircut to offset and guide the eye to desired facial features.