31 Inverted Bob with Layers Women Are Getting Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A layered inverted bob is a short to medium-length cut with an angled or graduated nape. It usually has a rounded shape that creates instant volume in the hair.

Colorist and Mastercutter Lisa Monaco of Southbridge, MA, finds this bob cut effortless and timeless. It works well on most hair types.

“An inverted bob with layers benefits thin, fine-haired women the most. The stack builds thickness. For thick hair, work with less graduation, and the layers must not be on the crown area,” says Monaco.

A bob haircut flatters every face shape. You only have to choose the right chop that works with your bone structure and facial features. Consult a stylist who can personalize the cut for you.

Understand the hair care routine to manage a layered bob. Knowing the proper products and tools to use at home is essential.

“My go-to tool is a boar bristle round brush, which creates shine as the hair dries. A blow-dry lotion is also a must,” Monaco suggests. She loves the one from the Kenra product line.

The only drawback of this haircut is the need for more versatility to change the look daily. But if you opt for a bit longer layers, you can create curls or waves, too!

This is the sign to chop off your locks. Get inspiration from these images of trendy styles for layered inverted bob cuts!

Jet Black Visible Layers on an Inverted Bob
Instagram @chanel.debico

#1: Jet Black Visible Layers on an Inverted Bob

To add volume to the sleek style, a jet-black, inverted bob haircut with visible surface layers is ideal. Getting volume in sleek bobs can be tough. However, you can get the lift you need to have a sleek but voluminous look by incorporating soft surface layering.

Romantic Inverted Bob with Shorter Back

#2 Romantic Inverted Bob with Shorter Back

As one of those typical mid-length layered haircuts, this inverted bob is exquisite. Styling with soft boho waves can create a dimensional effect in your platinum-blonde hair. If you plan on flaunting this look, a regular trim every 6-10 weeks is vital to keep your hair healthy without the split ends.

#3: Inverted Lob with Bangs

Opt for an eye-catching long layered inverted bob with bangs perfect for fine hair. The haircut features textured ends to give the hair extra details on the edge. It looks cute and softer if spiced up with a ruby-red color.

Like this? See more long inverted bob hairstyles here.

#4: Platinum Blonde Inverted Bob with Layers

A platinum blonde inverted bob with layers is a chic way to style your hair. Pairing an icy blonde color with a bob style adds extra texture and movement for a trendy feel. A skilled hairstylist can select an icy tone that matches your skin tone and style. This stylist can advise on care routines like trims, toners, and root touch-ups.

Glossing Refresh Inverted Bob with Layers for women with thin hair
Instagram @hairstyles.by.gabriella

#5: Glossing Refresh Inverted Bob

Try a glossing refresh on a layered inverted bob hairstyle. If you want to try the traditional stacked bob, ask for an A-line bob with graduation. Ensure your stylist doesn’t layer the front of your hair is fine. It will take away the weight from the temple area and can make it too thin. The best way to maintain your blonde highlights between sessions is with a gloss treatment and trim.

Inverted A-Line Bob with Layers on older women looking for a short hairstyle
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#6: Inverted A-Line Bob with Layers

An inverted A-line bob with layers always stays in style! You can do so many variations of this haircut. And this shape is a great way to explore different lengths of short hairstyles. I recommend adding lots of movement to this style. The way to do that is by adding soft layering on top and bulk removal underneath the nape of the neck. Avoid bubbly shapes or anything too structured. The beauty of these fluffy, layered inverted bob cuts is the “lived-in” effect on the layers.

Inverted and Layered Bob for Older Women with coarse hair
Instagram @nacirsomera

#7: Inverted and Layered Bob for Older Women

An inverted and layered bob for older women is an excellent choice for older women with coarse hair. This hairstyle adds movement and texture to your hair, giving it a fresh and youthful appearance. With its shorter back and longer front, the bob will create a flattering, angled shape that frames the face beautifully. The style becomes more manageable if you layer your hair, as it helps reduce bulk and weight. This cut works best for women who want a versatile, low-maintenance look that can be easily styled, which is perfect as we age. You can use a volumizing mousse on damp hair to enhance the body and lift the cut.

Inverted Blonde Bob with Short Layers and Fringe
Instagram @bladesalon

#8: Inverted Blonde Bob with Short Layers and Fringe

A short feathered inverted bob with fringe is perfect for mature, classy women. Bangs and shorter layers add movement and extra height and show off the accentuating bright blonde highlights.

According to Connecticut-based stylist Jay Roberts, fashion icon Edie Sedwick inspired an edgy bob cut.

“It’s a tapered inverted bob, going from short to long, using diagonal finger angles and a cut-throat straight razor. The best thing about a modern haircut is that it can be styled in many ways! It can be blown out smooth or styled with styling creams to emphasize texture and volume,” Roberts explains.

Salt and Pepper Straight Inverted Bob with Layers
Instagram @grazy.tellana_

#9: Salt and Pepper Straight Bob

The straight inverted bob with swoopy layers will be an amazing hairstyle if you want to have movement and volume in your hair but like to keep it quite short at the back. Ask your hairdresser to cut a long side-swept fringe, and don’t forget to style your hair with a big round brush.

Inverted Asymmetrical Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @fernanducruz

#10: Brown Inverted Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut for Thin Hair

Try an undercut asymmetrical bob for brown, thin hair if you want to add some volume and texture. The layers and texture add an instant thickness to your hair. You will look sophisticated with an edgy short inverted bob with undercut, matched with a longer length on one side!

#11: Layered and Inverted Wavy Bob with a Silver Balayage

A layered and inverted wavy bob with a silver balayage is a lovely combo for ladies with a cool skin tone. Balayage is low maintenance, but to keep that pretty silver color, you must visit the salon often for a toner.

#12: Grey Inverted with Feathered Layers for Older Women

Grey inverted with feathered layers for older women is trending right now! You will feel young and chic with a classy bob with layers throughout.

Layered Inverted Hair with Subtle Copper Highlights
Instagram @mikaatbhc

#13: Layered Inverted Hair with Subtle Copper Highlights

Consider layered inverted hair with subtle copper highlights to spice up your locks. The copper against your brown base gives you a good color contrast. This cut and color coupled together is the perfect combination.

#14: Short Rounded Bob with V-Cut Layers

Consider a short, rounded bob with v-cut layers for a classic, polished look. The layers in this cut bring out the dimension of your hair color while highlighting your best features.

Long Shaggy Bob with Layers
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#15: Long Shaggy Bob with Layers

A long, shaggy bob with layers may be the style you’re looking for! The stunning length and layers are showcased by styling your hair with curly waves.

#16: Voluminous Layered Chin-Length Bob

Consider a voluminous layered chin-length bob if you prefer an edgy and sophisticated hairstyle. The layers on top will add texture, bounce, and volume! Style your hair with some texturizing balm to give it that messy, lived-in finish.

#17: Classic A-Line Bob with Soft Layers

Try a classic A-Line bob with soft layers if you prefer a chic and textured look. Get a timeless piece by cutting the length shorter at the back and slightly longer at the front. The inverted layers will add an instant volume, bounce, and dimension.

Shoulder-Length Layered Inverted Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @jfrbhair

#18: Shoulder-Length Layered Bob with Side Bangs

The cut and color of this shoulder-length inverted bob with side bangs work so well, enhancing facial features. The bright blonde shade brings out a glow around the face. If you’re an older lady, you can rock this layered bob cut without a doubt.

Inverted Curly Bob Style for a Round Face
Instagram @salon13pgh

#19: Neck-Length Inverted Curly Bob for Round Faces

Check out this layered, inverted curly lob for women with round faces! Notice how the longest strands reach the collarbone to match the face shape? Boost the fullness and texture of this layered, dark cut by enhancing the waves and curls with a texturizing or sea salt spray.

Here are more beautiful inverted bob styles to see!

Low-Maintenance Layered Wavy Inverted Bob
Instagram @angdomyhair

#20: Low-Maintenance Wavy Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Opt for an ideal layered inverted bob for coarse, wavy hair. It’s a short to mid-length hairstyle with a dark hair color, which makes it low-maintenance. One advantage of this layered, wavy inverted bob is that you don’t need much effort in styling. The texture will boost the soft, layered waves at the hair ends.

Layered Razor Cut Inverted Bob
Instagram @reservedsalon

#21: Layered Razor Cut Inverted Bob

Consider a layered razor-cut inverted bob haircut with detailed ends that work well with texture. It’s achieved with a short side-parted inverted bob cut styled with combover bangs.

Razor cuts that end at the jawline demand little effort when styling with loose waves. It appears awesome in natural color, but if you have dark locks that need a bit of shine, ask your stylist for a few traces of dark blonde color.

#22: Layered Curly Inverted Bob Haircut

The ultimate head-turner, without a doubt! This layered curly inverted bob features a bulky shape, giving you a unique result. If you keep the hair length at the jaw level, the curls will have a bouncier-looking finish. You’ll nail this layered inverted cut with a texturizer or a mousse to give it a bit of a wet look!

#23: Graduated Pixie Bob for Straight Hair

A layered inverted pixie bob is a must-try if you’re considering a short hairdo. Blonde highlights on the dark tresses are more exposed against those jagged ends. Opt for this layered pixie bob to benefit your oval-shaped face, too!

#24: Inverted Angled Bob with Short Layers

Add more texture and dimension to this chic angled bob with short layers. The short layers are great if you only have a little time to style. The salon owner, Lisa Liptak, is the hairstylist behind this cut. She finished this short inverted bob style with “Bassu Moisture Mist by Surface to combat the winter dryness and add a ton of shine.”

#25: Very Short Inverted Bob with a Blonde Balayage

A very short layered inverted bob like this is best for your dimensional blonde balayage locks. The chop is great for maximizing hair volume and jazzing babylights. A short bob like this looks stunning on women with thick, straight hair.

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#26: Short Stacked Bob with Wavy Layers and Bangs

Want a drastic change to amp up your bronde hair? A short stacked, layered, inverted bob with bangs will give you a fun style. Created by stylist Jean Claude of Lebanon, the most important part of this neck-length bob haircut lies in its layers. Ideally, its styling should be large but very natural.

Claude adds, “The honey-caramel balayage showcases the overall style of the messy layers. This stacked inverted bob is most suitable for a round or oval-shaped face with a base of smooth, flowy hair. For the hair to endure such a level of layering, it must be thick.”

When styling shorter bobs, remember that the more texture, the better. Sprinkle your locks with a sea salt spray to keep its textured finish the whole day. One more thing—”You would share a classy and trendy lifestyle and must not be shy to show off your beauty and enjoy the attention,” Claude notes.

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#27: Layered Shaggy Inverted Bob with Highlights for Thick Hair

Here’s a layered, shaggy, inverted bob for thick hair that improves a “heavy” feel. It looks more stunning with a combo of dark blonde and platinum highlights with dark roots. The longer front layers give an illusion of a face-frame, too.

Stylist Vicki Felan of Texas says, “Anyone can wear a shorter hairstyle. You have to make sure you can take the time to style as needed. As with any short hair, there is little maintenance.

This shaggy inverted bob with layers and extra long front pieces secures texture and volume for a more dramatic vibe. As for products, Felan recommends a good heat protector, mousse or styling foam, a texturizing finishing spray, and a lightweight finishing paste.

Short Layered Inverted Hair with a Back View
Instagram @waystodye

#28: Short Layered Inverted Hair with a Back View

Here’s the back view of a classy short layered inverted bob to boost your hair’s texture and volume! Partner this graduated bob with a dark ash blonde shade and shadow roots to enhance the illusion of dimension.

“Since the inverted bob with layering had its breakthrough in the ’60s, it has been tweaked and played with to suit the wearer,” says Johanna Berg, a hairstylist from Eskilstuna, SE.

If you want this haircut style, consider your face shape, hair type, and growth patterns.

“For example, a rounder face shape looks best if the hair around the face is well below the chin. It shouldn’t have too much volume on the sides but be sleek to elongate the face. A deep side-swept or curtain bangs is flattering! This would enhance the cheekbones and narrow the chin. Longer face shape? Do quite the opposite with shorter sides and lots of volume. If you want bangs, you could go shorter, as a baby bang could give an amazing edge to this style,” Berg points out.

Additionally, if you have thinner hair, use a thickening cream, mousse, and/or volumizing root spray. Curly hair needs lots of moisture, so use a curling cream or spray and scrunch away! And stay away from a deep side parting.

Medium Inverted Bob with Layers
Instagram @alisonallvess

#29: Medium-Length Inverted Bob with Layers

Offering a shape that’s on point, this gorgeous medium-layered inverted bob is a classy style for any woman. The layers in a medium inverted bob remove bulkiness, preventing your locks from looking hefty.

This is a very soft sandy brown long inverted bob with layers. Ask your stylist to gently graduate the back and add soft texturized layers around the crown and facial framing to blend her long side-swept fringe. Remember to ask about at-home hair care.

#30: Layered Choppy Inverted Bob for Fine Hair

This inverted, choppy bob with layers is a drastic change but with a modern touch. The color was changed to a rich dark brown, along with taking off 6 inches to achieve a simple yet classic angled bob.

“With her layers cascading towards her face, it keeps her fullness on the sides but still allows her hair to have volume and texture. The whole experience with having the privilege and trust of the ladies to do this was the most rewarding part,” stylist Melanie Hilderbrand of Whitby, ON, expresses.

To women considering layered inverted bobs, Hilderbrand’s advice would be to have fun with it. “It’s a lower-maintenance look, but it’s versatile to each woman’s needs. Whether you want to keep it classy and chic or bold and dramatic, you and your stylist can determine what’s best suited for you and your face shape,” Hilderbrand points out.

This cut looks great with all hair textures, mainly thin to medium-density hair. If a lady wants this look with coarse hair, Hilderbrand recommends an undercut so that it would lay flatter to the head shape.

#31: Short Layered Bob with Grey Blending

Easy maintenance for coloring and cutting is a short layered bob with grey blending! A good balance of enhancing and embracing your natural sparkles with some highlights and lowlights gives easier grow-out with a simple fringe and stacked layers.