18 Long Angled Bob Hairstyles Trending for 2020

Best long angled bob lob haircuts

A long angled bob is a haircut that is at the shoulder or collar-bone length and is shorter at the back and gradually becomes longer at the front. If you’re looking to hype up your hair, going with angles is the right thing to do!

Aside from being manageable, an angled lob allows you to have the benefits of a medium-length hair without all its weight because of the shorter back. Plus – you can work with your stylist to play with those angles and create a haircut that superbly complements your features!

Take note of how fashion icons Rita Ora, Emma Roberts, and Selena Gomez did theirs to flatter their face shapes perfectly! Hairstylist Carolynn Judd, an expert in short texture cuts from Utah, points out the power of texture and shine when styling an angled long bob.

Maintenance depends if you desire to keep the length for a long time. A visit to your salon for trims every month should suffice.

The easiest and most fashionable tip to give your mane a refresh – these popular long angled bob hairstyles are here to inspire you! See them below!

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Stacked Long Angled Bob with Bangs

Long angled stacked bob with bangs
Instagram @hairsthethinggg

Long layers make a wonderful round body for the bob here. This lifts up your whole appearance and helps you with those unflattering angles.

Angled Extra Long Bob

Extra long angled bob
Instagram @lesleewilliams_hairstyling

Short hair? Not this one! Have a bob but at a more manageable length, waves and all.

Lovely With Side Bangs

Long angled bob with side bangs
Instagram @hairbycortneyarchuleta

Sweep in those lovely fringes and loose curls for a date-ready appearance.

Layered Angled Bob with Bangs

Layered long bob with bangs
Instagram @hairbyamybee

Rock that Zooey Deschanel look with mid-length layers and full bangs. Casual yet guaranteed to make you shine like a Hollywood star.

Long Angled Bob With Bangs

Long angled bob with bangs
Instagram @lou_toliver_hair

A shaggy shoulder bob is a perfect transition if you do decide to have longer hair. Having full bangs add to the quirkiness of the look.

Angled Long Bob With Layers

Long angled bob with layers
Instagram @catherinebeyers

Dark chocolate roots with a golden brown ombre look epic on a layered asymmetrical long angled bob.

Cute Angled Bob For Curly Hair

Q&A with style creator, Yesenia Madrid
Redken Certified Hair Colorist and Designer @ Cutters Cottage Salon in Phoenix, AZ

How would you describe this look?

This look is a forward angled long bob utilizing the guests naturally curly hair.

My favorite thing about this look is the versatility. Having the front a little longer it allows for her to pull it off her face if needed not just to get it out of the way but also to be able to create different looks.

Having the nape shorter it allows her natural curl to be released and create volume. It also gets it off her neck creating a very light and comfortable feel, perfect for hot summers!

Any advice for someone considering it?

You have to be okay with the fact that you won’t be able to pull it up completely in a ponytail. Also, you will need some product to either enhance your texture or to smooth out any unruliness.

Edgy Long Angled Bob with an Undercut

Q&A with style creator, Jessica Garnica
Hairdresser @ TONI&GUY The Galleria in Houston, TX

How would you describe this look?

I like to call this style asymmetrical bob with a side undercut! One side is longer and much more angled. It’s a fun haircut with a touch of sass to it! This look is a bit high maintenance because, in order to maintain the undercut nice and clean, consistent trims are recommended. It may start to look out of shape once it grows out too long! My favorite thing about it is that you have the option to part the hair to the opposite side for a more conservative look, if you are feeling like hiding the undercut or need to hide the funky grow out, without losing the angle. You get two looks out of it!

Any advice for someone considering it?

The style looks perfect flat ironed, beach waved, or even natural textured! Products used are Bed Head Smalltalk, a lightweight cream used on wet hair before blow-drying to add height and flexible hold, Catwalk Salt Spray for texture used on wet hair, and the Catwalk Heat Protectant to add beautiful shine and ensure heat protection, may be used on wet hair before blow-drying or dry hair before running the iron through!

Slightly Angled Long Bob Ombre

Slightly Angled Ombre
Instagram @morethanhairr

Q&A with style creator, Molika Hormann
Junior Stylist @ Detlev Salon in Miami, FL

How would you describe this look?

This is a textured lob (long bob) and what I love the most about it is that the cut made my guest’s color look new.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Short lengths are not always best for low maintenance people. This is a cut that looks best styled. I think is good for any thickness of hair. My guest’s hair is on the thicker side but would still look awesome on thinner hair. Also, to maintain this length, it requires a trim every 6-8 weeks.

Asymmetrical Bob with Beach Waves

Asymmetrical Lob with Beach Waves
Instagram @art.of.eva

Q&A with style creator, Eva Maliones
Assistant @ Trio Salon Chicago in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this look?

This look is a textured triangular lob! I would also call it the “beach babe” look. It adds volume, dimension, and movement to the hair. I love this style because it’s not meant to be perfect yet it’s still beautiful.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you like an easy going trendy hair that has versatility this style is for you! It’s the girl who wants to keep it short but still have the length to style it up. This is also perfect for all hair types! With this look, use a heat protectant spray prior to curling with a 1 or 1.5-inch curling iron. Then follow up with a texture hairspray for long-lasting waves!

Blunt Cut Angled Bob

Q&A with style creator, Jordan Pable
Junior Stylist @ Savvy Hair Loft in Point Pleasant, NJ

How would you describe this look?

A long angled bob is a super trendy haircut that’s good for someone looking for a change but nothing too crazy. A long bob is a way to get a feel for having a shorter haircut while still having the versatility of a longer cut. My favorite thing about this haircut is how you can pretty much wear it however you want. It looks amazing straight, loosely waved or, most of the time, natural.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would just think about how you would wear it most often. If you have really thick and curly hair it may require more maintenance in the morning to achieve this desired look, but most of the time it works really well with a natural wave or styled straight or loosely curled. I really like using a wand to go back and curl this style to give it that beach undone wave.

Blonde Balayage Long Bob

Q&A with style creator, Sydney Schleicher
Balayage Specialist / Hair Artist @ Bellezza Room Salon in Frankfort, IL

How would you describe this look?

This look is a bright dimensional angled bob! This color is perfect for a client who wants to have that platinum blonde but also multiple tones to their hair so it doesn’t feel as solid.

My favorite thing about this style is you have the best of both worlds – that bright ashy blonde but still some beautiful honey pieces. This cut is fun to style with the beach waves that everyone loves but can also be sleek and smooth which makes it very versatile.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Even though you may be cutting your hair shorter, you will still need to style your hair every day. I think a lot of clients think that because they are going shorter with their length that they will have less work in the morning while getting ready.

The styling process will be shorter, but if you have a curly hair texture you will definitely still need to use an iron to style this haircut. You can really modify this style to fit your personality – leave that angle as long as you want, girl! For these beach waves, I use a one and a quarter inch curling iron and always leave out the ends to give it that beachy vibe. A texturizing spray is a must to achieve that piecey look. I recommend IGK Beach Club texture spray!

Angled Bob with Long Layers

Q&A with style creator, Rita Dunn
Hairstylist / Suite Owner @ Hair by Rita Marie in Valrico, FL

How would you describe this look?

It’s a sassy twist to a trendy hair cut.

My favorite thing about it is that it’s manageable. If the cut is done right it’s easy to style and it’s versatile. It looks great curled or straight. You can wear it up or in a top knot. The possibilities are endless.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Personally, I love it for fine and thin to normal and medium hair thickness and texture. It’s great for girls who are on the go but also stay-at-home. My favorite styling products to create this look are It’s a 10 Defrizzing Gel to prep the hair before blow dry, a light-hold hair spray when curling, and a sea salt texture spray at the end to create more texture.

Perfect For Thick Hair

Perfect For Thick Hair
Instagram @hairby_jana

Q&A with style creator, Jana Nguyen
Stylist @ 3930 Ego in Houston, TX

How would you describe this look?

This long asymmetrical angled bob was created for a client who had a lot of hair. I did an undercut in the back to take out the weight and created a dramatic angle to make this look fun and edgy.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is good for anyone who would like to go shorter but still wants length around the face. I used a 1-inch curling iron for the curls and set it with Oribe Texture Spray.

Flattering for Wavy Hair

Flattering for Wavy Hair
Instagram @urhairbff

Q&A with style creator, Kate Rubino
Senior Cosmetologist @ Mason and Friends Salon and Spa in Howard County, MD

How would you describe this look?

This angled bob has softened textured layers, great for that swing and sway. The highlights were executed with a baby lite and ombre techniques, completing the look toned with icy platinum blond.

The picture shown was styled with all Kenra products. I used the blow dry spray (for heat protection) and boosting spray foam (for the body) curled away from the face with 10 vertical sections, using an inch and a quarter-sized curling iron. Start midshaft every 1 to 2 seconds turn, no more than 5 to 6 seconds per curl. The ends need less heat being fine and lightened. To finish, use dry texture spray (curl definition).

Any advice for someone considering it?

Being strategically placed, highlighting her angled cut is fantastic for that client who wants a seamless grow out and low maintenance hair. It’s one of my favorite hairstyles because it can be worn in so many ways – up, down, round brushed, straightened, curled – the options are endless.

Bangs and Layers

Q&A with style creator, Rachel Caylus
Hairstylist @ Rachel Caylus the French Hairdresser in Potts Point, Sydney

How would you describe this look?

Rachel Caylus created this textured angled bob and the amazing thing about it is that it’s a versatile hairstyle!

From the smooth and silky look to the glamorous curly hairstyle, this medium length angled bob is perfect to play and create different look depending on your mood, style, and hair type.

Wear it straight for a classy or casual style. Wear it curly or wavy for a messy, voluminous hairstyle, perfect for a naturally sexy look! Put one side behind your ear to create an asymmetrical look!

It is amazing how many hairstyles you can create.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For those who don’t have time and need to be ready in 5 to 10 mins, if you have straight hair, just blow dry the front and flick back to fringe to create a smooth movement. You are ready! Never mind if the back of your head is not perfect because it gives you a natural look! Use dry shampoo powder to create more body and boost the roots if you like.

If you have wavy, curly hair, wet your hair, apply a texturing cream to design your waves and smooth the frizz (apply sea salt spray if you like more texture). Let it dry naturally or just blow dry your fringe on the side to add softness in your curly look or just let your curls do the job and create a messy look with your fingers.

If you have more than 10 minutes to spend for your hair routine, for a straight look, use a heat protector. Start your blow dry from the front to avoid any cowlick in your hairline then section your hair and blow dry from the neck to the top. Add a bit of serum to smooth the hair and give more shine.

For a wavy look, use a heat protector. Blow dry quickly your hair or if your hair is straight then the next step is to use your iron in the vertical position: small sections of hair, turn halfway and hold it. In the meantime go slowly down while the magic is happening!

The slower the curlier, the faster the softer waves look you will get. Choose your style.

Ideal For Thin Hair

Q&A with style creator, Maegan Humphrey
Senior Stylist @ Hair Loft Studio in New Orleans, LA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a sleek, angled lob. My favorite thing about this cut is the clean lines. I love the attention to detail!

Any advice for someone considering it?

This cut is great for pretty much all hair types – straight, wavy, or curly – as well as all densities. It can be especially great for people with fine hair or naturally straight hair that like very low maintenance but fun cut! Angles are a great way to spice up a basic cut.

I do also have to consider a client’s hairline when doing a bob like this. It is important to make note of the hairline’s natural growth pattern. That can sometimes cause sections of the hair to flip out in weird ways that we don’t want! This, of course, is nothing a little flat ironing can’t fix.

Shoulder-Length Textured Long Angled Bob

Q&A with style creator, Chloe Kathleen
Hairstylist @ Refinery Hair Co. in Flint, MI

How would you describe this look?

Bobs have been in style just with slight variations and trendy twists for decades. Whether it’s blunt, stacked, long, or angled bobs are here to stay. To me, this look is just classic. You really can’t go wrong with a cut like this!

I absolutely love this style because of its versatility! You’re able to fashion it smooth and straight for a chic working woman look, but with the addition of a little curl and texture, the whole look changes and you’ve got a sassy vibe perfect for a night out. With so many other options, this multifaceted look will easily adapt to any occasion, and I’m obsessed!

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look definitely requires maintenance. Many women associate shorter hair with less work, however, a cut like this requires daily styling and routine salon visits to maintain! Creating a beautiful look with any bob entails blow drying smooth with a round brush and potentially additional styling with a flat iron or curling iron. (A quick chat with your stylist will provide you with product recommendations tailored to your hair type to help you achieve great results!) Also, plan on visiting the salon every four to six weeks for regular trims to maintain the shape and style.

All of that considered I don’t recommend this look for anyone looking for a “wash-and-go” type haircut this cut would definitely be too much work. However, if you are eagerly willing to commit to a routine of styling and maintenance, this look is totally achievable and totally worth it!