45 Modern Layered Bob Haircuts for Women Over 50 to Take Years Off

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Blonde Balayage Bob with Layers for Ladies 50 and Over
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#1: Blonde Balayage Bob with Layers

Try a blonde balayage bob with layers if you want a new dimensional look! The balayaged highlights will stand out with this stacked bob cut. Use a volume spray to enhance your layers.

#2: Short Bob Cut with Wispy Layers

A short bob cut with wispy, soft layers is ideal for anyone with fine or thin hair textures. Bob hairstyles for women over 50 are especially popular. They have become popular because they are versatile. Hair texture often thins out with age. Bob cuts can make your hair appear fuller and denser.

Silver Ash Blonde Shaggy Layered Bob for Fine-Haired Women Over 50 with Volume

#3 Dimensional Shaggy Layers

Darling, this shaggy layered bob is a match for fine-haired women over 50, seeking volume and a stylish edge. It’s a modern twist on the classic bob with its ash blonde and silver tones that illuminate your complexion and soften your features. Cut to perfection, this medium-length bob will sway with you, staying voluminous with minimal effort. It’s superb for those with a rounder face, as the shaggy layers draw the eye vertically, elongating your visage. Just note, the textured look requires some styling prowess—arm yourself with a quality texturizing product and a round brush. Ideal for a thicker hair type; it could weigh down very fine strands.

#4: Layered Messy Bob with Fringe

You’ll love this layered, messy bob hairstyle with fringe. Bob hairstyles are a perfect choice for women over 50. These hairstyles also work well for women with fine hair, as they give fullness to the shape, and the layers boost the messy texture and body. Dying your hair a silver tone on a pre-lightened blonde hue can give you a fresh and edgy look. It suits older women who want to brighten up their features. A cut mini bang adds a sassy touch to the style and beautifully frames the eyes.

Short-Length Rounded Wedge Layered Bob Cut for Ladies Aged 50
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#5: Rounded Wedge Bob Cut

A layered classic bob is a short hairstyle that displays beauty. The classic bob holds a beautiful rounded shape and easily attracts compliments. Medium to thick hair textures nicely fit the classic bob shape, and thin hair will give a good volume, given that it’s not too fine. The classic bob is a great choice for easy styling, especially when looking for the right hairstyle for those above 50 years of age.

Sleek Layered Bixie Cut with Wispy Bangs on Women Over 50
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#6: Sleek Bixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

The hairstyle is a sleek bixie cut with wispy bangs. Women can add more volume to their fine, straight hair with a layered bixie. This bixie also gives their hair a stronger shape. The shape gets fullness from the perimeter’s graduated bob. Add wispy soft bangs and short layers that frame the face to complete the look. This will give your hair a pixie finesse. It’s a perfect cut for heart and square face shapes.

#7: Layered and Side-Parted Bob

Stay fresh and stylish with a layered and side-parted bob haircut. Bob haircuts are timeless but can be tailored to each person to highlight their best features. A cut reaching chin length with rounded layers is ideal. It softens and balances a square jawline. Hair’s texture, density, and strand diameter change significantly as it ages. The changes in hair characteristics often make it difficult for people to find new hair styling and care methods. Try the Joico YouthLock product line, formulated with collagen to recapture youthful bounce, shine, and manageability.

Pearl Cream Bob with Layers for 50-Year-Old Women
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#8: Pearl Cream Bob with Layers

The pearl cream bob with layers is a versatile and age-defying haircut for 50-year-old women. This haircut features a sleek bob shape with layers added to create movement and dimension. The pearl cream color adds elegance to the overall look. This haircut works best for women with various hair textures, as it can be customized to cater to straight, wavy, or curly hair. The layers help to add volume and body to fine hair while reducing bulk for thicker hair.

Textured Bob with Visible Layering for 50-Year-Old Women
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#9: Textured Bob with Visible Layering

A textured bob with visible layers can make you look younger by 10 years! Not just trendy, but these layered bob hairdos for ladies over 50 also give thickness and volume to each strand.

#10: Light Blonde Layered Bob Haircut

If your hair feels lifeless, consider getting a layered bob haircut with side-swept fringe and face-framing pieces. This cut suits all face shapes and instantly adds shape to dull hair. Opt for light layers and a blunt edge for those with fine hair. If you have thick, coarse hair, a more texturized version will make your hair look more natural.

Visible Layers on a Blonde Feathered Bob for Women Aged 50
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#11: Visible Layers on Blonde Feathered Bob

A blonde feathered bob with visible layers is a fantastic choice for women aged 50. This hairstyle can add movement and volume to the hair, making it appear fuller and more dynamic. It also gives a more youthful look as we age. This feathered texture creates softness and movement. As a result, the hairstyle takes on a youthful and feminine feel. The color blonde enhances the layered effect, adding depth and bringing out the different lengths of the cut.

Layered Blonde Graduated Bob with a Fringe for Women Over Fifty
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#12: Blonde Graduated Bob with a Fringe

A blonde graduated bob with a side-swept bang is a timeless style that suits various face shapes. If you’re seeking hairstyle ideas for women over 50, consider exploring various classic bob styles. What makes bob cuts great is their versatility. You can adjust the length to complement your face shape and hair texture.

#13: Chocolate Brunette Layers on Bob Cut

As we age, we must reassess our hair length and color. A chocolate brunette bob with layers is a tasteful and age-appropriate choice. The brunette bob needs a 4-8 week root retouch to cover any grey hairs. Regular trims will keep the bob nicely above the shoulders. To care for the bob at home, perform a weekly blowout. Use a heat protectant and a round brush.

Blonde Layers and a Sweeping Fringe on a Bob Cut
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#14: Blonde Layers and Sweeping Fringe

Consider these blonde layers with a sweeping fringe if you’re looking for a new hairstyle. This style works for a wide array of age ranges and can be easily blown out for a well-kept feel. Consult with your stylist to tailor this look to suit your needs. Ensure to schedule your salon appointments every 6-8 weeks for optimal results.

Short Feathered Layered Bob Cut for Brunettes Over 50
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#15: Short Feathered Cut for Brunettes

Brunettes could consider a short feathered cut for a youthful haircut option. Adding volume layers and extra shine can make their hair appear and feel younger as we age. Investing in quality shampoo and conditioner can also help keep hair strong.

#16: Wash-and-Wear Short Layered Bob Hairstyle

The wash-and-wear layered bob hairstyle is a versatile and low-maintenance option for women in their 50s. This haircut features layers that add movement and texture, creating a youthful and fresh look. The layers help to remove any excess weight in your hair. This makes it easier to style while avoiding the risk of a severe look. This medium-weight bob cut allows for different styling options, whether you prefer a sleek or tousled look. For easy styling, start by applying a volumizing mousse to damp hair, then either air dry or use a diffuser to enhance the natural texture.

#17: Soft Platinum Bob with Wispy Layers

With my years of experience, I’ve learned a bob with visible layers is one of the best hairstyles for aging hair. Not only will blonde lighten up your look, but the airy yet visible layers also boost the volume often lost as we age.

Stacked and layered blonde bob for 50-year-old ladies
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#18: Stacked and Layered Wavy Bob

Try this short and stacked bob with waves for a new summer look! The graduated back gives a more youthful profile. It draws attention upwards and helps bring the volume up! The blonde color gives this whole look brightness and texture!

Youthful-Looking Grey Bob with Layers for Ladies Aged 50
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#19: Youthful-Looking Grey Bob with Layers

A layered bob could be perfect if you have aging hair and want a new, youthful-looking haircut. Adding layers is the best way to frame the face and create dimension. This type of haircut works well for women aged 50 and over who want to modernize their look. Keeping up with regular trims every 6 to 8 weeks is important to maintain a fresh and polished appearance.

#20: Long Bob with Choppy Layers

The long bob with choppy layers is ideal for women wanting a change but still has the length for styling options. A lob is low-maintenance and easy to style, whether you wear it straight or style it with beachy curls.

#21: Neck-Length Gray Layered Bob with Side Part

A neck-length feathered bob is great if you like to part your hair on the side but need some volume around your face. The weightless layers allow lift and give your hair more movement. When cutting the fringe area, pay attention to your client’s cowlicks. Release any tension before cutting so the hair doesn’t shrink to a length shorter than the agreed-upon length. If you have gray hair, this cut is great for softening the texture gray hair tends to have.

#22: Shoulder-Length Layered Bob with Ombre

Consider inverted layers if you’re a woman of mature age and don’t want to cut off all your length. This may help by opening up your hair and adding volume. The best way to get a more lift appearance is to have a more voluptuous cut.

#23: Light Brown Feathered Layers

Try some feathered layers in your next cut. Layers create interest and texture in your style and give dimension and volume. Square-shaped layers will keep your cut modern and retain length on top. You’ll be able to blow your hair back or forward for versatility. Straighter-haired ladies may be able to dry using their hands for a tousled finish. Curly hair textures must use a medium to large round brush and smoothing cream.

#24: Feathered Silver Bob with Side Bangs

A feathered bob looks best on ladies with a more narrow face shape. Side-swept bangs help add volume, making your hair look fuller and more voluminous.

#25: Tousled Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A tousled layered bob with side-swept bangs is the perfect style for women over 50 because adding texture and layers helps to bring a youthful shape to a bob. Adding soft bangs gives a little coverage to the forehead, too.

#26: Layered Lob for Salt-and-Pepper Hair

Having a layered lob for salt-and-pepper hair can show off the stunning elements of your multi-tonal hair. Salt-and-pepper hair can be striking if shown off with a layered cut, contrasting the different depths of darkness and lightness in the hair through its crafted movement.

#27: Deep Side-Parted Layered Long Bob with Face Frame

The deep side-parted layered long bob for women over 50 years old is the perfect length to maximize fullness and add bounce to your hair. A face-framing shoulder-length bob instantly lifts the hair and gives a more conservative, youthful appearance, while the layers add a lighter feel to the hair for some needed dimension.

#28: Choppy Bob with Bangs for Round Faces

A choppy layered bob with bangs for round faces is great, with layers and wispy ends on the bottom. Lighter piecey ends to soften the face, and the layers give a lift to lengthen the face. A great option for finer hair textures. Wear it straight with texture cream on the ends, or curl it to add some classy sass.

Layered bob for older women with curly hair
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#29: Short Graduated Cut for Curly Hair

A graduated layered bob for older women with curly hair is a beautiful option to give you all the body and less fuss. It is a style that can be an easy wash-and-go or diffused on low heat to keep down frizz. Layered curly bobs are great for oval, heart, and diamond face shapes.

Layered short bob for 50-year-old women
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#30: Short Bob with Stacked Layers

Opting for a stacked short bob for 50-year-old women is a great way to thicken up hair that may start feeling finer. Shorter bobs allow your finer hair to appear fuller, especially by adding some graduated layers, which create an illusion of a thicker baseline. Add loose waves on the top layer with a 1” barrel curling iron for speedy styling.

Layered bob haircut for women 50 plus
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#31: Feathery Bangs for Layered Short Hair

Layered short hair with feathery bangs adds movement and lifting power to the hair of any woman over 50+. The extra sweeping motion that layers give to the hair softens the overall look of a bob and injects volume. Try adding some layers that flow through to the front of the face to give you height.

#32: Medium-Length Bob with Layers for Women with Glasses

Try a medium-length bob with layers for women with glasses to get sweeping movement. The medium layered length adds a swing to hair, which sits just below the shoulders, that pushes the hair away from the frames and gets the focus back to your style.

#33: Layered Pixie Bob with Highlights

Opt for a highlighted layered pixie bob for women in their fifties with a rounder face shape. The mix of a bob and a pixie allows length to remain around the face but gives all the volume and sweeping movement.

#34: Feathered Shaggy Bob

A feathered shaggy bob for older women gives you a nice lift to the face. Shorter layers underneath the back help feather the hair and layers all around to give body and texture. Use a round brush or curling iron to flick the ends and finish with a medium-to-strong hold hairspray to hold the style.

Bob cut with layers for older women with thick hair
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#35: Bob Cut with Wavy Layers for Thick Hair

A bob cut with wavy layers for fifty-year-old women with thick hair looks best when paired with a few waves with the wand at the crown of the head. Ask your stylist to remove weight with thinning shears or a straight razor to get most of the bulk out of your hair. This will help create a softer look at a shorter length and flick up the ends for piece-y texture.

Bob with layers for women over fifty
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#36: Layered French Bob with Short Bangs

A short bob with layers and short bangs for women over fifty can be youthful and still classy. Ask your stylist for a French bob that hits right under the cheekbones and crown layers to give lift and body. Add some short, piecey crop bangs to open up the face and a bonus feature to hide forehead lines.

Shaggy layered bob with curtain bangs for women over fifty
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#37: Shaggy Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs

A shaggy layered bob with curtain bangs is a go-to for all hair textures and thicknesses. Depending on your face shape and what features you want to bring out, ask your stylist to layer around them to make them pop. A couple of features you can accentuate could be the eyes with curtain bangs above or below the eyes or bringing down the length slightly to flick out those cheekbones. Square and round shapes could go below the cheeks or under the chin to soften the face.

#38: Stacked Bob Hairstyle with Short Waves

A layered stacked bob for women 50+ with wavy hair can give you a short hairstyle, body, and shape. Over-directed layers in the back create a stack, and short layered sides blend it together. You’re looking at maintenance every 4-6 weeks to keep this shape up. Use natural wash-and-wear or blow it dry with a 1-inch round brush for easy daily styling.

Pixie bob with layers for grey-haired women
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#39: Undercut Pixie Bob with Layers for Grey Hair

An undercut pixie bob with layers for grey-haired women is an easy way to stay chic and sassy. A choppy textured crop is great for all textures, but if it’s thick, ask for an undercut to take away the bulk from underneath. Short layers on the top help add texture and body, and keeping length around the occipital bone helps round out the back shape and give it a feminine finish.

#40: Short Asymmetrical Bob for Fine Hair

A short, asymmetrical bob is a very edgy look for ladies with fine hair. An asymmetrical bob is uneven, with one side longer than the other, and fits all hair types and face shapes.

Bob hairstyle for women over 50 with layered, thin hair
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#41: Stacked Blonde Bob with Bangs on Thin Hair

Rock a stacked bob for women over 50 with layered, thin hair for an effortless way to achieve maximum volume.  We used a graduation technique to achieve a slightly angled look. It also has a very slight undercut for an edgy style when wearing it up. When styling, I encourage you to tousle it with some mousse or smooth it out with a blowout cream.

#42: Chin-Length Inverted Bob with Layers

A chin-length inverted bob with layers works for ladies with fine to medium-thick hair. Created by Krystal Ergang of Canada—its length is perfect for a square face to soften its shape.

Fine hair expert Ergang shares some tips on recreating such a textured bob. She says, “Establish the perimeter with a slight angle toward the front. Add in some round layers. Then texturize the layers to soften them and create a blended look with lots of movement.” Her best tip? Always ensure your chin is tucked down while cutting the back of a bob.

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Short angled bob with layers hairstyle
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#43: Short Angled Bob with Layers

A short angled bob with layers hairstyle is easy to jazz up and is ideal for any face shape. California-based Stylist Jaclynn Evaro created it for women of any age, especially women over 50 years old.

Evaro explains how a bob like this can suit all face shapes by customizing its angle. “For example, if you feel your face is too round and you’re not ready for a super short cut, leave some length in the front.”

Wavy layered bob for mature women
Instagram @curlfactor

#44: Wavy Layered Bob with Piece-y Bangs

The perfect wavy layered bob with piece-y bangs for mature women is cut into a fun, effortless style. Here’s an example created by Christin Brown, a curl specialist from California.

Brown shares how she cuts wavy, “I cut the bob with waves and layers dry to see what my result will be before washing it. After cutting, washing, conditioning, and styling, I diffuse the hair to see its true shape.”

#45: Round Choppy Layered Bob

Achieve a round, choppy, layered bob for older ladies over 50 to rock a fun, funky style. Ask your stylist to use a razor to give it a messy vibe. The razor cuts a lot of variation into each section, giving a more airy and disheveled finish. This haircut is great for air-drying or diffusing when styling.

Layered bob haircuts for women over 50 are short-length cuts that are easy to wear and manage. The shape they create offers hair the texture, volume, and movement it needs. Though it works on any hair type and texture, this bob is perfect for thin locks to give them fullness.

The salon owner and stylist from Canada, Tammie Axworthy, is happy to share some knowledge about this cut. According to Axworthy, there are a few things you should ask your stylist:

(1) What is the best length for my face shape?

(2) What must I take home today to maintain this style?

(3) How will layers affect my daily routine?

Whether you want to wear it straight or wavy, you’ll still need a hot tool to style your hair. So, Axworthy recommends a heat protectant.

She adds, “Finishing the drying process with a large round brush will smooth the ends. This will also maintain the style for much longer.”

Axworthy has another tip for ladies with shorter hair who want a layered bob. “Keep cutting the back up and taking weight out of it while the sides grow down,” Axworthy suggests getting a lob haircut for women who like to wear their tresses up.

Like Taraji P. Henson, Regina Hall, and Regina King—you can be an A-lister, rocking such a stunning hair trend.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of layered bob haircuts for women over 50!