50 Long Angled Bob Haircuts for a Cool, Dramatic Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long angled bob is a bob haircut that is at the shoulder or collarbone length and is shorter at the back and gradually becomes longer at the front. Angled lob haircuts give you the benefits of medium-length hair without all its weight because of the shorter back.

You should work with your stylist to play with those angles and create a lob haircut that complements your features.

Hairstylist Carolynn Judd, an expert hairstylist in angled cuts, points out the power of texture and shine when styling an angled long bob.

The maintenance of this angled bob depends on your desire to keep the length for a long time.

Here are this year’s most popular long angled bob hairstyles and haircuts to inspire you!

Long Curly Angled Bob Cut
Instagram @eujayrodrigues

#1: Long Curly Angled Bob

This long angled bob for curly hair utilizes her natural curls. My favorite thing about this long-angled curly bob is its versatility. Having the nape shorter on a lob releases the natural curl and creates volume. You have to be okay with the fact that you might not be able to pull this bob up completely in a ponytail. Also, you will need some product to enhance your texture or smooth out any unruliness.

Copper Angled Long Bob with Flipped Layers
Instagram @alineramos.studiodebeleza

#2: Copper Long Bob with Flipped Layers

The copper long bob, styled with flipped layers, results in a very seductive look. Combining a lighter, warmer color with these expertly shaped layers, this ordinary bob transforms into a glamorous one.

Brown Graduated Angled Lob for Fine Hair
Instagram @silveiralaudy

#3: Brown Graduated Lob for Fine Hair

A brown long bob can greatly improve the appearance of thin hair. The sharp parameter and shorter length can make thinner hair strands actually appear fuller and thicker. Moreover, the soft brown color will give a richness and shine not possible with other hair colors.

Side-Parted Angled Long Bob with Graduated Layers
Instagram @nacirsomera

#4: Side-Parted Bob with Graduated Layers

A side-parted bob layered gradually looks stylish and highlights your face shape. Ladies with round faces will love this style, making the face look slimmer and longer.

Soft Messy Waves with Angled Layers on a Lob
Instagram @_avesalon

#5: Soft Messy Waves with Angled Layers

Want a messier version of the lob hairstyle? Try styling it into soft, messy waves with angled layers! A bob doesn’t always need to be sleek and sharp. A wavy texture can be just as appealing!

#6: Textured Wavy Lob with Money Piece

Adding a money piece to a textured wavy lob gives an edgy feel to this popular haircut. If you don’t favor a blonde hairpiece, consider a red, copper, or even pink one!

Low-Maintenance Dark Angled Lob Cut
Instagram @janike.mooshhair

#7: Low-Maintenance Dark Lob Cut

Consider a very simple a-line or an inverted bob. These come with a more traditional angle for the transition from short to long.

#8: Messy Feathered Bob with Short Layers

Pick a messy feathered bob with short layers. It’s a style that suits all face shapes. This haircut’s full and rough look makes it fit for everyone. Ask your stylist for a step cut at the neck and longer hair in the front with layers of 3-4 inches all over. First, dry your hair using your hands with a volume-boosting product. Then, randomly curl your hair with an iron to get a messy style you love.

Sharp A-Line Angled Long Bob Cut
Instagram @nastya_toki

#9: Sharp A-Line Long Bob Cut

The hairstyle is a sharp, dramatic, inverted bob or &ldquoa-line.&rdquo This style contains no layers to create an elongated look.

Curly Collarbone-Length Stacked Angled Lob Haircut
Instagram @ashtheresehair

#10: Curly Collarbone-Length Stacked Haircut

Use your style to create art. Try a curly, stacked haircut. Make sure it reaches your collarbone. Try a stacked back if your hair has a crinkly texture. You can let it air dry. An a-line back works well in this style. It easily fills up the nape area. You might like the longer front. It makes your hair look more abundant. Remember, if you want a fuller look, ask for layered cuts. For a flatter look, ask for less layers.

Face-Framing Inverted Angled Lob Haircut
Instagram @olgakursitis

#11: Face-Framing Inverted Lob Haircut

Here’s a longer bob cut hairstyle with a sharp angle from the front to the back of the head. The haircut also includes several long layers that remove any excess volume from the hairstyle’s outline.

Bright Blonde Angled Lob with Loose Waves
Instagram @tropicalhill

#12: Bright Blonde Lob with Loose Waves

The longer bob is complimented with bright blonde highlights. This bob is slightly angled and styled with some looser, bigger curls.

Longer Round Angled Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @silveiralaudy

#13: Longer Round Bob Hairstyle

A bob hairstyle is suitable for most people who want short hair. This easy-to-maintain style grows well if you want longer hair.

Deep Side Part Angled Lob Hairstyle
Instagram @daniel.hairstylist

#14: Deep Side Part Lob Hairstyle

The haircut is a sharp-angled, short style with a deep side part. This short haircut has a lovely, glossy black color.

Brunette Angled Lob with Highlights and Waves
Instagram @hildacanales

#15: Brunette Lob with Highlights

An angled, longer bob cut has layers that add volume and create a textured style. This cut is further enhanced with a rich brunette color and a few subtle highlights that give it dimension.

Angled Long Bob with Blunt Ends
Instagram @olgakursitis

#16: Angled Long Bob with Blunt Ends

If you have an oval, heart, or square-shaped face, an angled long bob with blunt ends will flatter you the most. Sharper angles in haircuts can balance out the roundness of some faces. Without layers, blunt bob haircuts make the hair seem thicker and fuller. If you want a sleek look, you may need a flat iron to smooth the ends of your hair.

Light Bronde Ombre Angled Long Bob
Instagram @janike.mooshhair

#17: Light Bronde Ombre Bob

The layered application of bronde highlights with a striking feature at the front is complimented by a chin-to-shoulder-length bob styled with loose, beach-like curls.

Straight A-Line Longer Angled Lob
Instagram @nacirsomera

#18: Straight A-Line Longer Lob

The inverted bob is very sleek and shiny. The inverted bob has a longer angle and is stacked with layers to decrease thickness.

Neck-Length Stacked Angled Long Bob with Jagged Layers
Instagram @daniel.hairstylist

#19: Neck-Length Stacked Bob with Jagged Layers

Consider adding some sassy layers with a jagged look to your neck-length stacked bob. This length looks amazing on most face shapes and is easier to manage than other bob hairstyles. The layers allow your hair to grow over time while maintaining a stylish look. Permit your stylist to infuse plenty of texture and movement. This style can enhance your natural curls if you possess them or add movement to otherwise straight hair.

Neck-Grazing Sleek Angled Lob with Subtle Layers
Instagram @olgakursitis

#20: Sleek Lob with Subtle Layers

If you want to spice up your long, straight hair, I recommend trying a sleek lob with subtle layers. The front part of the haircut will gradually grow slightly longer, resulting in a beautifully shaped edge. The light layers will lessen the bluntness and create a soft edge. The length will enhance any face shape and will require minimal styling. Women with straight hair can wash their hair and leave without needing extra styling.

Beachy Waves on Long Angled Bob Cut
Instagram @arymendoncca

#21: Beachy Waves on Long Bob Cut

A long bob cut with beachy waves suits any woman very well. The waves give a sassy and bouncy look and create lots of movement. If you have straight hair, wrap small to medium sections around a one-and-a-quarter-inch curling iron. Leave your hair on the iron for a short period but long enough to form a wave. To add an effortless texture, spritz your upside-down head with Kenra’s Dry Texture Spray.

#22: Smooth Long Angled Copper Bob

This long angled copper bob is a sleek and sophisticated choice for those looking for a polished yet modern hairstyle. The angled cut adds a trendy touch, while the smooth and sleek texture enhances the overall elegance. This haircut works well for individuals with straight or slightly wavy hair as it emphasizes the clean lines and structured shape.

Long and Angled Bob for Straight Hair
Instagram @nacirsomera

#23: Long and Angled Bob for Straight Hair

The long and angled bob, with its sleek and polished finish, is a sophisticated hairstyle ideal for straight hair. This bob haircut is specially designed to be longer at the front and shorter at the back, creating a flattering angle perfect for face-framing. The length of angled lobs offers various styling choices, from a straight, sleek look to adding soft waves for texture. This bob cut works best for those with straight hair and enhances natural smoothness and shine. Additionally, the angled shape adds a touch of modernity and elegance to any look.

Chic Angled Lob for Straight Hair
Instagram @nacirsomera

#24: Chic Lob for Straight Hair

If you want to add style to your straight locks, consider getting a chic, angled lob. This shoulder-length bob is perfect for those with straight hair, as it allows for easy styling and maintenance. The angled lob is a haircut that starts with longer layers at the front and gradually gets shorter at the back. These layers create a trendy and sleek look. This cut adds movement and definition to your hair and beautifully frames the face.

#25: Straight and Shiny Angled Lob

A sleek lob haircut is perfect if you have straight hair and want to go short but preserve some of the length around your face. A lob cut is a great way to ease into short hair. Instead of going straight for a dramatic pixie cut, try something more moderate first. You do not traumatize yourself!

Straight Angled Lob with Center Part
Instagram @olgakursitis

#26: Straight Lob with Center Part

A straight lob with a center part is a popular shape that’s trendy. Your hair will look very healthy without split ends. The length should be right at or above the shoulders to avoid flipping upwards. I suggest adding a light layer at the bottom of your hair to make the ends appear softer. Using a large round brush and a smoothing product like Olaplex #9 Nourishing Hair Serum will quicken your blow-drying time.

Side-Swept Thick Angled Lob
Instagram @alineramos.studiodebeleza

#27: Side-Swept Thick Lob

A side-swept thick lob is a great choice for anyone with fuller hair. The angle of this bob style helps prevent the hair from puffing out or forming a triangle shape, even if the hair is thick and full.

#28: Angled Extra Long Bob on Ash Platinum Hair

If you have long hair, angled bob cuts are the perfect option. Add long bangs or front layers to have something that frames your face. Any facial shape may benefit from an angled bob with long bangs or framing layers.

Grey Wedge Angled Lob for Older Women
Instagram @nacirsomera

#29: Grey Wedge Lob for Older Women

A grey wedge lob is a stunning choice for older women. The grey wedge lob flatters the face. It also suits the color and texture of aging hair.

#30: Angled Lob with Blonde Balayage

An angled lob is graduated in the back, which creates the perfect line. The center nape must be the shortest point, getting longer as you move toward the front. You’ll want to avoid over-layering the crown if you like a strong perimeter. The long layers are the perfect canvas for a balayage and will show it off beautifully.

#31: Angled Lob with Waves

An angled wavy lob can be a great cut for any age and any face shape! A moderate effort will be required in styling a lob. Use a blow dryer and a Denman or flat brush against the curve of the head to create natural volume. Add beach waves for more movement by leaving the ends out while curling. Finish with a texture spray or light hairspray.

Long Inverted Angled Bob
Instagram @sassyshearsyyc

#32: Long Inverted Angled Bob

If you want a dramatic change, try a long inverted angled bob. The medium blunt cut with a shorter back is the perfect shape for an amazing visual and allows you to keep some length. Keep in mind the blunt line needs to be right above the shoulders so it does not flip out. Blow-dry this style with some smoothing cream and a large round brush. A flat iron can be used for stubborn waves.

Long Angled Bob with Bangs and Layers for Women
Instagram @olgakursitis

#33: Long Bob with Bangs and Layers

Check out this textured, long, angled bob with bangs and layers. You can wear your hair straight for a classy or casual style, curly or wavy for a messy, voluminous hairstyle.

#34: Textured Shoulder-Length Angled Bob

This shoulder-length angle cut with layers is a classic cut that’s very versatile. A long-slanted bob requires maintenance, daily styling, and routine salon visits!

#35: Choppy Angled Bob with Long Side Bangs on Fine Hair

A choppy, long angled bob with side bangs is the perfect date night hairstyle when you add subtle curls.

#36: Layered Angled Long Bob with Bangs

Long angled layered bob with full bangs is the stunning Zooey Deschanel look. This layered bob is casual yet guaranteed to make you shine like a Hollywood star.

#37: Long Shaggy Angled Bob With Bangs

An angled bob cut with bangs is a perfect transition if you decide to have longer hair. Having full bangs adds to the quirkiness of the beautiful medium-angled bob cut.

#38: Medium-Length Angled Bob with Layers

A medium-length, long angled bob with layers is amazing for women with fine hair to add more fullness.

Long Asymmetrical Angled Bob with Undercut
Instagram @sabrayna_

#39: Long Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut

A long asymmetrical bob with a side undercut is where one side is longer and much more angled. It’s a fun haircut with a touch of sass to it! This angled bob is a bit high maintenance because, to maintain the undercut, nice and clean, consistent trims are recommended. This long bob style looks perfect flat ironed, beach waved, or even natural textured!

#40: Long Slightly Angled Bob Haircut

This is a textured, long slightly angled bob. This angled cut looks best styled, and to maintain this length, it requires a trim every 6-8 weeks.

Angled Long Bob Hair with Stacked Layers
Instagram @nacirsomera

#41: Long Bob Hair with Stacked Layers

A layered long bob is a stylish way to offer the best of both short and long hair. The closely cropped back and longer front of the bob give more styling choices than a regular bob.

Long Wavy Angled Bob Back View
Instagram @concept.hairsalon

#42: Long Wavy Angled Bob Back View

This long angled bob for wavy hair is called the “beach babe” look. The texture of this bob adds volume, dimension, and movement to the hair. If you like easy-going, trendy hair with versatility, this angled style is for you! It’s the girl who wants to keep it short but still has the length to style it up.

#43: Long Blunt Cut Angled Bob with Side Part

A long angled blunt bob with a side part is a super trendy haircut that’s good for women looking for a change but nothing too crazy.

#44: Long Angled Blonde Bob

Opt for a bright, dimensional long angled bob haircut and color!

#45: Angled Bob with Long Layers

This long angled layered bob is a sassy twist to a trendy haircut. If the angled cut is done right, this lob is easy to style and versatile. Textured angled lob haircuts are perfect for fine and thin to normal and medium hair thickness and texture. A long layered angled bob is for girls on the go and stay-at-home moms.

Perfect Angled Lob for Thick Hair
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#46: Messy Angled Lob for Thick Hair

A messy, long, angled bob for thick hair will have less weight and bulk when you add an undercut in the back. This dramatically angled cut is good for women who want to go shorter but still want length around the face.

Angled Very Long Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @ohmy.geena

#47: Angled Very Long Bob

This hairstyle has softened textured layers, great for that swing and sway. Being strategically placed, highlighting a long angled haircut will help you have seamless grow-out and low-maintenance hair. These hairstyles are one of the best hairstyles because they can be worn in many ways – up, down, round brushed, straightened, curled – the options are endless.

ideal angled bob for long thin hair
Instagram @colourmebri_

#48: Ideal Angled Bob for Long Thin Hair

This sleek, long, angled bob for thin hair is perfect for adding more body and fullness. I love the clean lines on this angled lob cut, as it shows the attention to detail.

#49: Long Stacked Angled Bob with Bangs

Long layers make a wonderful round body for this lob hair style with bangs.

#50: Sleek Burgundy A-Line Lob

Try a sleek burgundy a-line bob if you’re looking for a dramatic haircut with a bold color pop. An a-line bob is an amazing choice for round face shapes as they lend a hand in slimming the jawline. Ask your stylist if a cooler or warmer burgundy shade would best suit your complexion.