33 Trendy Layered Bobs for Fine Hair to Look Fuller

layered bobs for fine hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The best layered bobs for fine hair are cut specifically to help give the illusion of having more volume. Short and long pieces are blended together that tease out more of the hair.

I spoke with Jules Carlson, a stylist from Thunder Bay, ON to get her take on these layered bobs.

“The biggest edge of this bobbed hair is that it’s easy to style,” she points out. “Volumizing products would help to add effortless body and fullness that women with fine hair would enjoy having.”

Of all hair densities, cutting finer strands can be trickier. Proper blending of layers is vital not only to ensure easy styling but to avoid imprecise cuts, too.

Keep in constant communication with your hairdresser. Talk about the ideal length of layers that flatters and works well with your face shape and hair texture. “Your stylist can recommend what could be best suited for you,” Carlson assures.

For inspiration, here are pictures of the trendiest layered bobs for fine hair to help give your hair a boost!

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#1: Layered Bob with Beach Waves and Blonde Balayage

Try a layered bob styled with beach waves and a blonde balayage. Long textured layers are the number one way to add fullness to a fine-haired bob. To create depth, remember to ask your stylist for a dark root drop. This look is great for any age group and working environment.

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#2: Shaggy Bob for a Natural Redhead

This is the perfect haircut for natural redheads with fine hair. The layers create a textured and voluminous look, adding depth and movement to the hair. With the weight removed from the sides, this cut balances the choppiness with a softer touch. It works particularly well for those with fine hair, as the layers help to create the illusion of thickness.

Glossy and Gorgeous Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @romeufelipe
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#3: Glossy and Gorgeous Layers

Bob cuts at mid-length paired with extended layers make the hair look lively. This style doesn’t change your hair’s texture much, but it keeps it thick. If you find it difficult to explain, take a picture. Then, tell them you want enough hair length to make a low ponytail.

Light Blonde Layers on a Lob for Fine Hair
Instagram @marcelogalhardo.oficial
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#4: Light Blonde Layers on a Lob

Getting light blonde layers on a lob hairstyle is a stylish choice for women with fine hair. It can add dimension and movement to their look while still remaining sleek and polished. The layers in a lob hairstyle create texture and body, making it a perfect style for those with fine hair who want to add volume and fullness. This haircut is great for those who prefer a medium-length cut that is both versatile and low maintenance. The layers, when placed with expertise, enhance the hair’s natural texture and add depth to the hairstyle. To style this haircut, I recommend using a volumizing mousse on damp hair and focusing on the roots to create lift and body.

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#5: Choppy Layered Bob Hairstyle

The choppy layered bob hairstyle is an option for women with fine hair. This cut adds texture and gives a sense of motion to fine strands. It creates the illusion of dense and full hair. We place layers to reduce weight from the ends. This gives the hair more lift and bounce. The choppy texture of the layers adds a trendy touch to the overall look. Women with straight or slightly wavy hair will find this style fitting. You could style this look using a straightener to curl the ends or a curling iron to add texture.

Bob with Soft and Textured Layers for Fine Hair and women with short tresses
Instagram @tabcutshair
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#6: Soft and Textured Layers

You should talk to your stylist about soft and textured layers if your hair is heavy or needs a reshape. Not only can you rock a bob to keep some length. But you can add shorter layers for height or some added wave and texture. Add some dry texture spray for added grit and definition!

Layered Bob with Internal Texture for Fine Hair and for ladies with a short, above-the-shoulder cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#7: Layered Bob with Internal Texture

If you have fine hair and want a fresh update for your short cut, ask for a layered bob with internal texture. This cut is ideal for adding volume and movement to even the finest hair. It strategically removes weight while maintaining length. I suggest using products like a volumizing mousse to encourage curling and separation. Microfiber towels can help to scrunch hair and remove moisture without causing frizz. Diffusing your hair until it is dry and using a pick to fluff up the roots can add more volume to the look.

Heavily Layered Bob with Blunt Ends for Fine Hair for women in their 30s
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#8: Heavily Layered Bob with Blunt Ends

Try a layered bob with blunt ends for a fresh new look. Oval face shapes are the best for this type of haircut. When styling this haircut, use Kevin Murphy Body Builder Volumising Mousse for volume. Spray this weightless volumizing mousse at the root area, then blow dry. I recommend you invest in a good volumizing brush. My favorite brush is an Ergo erg750 Super Gentle Paddle Brush. This brush will help you create lift and volume while blow-drying your hair. Finish styling your hair using a 1.25-inch curling iron to give wave and style to the hair. Wait until the waves are completely cool. Then run your finger through your hair. Spray a little bit of hairspray for hold, and you’re done.

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#9: Very Soft Layered Bob Style

Consider a soft, layered, short-cut style if you want a makeover for your fine tresses. This is a great choice if you are a woman who wants to keep your hair at mid-length but with layers for texture and volume. To style your new look, use a round brush and blow dryer to create soft waves and a piecey texture. You can also use a curling iron to add more volume and definition to the ends of each layer. To keep this look healthy and strong, use a lightweight serum to protect your hair from heat styling.

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#10: Grown-Out Shaggy Bob

I often recommend a grown-out shaggy bob with layers for fine-haired women. This style is perfect for adding volume to hair without sacrificing length. Ask for a cut that has blended layers to create movement and texture. To keep it looking fresh, I suggest using a dry shampoo spray to add texture and volume in between washes. Your stylist will be able to guide you to the perfect cut that works with your natural texture and face shape.

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#11: Chic Layered Bob with a Deep Side Part

If you have a stubborn cowlick but want framing added to your bob, consider working with the push of that area. Ask for a longer side-swept bang. Cowlicks are tricky. So go with the growth and use the bending point as added volume to the bang. You can try to add more of a swiping look on the ends with a razor, but be mindful of your tension.

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#12: Beautifully Curled Blonde Bob

Rock a curled blonde bob to spice up a classic haircut. When doing curls make sure you have at least a 1.25 or 1.5-inch curling iron so you don’t get too tight of a curl. Remember, the smaller the barrel the tighter the curl. Try to avoid holding the curling iron in one section for too long and take big pieces to help make it look more natural. To finish off your look, one of the best products to use is dry shampoo. Adding this to your roots and throughout your hair, it will help your style last longer by absorbing excess oil.

Copper Layered Bob Makeover for Fine Hair
Instagram @john.n1115
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#13: Copper Layered Bob Makeover

A copper layered bob is the perfect change. Your best bet when wanting to change up your look is to go with a cut opposite of what you have already. If you have blonde hair, I highly recommend trying a copper color. This is a great way to brighten up your skin tone.

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#14: Chestnut Brown Bob with Layers

It may be helpful to know that brunettes are the ones that have all the fun. A trend has been walking out of our salon chairs more frequently with tones like chestnut brown. I suggest this on a bob with layers, as this dimensional color looks sun-kissed and natural.

Bright Blonde Lob with Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @mopphair
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#15: Bright Blonde Lob

You’ll want to choose a bright blonde lob for its beauty and versatility. You can wear a lob wavy or straight and you also have the option of pulling it up easily. Blonde coloring enhances your hair wonderfully, but remember, coloring will add to your trips to the salon. Don’t forget to have your stylist cut in some layers for a shaggy feel that you can part in the middle or to the side.

Textured Blonde Bob with Layers for Fine-Haired Women
Instagram @hirohair
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#16: Textured Blonde Bob

Craving a new style? A textured blonde bob, for example, has been a staple for transformation. Salon professionals should be able to help you achieve your goals. Since you will never be able to do this alone, they will help with the right shade and length combinations for you.

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#17: Back View of a Layered Bob

The tapered back view of a layered bob gives fine hair movement and volume. When it comes to layers for fine hair, the texturizing and detailing are necessary to personalize the cut and form a piece-y bob style. A volumizing spray on wet hair focused at the root and blowdried will give lasting fullness.

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#18: Full Highlights for Fine Hair

Full highlights for fine hair will add tremendous body and texture to your style. Not only do highlights look great, but they also plump up your hair shaft as an added bonus. Wear your hair in medium soft layers to show off your beautiful color. If you’re concerned about your double chin, make sure your hair hits below the neckline. That will help to soften those flaws.

Dark Ashy Lob with Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairbyglory_
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#19: Dark Ashy Lob with Layers

Try a dark long bob with layers if you are wanting icy-looking locks! With a slight angle to the front and some layers, it will create some bounce in your hair. Ask your stylist for some texture spray to give it some extra volume.

Fuller-Looking Bob with Blended Layering for fine haired women
Instagram @sobersanity_
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#20: Fuller-Looking Bob with Blended Layering

If you have fine and straight hair, opt for a bob with blended layering. Bob hairstyles with layers are perfect for any hair type, however, with thin and fine hair, adding blended and subtle layers keeps the style feeling full.

Choppy layers can make thin hair look like it has holes in the structure, whereas blending the layers creates soft edges that fit into place seamlessly and add thickness and extra volume. To recreate an angled bob with layers for thin hair, ask your stylist for point cutting in the strands as opposed to cutting them blunt, and also avoid thinning shears as they can take too much out leaving the style looking hollow.

Nice Shaggy Bob with Short Layers for fine hair
Instagram @artemis12866
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#21: Nice Shaggy Bob with Short Layers

Shaggy bobs with short layers also known as the “Bixie” or the “Microbob” is the cool-girl cut of the year. An ideal length, if aiming for a graduated bob for fine hair with fringe, is at the corner of the mouth.

The shaggy aspect of the cut is the layers around the face and crown with a good amount of weight removal. Carve with a sliding haircut technique to achieve this hairdo—a nice shaggy bob for fine hair.

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#22: Edgy Bob with Layers for Women Over 60

For women over 60, short haircuts like this edgy bob with layers are ultra-flattering and modern. Textured layers update a classic look for younger-looking results. In maintaining a layered bob for fine hair over 60, a thermal protector like Kerastase Ciment Thermique will repair the locks while heat styling.

Flirty Bob with Layers for Finer Hair
Instagram @tendo_iki
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#23: Flirty Bob with Layers for Finer Hair

Consider a bob with layers for finer hair, as it can look chic and flirty with lots of volume at the crown. This layered bob for fine hair with fringe is a great option to make a transition from a pixie cut.

Prevent dullness by adding highlights for dimension and texture, enhancing the overall cut. For such short hairstyles, use a medium round brush and blowdry for bouncy, fluffy hair.

Youthful and Chic Layered Bob for Older Women with fine hair
Instagram @jadelhair
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#24: Youthful and Chic Layered Bob for Older Women

Older women can look 10 years younger with a chic layered bob that is both contemporary and sophisticated. This is one of the best short layered bobs for older women with fine hair.

To benefit from the versatility and youthfulness of this short hair, ask your stylist for wispy bangs, stacked silhouette, and textured layers. Short stacked bob haircuts for thin hair like this can be worn both straight and natural or curled and tousled.

Stylish Layered Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @randa.rivera
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#25: Stylish Layered Bob for Fine Hair

If your fine locks are craving volume and body, consider a stylish layered bob with a fresh new fringe. It’s a chin-length bob for fine hair, spruced up with loose curls. Barely-there layers, choppy bangs, and texture products are key to adding fullness and face-framing emphasis to layered chin-length hairstyles. This hairstyle is ideal for oval face shapes.

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#26: Dimensional Long Bob with Long Layers

Consider a trendy long bob with long layers to make thin hair look thick and full. A bob cut with layers gives mid-length hair a modern shape. A shoulder-length layered bob for thin hair is versatile and still has enough length to wear up. If you want an edgier look that accentuates your jawline, opt for a medium-length asymmetrical bob instead.

Razored Bob for Women with Fine Hair
Instagram @salondm3
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#27: Razored Bob for Women with Fine Hair

Try a razored bob for women who have fine hair for a soft and shag hairstyle. This is a shaggy layered bob for thin hair that if you add bangs, it’ll make the tresses look thicker and accentuate the eyes. Girls must use a thickening cream like Unite Boosta thickening cream to plump up strands and add fullness to such a short choppy bob for fine hair.

Low-Maintenance Textured Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @sn0ok
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#28: Low-Maintenance Textured Bob

A textured bob for fine hair is sassy, sexy, and low-maintenance. Internal layering adds texture by creating separation in the ends of bob styles with layers. Fine curly hair is elevated and looks full, but it also works with natural beachy waves. Oribe Apres beach wave spray will create piece-y-ness, shine, and volume to achieve such a messy layered bob for fine hair.

Super Chic Jaw-Length Layered Bob for fine hair
Instagram @waystodye
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#29: Super Chic Jaw-Length Layered Bob

A layered bob that hits at jaw length is known as the super chic french bob—a fresh take on the classic shape. Full, rounded bangs or a curtain fringe added to layered short bobs for fine hair elevate your look, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Angles of this cut are perfect for thick or fine textures but must be personalized and detailed to ensure a balanced shape and easy grow-out.

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Neck-Length Bob with Layers and Messy Waves for fine hair
Instagram @mikerovstyle
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#30: Neck-Length Bob with Layers and Messy Waves

Try a neck-length bob with layers, styled with messy waves, if you want a bit more length with a rounded shape and soft movement. A lob haircut for thin hair feels light and airy and the length makes the perimeter look thick and full. Long bobs for fine hair demand the usage of a volumizing product like Redken Aerate to make it look full and to lift the roots for body.

Low-Maintenance Layered Bob for Women Over 50 with fine hair
Instagram @beauty.by.aspy
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#31: Low-Maintenance Layered Bob for Women Over 50

A layered long bob with bangs for thin hair that is low-maintenance is ideal for ladies over 50 to add youthfulness to their look. Layered bobs for fine hair give softness around faces, so be sure to ask for eye-grazing bangs. When styling, wrap one-inch sections around a curling iron to create soft, loose waves and keep the texture modern and fresh.

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Short Bob with Bangs and Layers for finer hair
Instagram @nikcabral
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#32: Wispy Short Bob with Bangs and Layers

Short bobs with bangs and layers give artsy French girl vibes to fine, limp hair. Layered bobs for thin fine hair that are cut with a razor will give the wispy texture that makes this style low-maintenance. Try using a sea salt spray on wet or dry hair to encourage any natural waves, creating a boho-chic finish.

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#33: Layered Inverted Bob for Fine, Thin Hair

Bobs that are layered and inverted for fine, thin hair are ideal for a woman who wants to keep length around the face and have height in the back. Bob haircuts with stacked layers and a side part give thinner hair volume around the crown and are tailored to the head shape. Ask for tons of shorter layers at the back if you wish to pull off a chic pixie bob haircut for fine hair.